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i sent loopy a message via registered snowball and he should be here soon.


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smallman1 wrote:

Can't believe Loops has given me the cold shoulder.

The s to the werve in full force from one of Canada's finest.

give him the day, Ed, he is probably in shock


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I am in for CHF20

millsy23 wrote:

Hanging in there. I had two Peronis last night. Game changer.

good man

this and those squaaatsi movies that were out a decade ago.

Monsieur LeTwat-Massif - an on site liaison between the central teams and the business unit customer. Couldnt start any conversation or call or email without the usual recition of "our bu is suffering, we face unique challenges, our situation is" shut the fuck up you insufferable dink. He sounded like a cross between charles de gaulle and inspector clouseau and wore the cheapest polyester suits and ill fitting shirts as if he dressed in the left overs section at the salvation army. his ham fisted attempts to pick up the female staff left everyone in tears. He was Herb Tarlek without the fashion sense.


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smallman1 wrote:

I've filed this thread and Loopy under 'reg.'


both parts

ive been to worse

will do! gracias

new job, moving to switzerland, miss digweed in zurich by one day.

matttymm wrote:

You mean this Carrie Fisher surely???

i was going to say that I would have been amazed at 10 pages before anyone mentioned this outfit.

Ncable wrote:

That's just weird. All I want to do on beak is sit around and talk shit. Sod having an argument. Special Brew on the other hand...

Did you know the popular gossip has it that a then 19-year old Carrie Fisher was hammering the chaplin all the way through filming Star Wars? She was also shagging Harrison Ford at the time. Recollecting my youth and the sheer ferocity of my pre-pubescent Princess Leia crush, I can only grind my teeth in envy at Ford's experience of banging her high on the snuff. He probably took her roughly in a trailer still in that white dress with her hair in buns.


you can see the coke nail in a couple of scenes but it was well known that hoth only contained half the snow she needed.

Ncable wrote:

True, true, but no worse than East Ham high road on a Saturday lunchtime.

Anyway, seems like the new one will be stuffed full of life-sized models and rubber suits again, which can only be a good thing imho.

my speeder never made it past shoreditch, a most wretched hive of scum and villany.


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as long as there will be good documentaries, loopy will be happy with the results.

dagobah is a shithole

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Loopy wont be able to help himself when he sees this thread

i dont know how he will keep it down to the top 100.

only in private snedders.


Milan wrote:

Now now snowstorm.  Don't be rude for no good reason.

Smallman1 - you should be thanking me, my work is going to force poirot into good behaviour which includes having to be civil to you (a man he loathes and envies with a frothing passion).

Dermo will now be trying to fool everyone with good behaviour as he knows full well he's on a last warning, but since we all know he can't help himself it's just a matter of time (weeks, I'd give him) before he lapses again.  That in itself is good for the board, but also great entertainment ... and you're welcome.

Also, just to clear this up - it's not to do with 'winning' or to do with delusions about being a good guy against bad "guys".  It's about poor moderation in allowing a highly offensive and troublesome member to stay on the board.

Hannu - sorry that you've forced me into a position where I have to wage this war but contrary to popular opinion of simple/weak folk like BedRob, it's really just spare time fun which doesn't take any time at all.  I can get anyone's password, I can change IP - anything, without any effort.  Not boasting here, it's just the way it is.

You perma-banned me for no decent reason so I have no choice - just unban my original ID and let's be done with this bullshit (or ban Dermo permanently). 

If you don't -  I'll be forced to implement operation ProgTree.  This will literally break you, so let's not let that happen ...

so, if i understand correctly, you are so obsessed with how dermo is seen that you are willing to commit blackmail and, self admittedly, wire fraud to get him thrown off an internet chat board.

I dont think you get to set the rules for civil discourse.

take the advice, don't, its egale, but i think it is time to hit the great outdoors and enjoy the sun

not that i am particularly bothered by this but who is the mystery wanker?

great work gents. best laugh in a while

Phil Lobsinger

Brilliant JP. been enjoying it all afternoon


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BedRob wrote:
zackster wrote:

am i correct in assuming that, much like american teachers, uk teachers have the cushyest jobs on the planet?

Possibly,  but without the threat of high school massacres

was anyone not thinking this?


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erik.b wrote:
Grant wrote:
erik.b wrote:

Not saying that,  have it during the holidays though,  ffs

Why should they Erik?

As a parent you get letters from the school reminding you of the importance of full attendance during the year as one day missed is x% of the school year missed and learning suffers. 

Teachers have just had 6/7 child free weeks. So why cant it be fitted in during the holidays?

we've been off since the 24th of June