I know exactly how you are feeling, Ed: talking to yourself.


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Jamie. You know what I am going to say......

For some reason, Strudders and Wally are two names that spring to mind.

Grant wrote:

I bought this on the back of that post, H - never even considered it because of the shit title. It struck me as a cross between The Poseidon Adventure, The Great Escape and The A-Team. Wasn’t really taken with it so it’s a 5/10 for me. The bridge scenes were comically bad.

Thought the end was excellent for a number of reasons.

Very disappointed with you, Grant. You've let me down. Especially with 'that' A-Team comparison.

Justice League this weekend mind. You'll have already booked seats at the 'IMAX' in Kingston, I suppose? Wine decanted into a Sports Direct sports beaker. Shoes off and bobbly socked feed wedged in the gap in the seats in front.


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Congrats Loops. All the best.

Thought the Board would like that, Ed. Although Kermode's words not mine so can't take credit for that.

^^ Worth checking out again, Micky. The updated version should be available on DVD now.

Phil McRrackin wrote:

Excellent choice, how does the new restoration look?

Never saw the original, mate. Looked ok. Shame I couldn’t catch it though on one of the 35mm projections.


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Homegrove wrote:

Hug & kisses. Putting these on my phone for my drive tomorrow visiting my parents.

Get yourself something decent to listen to your music on. FFS.

First part is absolutely sublime. Not had chance to listen to the second part yet.

Took the afternoon off work to go to see Sorcerer. Proper muscular cinema and the bridge scene honestly had the punters around me gasping which is not bad for a film 40 years old. Top acting from Bruno Cremer as well. Especially the part where his missus gives him the watch and he looks absolutely delighted. Which reminded me I need to brush up on my own acting skills for when my own Princess gives me my shite Christmas present(s), as I try to avoid ruining the big day.



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Wavtastic this, Jamie. Two listens and I just bloody well love it (and the mix too, fnar fnar).


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^^ Haha. Something like that.

But we’ll be laughing. You mark my words. When Greece (or is it Italy?) folds and brings the pack of cards crashing down. We’ll be waving our pots of jam and turnips on the Cliffs of Dover, laughing and shouting: “We told you so!”.


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I think I saw a unicorn over Battersea Park this morning, on my walk across Albert Bridge. And Ed riding high on the back of it. Punching the air.


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Noice one. smile


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Really looking forward to listing to this.... but can we have a DL link please. So I can put it on my fancy audio player. Cheers.


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Grant wrote:

Is anyone else a sad sack of shit and pre-ordered the iPhone X?

I am and I did, although I won't get it 2nd December.

“It’s all screen.”  According the website. Well, if by that they mean all screen incorporates a shitty cut away for the speaker, then I guess it is.

So looks shite. Quite happy with my 6S Plus. And will wait until they sort that embarrassment out before spunking hard earned funds on the next one.

Love that Gerber mix of Set The Controls. Isn't that what you are on about SD?

Just put my tickets on eBay. You bastard, Dermo.

Aye. Tell me about it. Absolute konts. The lot of them.

In my defense, I am absolutely shit faced. A bottle of Yamazaki was opened some time ago and the scenes here are so amazing that I am logged in posting shite.

If you hold your Samsung mobile telephone up to your face (in landscape mode obvs), may I extend my arms out to you through the screen and give you a massive hug from the other side of the world. Maybe lingering my hands on your back for a slightly uncomfortable amount of time as I try to work out if there is a bra strap there; as I plan my next move.

You working for Deliveroo, Grant? Make that two garlics breads, thanks.

If only Sasha knew how many on this board had pleasured themselves with that cellophane wrap with the signed sticker on it. He would probably cancel all of these new gigs.

After an absolute pain in the hole with the booking, two tickets now purchased for The Roundhouse.


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Agreed. Full of cunts.

La Nausee wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Had lunch here as it's next door to where I work -


Nay bad.

Ed, as restaurant reviews go, I don't think AA Gill will have anything to worry about (possibly because he's dead).

A two-page spread in the Sunday Times magazine with a nice picture of the restaurant, 4 stars from Ed and "Nay bad". They'll be cutting that fucker out and sticking it in a frame above the door.

Next to that faded cut out from The Sun circa 1987 of Hale and Pace, both looking like they were japing about. And One of Steve Davis who for some reason brought his snooker cue along to the restaurant.


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You ever been involved in any fisty cuffs, Ed? Not the slap and tickle variety. Anything from a minor altercation at the Frappuccino counter to a good old slog at the back of your local boozer. How did it go?