seanc80 wrote:

And by the by...Henry Saiz makes and peddles unoriginal music.

Always has.

Back in your box fucktard.


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fadass wrote:

5 hours of a video game with some yoke rubbing her calf (wtf?) off your ears (again wtf?) sounds a bit shit too though Dave. While stuffing meat into your face.

You've gone even more weird than the natives.

Moreover he doesn't sound genuinely happy. Make a note to keep checking in on him.

Since we've taken a turn into smart casual:

These for the office.  The salesman assured me I can go sockless with chino shorts in the summer.

smallman1 wrote:

Going to be picking these up very soon -

What colour pant are you planning on pairing with these?  I got those olive green huarache's that you (now inexplicably) roasted and I'm starting to regret it because they don't look good with anything, maybe black tapered chinos.

Edit - you just answered. Blue jeans? Hmmm

Wearing these as we speak:


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He did the Denver Monday Night game with Beth Mowins.


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I suspected Rex Ryan was going to be terrible in the booth but I was still amazed how inept he was.  Everything he said he made a meal of.  Literally everything.


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spinnerlg wrote:

Enjoyed the weekend massively. Good place they've got there, that Berlin. Although I didn't get into Berghain, there will always be next time. Unlike Wally I would have liked to have seen the place for a bit, but thems the breaks.

Good to finally meet Hannu in person. Top chap. Especially with the news from Turku coming in just as we met for (more) beers by the river. Cap doffed sir.

How was Hannu on the shouts?  If he was on a budget I'd say suspect.


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That said he has to be in the top 20 QB's in the league (due to the lack of talent at the position) and he can't get a job.  If Blake Bortles is starting anywhere and he isn't well ... You can beat women and get a job, even kill people but you can't kneel for the national anthem.  Does that make any sense?

Hoping Brady's arm degrades like Peyton's did and even the bubble screens start fluttering or disappearing into the crowd.  That's what I'm looking forward to this season.

BTW I heard a report Bortles threw 5 interceptions at practice wearing the don't touch me vest LOL.


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Lions fan checking in for another season of failure.

The Kaepernick stuff is amazing.  The Dolphins considering Tebow & Kyle Orton ahead of him apparently.  That's ridiculous.

Fadas is the perfect type of cunt to be installed in the boozer, shitting out ignorant opinions on subjects he knows little about. Any attempt to subvert that is messing with the natural order of things.

Good one.

Penis enlargement. There I said it.


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simonr wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

This is my coffee shop du choix -

Because you both have doting eyes when he dusts some cocoa on your mocha choco latte ?

What an offensively unabashed cuntfest

smallman1 wrote:

Reading between the lines, Dave was never in the market for a Hoodie but knowing his thread starting onions like he does, knew that the usual suspects would be offering up opinions left, right and centre thus guaranteeing a 3-5 pager.




Can't wait for your "Knitted Jumpers" thread.

If you are going to wear a hoodie outside, in public, and you have the hood on, you've immediately identified yourself as the lowest caste.  Only teenagers and working class put the hood on.

If you're a pre-teen boy left in a room alone with either of those two, the result is going to be the same.

Whimsy gone wrong there with the colour scheme.  Will look ridiculous on any middle age man that isn't wearing a spinning bow tie.  But the triangle die cut motif in the cushioning, what a shambles that is and frankly there lies the true shame of these fiddler favourites.


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Amps wrote:
Michael of Norcross wrote:

Scott D'Souza

When he real name is something like Scott Edwards or Smith.

Paolo Mojo falls under this category too.

Birthname: Paul Bimson



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fadass wrote:

Guy playing some boozer in canaries a few years back... DJ Muscle Pain.

That's my favourite so far.

Just Corz (his civilian name was Corey)


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Two off the top of my head:

Sleepy & Boo
Albatross Express

MattBlack wrote:

and do something more productive with my time and as that is now starting to pay off


Love to know what this means.  My guess would be "went on a Tinder coffee date".

mr rossi wrote:

Thought you had fucked off HH you sad cunt.What happened to your resignation?

Got bored so went slumming intellectually for a bit.  Are you the boss here now or something?  Very bold all of a sudden.  Good for you.

I was drinking Hannu and looking for a mix to accompany me.  I saw this smashing promo pic of you and thought the proportions are all wrong, the head is oversized and the arms stumpy.  Like a dwarf.  Then the leather jacket made me think "dwarf out on the town". But that didn't explain the concerned look off into the distance so I filled in the rest of the details and now the pic made perfect sense to me.

"A dwarven performer anxiously awaits news on the safety of his colleagues following the good time gone wrong in Turku."