An old one to gurn one's chops off to:


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What have I just told you, Strudders. FFS.


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Jo, went to see Pete Doherty at the Hackney empire friday night .  She had a great time Eulogising over the events of the evening when she got back. I noticed she was slightly drunk but decided not to take remedial action by physical means as i was just glad she wasn't raped and hacked to death in Hackney before being set on fire by migrant street urchins and post code gangs.

I let her carry on for a while as 'Nazi megastructures' had just finished on the History Chanel and I  believe in given her a certain amount of freedom of expression as long as she doesn't stray into politics .  Unfortunately for both Jo and the polish on my world war two joy division knuckle duster , she mentioned that Doherty organised a collection bucket for the Calais refugees and she felt obliged to put a pound coin it.

We had planned to take a tour of the medicinal waters of the Frinton on sea coast this week, Alas a  fractured ribcage has put this excursion into abeyance for 4 weeks until she heals. Plenty of time, i'll wager, for her to think on and reflect on her actions.

LOL. Excellent. Also known as a 'Betoko Reducer', if memory serves me right.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

4 words:

3 at the back

On behalf of everyone involved/that will be involved in this thread from here on in: please do not contribute to this thread anymore. Thanks.


I've written a fair few poems to this one. … ember-2011

Koreless - 4D
Ilya Malyuev, Igor Cold - For Little (Ilya Malyuev)
Autechre; Vletrmx 21
Steve Moore-Bayern Kurve
Bakke & Joni - Envision (Ilya Malyuev & Ormatie)
Biosphere - Genkai-1
Röyksopp - Keyboard Milk
Rone - So So So
Vector Lovers - Melodies And Memories
Abyss - Birdsong (Flowers & Sea Creatures)
Vector Lovers - Afterglow
Reason Or Romanza; Radiance Trigger (Recue Remix)

Timeless mix, Simeon. I'll probably still be listening to it in 40 years' time. In a nursing home, sucking on a packet of Werther's Originals having my bollox washed by a fat woman from Hokkaido. While my wife out is blowing my pension down the local Pachinko parlour. But I'll have a massive smile on my face, and that's all that matters I suppose.

Neko wrote:

What the fucking hell is that? Didn't that come out on Prolapse Records?

simeon79 wrote:

my all time favourite breakbeat tracks....a tribute to the Northern Exposure sound. 2 decks and Denon DNS cd for feedback looping. … -of-sound/

1.The Mezzanine byTomas Dvorak
2.2 Bags Of Grass (Reprise) [Dorigen Rec] byLoway
3.Say Shhh! (Circles & Circles Of Sorrow/Intro Edit) [Classic] byOneiro
4.Pool 1 [Zoe Magik] byEssa 3
5.Chronoclasm (Nick Simpson's Portable Mix) [Warp] byRhythm Invention
6.Gently Shifting People (Relisys Mix) [Bedrock O.S 2] byHabersham
7.Acapulco (Q6 Remix) [Hooj Choons] byAphasia
8.These Waves [Zoe Magik] byYoung American Primitive
9.Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Remix) [Jumpin & Pumpin] byFuture Sound Of London
10.Infinite Gentle Blows (Aural Hallucination Mix) [Hardkiss] byGod Within
11.Raincry (Submerged) [Hardkiss] byGod Within
12.Phase 7 [Hardkiss] byRabbit In The Moon

Probably my favourite board member mix. Evs.


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Top stuff that.

70 sheets. Fucking hell. Will you throw in a blow job as well. PM me (obvs).


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Really enjoyed this. Especially the last 45 minutes or so. The first part probably takes some patience to get through. So, if you are willing to live with it, it is worth it in the end. IMO.


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Is this up there with Staingate, Bendgate and Antennagate?

I use iTunes on my Mac and it is horrific. Any new music I want to add to my iPhone has to be done by by creating new Playlists. I've lost count of the amount of times I've left the house and I have no music on my phone, because I added 1 album the night before.

I'm just waiting to upgrade my old MacBook Pro to one of the new ones (hopefully next month if they finally get a release). But if they glue every component down in it like the new MacBook 12" models, rendering them un-repairable, I will do what I said I'd never do again: go back to a Windows machine.


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Cheers SD. Will give this a miss then and save my funds for my Asian Fruits subscription.

Will listen to this now on my packed commute into Waterloo. Pressed up hard against some office vixen. As a reminder of former (and now long gone) greatness.

This is fucking excellent.


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Amazing track. Not sure if it's the beauty of the track itself. Or the boy choir in the background, that is giving me a tingle in my downstairs mixup. I certainly hope it's the former.

Rest of the mix is top drawer as well. smile


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Unbroken1 wrote:

Ost & Kjex feat. Hanne Kolstø "Down River" (Christian Löffler Remix) [Diynamic]

Oh, you fucking dancer!


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Yant wrote:

"Large chips, battered sausage, mushy peas and gravy please".

You can have a 'lol' for that, Yant. You've taken hiding recently and I hope it cheers you up.


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The start of this mix is more sexual than a Steelydan wearing nothing but a pair of tight-fitting Slazenger spandex trunks, pressed up hard against the window of the women's Boxercise class down at David Lloyd, Kingston Upon Thames.

It's that fucking good!!!!!


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LAZARUS! Welcome back!


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Lol. Good lord!


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

Spurs have a miuch tougher task to beat Chelsea than Leicester do to beat Man U

can see Spurs losing and Leicester winning - then it's all over

Strudders has spoken. Which means I'm off to the bookies to put a tenner on the Spuds.


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No sign of Yant in this thread now. Hope is OK and makes a full recovery. neutral

La Nausee wrote:

Gotta love Kermode. His review of Danny Dyer's "Run For Your Wife" is brilliant

Been listening to his reviews weekly from about 2004. Usually agree with most of his recommendations.

His review of "Pimp" was pretty good. Especially the impersonation of Danny Dyer doing Don Corleone.