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The point I was tying to make is that I see it being more of a problem with financial services bailing out over the oil majors threatening to leave. The reason being is that the oil industry in terms of services and expertise is pretty much embedded in North Scotland. And there isn't really anywhere in Europe that can compete with that. If the likes of RBS, Standard Life, etc do pull out then it's not ideal for the Scottish economy as once North Sea oil production eventually plummets there will be a weaker service sector to fall back on.


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Thanks. It's completely pointless playing 128kbps MP3s through my Matsui's.


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What's the quality like on iTunes? Is it FLAC? Once you go FLAC, you can't go back.


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Phil Opian wrote:

So Shell and BP have announced they will leave too if the yes vote happens LOL

It doesn't make any difference if they sell up, because they'll be a bunch of smaller companies most of which are probably based in Scotland (Aberdeen) that will pick up the assets. That is what has happened historically in the UK oil industry. And in fact, when the majors have shed the larger fields, it's had a positive knock on effect in terms of investment and ultimately jobs.

The blow for Scotland really is around the Edinburgh-Glasgow belt where the likes of banking, insurance and services sectors start pulling out and opting for locations south of the border.

Superb freebee. Nice one Simeon.


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Love that film. Amazing soundtrack too.

steelydan wrote:

Started watching 7 psychopaths last night Henry. Gonna watch the rest of it tonight. Sam Rockwell is in that.

Yeah that's decent. Christopher Walken doing his usual of turning up for the pay cheque and no more though.

That's a superb film. Sam Rockwell is good in pretty much everything.


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Superb stuff Kumquat. Two of the best board mixes for this year, in one week. Looking forward to the second part.


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Sorry. I read that and instantly thought of this:

Big Fella wrote:

I don't understand why people have Netflix what is their USP?

There aren't any alternatives in Scandanavia, BF. Love Film bailed out a few years back, so there's no competition really. There's definitely no Azad Video on the corner of my street that's for sure.

Without Netflix and the Bedrock Board, Hannu would be forced to find entertainment by other means. That means wandering the streets of Helsinki in the dark. No woman would be safe. So, it does have a purpose.

Mmmm. Right......

As in stand-up and being funny?


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Is it wrong for a grown man to cry to the opening track? Is it? 2 cans of Carlsberg Elephant to the wind mind.


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Fucking hell. That was quick. Nice one.


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Anyone with a link to this will be on my bezzy mate list. Forever. Like it or not.


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Well, that didn't last long did it. Fuckers.


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CD 1 of this is fucking fantastic. That GBass track is one of the best tracks I've heard this year. Although the version on Beatport is different. Not that I've been sad enough to be sitting here swapping between both tracks, making notes and scratching my plums or anything like that.

I think I'm going to buy this. Is there a vinyl version? With a surprise pop out white horse with DT riding happily among a sea of John On A Mondays, I wonder......


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Before you do that. Cut a hole out in a paper plate, push your mickey through it and accompany it with a few rashers of bacon, a fried egg and a hash brown (the latter for Scotland obvs). Then post that on Facebook.

Who in their right might would do that......???

Nice one H. I thought it was just one of those 25 minute condensed jobbies.

Listening to it now. Hammering the sounds out at full volume. I've got my torch out as well. Shining it at people wandering around the street. That isn't a euphemism for anything by the way.

Haha. You're not upsetting me with one, Edward. I'm actually more upset by the fact that people have gotten their hands on it before the UK/EU release date.

Fucking hell. The start of this is blinding:

https://soundcloud.com/invite-1/invites … -joel-mull


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smashdad wrote:

An abundance of megapixels do not automatically equate to 'a good camera' in the same way that a lower than average megapixel count doesn't make the camera 'crap'.  My daughter has an iPhone 5s and it takes better pictures in bright light than my HTC One but doesn't get as good results when taking pictures indoors.

Have to disagree with you on that one, Smashy. I've got a D800 and believe me those megapixels are pretty amazing (cue Loopy with some shite about Canon).

But yeah, I get the general gist of what you are saying. The issue I have with the HTC One M8 is that they went for two cameras close together to increase the depth of field of the photos. And from the pics I have seen, they appear well gimmicky very much to the expense of image quality.

I had a play around with the Xperia Z2 and by far this had the best image quality. But Sony know what they are doing since they are basically making the best sensors out there: check out Hasselblad's new medium format for evidence of that.

Shit. I've just read all that. Sound like a geek. I'd better do one.


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I quite like the HTC design and the Blinkfeed thingy. I wasn't convinced by the screen quality though. Not looked into the Nexus.


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Can anyone recommend me a good Android phone? I was looking at the Xperia Z2. But some of them have been suffering from cracked glass due to over heating? The Sammys look terrible and plasticy. The HTC One M8 has a crap camera. The LG G3 looks good though.