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Agreed that this is an extreme point of what will eventually happen. Nevertheless with David Davis leading the negotiations and the crackpot Tories in charge, it's not something that should be completely dismissed.

I am seriously thinking of bailing from this shitehole while the pound still has some value.

https://www.economist.com/news/world-if … /te/rfd/pe

Fanciulli is on beforehand.

Count me OUT.


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Because the fuckwits have voted. All 52% of them. We live in a democracy. Blah de blah. The next generation will be left to peddle in turnips and jam. As long as we keep at bay those millions of Turks who the The Daily Mail had those believe would be invading our shores in boats. Oh, and that battle bus with £350 mill a week for the NHS promised. Did I need to mention that.

jamie wrote:

have seen him doing shakespeare in london a few times and he was phenomenal. never seen a better actor on stage.

Lovely. Did he wear his trilby and have a different accent?

Wally wrote:
Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Many thanks for proving my point, Wally.

You know he won an Oscar for BoS aye? It would seem you're in a minority.

LOL. They also gave an Oscar to Titanic and Braveheart.

This is the part where you post Rylance's back catalogue to put an end to this shame.

Many thanks for proving my point, Wally.

One accent and the demeanour of somebody who does not want to put a shift in for every role he plays, a fine actor it does not make, Jamie.

Just for you, Wally. From the Torygraph:

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/2017/0 … ristopher/


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Write it on the inlay of a TDK D120. Remember tiny text, so you can fit all those labels and remixers in.

Listened to it today. Needless to say, I ignored everyone at work and was fully in the zone for 2 hours. I believe I even missed out on this morning's 'Bunday Monday' because of this. Some gadge had baked some brownies and I was told it had Smarties on the top too.

Jamie. You owe me some cake.

Wally wrote:

It's Nolan and it's got a killer cast (Rylance, Hardy etc) - sure it's going to be decent.

Both very overrated actors, IMO.

Wally wrote:

There's no doubt in my mind that Harry Styles was a studio forced decision to increase the demographic range of the film. There's no other reason young women and HR's missus are going to go and see the flick.

Tickets booked at the BFI IMAX. Projected in 15/70mm I am told. Which will be entirely lost on the missus when Harry Styles makes his entry. Phnarr phnarr.

Thought it was very good. Although, not sure it's as good as all of the 5 star reviews had it at. The 'Greatest Love of All' scene was absolutely brilliant. Hollywood will murder this in the remake.


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Most Brexiters have gone into hiding. Too ashamed to admit that they didn't actually fully understand the implications of where it would take us. Even the leave party had and still have no fucking plan. When faced with an option to throw oneself into a hole filled with shit so deep it reaches the Carboniferous, or not throw oneself in it. You would surely choose the latter?

A reversal will bring riots outside of Aldi. Poundland pillaged. Greggs ransacked and fatties in Sports Direct trackies running down the street; bags filled with jumbo sausage rolls and Eccles Cakes. Matt Black watching on, with girly vocal prog circa 2003 pumping away in the background on his Sashio Hi-Fi. The cunt.


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Lol. Can't argue with that to be fair.


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:
Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Think one of my yamahas has died.

Anyone got any reviews for the Presonus E66? Thinking about pulling the trigger in a couple of months.

Really happy with these bad boys. Recommended.

Lol. Talking to yourself there, Rhouses. I know that feeling mate.


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Aye. You need it connected to a watch to see it in Strava.

One of the blokes I run with has a Polar watch and HR monitor which he swears by. Quite literally as it takes the cunt about 10 minutes to get a GPS signal on it.

The TomTom has a quick GPS function which connects to your phone first, gets a lock on and works faster that way.

The FitBits are worn only by blokes like Edward. One imagines.


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Had both TomTom and Garmin watches. Both were shite and sent them back.

Just use Strava on my phone now. Seems fairly accurate. It's even got an auto pause function for when I'm hiding in the bushes.


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smallman1 wrote:

Jon Hopkins' Late Night Tales is absolutely magnificent.

He says in a Dj Kicks thread.

Did he make love to your ears, Ed?


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Looks like he's just been ejected from the Event Horizon.

Open your mind, Hannu. Let Zackster cum in your ears.

Will give this a whirl tomorrow.


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Brilliant this. Cheers Mono.

Worth watching it for the lad in the white t-shirt, bopping on a treadmill during Netherworld.

Grant wrote:

but I tend to go via Richmond Park - much nicer ride

Electric blue Lycra shorts? Buns vibrating like a fat peach hit by a Shindo 8 earth tremor. Give us a wave next time you go past.

It looks absolutely shite from the trailers.

As does Dunkirk. With the 10 second repetitive trailers following every other trailer. Fucking annoying. I hope Harry gets his head blown off. I'll probably go and spunk the funds at the BFI IMAX to see it mind. The daft cunt I am.


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Hell of a rant for £1.50 on the old Oyster Card.


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Well done, Brexiters. Hope you are happy with this. We are in safe hands here. Aye....

David Davis: Brexit 'as complicated as moon landing'



New London Grammar and WOW albums. Both very disappointing.