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loopdokter wrote:

I've lost count of the people Chris has worked with that have fallen out with him.  I remember a rather notorious email that went out in the late 1990s to a lot of industry types by his label manager, Stuart, saying enough was enough and that Chris would have to deal with it all.  It was a lot more salacious than that, but that was the essence.  Madness and brilliance are a very fine line and sometimes they ride both realms.

Again, Chris has always been cool with me, but I've heard the stories. [shrug]  He's arguably one of the few producers I could hear a track from and say 'that's a Cowie production'.

That sounds like the stories Kev used to tell me about working with Cowie as DeNiro.   

Chris was actually going to remix my track 'Stealth Bomber', but he started the album project and decided that was more important.  After that happened we basically stopped talking.  His relaunch of Hook faltered around the same time as well.

As an aside, Kev Farquharson is now a barrister practising in Bristol and plans on coming back to music to DJ and produce again. smile

I got onto a crowded 7:23 to Waterloo this morning, and managed to find a seat next some bloke. Anyway, I proceeded to tell your story to him as he looked on out of the window avoiding eye contact. Before I finished your story, he got up at the next stop, walked across the platform and threw himself in front of one of the through trains.

I honestly wouldn't blame yourself for any of this. He was probably dealing with a lot of personal issues at the time, and what I told him was probably complete coincidence.


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In the past, I've turned off Max's mixes faster than a Caribou Essential Mix of the year, as voted for by Pete Tong. And I've always imagined Max's mixes an equivalent of a melodic version of being in Zackster's mind. But this is actually not too bad. Some really good tracks, mixed in probably not the best way. But it gets a Henry's Thumbs Up, nevertheless.

Also, I've never met Max before. But I am just trying to emulate Loopy by using first names, to give the impression that I have more of a life that I actually have.


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Rosemount Viaduct Library has free internet, Jamie. Don't let Cowie fool you.


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loopdokter wrote:

Last I was in contact with him a few years ago he was working on an album to be released at some point.

Yeah, that was a few years back. It's pretty decent actually. But a departure from Cowie's normal stuff. He had a fall out with the bird who was doing all the vocals. Basically, he shacked up with her and surprise surprise, she did one once the album was recorded. He's completely skint, so doesn't/didn't have the funds to get it off the ground.

My mates was doing the remixes from it. He's done a lot work with Cowie over the years and it's fair to say that Cowie's a pain in the hoop to work with. Although he says that he's a genius at putting tracks together. He'd walk in on a track he'd spent hours slogging away and getting nowhere. Standing looking over his shouder he'd say: it needs this, do that, take that out it sounds shite, put a donk on it etc. And then start arguing about something completely unrelated and relating to an incident that happened with somebody else 5 years ago. Slams the door in rage and doesn't see him for another 2 weeks.

After reading that paragraph, he'd probably fit quite well on this board. We should invite him. If he could afford to buy an internet.


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Do you need any marital advice as well, Shaun. Now that you're here and all.

LOL. Bit harsh that Gus. Mind you, does John always wake up in the morning looking like he's just stepped out of a salon?

It's fucking awful, Dan. I don't know what come over me. I thought I'd have a nice relaxing evening in, after a hectic day at work. Nothing better than listening to some decent tunes, sprawled on the sofa. Good book. In my George fleecy Gingham pyjamas. Wife's g-string hidden beneath (she'll fucking kill me if she finds out I've been at it again). It started off quite well. Enough to put the book down, log into the board and share with you all the fantastic experience I was having. Essential Mix of 2014, my waxed hole.

Well this is swinging from decent to absolutely horrendous. Oh fuck it. I can't take it anymore. I'm turning this shit off.


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Can anyone confirm that nasty rumor that Diggers played wrong side of Bullet In The Gun: Perfecto and not Rabbit In The Moon.

Caribou Essential Mix from last year. So far so good.


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Lol. You've just brought back memories of those photos on GU of Thackers sporting a Flora-sponsored shell suit at Fabric.


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It would have been more exciting opening this thread to read about keyboard shortcuts.


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Cowie's an absolute meff. Last I'd heard he'd sold all his gear and was living in a bedsite on Crown Street.

If Dave Begg is lurking on this board, could you confirm if you indeed played the Budz Bar or not.

Transa's Prophase is probably my all time fav.

smashdad wrote:

'Lamb Shift' off the new Lake People album - can't find a YT or a SC or anything but it's fucking terrific...

Best track on the album. Bit disappointed with the rest of the album though.

Kumquat's new mixes. From the future and I shouldn't be talking about them. Probably the best thing I've heard this year.

I was so impressed that I couldn't stop telling my wife about them last night, over dinner. Now she's left me and I'm not sure she'll be coming back.
Anyway, I've just downloaded Kumquat's photo from Soundcloud. All 100 x 100 pixels of it. And printed it out at work on A1. It's a bit pixelated, but will look magic when I'm stood at the back of my garden and looking at it on my bedroom wall.


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Shaun's birthday is over lads. Can you all stop being nice to him now. Please.


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You're a massive meff and everything, Shaun. But I will break with my rule of not wishing anybody on this board a happy birthday. HAGO. Hope your missus doesn't mind you setting up camp in the living room with your belt drive Kams, balanced precariously on that nest of black tables you bought from Index on Bold Street, circa 1991.


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Homegrove wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Love the wallpaper HG.

It was taken at a local restaurant on Valentine's day. Ooh err..

Doesn't look like wallpaper to me. Looks more like a failed attempt to chisel the woodchip off the walls.

I tried listening to this mix doing some slo-mo running around my local park. And got chased by a Jack Russell; then it became very apparent that this mix was doing me no favours as I had to up my tempo and became completely out of sync with the beats in Damo's mix. Thanks Damo. You bast.


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DJ Tennis. Whatever will we have next in DJ names. Oh, how about DJ Fanny. There's a few on here who would probably pay to see that.


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Redmayne's performance in Jupiter Ascending really shows us what a fantastic talent he is. And from his speech, he seems like a lovely lad who you would want to share beers and banter with.


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If you slow it right down until it stops, it's fucking brilliant. IMO.


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Did he really once stick his micky into jar of Hellman's at an after party?

Felix. Not Erik.


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Uncle Bazza wrote:

You'll get a meal and a shitty Asian shag and that's it with them.

To be fair, two meals a day. At the weekend, Bazza.

zackster wrote:

matt, what is your favorite michael bay flick? hard to narrow down, i know.

Lol. 1-0 Zackster.