This is an RIP thread, FFS.

And Strudders. If you post any links to the theme from Airwolf, I'll be coming down there to pot all your greenhouse windows in.

RIP btw.

TitianWarrior wrote:

Avoid the early stuff unless you like the sound of someone banging on all your kitchen appliances with a variety of wooden spoons and spatulas.

Cue Zackster with a few paragraphs on how it's influenced his career.

Phaedra is superb. But always loved this from that album:

But probably my all time fav:


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Quite heartening to see that I'm not the only one suffering from this. Mine is a very fairly high pitched in my left lug. Recently it's pretty loud, although I had a hearing test a few weeks back and even though I can hear the ringing it's not that much of an impairment. Apparently. Got an MRI scan this week. Which I am in all honestly really looking forward to.

A Fault In Our Stars. The missus made me watch it. Honest. I threw up my pelvis half through. What a crock of shite. 1/10.


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My link is 193kbps. So there.


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Here you go Wally lad. Although it's not the best quality: … e99a28.mp3

Not sure it rates as highly as the chap in the video. But Strudders once was caught pointing his Nokia 7650 at Seb Fontaine and trying to turn him off, in the Main Room at Cream.

I have to admit, I only listen to Transitions to hear John's lovely voice. I really hope that when John packs it all in, he gets himself a job doing voice relaxation tapes.


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Never really got the appeal of these two. But this mix is boss. Joris will be shitting himself if he hears this before his E Mix next week; knowing that these trendy lads have just set the bar so truly high.

Anyone not liking this mix is quite clearly a meff, btw.

EX_MACHINA. Imagine an episode of Tales Of The Unexpected with hot naked android vixens in it. Some of whom are Asian. And you even get to see some of their fannies. l was fixated and rock hard throughout. Now I'm off to give my missus one. 8/10


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This has the potential to be up there with my seminal Frisky Radio session.


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First part of this is superb. Nice one Mully lad.

Rocky III. 6/10. An extra few points for the end fight scene being up there with one of the best fights in the history of cinema.

It might be an age thing, but it also the first time that I have watched a Rocky movie and got a twitch for Adrian. After a few glasses of Port, I think I deffo would.

Whiplash. 9/10. No. Not one of my homemade videos.

There was one scene that reminded me of the time Strudders was 'warming' up for me at a house party. And he was struggling to get the beats in time as he (in his own words afterwards) tried to 'intricately weave' Veracocha - Carte Blanche into Binary Finary - 1999 (Gouryella Remix). And it sounded more like throwing a sack of fat Labradors down a wooden set of stairs with a vuvuzela orchestra in the background . Anyway, I frisbeed one of his many copies of Lizard at him nearly decapitating him in the process. It later transpired that he had only ever managed to pull that mix off once before. On a set of belt-drive Kams in his bedroom, with no one else there to witness it.


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I listened to this on the cross trainer in the gym today. Afterwards I stood naked admiring my buns in the changing room full length mirror. For a good, oh at least 15 minutes. Until the second part of the mix was over.


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Both parts. Proper boss. Are the other Bedrock jocks up the challenge of toppling Kumquat from my Bedrock Board DJ fridge magnets?

shaunstrudwick wrote:

i was assuming Moonface would be there in some capacity - no?

Yeah, I imagine simonr will be there in some capacity.


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BF's going to go off his tits when he sees it isn't DL enabled.

Have to agree with you on that, Edwardo. Saw Birdman yesterday and absolutely loved it. Although the best part of the film was when some parents mistakenly brought their kids into the cinema about half way through. Their confused silhouettes looking gormlessly on at the front, as they witnessed one of the many mega swearing scenes. Only for one of the children to start crying that they didn't wanna see this film. Must have got 'Birdman' on the door mixed up with 'Penguins of Madagascar'. Easily done. I imagine. If you are an idiot.

Watching the Michael Keaton multiple meltdowns in this film did remind me at times of some of the meltdowns on this board, of yesteryear. Ah, those were the days.

Would it be rude of me to start a potential 3 pager on HP vs Daddies Sauce?


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I did. And got absolutely no love back. sad


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Hi Shaun.

Sorry I couldn't help out with this. However, I do have a collection of your favourite actor Channing Tatum's top 10 movie moments. For your perusal.


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I'm shaking my head in disbelief here that my Masui headphones have fallen off my head.

Oh, and that window ledge could do with a lick of paint. When you get a moment.