Henry Rindhoops wrote:

BF will be slouched in his Emporium

I thought the Emporium went bust?  That's why his absence is so troubling to me.  If the business is still around I'll scale back from "worried" to "concerned".

I loved it when he used to say "trance pants".

Can we get a tally?  Must admit I'm balking because I can't see this reaching critical mass and I can buy beer with this money.

I'll PayPal it to you Loopy as I am not in the UK.

I went looking for the Smallman PM though and came across this Poirot gem I'd missed from June:

"Just say where and when suits you to confirm your thoughts to my face. You can get it all off your chest 'like a man'."

Ah ha ha ha ha!

I have an inkling successful people don't go all "Real Housewives" on music message boards.  Call it a gut feeling if you will.

steelydan wrote:

My music thread is ticking along nicely.


What music are you music buffs listening to? Tell me about it on this music website.

This one for serious players obvs.

Me - 10 pages: http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … p?id=51916


Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Not entirely sure why anything I said is considered cuntish.

That's why nobody is accusing you of trolling. It's genuine success spilling out for all to see.

Hope you don't mind but I thought I'd share the commercial you sent me as proof of your marketing expertise:

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Think for someone in marketing here in India

Do you marketers believe in the silver bullet theory over there? Seems a place where it would still work. Wasn't that long ago there was a panic because a monkey man was supposedly on the loose https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkey-man_of_Delhi. If they'll believe that, can't be hard to sell the health benefits of vitamin water via a Swami lecturing direct to camera. But still good achievements mate and congrats on the wedding.

Wow this one really blew up!  Just to answer some PM's I received:

Hannu - success isn't relative to ability or looks but nice try.
Millsy - soundcloud followers are a measure of success of sorts but not really what I was looking for.
Kiz - Yes I do acknowledge John has been very successful in his DJ career, kind of goes without saying.  But thank you for your passionate essay and detailed bibliography on the matter.
Rhouses - thanks for sending all those pictures of your prized possessions laid out on your leopard skin rug.  If Donald Trump was Indian you could pass for his son for a day or so on instagram.  Bit dubious when everything is "limited edition" though.

And Grant - didn't realise you were the boss at work, this might change things.  Can you PM me a pic of your office so I can get a feel for the power you wield in the building?  Cheers.


who can gage success ??, one mans success is another mans failure. To simplistic to measure it in the tacky trinkets and baubles of life.

Success is setting up camp in a high end brothel for 48 hrs, entertaining a cavalcade of exotic nymphomaniacs, full to the gills on a smorgasbord of narcotics, to fall into the back of your Bentley insanely drunk and be driven to the airport where a private plane awaits to take you to the Maldives.  Family is nice and all but its not that.

Grant wrote:

It's my tenth wedding anniversary today, that is a large tick in the success column.  I've also proudly brought up two kids who are now 21 and 19.  I'm also doing rather well at work, but that's quite stressful, so won't fit into the Dermotron Success-ometer.

You aren't the boss in any of those situations Grant.  Take it to the happiness thread.

poirot wrote:

To me success is a balance of happiness, family and being comfortable enough financially to not to have to worry about shit without working yourself into an early grave.

Should have been more clear.  I meant properly successful not this warm and fuzzy shit.

Wally wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

When it comes to ledging it, smashing it out the park and kitchen sinking it right up there's only one winner.

And he goes by the name of Edward Oliver Smallman.

TBF Ed, the thread was about success, not ledging it.

I'm sure Smallman Snr has a trust fund set up for you that will keep you ledging it forever (Is smallman the UK Dan Bilzerian? Answers on a post card to....) but success is what you earn, not what you're given innit?


Ed PM'd me to argue that maintaining inherited wealth was success in itself and linked to this article:

http://time.com/money/3925308/rich-fami … se-wealth/

Hmmm, let me think on it Smallman1, let me think on it.

Based purely on what they've posted here, who do you get the impression is killing it in the real world?

3. Jules72 - Runs an SME and is doing handshake deals all the time.  Making a killing in something like "pre-fab concrete hoardings" or something.

2. Kumquat - I always imagine he's posting from some South East Asian airport after closing another exclusive supplier arrangement.  Something in textiles, furniture, non-technical.

but the winner ...

1. Henry Rindhoops - There is an air of authority to a lot of the posts like he's saying "I buy and sell people like you every day" but without a hint of arrogance, just a statement of fact before powering off to his next meeting.  I'm thinking finance, big sums of money on the table.

What gave it away?  The errant full stop in the topic title?


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BF built this board. He's forgotten more about posting than most of us will ever learn. A true titan of the keyboard arts. I miss him terribly. Sort it out Hannu you fucksicle.

Then add this https://imageshack.com/a/img24/2397/ov5.gif

and this

and this

Someone go here and follow the prompts:


Slabs wrote:

Is there a kickstarter or something?

Can someone set one up?  I can't be bothered but I'd love to see his heartwarming tale in detail, some choice imagery, and a tally we can watch go up and up.

Come on Ed, sort it out.

Got this fresh off the wire:


Loopdokter +5 to 11th
Smallman1 +3 to 7th
Poirot          -4 to 25th
Grant         +12 to 19th

loopdokter wrote:

I signed some Ethiopian bird's tit after a DJ gig in Ottawa and woke up with all of my wages gone and one whopper of a headache.

This is the good stuff.  Ranks really well.

loopdokter wrote:

Staying places wouldn't be the least of my worries.  My missus however, might be.  Trying to explain to her that a message board has taken on a Kickstarter-like collection to bring me to the Big Smoke might be a tad interesting however - especially since she's not coming along, and the end result is probably something along the lines of me having shat myself under a railway arch in Harrow after several hard nights out with her having to call the Canadian Consulate to provide me with legal services.

"Honey, work is sending me to London for a couple of days".


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Dan Harwood wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:

But these were the best I ever owned:


Proper Progressive House trainers. Looked ace with a pair of combats.

See Dan totally gets it.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

not a fan of the air max 90s - the 95s on the other hand i've had a few pairs of over the years

I absolutely loved these:


But these were the best I ever owned: