Yant wrote:

Pink Floyd - Division Bell

No. Just NO! YANT!

shaunstrudwick wrote:

both are great but SAW 1 holds more memories for me

Just how good do you rate this, Shaun? Are we talking about Muller Fruit Corner territory here????


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Shoreditch + Dixon = afterparty at one of the local cereal cafes and getting totally fucked up on Golden Grahams and Mario Kart on the Super NES?


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Haha. Second half wasn't that bad (now that I've listened to it). I can see why some folk find this pair boring. Quite like it though. Must be the meds + age.

Listening to the Michael Gracioppo RA now. Not bad either:

https://www.mixcloud.com/PastPresentFut … gracioppo/


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Nice one Simon. Looking forward to hearing the second part.

This had better be good, Hanners: this is 2 hours of my life we are talking about. If it's plop, I'll be a coming up to Finland to hunt you down.


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This is excellent. First half anyway....


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I got all juiced up as per, clicked on that link but no joy. sad

Fucking hell, Matt. While Ahad is in bed you take over the reins. Are you also 98.6% sure of this?


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Top stuff Jamie. Loving your recommendations of late.

Just out of interest: what are your favourite grot sites?


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Yeah, quite liked LB. Best mod we've had either on here or GU (soz Hanners, you know I love you really XXxx).

Really like Patrice Baumel. But just thought this was just OK. That's all.


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chromosome_junction wrote:


Full of sexy ladies. Hot weather. My tips would be: it gets really fucking warm

I think she was a middle-distance runner...
(the translation wasn't clear).
Could be a budding stately hero.
International competition in a year.
She was a good enough reason for a party...
(well, you couldn't keep up on a hard track mile)
while she ran a perfect circle.
And she wore a perfect smile
in Budapest... hot night in Budapest.


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She was placing cocktail sticks in me bollocks accupunture style to paralyse various nerve centers  to stop me from going off to soon into said cocked gestapo hat .Bit like 'ker plunk' but with my harry monk replacing the marbles , If that helps you picture the scene with more clarity you dirty cunts.

LOL. Thanks ETC. That will be my bank holiday entertainment with the missus sorted then.


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BedrockMysteryMod wrote:

Dermo, we felt, would benefit from a longer break.

Do you all live in the same house? Like the old days of Hannu,  Kelly and LB. In the end Kelly moved out because she couldn't take the sight of Hannu in nothing but his budgie smugglers and socks DJing in the living room on his Ikea Expedit bookshelf ; LB sprawled on the sofa with 300 on for the umpeenth time. There was a sitcom right there for any budding script writer.

I've just played the 95 and 98 themes to my wife. Then when I turned around, she was gone. I think she's playing hide and seek. I'm going to find her and slip my love into her.

LOL. Cheers Erik. DL'd 6 different ones. That means my next 6 mixes are sorted.

Grant wrote:

Millsy and Henry will love that.

Aye. It's lovely. Shame there's no DL option. Allowing half the board to start off their next mix with it.

So many good rants. This is probably the best though.

Starts off all calm and says: "You won't get a rant out of me...."


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MattBlack wrote:

Yes he's saying he's got the DATs of everything he's worked on and some he hasn't, in other words, he has DATs of other stuff as well as the stuff he's done

Fucking hell. Are you communicating through multiple passes in Google Translate, for a laugh:

English -> Norwegian -> Chinese -> Dutch -> Japanese -> English


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Do I need to change my name to Joris and grow a Henry VIII beard to fully enjoy this?


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dutchy101 wrote:

It was raining the other day and some cunt on the Tube made an announcement over the loudspeaker warning passangers to be careful "due to the adverse weather conditions the stairs may be wet".

I work in an industry where you can't walk away from the coffee machine at work without a lid on your cup. Confiscated toasters just in case you are a fanny and try to fish your toast out with a fork. Forced to hold the hand rail on the stairs and reprimanded if you don't.  So those kind of announcements are no surprise really. London Underground will be covering themselves just in case somebody was walking up the stairs, scanning Tinder etc, and goes arse over tit on wet stairs. It's shite,  but unfortunately it's the way the things are going.

For more clarification on any HSE regulations, please PM your bedrock HSE rep/former male prostitute, Steelydan.

Lads. Wasn't the general consensus on here that Sasha is shite. And was shite from a long long time ago?


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smallman1 wrote:

40 mins in and I'm a little underwhelmed so far I have to say.

I'll stick with it though in the hope some rip snorting electronic prog gets hauled out.

smallman1 wrote:

2 hrs in and this is absolutely fcuking brilliant!


Odo wrote:

Life of Pi - 9/10

Fucking hell, Odo. That's a shite film. Really shite. You're not being serious, are you?

Need to give this another whirl tomorrow. But quite possibly the mix of the year.

Oh, and Damo. I think you need to turn your notifications off when you're doing your mixes, FFS. smile