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Can’t believe this. I might have to kill myself.


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I think all Brits will feel the same today, mate.


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The X looks shite. Anyone buying this has been well and truly mugged.


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The blame will be fully levelled at the Europeans though for being the big bully and not giving us what we want/looking after their own interests. I mean. Can you imagine them doing that? Fucking bastards.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Welcome to 1970's Britain.

I do believe I referred the readers of this thread to Lynn Ramsay’s Ratcatcher film for a glimpse of the future/past.


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roberto wrote:

So let me get this straight. We've agreed to pay the equivalent of roughly 10 years of membership to not get the benefits of membership.


I think you’ll find that we’ll be the ones laughing when we are allowed to buy more powerful vacuum cleaners again, 5am start office cleaning jobs for the youth when we send the Pols back home. Oh and let’s not forget that £350 mill a week for the NHS.


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The benefits. Bendy bananas and cucumbers to make a comeback. More harvesting of turnips and lots more jam. My wife sent back home.

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Humans don't move that way, and not at that speed.

Have you never seen Tyson Fury box?

If I record flinging my shoe across the open plan office, put that to the intro of "Killa" and then post it on YouTube, I wonder how long it will be before it becomes a supernatural internet sensation?


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Finally got around to listening to this today, and quite liked it. Probably not enough anthems on it for some though, hence some of the hate.


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Superb this. Thanks Quiggers.

Slabs and Phil. My apols. I have updated my Lotus Notes accordingly.

Grant wrote:

Good Time is a strong film. Grim stuff. The end was particularly dark, but I couldn’t help but chuckle when the security guard came round.

Lol. Loved that bit. Stroke of genius from Ray.

I take it your marriage is still OK, Grant? Always good to have a copy of The Notebook stashed in case things get out of hand.

Grant wrote:

I actually saw it as a trailer when we were watching Marjorie Prime. Definitely a brave film and well acted, but ultimately just a bit fucking boring - 5/10

I’m not actully going out to watch the film, watching it at home on Curzon Home Cinema. I’ll report back soon, H

Just waiting for the missus to get back from her homeland to watch that Marjorie Prime film. I figured it's one where I would need to hold her at the end, patting her back gently as her tears fell down mine; while I checked my phone for the footy and any Brexit updates.

I need to get onto that Curzon Home Cinema. Now that LoveFilm is no more. And Azad Video has closed down.

Btw, I am quite pleased that you read my pithy review and legged out to the cinema to see it.

Good stuff. I'm sensing this film will probably only appeal to yourself and Phil Mc on the board.


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Aye. Really superb stuff. I stopped DLing and listening to tracks of this ilk a while ago. And only visit by the spiritual force that is Jamie. So cosmic stuff and herbal teas all around.

Good Time. What a superb film. Didn't know much about this beforehand. Really intense stuff with a superb soundtrack, that I should DL and listen to at work. But would likely to send me over the edge. Like Robert Pattinson in this film, who incidentally is excellent. 4/5

I know exactly how you are feeling, Ed: talking to yourself.


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Jamie. You know what I am going to say......

For some reason, Strudders and Wally are two names that spring to mind.

Grant wrote:

I bought this on the back of that post, H - never even considered it because of the shit title. It struck me as a cross between The Poseidon Adventure, The Great Escape and The A-Team. Wasn’t really taken with it so it’s a 5/10 for me. The bridge scenes were comically bad.

Thought the end was excellent for a number of reasons.

Very disappointed with you, Grant. You've let me down. Especially with 'that' A-Team comparison.

Justice League this weekend mind. You'll have already booked seats at the 'IMAX' in Kingston, I suppose? Wine decanted into a Sports Direct sports beaker. Shoes off and bobbly socked feed wedged in the gap in the seats in front.


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Congrats Loops. All the best.

Thought the Board would like that, Ed. Although Kermode's words not mine so can't take credit for that.

^^ Worth checking out again, Micky. The updated version should be available on DVD now.

Phil McRrackin wrote:

Excellent choice, how does the new restoration look?

Never saw the original, mate. Looked ok. Shame I couldn’t catch it though on one of the 35mm projections.


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Homegrove wrote:

Hug & kisses. Putting these on my phone for my drive tomorrow visiting my parents.

Get yourself something decent to listen to your music on. FFS.

First part is absolutely sublime. Not had chance to listen to the second part yet.