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Ta Squidgy! I love you long time.


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Sorry, Jamie is no longer with us. Due to some recent unfavourable reviews, Jamie has taken his own life. He does live on however in our thoughts, Soundcloud and some videos he sent me of him and his wife getting jiggy with it.

RIP Jamie. sad


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Lol. Go on Jules. Just tell him straight that hate him.

I hate you too. For being able to crochet a bunch of tracks into a big warm and loving blanket of aural pleasure. I wrap myself up in this now. Buried underneath with a 10 year malt bottle of whiskey. Contemplating time travel. Or this weekend's shop to Sainsbury's. I can't quite decide....

Wally wrote:

"Our kind of traitor" - based on a John La Carre book.

Was hoping for another Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but wasnt much cop.  Not  bad, just not very good either. 6/10

The full frontal of Stellan Skarsgarg could easily push this into the horror genre.

Dan Harwood wrote:

This FTW:

Haha. Beat me to it. Bestest montage. Evs.

A absolute bobby dazzler of a mix. I agree with Dan, about the NE feel to parts of it. Especially the last half hour.


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Wally wrote:

There is no spreadsheet. It's all board bullshit.

Please tell me this isn't true. sad

Get a room, the pair of you FFS. Treat yourselves. Get a Premier Inn with buffet breakfast and an ice machine on another floor.

Checking this out. Starts with a Dion MacGregor sample which is always a good sign.

jamie wrote:

and she loved it.

I bet you she did, Jamie. You sex pest you.

Odo wrote:

Transcendence 4/10

Bit harsh that, Odo. Better than a 4. Maybe a 5. Or even a 6, if I'm feeling really happy and have just had my buns whipped by my missus and walk all over my nuts in her 6" heels with GU009 throbbing away in the background.

Thought this was good up until 45 minutes when an horrific vocal/voice over kicked in.

Unbroken1 wrote:

...not new but I like Razor, great for dark bass sounds

Did I just see him pull a sex face just after 13:35? For the safety of women in my local park, I cannot possibly buy this.

Nice one. Will check out the Demo later and maybe spunk some funds.

Could do with a 'Squelch' dial on there, IMO.

Can anyone recommend any of the NI synths. Will be using with Maschine so have Prism, Massive and Good AIDS already. Have used FM8 and Absynth in the past. But not sure about of the more recent synths.

Certainly enough to put you off camping for life.


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Would be Boxing Day? Failing that the old February date?


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Lol. Mind you, if I would have been on it I probably would have been trying to change the TV channel for the first 3 hours with my phone.


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roberto wrote:

really? found the crowd quite decent... but I was far from sober; you'd have got a hug from me.

As always with MoS, you had to burrow to the front to find space.

In hindsight that would have been a good idea. Did you run into Kiz?

smallman1 wrote:

Get on the Mick Mills next time HR.

Had a presentation this morning, which the boss has been reminding me for the past month is important. So the thought of turning up and not even being able to get my PowerPoint presentation into 'Presentation' mode to a packed room, would not have gone down well.


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Was quite disappointed overall. Thought the first 3 or so hours had some good tracks. But never seemed to be going anywhere, and dare I say it: I got bored. It picked up after then. But bailed after 4.30. Far from classic Diggers. All IMHO, of course.

Worth a mention that the cuntage in the club was off the scale. I was fairly sober throughout which probably didn't help.


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What run from Clapham? Not a another gentle Saturday morning marathon is it?


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Cereal Killers has closed down, Ed. where will you go for breakfast?


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Well one thing is guaranteed, they'll be sexy magical times on the dance floor tomorrow night. Well, in close proximity to me anyway.


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Grant wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

Yant they are abysmal.

LOL, fucking right that.

Lol. Built up shoe as well? Is Yant known locally as 'Yant Pacino'?


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The usual. V-neck Pringle. A pair of exceptionally tight Farahs. And a pair of Porsche brogues to top off the look.

See you in there loosers!


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Any budding entrepreneur could make a fortune dealing Sanatogen on Saturday IMO.

He was probably one of that lot who watched Gareth Edwards' "Monsters" and left the cinema in tears because he didn't get to see any monsters.