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Probably not big enough to pay John's wages.


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Can't be that bad, surely? Shirley? I was planning on wearing my best Ralph Lauren polo shirt with turned up collars, and Ray Ban aviators for the entire duration.


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I'm moving to London from abroad that weekend and will be there. There's no excuse for copping out, Millsy.


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I must admit. When I see someone using a Windows laptop, I do feel sorry for them.


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I recall reading somewhere that Diggers played the original of Bullet In The Gun at Bedrock, when he meant to play the Rabbit In The Moon mix. Can any of you older Bedrockers confirm or deny this please. If so would have loved to have been there to have seen the reaction.


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Sankey's was the only club I've been to where the bouncers were more keen to confiscate the chewy over any illegals. I managed to smuggle some Hubba Bubba in once. Think I sold a packet for a fiver.


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jamie wrote:

Am trying to find the Cream advert for Seb Fontaine's residency where he was wearing beige trousers with piss all over the front of them.

I seem to remember someone from GU changing his wikipedia entry to say that he was a wanted serbian war criminal or something big_smile

Lol. That was probably Dusted.


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Beijing Dave wrote:
steelydan wrote:

I thought Rampling would have been ideal. He was playing similar stuff.

To Oakey? Not at that time. Oakey was by this point full on trance, Rampling was playing real handbag stuff around then IIRC.

Really, the only people who could've filled Oakey's boots after his residency and been as popular would have been Paul van Dyk (who was already resident at Gatecrasher and had his own fanboy legion) or Sasha or Digweed (who were travelling the world and monthly at Twilo by then).

Carl Cox was massive at the time but never played enough prog/trance for a main room/courtyard crowd really.

Who else was massive at the time? Possibly Morillo but again the fact that he didn't play prog/trance would have made it difficult.

Don't know if you were ever on the old Cream board, Dave? IIRC the general consensus on there at the time was for PVD or Sasha as the replacement for Oakenfold. Cream kind of had Sasha playing there every month or so anyway. But he never wanted to play anywhere else but the Annexe. I'm not even sure he could have filled the Courtyard week in week out anyway, like Oakenfold did.

Whatever people think of Oakenfold he was brilliant during that residency and doing it every weekend and having queues of people around the block is probably something that we'll never see the likes of again. Especially the case now in the download age, as he was getting white labels and acetates sent to him left right and centre. Yes, a lot of them eventually became anthems but they didn't do so until 6 month or longer.


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Beijing Dave wrote:
Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Loads of areas where you could wander through have a sit down, chat to pretty much anyone about anything.

I always loved The Cross in London for this reason.

Actually, on a good night, The Cross is possibly my favourite club ever.

Only went to The Cross once: Ashley Casselle on first. Then Futureshock followed by Nigel Dawson to finish things off. Superb night and Nigel Dawson was outstanding.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

You clearly have no grasp that Cream was basically three clubs in one. You'd always have a fucking great dj rocking one of the rooms.

I've never seen a crowd, nor line-ups, that diverse except at FabricLive.

I think this pretty much sums it up. You'd have Bukem in the Courtyard (when it had no roof), Oakenfold in the Annexe and somebody like Sanchez in the Main Room. Loads of areas where you could wander through have a sit down, chat to pretty much anyone about anything.

You'd see some sights in there though. I remember trying to help some bloke buy cigarettes from the machine in there. Basically, he couldn't understand why the price kept going up 1p so was asking people around him for some extra money. I had to bring it to his attention that the ciggys weren't £3.21 but it was 03.21 in the morning.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Went to Cream virtually every week from 2000-2001. Bugged outs on the monthly Friday and then Cream on the Saturday as well. Annexe was without doubt the best room for Cream and Bugged Out. Bottles of Stella were £2.50.  Not bad at all.

The cafe upstair in the Zoo Bar was brilliant. You could get cuppa half way through the night and get chatting to some of the worryingly friendly Scouse lasses. I think there was a menu with pies on it as well? I always meant to take pie into the Main Room with me to lob it at Fontaine. Although he probably would thought it was a present.

Dave. LOL. I remember that Mario Piu track. Wasn't that the one with the phone and when it would ring everyone was so munted that they'd be checking their Nokia 6130s.


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I was there around the time that Fontaine took over the residency at Cream. I remember after PVD finished in the Courtyard that night (the night where he was the first to play after Oakenfold had finished his residency), there were heaps of older Cream regulars basically shaking their heads in disbelief at Fontaine coming on. I have never seen a room clear so fast. Well not since Strudders once farted on the radiator in Mr Chips kebab house on Bold Street and evacuated the premises.

