would these be any gigs or JD gigs?



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Can see snow on the Rigi already.

Skis ready to go

Best thread since they retired the "Classics" on the goo.

Well in Ed!

Damo, brilliant photochopping.

Doffs cap in multiple directions.

find the closest pizza shop or curry take away to the MOD and you will have your answer.


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A school chum was in zurich for the weekend, so the old crow, brasserie lipp and more of the old crow.

today was more of usual swiss sunday tradition: jack shit.

poirot wrote:

Nothing worse than getting a free flight then having no spending money. Maybe everyone could dig a bit deeper.Come on lads.

i am in for another tenner for the loopy yokes and hooker fund

but only after i have confirmed proof that he has left canada

DuFunk wrote:

Dj diva's acting like that need a right kick up the hole.  DJ'ing is hardly a high skilled profession having a massive ego about it is laughable.

to be fair, it is cleveland.

millsy23 wrote:

I dunno, you try and create a feeling of eternal remembrance and it's thrown back in your face. Sheesh.

I'm in for a candlelight vigil outside of fabric

how can you be mean to Ed, the Phil? He is on a noble quest to bring the joy of loopy to the less fortunate.

it's like kicking mother teresa in the wimple

done and if you get loopy a bag of jejo or hookers, i am down for another 10

poirot wrote:

It'll be December 2016 by the time its collected at this rate.

the interest on the capital alone will give him a bump to business class


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hate halloween

loopdokter wrote:

Aren't François K, Sven Väth and Laurent Garnier also known for their marathon sets too?

Vath's last set at stereo was insane with him ending up after noon and dancing with the survivors at the end.

only ever saw garnier at aria and he just did a 4 to 10 am

howells is another marathoner

starcreeper wrote:
snowstorm wrote:

the sound system is great but i like it more when craig (shorty) ran it. sounded a whole lot better than it does now.

Thats a load of pretentious bollix anyway. How could it possibly be better than what SimonR described?

i bow to the legend that is simonr and withdraw my comment

smallman1 wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

By paying into this foundation what will I receive for my contribution? A live link to the afters maybe? A signed photo of Loopy on the dex?

I want some something, make no mistake.

A framed photo of Bedrock's finest in attendance on the night.

It'll be rammed full of men in their 40's looking horrendously out of shape.

And me providing the youth and chocolate box good looks.

nice dig, Ed


Homegrove wrote:

Was just wondering how do these work at clubs with no set closing time, he starts at 2 AM and can just go on playing as long as he likes or people stay?

pretty much or unless he has to catch a flight. first time he played there in 2002 or 2003 he did a 2 until 11 am friday night but had to leave as he had a set scheduled for toronto on saturday night.

tenaglia has gone midnight until 5 pm i think morales once tried to beat it but i don't know if he did but 10 minutes after midnight i would run for the exits on a morales night.

the sound system is great but i like it more when craig (shorty) ran it. sounded a whole lot better than it does now.

Did Ed set up the crowd funding site yet? sorry, been in johannesburg and am just getting caught up.

eff off if it is Dec 19, i am having the shittiest luck with JD this year. Missed him by 24 hours in Zurich, missed him in Montreal last weekend and now that He and loopy are going to be in London on Dec 19, i am heading back to Montreal for the weekend.


tips hat to Ed for a cracking 12 pager

i sent loopy a message via registered snowball and he should be here soon.

smallman1 wrote:

Can't believe Loops has given me the cold shoulder.

The s to the werve in full force from one of Canada's finest.

give him the day, Ed, he is probably in shock

I am in for CHF20

millsy23 wrote:

Hanging in there. I had two Peronis last night. Game changer.

good man

this and those squaaatsi movies that were out a decade ago.

Monsieur LeTwat-Massif - an on site liaison between the central teams and the business unit customer. Couldnt start any conversation or call or email without the usual recition of "our bu is suffering, we face unique challenges, our situation is" shut the fuck up you insufferable dink. He sounded like a cross between charles de gaulle and inspector clouseau and wore the cheapest polyester suits and ill fitting shirts as if he dressed in the left overs section at the salvation army. his ham fisted attempts to pick up the female staff left everyone in tears. He was Herb Tarlek without the fashion sense.


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smallman1 wrote:

I've filed this thread and Loopy under 'reg.'


both parts