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Dave knows the score.  Once I worked away for a good two hours to get anything remotely serviceable going then blew immediately.


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Maybe we need to bring the professionals in http://www.bantadesign.com/


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The state of this fucken Fred. Even the return of Dusted couldn't save it.


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Grant wrote:

The Poo Fighters more like. Criminal they're headlining at Glastonbury

Grant on the negative tip as per.

loopdokter wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Who's Butch Carter?

Like I said, ex-Toronto Raptors head coach and former NBA basketball player. 

Hop_Head wrote:

I'll bite.  How did he actively involve you in the process?

He got me involved with a bunch of the drills he was running.  If you're not a basketball junkie like I am, it wouldn't be that big of a deal but to be able to be on the same floor as someone who's played and coached in the NBA it was pretty cool. smile

Did he give you a whistle?

I'm hoping its a family friendly environment and in the day time.


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loopdokter wrote:

I recently attended a basketball practice that was run by ex-Toronto Raptors head coach and ex-NBA player Butch Carter.   Butch got me actively involved in the process.

I'll bite.  How did he actively involve you in the process?

smallman1 wrote:

Only loosers like Hop Head and Beijing Dave pay for sex.

I have an insane amount of disposable income so I'm happy to pay specialists to meet my needs.

I fear this thread is turning into that TV Pilot that inexplicably doesn't make it. Great cast, decent enough idea behind it but for whatever reason it doesn't catch on.

Since Homegrove turned it into a self roast with one of the most horrific put downs I've ever heard, the one I still wince about was when I was trying to ask this woman out at a bar and she refused. I was drunk enough to push the issue and demand to know why she wouldn't date me and she said "Because you look like a mobile phone salesman. A big shot in a tiny kiosk in a shopping centre."

erik.b wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:

A hooker once told me "you have a lovely penis ... once it gets going".

having a bit of trouble that day were you?

I was in a bit of a state.

An ex girlfriend once told me the best thing about me was that I was "a real man". I think that's the nicest compliment I've received.

A hooker once told me "you have a lovely penis ... once it gets going" but I'm not 100% sure of her sincerity, there may have been customer service at play there.  Still, a nice thing to hear regardless.

Remember when you went through that phase where you were trying to sound like Danny Dyer in every post?

Yant wrote:

I fear for Ed, if i'm honest.  Dave's picks his targets ruthlessly and doesn't let up.

Some wither away in the aftermath and are never seen again.  Some bounce back.

Could go either way here.

The gay jibe was quite funny but that's tempered by the obvious time spent on it and the revelation that they are prepared in Microsoft Word or similar and pasted in.  It's Dermo territory that kind of effort.


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They are quite filling. Definitely not a session beer. Can we get a quick appraisal of the women of Melbourne?


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Skydney wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Any my beer of choice?

Little Creatures or a James Boags.

Both are tremenballs.

I'll let you have Little Creatures, but James Boags in fucking terrible.

Find yourself some Fat Yak. You're welcome.


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How have you been going for lunches?


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millsy23 wrote:

I imagine this will be the first of many many many many many many many many many many many many updates.

Ed's adventures in Melbourne are probably the most interesting thing I've got going in my life right now. Disappointed in the frequency of updates to this point if I'm honest.

smashdad wrote:

It is never too early to start telling your little girl that she's beautiful and there is absolutely no limit to how many times a day you should say it.  She is growing up in a fucking brutal world and by the time she hits 6, 7 & 8 the world around her will already be telling her the opposite and, staggering as it is to imagine, she'll find herself beginning to wonder who's right, Daddy or the rest of the world.  The media and the little bitches in the playground (often including the mothers) will be relentless so you should be too 'cos by the time she hits 13, 14 & 15 you need to have banked a huge surplus of "my beautiful little princess" type comments 'cos the rest of her little world will be draining them from her.

I think your heart is in the right place but by focussing on her appearance you are embedding the gender bias their generation should be evolving beyond.

Do a first aid course or refresher. Did one centred on the top 10 nightmare scenarios kids get into and glad I did.

If you think they might be fucking with you they almost certainly are.

dutchy101 wrote:

Every word. And often twice or 3 times to make sure I've picked up on every gem within the post.

I believe that's what Jim Jones' followers used to do as well.


the suns page 3 coming to an end.

looking forward to the guardians page three, where harriet harman sets up a task force based on the bottom inspectors in 'viz' .
The names of any male who have coverted the female form will be printed via harriets stasi informers and then sent to a LGBT khmer rouge style re education camp where wilf the d day war veteran can be deprogrammed into thinking he is the stockwell strangler and rapist of women rather than a hero for taking out a nazi machine gun nest with a kumquat.

a splinter faction from the evening standard may wish to print graphic FGM pictures as a banner with cara deelvinge and 6 year old nobel peace prize winner, malala, riding a chariot ben hur style cutting a bloody swathe through white working class males minding their own fkng business on building sites who are getting on with the fucking job at hand while these left wing cnts are still in bed sleeping off a night choosing the top layers of dairy milk delights at barnados.


Edward the confessor,
sun and daily mail reader
salt tank connoisseur
ukip party member
white, working class and owner of an average sized penis
behind the white van
north chingford.

Does everyone read these posts word for word or do you just scan and get the gist of it?


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dogmanstar888 wrote:

The men of today have never been so well groomed, barnets in particular seemingly of huge importance to a mans self-esteem and well-being.

Anybody else sporting a razor sharp look like below?


He has me for height (just) but that's what I am sporting right at this minute.  No greys, full lush head of hair.  Life couldn't be better.


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dogmanstar888 wrote:

Seth Troxler doesn't come across badly at all, but the club owner does when the Manc clearly just wants to know if there's a big queue and he starts referring them to websites and Facebook event pages, what a prick ...

If I owned a successful club I'd be an absolute prick to anyone wanting to get in.  I'd be battered beyond belief daily as well.

I love how easily you ate it up.  And how excited you got to use your new "ammo".  What a Muppet.