Ahad Adump wrote:

Air France have had a terrible track record, that was one, Toronto being another about 10 years ago.

not counting everything else that goes on at AF like when they ran into a delta crj at Kennedy a couple of years back. Everyone knows to give a wide berth when they are in the neighbourhood.


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Just finished House of Lies about the BS of management consultants. everything they say is true.

now starting the latest ken follett.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, mon ami.

I have experienced the joy of cracked ribs on multiple occasions, worst being during a spell of bronchitis. wouldn't wish bad ribs on anyone.

Sorry, not you jp sykes, the other JP from the goo

JP is that you?


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Giving my vote to Presto, Smashy and Erik B.

Millsy needs some type of role, perhaps moderatorus emeritus or something similar

There is always Herf's Cigar Board

i would sign up to twitter just to follow him


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Big Fella wrote:
drwho13 wrote:

Are we really judging DJ's by their interviews? The music he plays is great.

His set at Output here in NYC was the best I've heard in years.

How can so many of you be filled with so much hate for people you've never even spoken to. Lighten up.

Hold on a minute mate, so you cannot say Dixon comes across as miserable in his interviews unless you know him personally (or have spoken to him)?

Bit like somebody saying you cannot say De Niro was rubbish in Last Vegas unless you can act better yourself.

a bit like the old classic GU review "The night sucked, music was rubbish. granted, i wasn't there but i know"


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all i know is that i got to see him spin a brilliant set at stereo in the last 12 months and would be glad to see him again.

i couldn't  care less how someone comes across in an interview as any statement can easily be manipulated to come across as the writer wants it to. honestly, how often do germans come across as warm and fuzzy?

As for the family issue etc. As someone who spends more that his fare share of time in planes. It is a slog not matter how much you are paid and how much you love what you do.  even singapore airlines sucks when you are in a 6 hour ground stop at FRA due to engine issues and you are facing 8 more hours into JFK and then another connection home.

my name is jules and i approved this message


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one of the issues was they timing that you speak of. MTV in the 90s was all "new country" commercial pop and rock and not a lot of service was paid to the niche groups.

other than that, there is no real concept of national radio in the US. Unlike all the BBC1/essential mix types, that did not exist in the US during the 80s and 90s and mostly doesn't now outside of internet radio, which is  so fragmented.

radio is local market only and if you want to know how it really works, read "Hit Men: Power Brokers & Fast Money Inside the Music Business". it is actually a great read but shows how corrupt us radio was.

that which we listen to did not have the money to compete with the major labels that pushed product at the time in the local markets.

But Aural does have a point in that New York, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Boston, LA and San Francisco all had great scenes, but they centered around the cities and it was not a national thing.


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reminds me of that sasa savic and his two dozen aliases incident.


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if you could find a matching shirt....


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https://soundcloud.com/stereonightclub/ … e-knuckles

frankie knuckles @ stereo


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excellent work Dave


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Hop_Head wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

Dusted has hardly posted since 2010, he was the power on the GU board but probably not on here

The powerbase for the "dusted" handle is board mentions proportionate to post output.  Our predictive modelling engine set hype around a possible return for this handle to "giddy" level.  Those are genuine B Grade celebrity numbers. I've probably said too much but the "fadas" handle benefitted from much of the same post its departure.  Returners and new handles generally do well for a spell.

tbh there were only a dozen or so active posters on the gu. the other 14000 were mark's various aliases.


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sad day.
great man.




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not jules schlesinger is it? he has been looking to get back in the game since he tried to convince the world that TWA 800 was hit by a missile


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Presto wrote:

Well I certainly didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition today.

no one does.


First was a bit of a joke as a friend and I were arrested in uni. we were walking across campus on our way home from a party and cut through the sports facility. Someone saw us with a trophy so the cops were called. The rent a cop campus security handcuffed us, threw the trophy in the trunk and handed us  and the "evidence" over to city police where we underwent the usual processing.

the cop assigned to us gave me the whole "theft is serious" spiel. i told him that i would waive my right to counsel if he would look at the trophy. He stepped out and came back 5 minutes later with tears in his eyes. The trophy that we had "stolen" was the "Maritime Chinchilla Show - Master Breeder's Award 1965". We picked it up from a junk shop a couple of years before for $5 and it was our keeper for winner of most money at our weekly card night.

Second was an immigration violation after we were kicked off a flight in Mali. Not fun.

i have a friend who refuses to buy a wedding present until the first anniversary. i will ask him for the ruling on the rehearsal dinner


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i will raise a martini to Tom's memory and remember all those 'allo 'allo marathons in his caravan.

"rad" or "stoked"