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They believe (due to imperial abuse) that body parts are stolen from the dead, particularly by westerners. So when told to bury a corpse with Ebola they open it up first and ensure all the bits are there. Queue disease.

Was a committed binge drinker. 30 pints a week over 3 or 4 nights. The Mrs and I took to drinking at home. Drink, tell an amazing story, demand a particular song get the credit it deserves, tell a joke, fuck, fight, sleep on the couch.

millsy23 wrote:
fadass wrote:

bedrock board motto.."we who are not as others"

Aye, sometimes we have 3 bottles of Babycham but it plays havoc with our cholestorol...

Fucking fannies.

lol. It was only a matter of time.

Ssshh. Don't make a big deal of it.

Big Fella wrote:

Always thought it is weird drinking heavily at an afters.

You must be rich.

Beijing Dave wrote:

*Snidey tipping of drinks into plantpots

And I thought pretending to work at a record store was a low moment for the board. What a mess.


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I was screwing around and am now annoying myself but wow dude, wow.


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Brand is perception. That was the subject we tackled on day 1. I trust you see your argument for the shambles it is when sense checked through that lense.


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smashdad wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:

We learnt that branding a space represents tacit approval of all content in that space in the eyes of the average consumer.

Did you also learn that a prominently displayed, appropriately worded, disclaimer renders your statement worth less than the bits of cyberspace it continues to occupy?  And to what extent did you also study 'the average consumer'?*

Thanks for asking. What a great opportunity to apply my course knowledge. On disclaimers, best practice dictates assuming they are never read. This is the only legally sound play. On consumer psychology, and in particular the blurring of media vs medium, see precedent in YouTube and Facebook being compelled by the populous to censor hate groups/hate speech.


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We learnt that branding a space represents tacit approval of all content in that space in the eyes of the average consumer. These are the same people that think Jim Parsons is a heterosexual genius or Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie is a good idea. Hardly a stretch then for them to think John calls all women Dorris or people from Liverpool "Bin Dippers". A direct hit to his personal brand every time Dermo hits the keyboard and ETC rambling on is a cautionary tale in regards to living a dance floor orientated lifestyle in a genre struggling to get anyone under 30 through the door. Last to leave turn the lights out.


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I recently completed a diploma in Online Reputation Management via correspondence and let me assure you this board has all the "don'ts" in the curriculum covered.

millsy23 wrote:

I'm happy if anyone wants to share their fondest Loopy memories in here too by the way.

The studio tour was pretty awesome


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I wonder who will visit the board more during their ban?  Both would have to be five times a day at least.  Tragic.


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Big Fella wrote:

I vote Ex Tractor Fan and Hop_Head.

Love to.  My campaign platform:

- Phil Opian to apologise to Eastern Bloc for fraud otherwise perma banned
- Aaron Littles check box gag to be revived
- More professors and madmen


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The ideal moderator is a dispassionate, beige, humourless, drone.  Enter Glen.

The board wasn't cliquey enough.  And too many women.


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Forum boards are like feeding ducks, only old people bother.  Kill this monstrosity off before we all get too pathetic.

Ninja it's gallows humour. Not like a Dorris to miss the sarcasm. I trust now I've cleared that up that all these anonymous message board handles are cleared to attend your gigs and we stop that bastard Kony #nomakeupselfie #100happydays


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Who would have thought cocaine and marathons would lead to premature aging?  Taken an absolute battering that bonce.


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The strange thing is I thought Opian was a fair bit smarter than Dermo.  Can anyone be bothered posting any more highlights where they are talking to each other?  Bit sad to see it in this thread but I'd love to see some when it was a secret.  Imagine the mental illness required to do that.

Big Fella wrote:

Please bear in mind HH that Millsy has been on board since 2003 generating an average of 34 posts per calendar month.

He shouldn't be in the top ten.

I do see what you are trying to do here but to be fair I do understand the curiosity. Post output is a factor but one of many in the end. I feel you are looking for fairness, consider this; The Office ran for 14 episodes. Charlie Sheen's anger management is long past 60.

chuffer wrote:

who the fuck is this HopHead?

Hello Chuffer. Not to be picky but profanity limits your appeal across younger demographics. You might be snookering yourself through that potty mouth without realising! I'd give that user name a bit of a kick along as well. Good luck!

millsy23 wrote:

Would be good to have some sort of weekly reporting dashboard uploaded to the spreadsheet.

Also, there's no way that FUCKING CUNT Big Fella is ahead of me.

Happy to provide a top 15 summary but to put my commercial hat on for a second I think you would benefit from the full top 50 report.

Dermo wrote:

Its an anomaly millsy. Only to be expected. Dusted should be retired.

Dermo in 92% of comments where an alias is suspected, the "dusted" handle is cited as the likely source. Hard to ignore those numbers.

MattBlack wrote:

Dusted has hardly posted since 2010, he was the power on the GU board but probably not on here

The powerbase for the "dusted" handle is board mentions proportionate to post output.  Our predictive modelling engine set hype around a possible return for this handle to "giddy" level.  Those are genuine B Grade celebrity numbers. I've probably said too much but the "fadas" handle benefitted from much of the same post its departure.  Returners and new handles generally do well for a spell.