I popped over here a couple of times from GU and couldn't handle the rampant sycophantry on display.  Swore off the place as a mindless cunt nest.  Now, (like my declaration that anyone jogging first thing on a Sat morning always being absolute cunts, made while monged and with a joint hanging out of my mouth) I've done a complete backflip and love the place.


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I miss him.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Hop Head entered the board panning a critical, objective eye over proceedings, utilising a detached, data-driven process to ordering and re-ordering board members' work and correctly reprimanding some posters from a high moral standpoint.

Now he is slagging off Rhouses with cheap jokes about India's status as a developing nation.

This is what happens on Bedrock.

It's just easier this way, less effort, less restraint, can post fine when blind drunk.


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smallman1 wrote:

Off this afternoon.

Not taking my laptop so I shall incommunicado on here for a week.

Stay safe all and catch up on my return.

Ciao for now.

Is this your phone?


Diminished Responsibility wrote:

I wouldn't buy ferrari shoes if you paid me. A nice hoodie, sure.

In what context would a nice Ferrari hoodie go down well?  Riding The Zipper with the Mrs at the Maharashtra cattle fair?


Why was 10 the magic number as well?  Was that enough to generate the buzz you were hoping for?

Homegrove wrote:

I made 10 of these at work and passed them around. The only person who I've seen wear one has been my wife.


This is wonderful on so many levels.  What did you say when handing them out?


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Is Wally the lamest employee at Rockstar?


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I applaud Hannu for taking a strong line on this right out of the gate.  Might be time to revisit the discussion we had around female moderators too since we are in the sexism and misogyny arena.


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If you could post the SFW vs NSFW guidelines up as a sticky ASAP Hannu that would be a great relief for a lot of us.  Cheers.

It's Dusted for sure.


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I've lost all faith in humanity thanks to this thread.

The Eh Bee family https://m.youtube.com/user/ehbeefamily started me off and this depraved abomination of a thread has finished it.

Off to suck on exhaust fumes till it all fades away.

Contacted a candidate through LinkedIn about an exciting opportunity with a Blue Chip Multinational, despite not knowing anyone there and finding the job on Reed.  The cunt.

Takes his Mick Mills in quarters and announces every time "I'm going quartsies!"

He left a scathing Yelp review for a restaurant he'd never eaten in.

Reckon he's been at a charity auction for a children's hospital, full of champagne, wing wang, and Smallman Sr's credit card, bidding madly on a lithograph signed by the entire original cast of On The Buses.  The crowd going wild as he and a Saudi Oil Sheikh go head to head - "5 thousand ... do I have 10? 10 thousand from the gentleman in the festive t-shirt and trainers". Only to have Smallman Sr's credit card bounce when it came to pay after the event (income tax snafu) and Ed ducking phone calls for 6 months.

He's the type to bail you up at a Convention banging on about executive recruitment services, take your business card and ask if it is OK to call you, even ask you what the best time to call would be, then drop your card in the bin on the way to lunch.

Excused himself in the middle of hosting an afters at Chez Smallman to go smash in the back doors of some German Doris. An hour later everyone realises he took the wing wang with him so nobody is getting spangle dangled. Some poor sod is appointed to disturb him in his bedroom and take possession of the Bronson, only to find them both fully dressed, the Doris looking bored and Ed in a cupboard mumbling about a Stone Roses CD she "just has to hear".

seanc80 wrote:

I would have thought that a year that was filled with diabolical, cliche-driven garbage with a sprinkling of 2 or 3 superhero type bollox  thrown over the top like diarrhoea hundreds & thousands, would have been a golden era for you Hannu.

LOL. Was reading an article saying Hollywood was overrun with Harvard types using algorithms to determine whether a film will turn a profit or not. That's why it's in the state it's in, there's no justification for creativity in the mathematics. Deadpool was considered a risk.

TitianWarrior wrote:

Just picked these up, not had a pair of Gazelles in years

Bet you are really turning heads with these, really pushing the envelope. Perfect for matching with a pair of Levi's, jumping in your Ford Fiesta, cranking some Coldplay, and popping down to Five Guys for a hamburger.

fadass wrote:

As I paid my €50, I thought "my bollix am I putting these up on the board... Carnage!"

Since I can't see them I'm going to assume http://picture-cdn.wheretoget.it/97nruy-l-610x610-shoes-white-adidas-lace-hollow-ladies-adidas+shoes.jpg

Dave's making a cry for help with those. What's the Bedrock Board protocol when a member displays serious mental health issues? Somebody should do something.

Amps wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

Those first pair of Yant's are an absolute no-no for me. The mesh toe, the same-material-tick-as-on-the-trainer situation. Not for me.

I hear what your saying about the tick, but as they're a proper pair of runners I think they've made them as lightweight as possible. They're not quite Mayflies, but they're pretty light.

I hate them now that seanc80 has surfaced the tick debacle.  They look horribly cheap now, like knock offs.  Shame on us all for letting them slip through.

Did EVERYONE love them Ed?  That's not my recollection. Well done all the same.

Like the first ones as well.  Ignoring the Jordan's for a second, this is the most consensus on a pair in this entire thread I'd wager.