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Mines an effortless 9.5 inches but I have chronic premature ejaculation so no sooner do their eyes light up then it's immediate disappointment.

roberto wrote:

SM47 LMN <---cheap as....
R-H-O-U-S-E-S <---it don't matter, pay the cunts
BOO 813 <---Amps



I'm a big rig man myself


A true pioneer and an inspiration to an entire generation of musicians.  Had the pleasure of meeting him once in Lagos and he couldn't have been any nicer, spent a good hour with us and was really interested in our take on music and the future of the industry even though I was so baked I could hardly see.  A real old school gentleman.

I've never heard of this cunt.


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Thanks scoop.


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Grant wrote:
Grant wrote:
zackster wrote:

a top 10, all time, nfl coach.

You need a Super Bowl or two to be even considered great.

I'm gonna read this every time Reid loses in post-season.

The way that team plays, his system, is not a playoff winning system let alone a Superbowl winning system.  So they're doomed to inflated expectations (I think their regular season win/loss is better than the Patriots over the last season and a half or something crazy) with inevitable failure in the playoffs.  If that's top 10 all time I'm not here.

Grant wrote:

Never seen them in these colours.  Pegasus 83s, arrived this morning.


They look like a factory sample for testing purposes.  Like something the machine would spit out to confirm it's calibrated correctly so a guy in a white coat and clipboard can give it the once over with a pair of calipers and give the thumbs up.  Then it's tossed into a huge recycling pile.

Another vote for Rhouses. Baking cakes and flouncing around in Tigers at the radio station or the social media love in or whatever the fuck it is.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Can we have a trab-themed Power Rankings please Hop Head?

Millsy is definitely a pair of Steph Curry 2 Low 'Chef's

It's too much work Dave.  I'm better off taking thoughtless pot shots and getting on with my day.  You've already started though ...

Can't tell if this is a long con or a cry for help.


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Dermatron wrote:

Good ol' Donald tweeting his tits off then deleting it again. What a fucking whopper. Like people dont fucking copy it as soon as they see it. Deleting it just makes him look even more of a car crash, the orange prick.
Although fuckers like Streep have a point they can fuck off and shut up. Too little too late now you dozy cow.

I don't know if I'll ever say this again but I couldn't agree with you more, on all of it.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Next purchase...

Take another look at this one.  It seems like a prank.  I mean I suspect Dave is taking the piss but I highly doubt the "designer" was.  What the hell were they thinking - drab grey, mindlessly and needlessly ankle height, ridiculous split for the tongue to peek through, with a pop of mint to make it fun.  Whoever put that together, I doubt they are continuing to work in the industry. This is an abortion that should never have been resurrected from the balled up post-it note at the bottom of the conference room bin.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Or possibly this colourway...

I'm going to assume you're being serious and just say anything "mid" belongs purely on the basketball court.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Might as well get a pair of yeezy's and get it over and done with, Hop Head.

Rhouses, enjoying the opulence of the First World as I do, it is afforded to me the privilege to muse over the latest in footwear technology and make bold, fashion-forward decisions. I wouldn't expect you to understand, you're looking at an F1 cockpit and asking where the bullock yoke is.

smallman1 wrote:

Pull the trigger Hop Head, it's been great knowing you.

It feels Amish to me to just choose a period in time (the early 80's) and decide anything made after that point is evil and should be avoided.

I should add these are for fashion purposes, part of my "Tech Billionaire" look.

Just want to gauge opinion on these before pulling the trigger:



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Presto wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Im not. Im just pointing out that presto can happily 'ignore' what his country are responsible for and have a great old time. You cant fucking ignore it.

What the fuck are you yammering about, man?


seanc80 wrote:

Every photo of you that has been posted up by either you or someone else, you have looked grotesque.


Beijing Dave wrote:

Is it me or is board arbiter of taste/rankings compiler Hop Head more easily amused these days?

Kind of like a grinning bumpkin who sits at the feet of court jester Millsy guffawing at everything he does.

You're funny too Dave.  There's plenty to go around.

fadass wrote:


Needed them to match my Mats Willander clay court Tacchini tight shorts & polo.

Are they steel toe caps?

millsy23 wrote:

Don't forget the retro ski wear. I think Roger Moore sported Ellesse in A View to a Kill? He's one of their celeb endorsements alongside Bridgette Nielsen and Boris Becker, so Tom is in great company. If we can get a pic of you in ice white socks, ice white Fred Perry Shorts and ice white Slazenger Tshirt with the Ellesses on that would be great Tom. Maybe simulating a low backhand with your wooden Donnay racquet?



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Dermatron wrote:

Or transgender.


New 2017 passion project - to get a black, conservative leaning, Diadora wearing, transgender member installed as a moderator.


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Hannu not even entertaining the idea of women members.


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Wow, that was worth the wait.  Cheers.