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Brilliant JP. been enjoying it all afternoon


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BedRob wrote:
zackster wrote:

am i correct in assuming that, much like american teachers, uk teachers have the cushyest jobs on the planet?

Possibly,  but without the threat of high school massacres

was anyone not thinking this?


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erik.b wrote:
Grant wrote:
erik.b wrote:

Not saying that,  have it during the holidays though,  ffs

Why should they Erik?

As a parent you get letters from the school reminding you of the importance of full attendance during the year as one day missed is x% of the school year missed and learning suffers. 

Teachers have just had 6/7 child free weeks. So why cant it be fitted in during the holidays?

we've been off since the 24th of June


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Grant wrote:
erik.b wrote:
Grant wrote:

Teachers not deserve a training day to help improve education standards?

Not saying that,  have it during the holidays though,  ffs

Why should they Erik?

i dont know the method over your way but, here, it used to be that school started on the tuesday after the labour day holiday next week. Summer camps and activities like city pools were open until the long weekend. and the teachers had their training and prep days in the week before labour day.

a couple of years back, all that changed. so we now start mid week, this friday is the first teacher training day of the year after two days of school, there is a bank holiday on Monday and i think the following monday (14th) is the second training day of the year.

Since they are province wide, every parent is scrambling for temp care as i cant leave my 5 year old in the capable hands of his 8 year old sister. and it ends up with us the missus burning a vacation day yesterday and I will take one on the 14th.

Not saying teachers shouldnt have their training days but the system is badly managed if you start on a tuesday, have a training day on a friday and another one a week and a half later.


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back to school today.

utter blissful silence in the house.

i may drop the fila brasilia for the clash - london calling.

they already made human traffic. nothing else is needed to explore the club scene.


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he and the donald would make a sure fire 1-2

If it is science...

smashdad wrote:

06 The Jam - Setting Sons


Amps wrote:
Ger_Stokes wrote:

3-Body Count - Cop Killer

Probably the first time that's ever made it into anyone's top ten...

iceberg was infinitely better


Thank tom cruise's god for the "best of" inclusion

The Cure - Best of...
The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow
Tangerine Dream - Rubycon
Fila Brasilia - Luck be a weirdo tonight
Jane's Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual
Fishbone - In your face
Black Uhuru - Brutal (if you like reggae, get this)
Depeche Mode - Violator (but i get the 12 inch live of master & servant '84 as a "b side"
Orbital - Orbital (1993)
Max Graham - Transport 4 (yes, i know there are better but special meaning)

if any one is out of release, Miles Davis - The complete birth of the cool moves up like a rocket

he outweighs any three guys who came up against him


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yep, hope the queen of the internet is doing great

Homegrove wrote:

Red and Red 2. The first one is a guilty pleasure, the latter just embarrassing. Mary Louise Parker is a minx though, she's aged beautifully. Thinking about starting watching Weeds from the beginning.

I loved weeds, excellent and she is a total hottie

still cant believe we are having this conversation

millsy23 wrote:
snowstorm wrote:

i'm having him booked to play the home when i hit 65.

bedrock @ shady pines home for the elderly and beautiful.

hit me up for list.

think Matt will be dead by then.

harsh Millsy, i mean ok if it was loopy but what has matt done to you?

shaunstrudwick wrote:

SITC2 is fucking shit

have a word strudders


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David Li … ntPage=all

cant find the interview after the wired article where he said that no one understood waht it meant.

search goes on

i will doff my cap, then, in honour of ed


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kanye west quotes as inspirational posters

Dave, on your reccy, i will give the yoshis a try, but I hated GU toronto, their individual efforts were rank and, as i said, live...meh.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Pub twat speak. "It's the bankers fault."

Read a fucking book.

At least tell me WHICH bankers you think should be strung up.

there was a mathematician who came up with a formula for assessing risk, he was profiled in wired at one point and I will try to find his name. the banking industry in the US used this formula as if it was a rock hard truth and began issuing debt based on the results, but they didn't understand the inputs and were handing out cash to those who wouldn't have qualified. the best acronym at the time was the ninja (no income, no job apparent) yet still qualified for the loan using this formula. when he was profiled he said that no one using the formula understood it or its use.

but i don't just blame the bankers, their job is to sell loans and make money.  there was greed all around and i remember seeing people i worked with buying million dollar  homes  but with no furniture because they couldn't afford it. then the sky came down and i was expected to cry for them? fuck off.