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Forgotten all about this. Love Ólafur Arnalds' solo stuff and worth checking those out if you haven't done already. Nice one Millsy.

humfer wrote:

Released today. Half way through. So far very good

Took quite a few listens. But really like it. I'll even forgive Kid A for singing about buying a big house.

Unbroken1 wrote:

I love a vocal, but thought the lyrics a bit weak on first listen (one of the Dear tracks IIRC, can't remember which one), need to live with this one a little longer, but agreed, The Deep was/is terrific.

That's the Kid A track, second one in? Feel sorry for Humfer over in the 'General' forum. He posted about Voorn's album, but got no replies. I'm off to cheer him up....

Damo. Live. Just before one of those monumental breakdowns kicks in:


I think Jules is trying to gently say: give us a tracklist. FFS.

Kyushu Soundsystem, Damo. 36 followers and maybe soon to be 37? I have to keep pinching myself as I have surpassed all expectations.

Had a listen to this at work today. Solid as always and it'll be on constant rotation on my iPhone (6) for the next month.

Yeah, the Voorn album is pretty good. Took a few listens to get into. And I've even warmed to the vocal tracks. Really like the Matthew Dear track, even though I hated it first. The Wild is the best track on the album though. Album wise, all round it's better than "From A Deep Place". Although nothing comes close to the brilliance of 'The Deep', IMO.


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zackster wrote:

something about seeing the light.......

Boss mix this. Is this you grown out of listening to your mam's washing machine filled spoons, and trying to hook up Reason to it using an Atari ST?

Better book a room then. And not a Travelodge FFS.

DLing now...

Was just listening to Voorn's new album today. And thinking to myself: I bet you that fecker Damo puts a few of these tracks on one of his mixes and beats me to putting them on a mix of my own. One that nobody will ever listen to. Other than my missus from the room next door. Anyway, looking forward to listening to this as per.

Good lad, Edward. I shall mark you down as on the road to rehabilitation.

From earlier this year. This is da bollox:

https://soundcloud.com/vincewatson/vinc … erdam-2014

1.Test 7byDonato Dozzy, Tin Man
3.PolebyGaspard De La Montagne
5.Nearly AfricabyLb Dub Corp
7.OriginsbyPetar Dundov
8.Light To BrightbyHiroshi Watanabe
9.No Strings AttachedbyVincenzo
10.Blue (Minilogue remix)byAugust Jakobsen & Jacob Husley
12.Warm (000 & Alessio Mereu remix)byTva
13.No Turning BackbyLake People
14.Vabanque (Stimming remix)byManuel Tur
15.Dolls (original mix)byDavid Durango
17.Made Of Steel (original mix)byRedshape
18.Ecstatic TruthbyHelmut Ebritsch
19.Drift (feat Bajka - Steve Bugs Raw & Reduced edit)byYouandme Pres Youand Themachines
21.EarthbyMetodi Hristov
22.Velvet (original)bySql
24.Panta Rei (balearic mix)byAgoria
25.StellabyKarim Sahraoui
26.NightcolorsbyGregor Tresher
28.NightcolorsbyGregor Tresher
29.Ara AnambyManuel Tur
30.Hand Made (feat Rachel Row - main mix)byKiNK
31.YsbyGardens Of God
33.LED CeilingbyButch
35.Rock-It (original mix)byVince Watson


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It's always good, Edward. Although a meff like Ahad probably gets his from Lawson's. Whilst a more refined gentleman like myself would opt for Family Mart's.


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おでん. However, only Ahad will have a scooby what I am on about here.

Really good, Edward. Deffo lives up to the hype. You might hate it, however. For reasons completely unknown to anyone else. Other than Grant, maybe?

shaunstrudwick wrote:

special brew through a straw?

I understand where you are coming from with this, Shaun. Admittedly, you need a wider straw throat diameter in order to draw up the relatively more viscous fluid from the can. Otherwise, you succumb to a massive pressure differential that would be required to draw the fluid upward if using a smaller straw throad diameter; that you get from the usual supermarket thinner straws. Hence the need to dig out the legacy straw from the loft.

Capillary pressure theory dictate all of this, of course. And you can't break them rules. Even Nolan wouldn't think of tinkering with those IMO.

Interstellar (or Inter-Stella if you go by the amount cans that were being opened in the local IMAX). Really good up until the last 20 minutes when it all got really trippy. And a bit rubbish, if I am being honest. In fact, I'm not really sure what I witnessed in the last 20 minutes. I will ponder on it this evening, sat on my Ikea sofa in my George PJs, drinking from a can of Special Brew with one of those curly bright-coloured straws from the 80s.

Nice one, Marcus.

Yeah, he gave Ricky Ryan a run for his money in the first hour.

It's really not a great track.

I'm not ashamed to say that I cried when I heard this mix. And cried again when I couldn't find the DL link. FFS Marcus. Sort it out. NOW!


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You won't be disappointed, chief. It's banging. Can't wait to see the Boiler Room GIFs from this too.


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BedRob wrote:

Fucking hell, i thought i had logged onto mumsnet in error

Lol. Come back Odessi. All is forgiven.


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Ahad Adump wrote:

That was Audion - Dem Howl, think it was a mash up of the Instrumental version and the Original and/or the Michael Mayer remix, did the same thing in Tokyo.

Are you sure, Ahad? Are you absolutely sure about this?


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Courtesy of Dr Flaps for PMing me this. And pictures of his arsehole and ballsack squeezed between his hairy thighs. There really wasn't any need for the latter, thanks.


mullykid wrote:

Saw the Badabook.

Is that the sequel to Babadook? 7/10 from me.


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Part deux is da bollox.