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dutchy101 wrote:

That's why I only fly Ryanair. You know you're barely flying on fumes as you come in to land in Ibiza. Girona


ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Even in geology, many rocks and minerals can be formed or changed by high heat and pressure - the same principle can be applied. It is a simple rule of physics.



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If thats the case then I also served Queen and country last night by 'monitoring' Ben Dover and his elite squad of 9 inch-on-the-slack Gonzo Praetorian Guard

Led by Pascal? I thought his cock had dropped off after 'Fancy An Indian Volume 7'?

Erik once called me a cunt. Therefore he is a man of sound judgement.


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steelydan wrote:

Brilliant work, H.

That's my new biog sorted smile

Another one to follow when I get my shit together. And I enjoyed the mix as well.


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jules72 wrote:

Lol one too many vino collapsos last night Henry?

Been on the Shochu and Strong Zero, chief. Nearly shat myself last night.


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"Dan's slender fingers caressing the belt drives, like no man, woman or transsexual have ever caressed a set of belt drives before. Well not in this way. A magical way. Nudging up the tempo. Can't you feel that? No? Back down then. And back up again. Feeling it now? Oh good. Jolly fucking good. Feel those beats. Sensuously battering your lugs. Clamber into Dan's vessel. You're going on a journey. With Dan. In his vessel. A sexual journey. When you return you won't be quite the same person."

That's for your CD inlay, mate. I'll write some more when I get a mo.

Shitfaced, mate. Cunts. The lot of them.

Thanks Neko-chan. That will go nicely with my Bullet Train beers.


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Shouldn't organic clubbing allow you to fling your shite at the promoter, busting all the moves behind the DJ?

On the bright side, there's a career for you as a treasurer at a church somewhere. So don't get yourself too down.


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Yeah. But it's 128kbps. It's all 128kbps. Which is plop. Obvs.

Is there an option to take it out of your face, if they ever meet you?

Raw wasabi? Smeared on a sounding rod? Right down your tube? Yikes!!!!

There's probably a Soapland offering that right now. Thank fuck I'm the wrong skin colour and can't get in.


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Just rip it at 128kbps. Duplicate it. Put each into a separate track into something like Ableton. Then stagger one of the tracks to 0.5ms. Export to audio. Voila! You'll have a 256kbps copy.

loopdokter wrote:

The universal reply was to keep it and do with it what I saw fit - which was to invest in BlackBerry.

Well thank fuck for that. You had us all worried. At least the money is safe then.

That Job Jobse mix that the Yantster posted in Mixes. A really lovely mix, and the best Job Jobse mix since the last Job Jobse mix I listened to yonks ago. Which I can't remember the name of. Or year in fact.

Actually, as I was talking to myself in the mirror this morning and listening to this mix in the background, I recalled the time I ate bacon for the first time since coming back from a 15 year meat free exile. I was then rudely interrupted by the cleaner at the business hotel I am staying at. Still thinking of that wonderful crispy bacon taste, I opened the door only to realise that my Yukata was untied. So there I stood in all glory to a shocked nenpai woman who then apologised and scurried away down the hallway.

Fuck this shit. I'm off to buy a tonkatsu butty at Lawsons.


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And nudge your mate dancing next to you, and tell him his phone is ringing? A never fail gag on the old Mitzis.


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£125? Gotta be worth it just to hear Seb Fontaine finish with Fiji.


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benson wrote:

But I have a macbook. They stop, stare, and make conversation with me. You should try it.

Fucking hell. Did you really write that. Next you'll be telling us all what you do for a living. Like in every other post.


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Aye I do. Over here once a year though. Might be moving over permanently next year. So you never know....


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There's a can of Strong Zero waiting for you, Ed. If you ever make it out here.


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liquitech1 wrote:

...Henry, any chance you can DM your address and I'll ship you my MACBOOK PRO for repairs? If you don't mind, attach a secret camera for taking creep shots and upload any minimalist Asian grot you have lying about. Nice one.

I would fix it chief, but I'm out in Japan at the moment. Funnily enough compiling a super duper spreadsheet (using Numbers obvs) on my MacBook Pro, in a bar watch of all of the fanny passing by. It was that or the other option of trekking through the bamboo forests of Kitakyushu in nothing by my Gortex Gaters armed with 4 cans of Strong Zero.


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monostereo wrote:

Erm.  I don't think you understood my post.

It's always possible that one of us is being a bit Dimm?


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monostereo wrote:
Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Haha. Fair enough, Benson. Stand down lad. You've got a MacBook. Fantastic. A wonderful machine and all that. And it's not like you've just spunked £1k on something that has all of the gubbins glued and soldered together, making it 100% unrepairabe. I mean, only a massive helmet would do that.

Who gives a shit if it's soldered anyway?  Most stuff is these days, not just macbooks. When was the last time you swapped out a dodgy memory dimm in your laptop?

I do own a laptop for work where I upgraded the ram recently to 16Gb so not sure what shite box you've been mugged with.


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Lol. As long as you are happy mate. It does look good next to a Strawberry Frappuccino in Starbucks, as you watch all the fanny wandering by. So in a way it's an investment.