Fucking hell. That Justice League film looks shite. Only some subliminal shots of Gal Gadot's quim will have me putting that one on my Love Film list.


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Does Sasha give his life story before every one of the LNOE mixes? Read word for word from an A5 notepad? Really made up for you mate. Now get on with the fucking choons.


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Wally wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Listened to the first 30 minutes, stopped there. Must be one of those "had to be there" gigs.

Dusky - Ingrid is a Hybrid (Bwana Remix) on 32 mins....

FFS Wally. Beware of the band wand. I don't want to have to light a candle for you and Beijing Dave.

The Neon Demon. The new one by Nicolas Winding Refn. If you have to Google the meff, then please leave this thread.

Saw it at the Picturehouse in Piccadilly, which is a top venue with nice comfy seating and a lovely caff downstairs but no jumbo sausage rolls on offer (sorry Erik). So, the reason I mention that I saw it at the cinema is not because I am being a cunt. But purely because if you are going to like this film, then there is probably more chance that you will appreciate it on the big screen with a big sound system. i.e. most certainly not on a piss poor Lenovo laptop. Visually stunning with a soundtrack like it was made by Tangerine Dream in the studio after a week on the bad beans. Add to that more fanny that you can shake your helmet at. A fair few WTF moments, as well as a couple of 'Oh FFS' scenes thrown in for good measure. A 9/10.

Enjoyed this Simeon. Nice one. smile


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Aye. Top mix as per.

Olderic & Peter Pardeike "Connaisseur": such a beautiful track.

Somebody hold me. Please.


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Blanket coverage on Radio 5 this weekend. Yes, describing men wandering around in embarrassing clobber trying to hit a ball down a hole. In hushed tones: "Is it in? Is it in? Is it in? Is it in? Is it in? Is it in? Is it..... no it's not in." If we pay for this shite to be broadcast on the radio, then can we also have snooker please?

But the highlight of the Open so far as to be the story behind Andrew 'Beef' Johnston. And how he got the name 'Beef' because when he was 12 a kid at school said his hair looked like beef. Amazing scenes. Tenterhooks for the finale etc etc.


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LOL. "The Tory jism tsunami heading our way."


Phil McRrackin wrote:

LOL. Good one, Phil. Classic date movie.

Homegrove wrote:

Brings me back to the 90's.

If only we had a time machine Hanners, we'd all chip in and send you back. This track is shite, and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself for inflicting this on us.

Not heard any of the Rinse shows, but might check them out. You need to have a few cans of Tenants Super down you before you can converse with the natives, though.


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This: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/201 … cot-report

+ The Brexit + no jumbo sausage rolls at Greggs this morning = I no longer belong to this world.

Which is actually 1 and a half hours. Some really good tracks on this, which means that Harri must have been told to keep well away from the decks. Not to do the lad an injustice mind. He was probably busy boiling the water for the Beef and Tomato Pot Noodle, or popping down the Spa to get the Hob Nobs in. No direct DL link or TL. So broke two of my golden rules. However.....

https://soundcloud.com/platform/residen … c-sub-club


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Anyone boasting about rocking a MacBook Air these days needs to have word with themselves. And just to point out that all of the MacBook line up have completely soldered on components now, and have done for some time. So if you forked over £1k for one of those lovely wafer thin MacBooks, and it breaks out of warranty then you won't even get £20 down at Cash Converters.


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LOL. I might as well kill myself.


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steelydan wrote:

Time to move on Chaps.

To another country, Dan? Seems like the best alternative I've heard since Friday.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:


Fucking hell. Whiskey kicking in: I've just read that as 'Gal Gadot' and now have a raging semi that I need to deal with. Good night my lovelies.

Haha. Tell me about it, Grant. A large glass of whiskey now, listening to this mix to take the edge of it all. I'm not going near the TV tonight in case I put my Karrimor flip flop through the screen. Kumquat, you save me from myself. Thank you.


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http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/683 … referendum


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A lot of depressed office types on the 6.33 into Waterloo this morning. As it dawns on them that the financial and service base is going to be decimated in the coming years in London. Mind you, not working in either finance or services, it should do wonders for me as I look to get on the London property ladder. Every cloud and all that.

That Extended Play Remix of Lodestar is the bollox. As is the KLF downstairs mixup thingy.


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303 abuser wrote:
steelydan wrote:

state of Hungry's keeper?

the pants are pure gold haha.

Sports Direct? Karrimor? Legend.


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Thanks for that Wally. That has pretty much made up my mind now. If the country has voted for a Brexit come Friday morning, I'll be busy stockpiling garlic bread and Hungarian MILF porn as Farage and the rest of the cunts will be sure to ban all of my little luxuries.


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Dermatron wrote:

its also apt for Eric Dier.

Matt won't like that. He had Dier's performance last night as a clear 11/10.