1. DJ - Betoko
2. Producer - Starkid
3. Film - The Interview

Mine will be vinyl only and done in one take.  Could be horrific.


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Never done it but not sure why.  Such a fun sounding name.

dairy lee wrote:

Hang on a min, Hannu and so called Mystery Mod. You stated in the Dermo thread that him and flares are both banned yet Ncable (flares) is still actively taking part on the board.You don't help yourself do you with your double standards. Its hardly a surprise you're criticised for being useless at moderating when you basically struggle in doing the most basic of jobs. Ncable told everyone he was flares in the thread titled Phil Hughes in post 15

Im not saying who i am because i don't want hounding by some mental case like flares forever and a day but if you are going to do a job at least do it properly. i.e ban both of them or let them both back. Because at he moment its looking like you've just got an agenda against Derms.

Just in case your powers of moderation missed it -

Big Fella wrote:  Hasn't taken long before Flares showed his true colours
despite trying to create redic back stories about having five kids, getting
married at xmas etc.

Grant wrote : Too easy.

Ncable wrote:


I made it easy for you pair of fuckwits because I was getting bored with the
board. Honestly, where's the energy gone? It's like the prog version of
Mumsnet around here.

As for the back stories BF, I never stated I was getting married on
Christmas Day, I said I was proposing, which I still am. And there are
children involved pal, all of whom love me very much. Aaaaaah, bless.

ETC, I'm living about 10 minutes from you in Walthamstow mate, if you get
this before the ban wand caves my head in for the 19th time, drop me a PM.

Ta ta.

Excellent detective work this.  Pressure right back on Hannu and BMM.  Tense.

As much as I hate everything about this and the two uber cunts behind it, I would like to eat there.

https://soundcloud.com/diynamic-music/d … -show-d33p


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I miss his lies.

Was this good?  I can't remember ever playing it properly:


Lunch at the in-laws followed by a board game.  Last year was a new low:


I'm in charge of picking the game this year so I'm thinking:


My assistant manages my appointment book so you'll have to ask her.

Nothing to do with my gift or this thread but as a complete aside, my favourite user name is "trancenothanks".

If anyone wants prog breaks classics for Christmas I'm in.

BedrockMysteryMod wrote:
Homegrove wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Bet John is chuffed this is a sticky.

Oops. Damn phone.

Yellow Card !

If I was Homegrove I wouldn't be looking forward to my quarterly performance review.

Nothing beat this for me, it's epic:


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Maybe I'm more self aware than that and was taking the piss.  To be fair I got bored of it right away as it wasn't that funny.


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Big Fella wrote:

Eh HH, what was the $70k online reputation Sydney crowd, shit trabb wearing stuff Dermo was on about t'other day.

He reminded me about some shit I had forgotten I'd made up (I think I was demanding the board be closed to save Digweeds personal brand) by taking it seriously and thinking he was getting to me by bringing it up.  I thought "what kind of idiot thinks there is a college for online reputation management?", googled it and fuck me there is such a thing.

I've posted a few trabbs on here and actually own them all so fair game there.  My main criteria when shopping for them is I have to look "different".

Now back on topic, Melbourne is full of cunts that look like Wild West bartenders.


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Look I know there's been a PLUR revival in here, so much so that most days I feel like I'm shrooming on my bike down on the "Playa", my majestic and culturally sensitive Mad Max meets Chief Running Bear feather headdress flowing behind, on the way to my first "burn" and Tim Green's surprise wedding but we've gone too far lads when ETC can come in and make the thread all about him, without even bothering with even the weakest of segues, and the OP smokes his pole for it.

Boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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Really enjoyed this mix.  Even reposted it so others could also enjoy it (but didn't click the love heart so room for improvement).


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http://www.reputationinstitute.com/serv … n-learning


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Boris wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:

The only explanation for these two is they are taking a break from filming Ned Kelly 2.

They look like the standard type of twat who'd be doing a diploma (lol) in Online Reputation Management.

Laugh all you want but I'm the one pulling down $70K a year.


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The only explanation for these two is they are taking a break from filming Ned Kelly 2.


WTF is that thing on the left?



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furry wrote:

Dogman is such a douche.

He's Dermo but if he finished high school.


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I knew I'd be angry but the typewriter ... you fucking muppets

http://sobadsogood.com/2014/10/27/18-ph … y-too-far/