....And Yant.

So many top tracks and Hanners and Smalls give it the Vs.

Loved this. Top stuff. The re-ed of that Villager track is superb.

Wouldn't expect Hannu to like this, so no surprise here really.


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And a cellar with lots of leather straps and some sounding equipment? I think I may have met them.


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Surbiton is alright you meff. Oh yes, it's so rough they based 'The Good Life' there.


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Ted Kasprow. Norbiton Local Handyman's number PM'd.


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Part 3 is all sorts of bossness.


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Part 2 is really good, btw. Love that Ted Kasprow track. He also mends leaky roofs in the Norbiton area. Cash in hand ask no questions. Does a bit of gardening as well. Not the uphill gardening variety, I should clarify.

Aye. Really good that, Dan. And I'm not saying that in an Ed kinda way where I haven't actually listened to it. I did. And will listen again at work this week to ease the pain of the working day (and fucking annoying colleagues).


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If shoplifting makes you happy Edward, who am I to argue.


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Homegrove wrote:

We have a disturbingly similar taste in music Damo.

But in Damo's defence, he mixes them in a different order.

Great mix as per. Second listen now.


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jamie wrote:

I got absolutely wasted last night and recorded a mix in the early hours of this morning. It's a selection of the bigger tracks that I have been liking lately with loads of melodies, wobbly basslines and a few vocals to keep Jules happy.

Part 3 - https://soundcloud.com/jaminsk1/january-2017-part-3

Where's Part 1 FFS? Instead of leading us all a merry dance of Part's 2 and 3, we need Part 1 to fulfil our shallow and shit-filled lives. I honestly can't handle this right now. Tax Return just submitted and I am ON THE EDGE and will be heading out in the rain shortly in my England Admiral World Cup 1982 silky shorts and a bulge to match. Kingston. Lock away your MILFs.


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Caught Diggers there quite a few times over the years. And all were brilliant nights. Best night was the one where Sasha didn't turn up. Zabiela warmed up and finished and was absolutely amazing. And was even on hand to fix John's cabling situation which got out of hand with his sampler and was looking like the back of my telly.

So, great club on the night. Even if you were searched for chewy on the way in.


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Soundcloud. Not you lot. xx


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Top stuff Zackster. Loved the start, end and middles bits.

What's going on with your SC artwork for this? Did they lock you up for neighbourhood noise crimes?

Really nice freebee. But alas, nothing good comes free in this life. Not sure what the lad wants in return? And just to be clear and set the ground rules, I ain't going anywhere near any glory hole. FFS.

You dirty bastard, Rhouses.

If you click on the link above and go to Zackster's SC page then you'll see it. Not that difficult to work out if you are not an idiot.

Here's the link for those of you with special needs and can't understand the above:

https://soundcloud.com/zacharymatthews/ … town-disk1

The first 1/3rd or so of this is excellent. More banging then on, so I can see why it's not in everyone's taste. Although I enjoyed it.

There's a track around 39 minutes, which sounds like either somebody throwing some bricks down some wooden stairs. Or maybe the clientele at the club banging on the DJ booth door to give Zackster a jolly good shoeing.

If I can close by saying that his Christmas Swap mix from last year is one of the best board member mix I have ever heard since my time on this board. Really solid stuff. And for that alone I will always give his mixes the time.

I think Carrie Fisher, Kate Bush in 'that' Babooshka video and some burd in the lingerie section of the 1981 Grattan catalogue have never given a 6 year old boy more pleasure before.

What a fecking year it has been for celebs. sad

Clapham Common minor celebrity and former male prostitute Ed Smallman must be shitting himself.


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smallman1 wrote:

I've just started seeing an absolute corker, she's a cracker jacker!

Pinning me down is no easy feat!

So what are we saying here, Edward?

Poo pipe only. Say 'NO!' to babies?

And have a Merry Crimbo. Of course.

Fuck off.


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I usually enjoy his end of year mixes. But this was a bit plop IMO. Maybe not a great year for music after all. As Hannu's recent effort has just proven.

smallman1 wrote:

Alive and Kicking is a straight up monster.

That is all.

Do you purposely write this shite to invoke a response? Or do you have early onset of Alzheimer's?