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steelydan wrote:

Lol@remington fuzzaway

Pros: small, pocketable and can be taken on holiday in case of emergencies.

Cons: can go horribly wrong if attempting to shave a bird's fanny.


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I misread this and for some reason thought it was a chilled mix. So I put it on before heading to work. But fuck me. This is banging. It had me jumping around my house in nothing but my George tangas and Fruits of the Loom socks. Which really do need some work with my Remington Fuzzaway to remove the 'bobbles' that have built up from walking around on the carpet at work.

Anyway, I caught glimpse of myself in the hall full length mirror. What a sight! Fuck this shit and work today. I'm off to write some poetry.


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Don't listen to Strudders. He plays curry houses.


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No it isn't. There's some right old ploppage in that thread. And a lot of if has your name written on it, Strudders.


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I bet you Magda's fanny stinks.

They are playing Hackney soon too. If I buy tickets, I guess it's advisable to go tooled up?

He's known as 'Marty', to Loopy.

Would you slip Martin two fingers, three or four, Markkos?


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A two pager for this shite. Fucking hells lads. Get a grip.


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Hold me, Yant.


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One thing we can't handle, Damo. Is mixes without TLs. You know da rulz.


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Don't be encouraging the lad, Simeon.

Grant wrote:

LOL.  Is the Isha Lounge a curry house too?

It is. One of those modern jobbies: a minimal look to the cuisine, not a vindaloo or madras in sight, and no velvet flock wallpaper to be seen on any of the walls. Just Strudders in the corner, through the power of prog going about his business of trying to educate the middle class families that wandered in that evening, on just where exactly the musical boundaries are defined in such modern times. I'm also guessing that he got told to 'turn it down a bit', as auntie Janice and uncle Barry over on table 5 couldn't hear what they were saying to each other.

Do you know that Strudders played the Isha Lounge curry house in Kingston on Saturday, Rhouses? He was just playing a Mixmag CD, but to be fair his 1210s weren't completely redundant: he had them set up rotating under desk lamps from Argos to keep his papadums nice and warm, while he punched the air at the end of every breakdown.

I've passed the Isha Lounge a few times. I thought it was a curry house?


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Thanks Damo. Much appreciated.

Nice one chief. Listened to it this afternoon. Brilliant from start to finish. Wasn't sure what I was going get from the Zackster. But some brilliant melodic techno tracks all the way through. Not the odd pairing that I had initially imagined. Will be taking this on holiday this week and will be on serious rotation etc, so cheers for the DL.

This is fucking excellent. Any chance of a download link, chaps?

I remember Warren back over on the GU board saying that he'd make this available on his website. But as far as I know, it never appeared. Did anyone ever get a copy? And not the one from Wipeout or ripped from CD 2 of the 'Don't Look Now' compilation.


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Haha. Yeah, I'll have that. On my name plate on my desk at work.

There's one of those cereal cafes just opened up in Kingston. Served by two blokes, with rolled up 'The Carrot' jeans, no socks and ironic beards. Needless to say. I won't be buying anywhere in fucking Kingston later this year.

Not even Garlic Bread, Grant?


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This is the most sexual mix I've heard since Steelydan watched 'Lost Boys', got all juiced up and did 'that' metrosexual house mix.

Only 20 minutes in and I've got a right old horn going on. Time to go and pester the missus, whilst this mix throbs away in the background.


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A third part of this? FFS. I've only listened to the first 2. About 20 times each already. And my tinnitus isn't getting any better. I blame you for all this, Kumquat.

smallman1 wrote:

Happy to move on though

Haha. Bet you are. Actually, I'm in a good mood today. So I'll let you off this time. But be warned. I'll be keeping a close eye on you.