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It's good. Oh, it's really good.

(reads slightly better with a Northern Irish accent)

Homegrove wrote:

It's great if you just concentrate on the technical side, Kathryn Bigelow is a great director.

You should read Millie Tant in Viz, Hannu. I think you'd really like it.


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FFS. Only just finished listening to May. Second part was boss, btw.


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MattBlack wrote:

Whys that Henry, because I quoted a review

Because you felt the need to log in and write the following below. Even Strudders wouldn't write that shite. You're in disgrace and you should issue a full apology to the board.

MattBlack wrote:

One of the reviews i read said it was like watching a 2 hour car chase


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So the general consensus here is that Matt Black is a stupid caant?

Oh, and I am really looking forward to watching this on Thursday. At the BFI. IMAX of course.

I voted UKIP in the hope they would send my missus back home.


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Does Sherwood, or Tim as Loopy refers to him, get extra points from the Villa faithful for looking like he's just stepped out the Grattan catalogue's scarf and trench coat section?

zackster wrote:

ex machina was amazing. story, sound track, acting, special effects were all 10/10. i haven't seen a film in theaters that i've liked that much in years.

On serious reflection over the past few months, the naked robot vixens with their fannys out probably does push it up to a 10/10.

poirot wrote:

He'd fuck this?


I don't know which is worse,  wanting to fuck an ugly jock lesbo or admitting to drinking mint tea.

Hands up who would on one of those comedown horns? Strudders?


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smashdad wrote:

Henry old boy, strange you should blert that out when not that long ago you said this...

Smashdad, even older boy, never said I didn't like that mix. And have said many times in the past that Zackster has a tendency to listen to nothing more than noise. So?

Can you give Jean a call and ask him when his new album is coming out, Loopy. I'll go and put the kettle on.


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Matt Black wrote:

Malabu Stacey

Why is it that every time I hear/read that name I get terrible flashbacks of drinking from a furry cup????


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steelydan wrote:

proton powered trance

What the fuck is that? Is that a sub-genre of a sub-genre that I knew nothing about? Genres dangling below genres like multiple dangle berries after 4 consecutive nights on the spicy daal with no toilet paper in the house.

I'm off to Google this and get to the bottom of it all. Haha.


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MattBlack wrote:
zackster wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

I seem to remember his Kiss FM sets were quite uninspiring too

tbf, i never took my kiss gig that seriously

I can imagine your brand of tech noise wouldn't have gone down too well at 7pm on a Saturday night, you'd have been better suited to the 1am slot when they used to play the more abstract stuff

Add another 5 hours when everyone but the K-Hole-ers have gone home. Would be a top top night then.


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MattBlack wrote:

He hasn't aged well though

Fucking hell. You're not wrong there. Looks like there's a fair bit of Photoshop frequency separation going on there too. Tell tail signs around the eyebrows and beard, where a bit of light feathering could have added a read professional touch. IMO. Of course.



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smallman1 wrote:

As a Dj he lacked a musical identity but I always cut him some slack as he's a Chelsea fan and therefore an absolute ledge.

You can substitute that last word with 'helmet'.


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Superb. Proper ledge.


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Didn't Bleasdale go back to being a Postie or something? I'm sure Loopy can give him a call just to ask him what he's been up to recently. Good to have a backup plan if you are forced to change career. Take Ed Smallman. If it all goes tits up for him, at least he's got male prostitution to fall back on.

Judge Jules was obviously a cunt. But I do remember him playing a banging Main Room set without that many breakdowns in it. I was trying to explain it to folk afterwards, many of whom disowned me for it. But I swear it was a blinder. Just the one mind.

I believe this one belongs here:

This is the last decent thing that JMJ did. Still sounds amazing 25 years on.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

The problem was, as I think has been discussed on here before, who could Cream have actually got who would have filled Oakey's shoes? The only people really up to it would have been Sasha, who was spending a lot of his time outside the UK, and PvD, who was already Gatecrasher's resident. Or, I suppose, Morillo or someone like that but that would have been a major departure/risk music policy-wise, having a house/garage dj as the club's big name draw.

Can't disagree with any of that. Although I think the mistake that Cream made was thinking that they needed a resident to fill Oakey's shoes. They were pulling amazing line-ups week in week out. No need for a big name resident, IMO.

Fontaine was just too predictable: turn up late, play a first hour of 'chunky' tech-house or whatever it was. And for the last hour, jump on the bandwagon and play the latest free CD from Mixmag.

I think the highlight of a Fontaine set for me, was when I went to the pisser next the Main Room. There was a massive speaker on the other side of the toilet wall. Anyway, that Hands Burn track kicked in and the bass drum was hammering the wall so hard that some poor lad came belting out of the shitter spilling pills everywhere. For some reason he thought it was the rozzers kicking the door in to get him.


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loopdokter wrote:

A good mate of mine is a DJ/producer from Japan that runs a couple of labels and I can ask if he knows what happened to him.  Satoshi Fumi is still knocking out tracks last I checked.




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Fat useless cunt of a DJ, who was never worthy of the Cream residency. Probably still finishing every set with Fiji.


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Do you think The Brodge will be around next season, Shaun?

erik.b wrote:
poirot wrote:
erik.b wrote:

Oxygene when I was 3 or 4

yep one of my xmas presents in the early 80s was a tape of the album.

I inherited my old man's vinyl copy of it when he died last year.

Every time I hear it it takes me back to the first timw I heard it

Oxygene was what got me into it all. My first record was a second hand 7" of Part IV, with a custom made cover of JMJ in various catalogue poses, fashioned out of a magazine. No by me, may I hasten to add. The only catalogue I was studying at the time was Grattan's underwear section.

Was lucky enough to see him perform Oxygene in 08 at the Royal Albert Hall, with most of the original gear and crew from the album. Deffo one of the best live gigs I've been to. The re-wiring of the Moogs, EMSs and VCS3s mid track was mad and would have made Flaresy cream in the chinos to just see it. Proper pioneering album imo: