smallman1 wrote:

2015's been a great year Derm.

3 months in Melbourne, new job, Chelsea win the league with Lisbon and Ibiza on the horizon.

No complaints!

I love your work Ed but it's time to grow up and ruin your life like the rest of us.

Beijing Dave wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:

"I'll have 20 hits of ecstasy please drug dealer".  Yeah Dave, really nailed nuances of the sub culture that one.

I never said it was an accurate portrayal,merely that it was a reasonably good movie... because,y'know,it actually has things like plot,character development,tension,things that are generally seen as “basics” in most genres but no other clubbing movie actually bothers with.

Maybe I hold things to a higher standard but I distinctly remember the entire thing being a shambles.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Er lads, Human Traffic was also dogshit (apart from the soundtrack).

The only decent clubbing movie that has been made was American and that was 'Go' (Doug Liman), which of course wasn't really a clubbing movie, it just had lots of scenes leading up to and during a night's clubbing.

"I'll have 20 hits of ecstasy please drug dealer".  Yeah Dave, really nailed nuances of the sub culture that one.

"Spun" I remembered being a lot better than it looks now:

Grant wrote:
poirot wrote:

Yen that was a top night. Free Bronson all round. Bitches wearing next to nothing at the afters.

Let's hope the one in the maroon top didn't make the afters...

I would absolutely smash that at an afters.  That's the problem though, there's very little I wouldn't run through when suitably lubricated.


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Ncable wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:

its absolutely ridiculous in some parts but so relentless

Perfect description of the track I'm currently working on.

Old photo but at least some of his back story checks out:


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I think Charlize Theron has successfully halted the ageing process.  Saw her interviewed for this movie and she looks as fresh as ever.  Both pipes.


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Thought this thread was about beak.  Disappointed.

poirot wrote:

Stick to having shit taste, wearing chav trabbs and earning a pittance hophead. You know, things you excel at.

Low grade baiting from a board no-mark.

Would have loved to have been there:

"But honey the fight's on today, can't we see the Robinson's another time?"


"OK OK but I'm still allowed to watch it aren't I?"
"Hmmm ... yes but with the sound down.  And don't be rude and ignore everyone"
"With the sound down, sure thing honey.  I actually think it's a lot better that way."

Biggest fight in 20 years and you had to watch it with the sound down because the Mrs had friends over.  Passing cups of tea and nattering about how you might renovate the kitchen while your paid subscription plays out in silence. 

Explains why you're Jonny big bollocks on here, the Mrs has your corporeal ones safely under lock and key.  First time I've ever felt sorry for you.

Posters take note, this is the type of post that has you safely in the top 10.  On topic and living the dream as opposed to "these guys are rich so I hate them" or "I watched it with the sound down".

Yant wrote:

Fuck the lot of you.

Can I leave you with one word ... innovate

poirot wrote:

Nice to see a couple of the board no-marks joining in and spending time creating quaint little charts about other grown men.

Not the actions of a big hitter.

Don't worry you aren't that far away. Safely top 20. PM for more details.

MattBlack wrote:

Why is Dusted still in there, he hasn't posted on here in ages

But what if he did come back Matt? What if he did.

starcreeper wrote:

All this grown men cupping each others balls lark, is highly questionable.

Making up lists of your favourites? LOL, fellas have been banned for less.

Don't be disheartened, you were there or there abouts. Without giving too much away, presence can be important to the overall ranking.

The rankings are based on a proprietary algorithm I am not at liberty to share. Happy to address any individual queries via PM however.  I also offer post and thread creation coaching at reasonable rates.

1. djdiggers
2. BMM
3. Homegrove
4. Loopdokter
6. Presto
7. Beijing Dave
8. Dusted
9. Ncable
10. Big Fella


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joeyp wrote:

Personally I'm happy to see derm back. Funny fucker and the board suffered without him imo

What's the funniest thing he's ever said?

How'd the wedding night go? Did you get mangled on LSD and wander around a hotel?


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Poirot was pretty good at first, on his best behaviour to trick us all again but he couldn't help himself in the end. I think he genuinely gets his self esteem from the board, that's the issue. Fat people always look externally for self esteem and putting down others is much easier than getting out for a run 3 nights a week.

On the basis of that video being the pinnacle of what is an amazing body of work over a prolonged period, I'd like to nominate Jay Kaufman for the position of Chairman of the Bedrock Board.


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Now I can predict what is going to be said about these but open your mind a little before attacking:

I'm thinking Silicon Valley venture capitalist boardroom ready gear.


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Prefer these Hop Head:,q_80/v1/image/style/properties/731289/Nike-Men-Casual-Shoes_1_4b6890885b98921c665ccd285f354331.jpg

Bit too toddler for me sorry Rhouses.


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joeyp wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:

Now I know these are bold but I'm about to pull the trigger and get them.  Have at it.

How old are you hop head? I feel this is key.

I'm a middle aged man going through a bit of a mid life crisis.  Hope that helps your assessment.