Best Dancer: Kiz
Largest flaccid penis:  Pumper&Dumper
Best taste in public transport: Millsy
Most improved photoshop: Dermo
Batting up a division: Hannu
Most likely to cry on the beans: Jay
Biggest Cuckold: That bloke that let his Mrs get slammed at Burning Man without him (Deadhead??)
Lowest standards on the pull: Presto
Biggest self pleasurer: Amps
Most attractive: Dusted


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Can we start something as misogynistic and monocultural as this place?


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I put black tape over the BPM counters to train my ears to beatmatch.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Lads, male grooming, all that's needed is a twice daily shower, a dash of talc, a regular shave and monthly trim of the old barnet, and a brush of the teeth after every meal, it's pretty fucking simple.

No need for perfume or Wrigley's if you can get these basics right.

So you just wash the remaining shaving cream off and that's it? A faint whiff of Gillette and a bright red neck as your go to? Sounds bonkers. Like from another time.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

use some talc

Err ... wow.


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I must have four or five of them on the go at any point and will apply the correct fragrance for my mood and the occasion at hand.

This is reserved for the most special occasions, I'd say 10 times a year tops:

And this is at the other end of the scale, pre-workout or for general yard work:


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Wait, are people actually proud of themselves for not wearing cologne? Why?

Great shout this Hannu.  Cheers.


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
Grant wrote:

The odds of us losing that game last night when we had a 15 point lead were 1000-6.  We even had the ball at their 32 yard line with 38 seconds left - what play did we have ready for their all-out blitz?  What audible did we have lined up?  Was I the only person in the world surprised that the Saints were gonna blitz?  Cousins takes the snap after making no adjustments whatsoever and then immediately throws the ball away with no-one anywhere near it and gets intentional downing.  Then gets sacked.

Absolutely fucking shit.  Gruden needs to just fuck right off and he can take Cousins with him.

It's difficult to feel for you GRH, but all I can say is welcome to my world.  It's world of pure misery.

I know.   After this season, if I don't like the necessary adjustments that the Cowboys don't do, I may have to start shopping for a new team. At least my two other favorite teams the Saints and the Steelers are doing well.

What's it like following a Jerry Jones team?  I couldn't stand it.


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Grant wrote:

Fuck me, we were the first team in NFL history to concede 15 points in the final 3 minutes.

The refs admitted they made a mistake on that intentional grounding call with 38 seconds left that put us out of FG range.  That helps my mood.

You can't win a superbowl with that QB. I'd trade the 49ers picks and players for Rosen or Darnold.


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Savor the moment Zack.

Time to get Romo out of the booth? Jumped the gun with Dak didn't we.


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loopdokter wrote:

Not exclusively a thread for myself, but for those of us who have brand new kids and wish to announce it to the Bedrock Board world and show off a little...

So I'll start.  Jakob MacKenzie John Kaufman was born today at 9:35 AM EST at Cambridge Memorial Hospital in Cambridge, ON, Canada weighing in at 8 lbs., 1 ounce.  The birth itself was hell... 3 solid days of labour that resulted in a Caesarian section.  The little fella and missus are doing well despite the hardship.

There's now a Jay Jr. on the loose.  Run for your lives!

I'll put the hat around and we'll get a fund together so everyone can meet him in person.


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fadass wrote:

N'wankwo & my ex have just had their 6th child (7 if you include Stewart(s enquiry), "my" 3rd born)... congrats to you all. It's a joyous time.

Drunk fadass is the best.


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I bet on the Chargers outright. Needed a first down to ice the game and ran the ball three times then punted. You've got Phillip Rivers and you run the ball three times and punt.  Insane.

I wonder how these yank churchgoers reconcile the horror that must have unfolded in that small town chapel with their image of a loving and involved god?

If he's all knowing as they believe then he's let it happen hasn't he? A slaughter of his closest in his own house? And now they pray to him with candles about it? 

That seems as crazy as the gun stance. What a messed up country.

seanc80 wrote:

And by the by...Henry Saiz makes and peddles unoriginal music.

Always has.

Back in your box fucktard.


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fadass wrote:

5 hours of a video game with some yoke rubbing her calf (wtf?) off your ears (again wtf?) sounds a bit shit too though Dave. While stuffing meat into your face.

You've gone even more weird than the natives.

Moreover he doesn't sound genuinely happy. Make a note to keep checking in on him.

Since we've taken a turn into smart casual:

These for the office.  The salesman assured me I can go sockless with chino shorts in the summer.

smallman1 wrote:

Going to be picking these up very soon -

What colour pant are you planning on pairing with these?  I got those olive green huarache's that you (now inexplicably) roasted and I'm starting to regret it because they don't look good with anything, maybe black tapered chinos.

Edit - you just answered. Blue jeans? Hmmm

Wearing these as we speak:


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He did the Denver Monday Night game with Beth Mowins.


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I suspected Rex Ryan was going to be terrible in the booth but I was still amazed how inept he was.  Everything he said he made a meal of.  Literally everything.


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spinnerlg wrote:

Enjoyed the weekend massively. Good place they've got there, that Berlin. Although I didn't get into Berghain, there will always be next time. Unlike Wally I would have liked to have seen the place for a bit, but thems the breaks.

Good to finally meet Hannu in person. Top chap. Especially with the news from Turku coming in just as we met for (more) beers by the river. Cap doffed sir.

How was Hannu on the shouts?  If he was on a budget I'd say suspect.


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That said he has to be in the top 20 QB's in the league (due to the lack of talent at the position) and he can't get a job.  If Blake Bortles is starting anywhere and he isn't well ... You can beat women and get a job, even kill people but you can't kneel for the national anthem.  Does that make any sense?

Hoping Brady's arm degrades like Peyton's did and even the bubble screens start fluttering or disappearing into the crowd.  That's what I'm looking forward to this season.

BTW I heard a report Bortles threw 5 interceptions at practice wearing the don't touch me vest LOL.


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Lions fan checking in for another season of failure.

The Kaepernick stuff is amazing.  The Dolphins considering Tebow & Kyle Orton ahead of him apparently.  That's ridiculous.