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La Nausee wrote:

And some coal-flavoured ice cream made of diced bull's testicles for dessert.

Think that was on the menu at Kadaeu in Copenhagen. Mind you, by the time I got to the 16th minute dish I was so fucking starving I threw it down my gob so fast that it completely bypassed my tastebuds. It could have been worse I suppose: there could have been ants running around my plate and then getting fleeced £400 a pop for the privilege (Noma).

And Copenhagen the happiest place on the planet to live? Do me a favour. Of course, if you go to Christiania and ask the pot heads doing buckets in the park and eating lumps of overpriced Toms Chocolate as they sit in the sunshine playing with their balls, of course they are going to say that all is rosy in life:

http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2014/ … al-holiday

He's good in The Pine Beyond The Trees.

I wouldn't mind seeing that Japanese burd's Pacific Rim.

I have to share this with you. Partly because I've had a few scoofs and I just recalled this incident and it make me chuckle.
Anyway, I was in Sainsbury's with the missus. And her English isn't quite the Queen's yet because she's one of those Johnny foreigners. Bless. And she's wandering done the dairy aisle checking out the Double Gloucester or something. And I pass her and give her a little push in the bun that she's tied up on her head. Then quite irate (because it was more of a punch if truth be told) she turns around and screams: "I'LL PUNISH YOU." The looks on the faces of the other customers was quite something. I think I gave her one later to make up for it. I am a gent after all.

I might post a photo of my new studio now that my stuff has finally arrived from abroad. Standing bollock naked next to my Amstrads. Pointing at the Casio keyboard in the corner. In a catalogue pose nonchalant kind of way.


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DuFunk wrote:

in the oil fields



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The Big Lebowski is one of the most incoherent Cohen's Brothers film. IMHO of course. No doubt it's got a handful of brilliant scenes in it. But it doesn't hold together anywhere near as well as something like Blood Simple or Fargo.

smallman1 wrote:

Anyone seen '71?

Yeah, really good Ed. It's got the radge from 'Starred Up' in it (which was also very good). Top score from David Holmes as well.


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First disc is really good. Second disc plods along in a long-haired Hernan kind of way, without ever really taking off. So yeah, typical Cattaneo really. You either like that or you don't. I liked it. But it's not as good as Parallels.


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Well this is going to turn out well?


That lol was for BF, Hannu. Soz.


I must say, however. That after my wife, Rosamund Pike is the most beautiful woman I have ever clapped my filthy eyes on.


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local_celebrity wrote:

Plus the gender balance was the worst I've ever seen. It was honestly about 20 blokes to every one girl. Looking out into the main room, all you could see was men everywhere, packed like sardines, shuffling around.

The whole night just felt limp.

I must admit, I still get a bit gooey-eyed when I see John. The intensity before he gets to the booth thinking about what t-shirt he'll be wearing and what hair do he'll be rocking, sends my pulse racing. Like Steelydan on his Peugeot White racer, circa 1991.

I was absolutely gutted I didn't get to see Rosamund Pike's norks or minge.


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This one reminds me of Strudders. Bleasdale warm up in the Courtyard. 1998. 10.30pm.



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Can't see your missus letting you buy them once you break that news, Dutchy.


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Stop being so negative, Zackster. And cheer up.


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I just might go to this.....

Worst thread ever.


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Lol. Nice one.


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PM me for the pics.



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Haha. It looks a good TL to be fair. I do like the odd mix from Dan. There's usually a few homoerotic vocals that he throws in, that I can now quite categorically state that I'm totally not in to.

I'll be DLing this. But not this week because I'm awaiting BT to set up my broadband. Until then, I'm piggybacking on a neighbour's wifi connection and I've already DL'd Ben Dover's back catalogue on it. I don't really want to take this piss now, do I.


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steelydan wrote:

Just loads of tunes i really like...

Is there any chance of putting together a mix of choons that we might like?

liquitech1 wrote:

Going to see Clint Mansell next month at the Concert Hall, love his work on this..

Fuck. Didn't know about this. Sold out in London as well. You've really pissed me off now Liquitech. sad