They refer to Indians and Pakistanis as "Asian".

Well sure if you're counting Thai prostitutes.  I'd be inclined to keep those proclivities to myself but each to their own.


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fadass wrote:

Love ya Dermo.


Sorry if I got serious, I am off my fuckin face all week. Only acting the eejit. You know there's always a beer here for you & probably a load of powders not tested on real living things.

I love drunk fadass.

If it was a choice between the two, I'd take Flares over Hannu as a flatmate.

My life has been a raging success but it has come so easily to me I've never had to work for any of it.


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Holy smokes!  What cracking news!  Tracklist looks well tasty, can't wait to wrap the Behringers around that one at the next afters.  KAAABOOOOM!!!!

millsy23 wrote:
liquitech1 wrote: lineup. How were Starsailor?

Epic mate. I was in bits by the time they played Four to the Floor. Came totally out of left field that one. Proper hands in the air like you just don't bloody well care moment. Met a lovely staff nurse from the Royal Surrey County Hospital. She was on her lunch break and we shared some houmus and pittas and she showed me pics of her grandson Jason on her Xperia Z3 which I had to work for her. Downloaded Shazaam for her so she could ID Reef - Place your hands. Massive smiles all round. What a day!

Excellent work this ha ha.  The Xperia did it for me.

smallman1 wrote:

I'm staying in a knockout Air B'n'B for Dekmantel Sean.

Hope that helps.

This is how an adult of means does a festival.  All class.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

weather is looking ok for Glasnost next week - not really too fussed as Im driving this bad boy there

It's certainly a step above camping (which for a middle aged man is equivalent to vagrancy) but it screams "absolute cuntwagon".

erik.b wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:
Squidgy wrote:

He's had his fair share of the drama over the past couple of years. Is he still in the ViVa camp?

..didn't he get kicked out of a club while he was djing for being a prat? or something … disrepute/

This is EXACTLY what I imagine everyone on here looked like 20 years ago.

They inspect the bag as you hand it over.

Heading for a 6 pager this and no sign of smallman1.  I feel slighted.

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
jamie wrote:

they wear white jeans

lol. I've only known three people that wear white jeans. One was the lead singer of Queen and one of the others was this guy.

Pretty sure Tenaglia has worn white jean cut-offs - all daisy-duke and such, pockets hanging out of course.

Pics or STFU

Grant wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:
Grant wrote:

People that wear brown shoes outside of work.

Tend to be rugby twats, rugby twats would rather be dead than wear trabs.

Come on Grant.


Twats that wear massive headphones, but have them angled backwards so they don't mess their shit hair.

I used to do this when I had my faux hawk.  What the fuck is wrong with keeping your hair nice?  Nothing, that's what.

Dermatron wrote:

Wear their sunglasses like this -

I immediately agreed but then I remembered I know a guy that does this and he's sound.  He's Italian.

Beijing Dave wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:

12.    Goes on holiday with his mum

Shit. What if you live abroad and your mum comes to visit you then you go to different places for sightseeing?

Sightseeing is totally fine.  I'd almost add to the list "has parents visit from abroad and doesn't take them sightseeing".  However if your "sightseeing" involves a cruise ship or a resort, you're gone.

Grant wrote:

People that wear brown shoes outside of work.

Tend to be rugby twats, rugby twats would rather be dead than wear trabs.

Come on Grant.

Boring wrote:

Drinks Fosters,  Kronenbourg or Stella.

This thread is in danger of becoming a poor man's Gertcha thread.

I had high hopes for this thread.  I wanted it to be a collection of red flags so even if you got the smallest sniff of cuntery, by only knowing one thing, you could give that person a mahoosive swerve and know that you were completely justified in doing it. But look at what I've been served up "I generally don't like people that do these things".  What a shambles.  You can't be serious with your offering either Boring, go away and have a good think about it.

Here's what I've managed to salvage from the slop bucket:

1.    Has a goatee and a full head of hair
2.    votes UKIP
3.    Frequently uses nouns as verbs. 'Let's facetime'
4.    Doesn't drink
5.    Doesn't Like football
6.    Drives a gas guzzling "Bro-dozer" with optional bumper sticker that says " I fart smart cars"
7.    Wears a bow tie on a normal day
8.    Is a fan of NCIS
9.    Owns a Brompton
10.    Wears trainers with a suit on the train
11.    Wears a white belt and a multi coloured tie
12.    Goes on holiday with his mum
13.    They dangle their national flag out front of their house.
14.    Thinks we'd be better off without that horde of Johnny foreigners
15.    Religious folk.
16.    I'm not racist BUT..
17.    white ginger muslims.
18.    anyone who follows laurie penny/ Penny red on twitter.
19.    Eats romanesco with paprika and tells you about the experiance on twitter as if they have invented the fibonacci sequence.
20.    They only play vinyl
21.    Saying something chronically unfunny and saying 'it's only banter mate, banter in'it'
22.    they wear white jeans
23.    Someone who licks their thumb and finger to turn a page in a book

steelydan wrote:

uses the words 'bespoke' and 'organic' to describe using vinyl in their sets.

Borderline this one.  Can you write off everyone that's ever used the term?  Might need to get the fact checkers in and come back to you.

dutchy101 wrote:

Someone who licks their thumb and finger to turn a page in a book.

This is the best answer so far.  100% of the time this person would be an absolute fucktard.

afeworki helen wrote:

1) not giving direct answers.
2) spreading ketchup all over chips instead of a contained pool for dipping.
3) open packets upside down from the wrong end.

This might be the worst response in the whole thread. Congrats.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Should probably add "religious" to the list of people I generally avoid.

You are not getting this at all.

Dermatron wrote:

Drinks IPA's

There are winners in this very thread that drink IPA's.  Myth busted.

BedRob wrote:

Really don't like people in Wheelchairs, always feel the world owes them something, fucking muppets

And fuck me do delay the train, whilst the driver has to get the ramp out etc......

Everyone that's ever been in a wheelchair is a cunt to be avoided are they?  Stephen Hawking? Wrong.

joeyp wrote:

Listens to local radio alla key 103

Wears super dry

Goes on all inclusive holidays

Supports arsenal

All of these I'd file under pet peeves.  None are absolutes.  Thanks.