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I've listened to this four times, Jamie. Four fucking times.

I'm away on 'business'. Living the life. But with no internet. Will DL when I get back.

Oh I wouldn't bother moaning about it. But it is a good mix.


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Kumquat wrote:

No, nothing personal! I just don't visit here very frequently anymore...

Kumquat. Don't leave us. Please. I don't need this shit in my life right now. FFS. etc. sad

January is excellent. But there's no DL option. Sort it out. FFS.


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^Is it better than garlic bread?


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Haha. Indeed. Top night at Sankeys that was.


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smashdad wrote:

Thank you HR - glad you enjoyed - if you haven't already then this is a good place to start on the 8 mixes I did in the second half of last year...

Just saw your comment in Gallactico's thread. And funnily enough had started working my way through the list today. Got through the first 4. All boss. And back home tonight DLing the 4 of them as they might come in handy for my trip next week. Will work through the rest when I get a mo.

steelydan wrote:

love this mate
Oniris - Daylight

Aye. That's a cracker.

Homegrove wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

A Walk in the Woods. Not sure I was the target audience for this, but I really enjoyed it. Can't understand a word Nick Nolte is saying on account of him having no larynx and Robert Redford as Bill Bryson was a bit of a stretch, but they were very likable on screen. 7/10

Read the book a couple of months back. Which was very enjoyable. Been waiting for this to come to Netflix.

One minute in for a bit of Nick Nolte.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
303 abuser wrote:

the 13" screen just lacks some real estate for ableton, but it's still workable.

might just bite the bullet on a 15" lol

Aye. But the new MacBooks are due soon with Skylake chips. The current model is the 2 year old Broadwells. So you might want to hang on.


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Oh and if you really want to annoy the staff:

1) Book yourself a slot at the Genius Bar
2) Spend 20 minutes talking incessantly about all of your personal problems, that extension you are thinking of having, the recent changes and impact of the 'upgraded' lines through Wimbledon and Raynes Park, etc etc.
3) Whip out your Samsung Galaxy S phone and ask them how to root it.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

anyone got the 13" macbook pro with the 1Tb hard drive and DVD drive rather than the newer 128Gb SSD model?

looks like the model above isn't 'retina display' either

Mine has got both: I tore out the DVD and replaced it with a 1Tb hard drive; OSX running off the 128Gb SSD. 4 years old and still works like a dream.

Back in the day when you could open up the MacBooks and customise it yourself. Now everything is soldered on. Another reason to hate Apple.


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millsy23 wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

It will like a scene from Straw Dogs at the afters.

Bit sick that Sean.


Homegrove wrote:

My idea of light entertainment tonight was to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Again. Still a solid 5/5 of a movie.

Aye. Love that film, Hanners.

Oh fuck off Strudders. You goon. Why do you want to relive those childhood memories??


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I can see Hollywood having a cracking at this. A prog version of The Revenant, if you like. But with Jason Schwartzman playing Guy J. And Bill Turnbull as an aging Digweed. Gone bad and mad. Tearing up the landscapes and maiming the natives with powerful vortical prog.


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Shit final and a piece of piss for O'Sullivan. Oh and Jimmy White's barnet. Fucking hell.


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I have no idea what I am congratulating you on. Getting off a rape conviction? I'll join in anyway. All the best.

The Revenant. DiCaprio makes Bear Grylls look like Strudders, that time he lost his Nokia 6130 and wallet at Creamfields. Which meant he only had his wits, a Ginster's sausage roll and a can of Tizer to get him from Speke to the Travel Lodge in Old Swan.

Superb soundtrack from Sakamoto Ryuichi and Alva Noto. Not a bad performance from DiCaprio. And even Tom Hardy is OK in it. Fucking hell.

Amazing cinematography: one for the cinema and not to be watched and judged from a dodgy MP4 download on your 2012 Lenovo laptop.

A 4.5/5.

Grant wrote:

I'm genuinely intrigued as to why you think so Henry - just to be clear from my point of view, Downtown to me is Chelsea, Union Sq, Greenwich Village etc, not the city end of things.

Union Square is horrific, Grant. Full of tourists, to the point that you can't get from A to B without dealing one of them a cheeky kidney punch. For the life of me I can't understand why anyone would want to stay in a hotel near there. Unless you love being in the throng of souvenir shops, pretzel stands and tens of thousands of cunting tourists.


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There's a reason why these tracks are free, lads.


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Same as you Wally. Over the years, I only ever did like a handful of tracks from the back catalogue. Never saw what the fuss was about. Then listened to Tomorrow's Harvest, and from there have pretty much everything they've done on serious iPod rotation ever since.

Love BOC. But I hope there's a dub of that as well.

smallman1 wrote:

HR is right, stay by Central Park.

Downtown is where the uncouth and imbeciles stay.

And I thank you, Edwardo.

Grant wrote:
Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Get a hotel near to Central Park and not Downtown. Much nicer up there. Quite leafy too. So take your camouflage gear along for when you are out 'hunting' (while your missus is putting her face on).

Get out of it, Downtown is miles better H.

It isn't, Grant.