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Big Fella wrote:

No mate, went to the original Boddingtons and a couple of times to the one under Piccadillly and was pretty underwhelmed, so its a no from me.

I went to the first Boddys one. It was fucking terrible. The worst sound I've ever heard at any event probably compounded the misery. I think the highlight of the night was getting to see one of the native girls taking a dump in the urinal. Actually, on second thoughts it was probably money well spent.


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Or it could be simples to get a DJ look-alikey. There's a bloke in my work who looks like a fat Digweed. I could ask him if you like. Put Sydney on in the background and tell him just to stand there all night and not move; looking emotionless and moody.


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Danny Dyer?


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loopdokter wrote:

Part of an agents job is to maximise both their client's income (the DJ's) and their own.  Thus, if the agent could get Hernan to play at a big festival on the same date for 10K, versus that of playing for the cost of flight/hotel and a bottle of Asahi, the agent is going to go for the former 99 percent of the time. 

DJs are often pretty crap at doing business and can be super nice - which leads to them saying yes in a lot of situations where they shouldn't.  The agent's job is not to be nice.  It's to maximise the exposure for their client and keep that exposure high, whilst getting paid.  Sometimes agents will take into consideration exposure to new markets and reduce the fee too, but I'm sure Hernan has played Japan quite a bit.  Most agents have an exclusivity contract with their roster for bookings, so if they go outside of that the DJ risks losing them as an agent and potential income as a result.

With that said, back when I was throwing parties I'd always try to make arrangements with the DJ's themselves because agents are typically sleezy bastards - which is why they're hired to do the job in the first place.

Can't remember the exact deets, because I was so traumatised at not getting to pick up long-haired Hernan at Nagasaki airport in my 600cc Suzuki Kei Car. But in the end he played Air in Fukuoka, which is a tiny shit box with an ear bleeding sound system probably for just a bit more money. Needless to say that I tore down all of my Hernan posters from my 2m3 apartment living room walls.

Wally wrote:

Any decent albums out? Last year we got Moderat II, Ulrich Snauss' new one and Boards of Canada Tomorrow Harvest (best album of last year) - can't think of any released this year.

I'd add Apparat's to that list as well.

Mr Boring wrote:
Uncle Bazza wrote:

I dont own a nightclub, between a load of us we are renting one for one night and are looking for good acts to book.

A load of you? Any of them post on here?

If any of them have lives, then quite probably not.

Big Fella wrote:

Go with Simonr Amps.

You have to be able to ID at least 75% of the tracks to be part of Simonr's inner circle, I'm afraid.


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I know I said that I wouldn't, but I am. Listening to it now. It's good, Daniel. This nice collection of tunage is making my Carlsberg taste that much sweeter.

Are you having a giraffe about track 3 being 'Unknown'?

Yeah, websites that will give you a 2 hour long set with a file size of 60 Mb. No thanks.

The dance music malarky. It's all just a big disco isn't it. DJs playing other peoples' music and getting most of the credit and money for it. Some of them standing around trying to look moody and cool. Other punching the air to a Mixmag CD in the background. Hasn't it always been like this and will continue to be like this.

How many people were that crowd? Most of them loving it by the looks of it. So money well spent as far as they are concerned. Compare that to a night at Fabric, where the crowd comprise of a mixture of foreigners who have wandered in from Lonely Planet or somewhere, and the other half who are middle aged blokes standing around stroking their chins. It's all a load of old bollox really, isn't it.

Fucking hell. This is brill. Get on to it you slags.

Well I'm on my ACTUAL roof terrace of my apartment in the centre of Copenhagen waving at all the burds in tiny pants cycling past. Have that Gizze. Must also say that my Amstrads sound totes amazes. Those babies never let me down.

Marcus. Is there any reason why we can't DL this? Who do you think you are? Ben Andrews (004 still not available for DL).


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DuFunk wrote:

Hernan charges a fair bit local promoters weren't able to get him on the same budget they had when they booked sasha, digweed, howells, warren & seaman nights but im sure flying from argentina and all the connecting flights maybe the stumbling block also.

When I was a resident in a club in Japan, Hernan agreed to play our night; basically a tiny venue of no more than 100 people. He was good friends with the guy running the night and had played there once before; saying the usual stuff like "One of the best venues he'd ever played etc etc". Anyway, at the last minute his agent got hold of what was going on (ie organising behind the agent's back) and the whole thing got messy to the point that it got pulled. Part of me wants to blame the agent, but if the DJ really wants to play those small intimate venues that they always quote as being the best, then surely (in the case of Hernan), they have the prog muscles to give the agent a slap and play where they want.


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I'm sorry but I've already reported you to the Mixcloud office of tracklist enforcement. It might well be as good as GU013 CD1. But you've upset me so much that I can't bring myself to listen to it.


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No tracklist. No listen.


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steelydan wrote:

Who knew that Celtic Park could host something more depressing than an SPL match.



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Probably not big enough to pay John's wages.


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Can't be that bad, surely? Shirley? I was planning on wearing my best Ralph Lauren polo shirt with turned up collars, and Ray Ban aviators for the entire duration.


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I'm moving to London from abroad that weekend and will be there. There's no excuse for copping out, Millsy.

I must admit. When I see someone using a Windows laptop, I do feel sorry for them.


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I recall reading somewhere that Diggers played the original of Bullet In The Gun at Bedrock, when he meant to play the Rabbit In The Moon mix. Can any of you older Bedrockers confirm or deny this please. If so would have loved to have been there to have seen the reaction.


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Sankey's was the only club I've been to where the bouncers were more keen to confiscate the chewy over any illegals. I managed to smuggle some Hubba Bubba in once. Think I sold a packet for a fiver.


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jamie wrote:

Am trying to find the Cream advert for Seb Fontaine's residency where he was wearing beige trousers with piss all over the front of them.

I seem to remember someone from GU changing his wikipedia entry to say that he was a wanted serbian war criminal or something big_smile

Lol. That was probably Dusted.


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Beijing Dave wrote:
steelydan wrote:

I thought Rampling would have been ideal. He was playing similar stuff.

To Oakey? Not at that time. Oakey was by this point full on trance, Rampling was playing real handbag stuff around then IIRC.

Really, the only people who could've filled Oakey's boots after his residency and been as popular would have been Paul van Dyk (who was already resident at Gatecrasher and had his own fanboy legion) or Sasha or Digweed (who were travelling the world and monthly at Twilo by then).

Carl Cox was massive at the time but never played enough prog/trance for a main room/courtyard crowd really.

Who else was massive at the time? Possibly Morillo but again the fact that he didn't play prog/trance would have made it difficult.

Don't know if you were ever on the old Cream board, Dave? IIRC the general consensus on there at the time was for PVD or Sasha as the replacement for Oakenfold. Cream kind of had Sasha playing there every month or so anyway. But he never wanted to play anywhere else but the Annexe. I'm not even sure he could have filled the Courtyard week in week out anyway, like Oakenfold did.

Whatever people think of Oakenfold he was brilliant during that residency and doing it every weekend and having queues of people around the block is probably something that we'll never see the likes of again. Especially the case now in the download age, as he was getting white labels and acetates sent to him left right and centre. Yes, a lot of them eventually became anthems but they didn't do so until 6 month or longer.


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Beijing Dave wrote:
Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Loads of areas where you could wander through have a sit down, chat to pretty much anyone about anything.

I always loved The Cross in London for this reason.

Actually, on a good night, The Cross is possibly my favourite club ever.

Only went to The Cross once: Ashley Casselle on first. Then Futureshock followed by Nigel Dawson to finish things off. Superb night and Nigel Dawson was outstanding.