Fontaine would do the same thing week in week out during his time at Cream:

1) Would be on 2-4
2) Would turn up at 2.30 because he was late leaving Crasher or Golden
3) Play the first hour of tech-house stuff, something he was obviously more in to
4) Order a Pizza up from somewhere keeping it warm on a 1210 under the deck lamps
5) Play the last part with some popular trancy stuff
6) Finish with Fiji
7) Generally all night look and sound like somebody completely out of their depth for any residency, especially one where you were replacing Oakenfold


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steelydan wrote:

Any other notable nights Henry? Did you catch Deep Dish playing there?

I only got to see Deep Dish when they played Creamfields one year. To a backdrop of harcore grot as the visuals.

So many amazing nights, Dan. I remember Bukem playing the first Cream I went to which was boss. Digweed's 6 hour set in the Courtyard, I think it was 2001 when he finished his set with Kosheen's Hide U, before anyone knew what it was and grew to hate it. Sasha's Airdrawndagger set in the Main Room. Sander in the Main Room at I think it was the 9th Birthday when Sasha didn't turn up so played an extended set. X-Press2 were in the Annexe and were superb too. Actually the Paul Van Dyk set in the Courtyard was really good in 2000, when he finished with Words and I was on the podium with a well-illuminated Crasher kid waving an inflatable pork chop. Yeah, magic times Dan. Lost now like tears in the rain or something like that.


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They were obviously very good for Cream to be getting +3000 people in every Saturday.


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steelydan wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:
steelydan wrote:

I'd like to have seen him at Cream sad

It was fucking 'legendary' and everything, but in all honesty it was a bit annoying - saw him a handful of times (all towards the end of his residency and then after he returned), it was an oppressive mass of bodies, a complete cockfest and full of wanker fanboys bowing and shouting 'Oakey, Oakey, Oakey!'. I have no doubt that he was at his best before this Oakey cult was built around him. He was, of course, still playing decent sets, it was his crowd that were fucking annoying.

Every time I stayed for about half an hour-an hour of set then fucked off to the Annexe (incidentally, which was usually Oakey's room before he got a bit less interesting), where there was always a better crowd than in the Courtyard.

Looking back, it was a great but very weird club at times. The Courtyard full of Oakenwankers, the Main Room full of glammed up scouse dolls, usually hanging off their scally, dealer boyfriends and The Annexe with its students, underground/techno fans, freaks, a real assortment but always the best room.

Used to see him at the MOS in the 90's, but he was playing more housey stuff (masters at work/morales stuff). The annexe sounds good Dave. Is that where x-press 2 had their residency?

LOL. I think Dave used to be in there around the time I was. I hope he's not referring to me.

Didn't Sasha used to say that the Annexe was the best room on the planet. Think he said that for a few years around 2000. I caught both Oakenfold and Sasha in the Annexe and it was without a doubt one of the best rooms I've been in. Towards the end of Oakenfold's residency there though it was so rammed that they had to move it to the Courtyard. I saw Sasha in the Annexe once where he basically decided about 3 minutes into his opening track that he didn't want to play it, so he just turned the volume down and put on another track without mixing in. There wasn't any bottles or abuse thrown; not sure how many crowds would be that patient these days.

Cream 1998-1999 was clubbing at its best. It pretty much had everything from the best soundsystems, crowd, fanny and music week in week out.


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steelydan wrote:

Sasha's GU Ibiza 10/10

Erm no. Haven't we already agreed that the first disc is a 10/10. The second is an absolute mess of massive tunes that could resememble any mix of Hannu's.


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Geoff Ledak is taking the helm for the NuBreed series.

Works absolutely fine over my network drive. But I did invest in an AirPort Extreme which is superb and everything works seamlessly.


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There was no need to do that, Dutchy. No wonder the lad was so abusive to you over in the footy thread.


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Why should the board big guns post all of the obvious stuff, when we can leave it to our minions to do it for us.


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Oh fuck it. I love this and video. Especially the bloke busting the robotic moves at the start. Studders would attempt something similar in the Courtyard at Cream circa 1998. When Oakenfold would drop "Everything's Not You". But could never quite pull it off. What with him being 5'4" and rather round.


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Such an amazing label. So many brilliant and diverse bands. Could be really obvious and list my favourite Dead Can Dance, Cocteaus, Gus Gus etc. Off the top of my head I'm going to go with:


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There's no escaping this one, CJ. You've embarrassed yourself immensely here. I'm afraid there's no coming back from this.


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chromosome_junction wrote:

Harry's bar is the sort of place I'd take my mum for lunch. He's posted it thinking that no-one would know it and now I'm outing the soft cunt.

You'd take your ma out for a macaroni cheese lunch, CJ. LOL. Nothing like living the life eh?


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chromosome_junction wrote:

Clueless if you are Scottish.