fadass wrote:

Fair play Hannu, your own special place for all you precious wankers who play other people's music to have a bitch about the serfs that pay your wages having the temerity to engage with you.

Can't wait til Millsy & the Kaufmeister get involved.

You ever play others people's music Fadass?

Worst was a girl I actually knew fairly well. She came up front and tried to chat to me over the decks. I did the mime for "I can't hear you" and added "give me 5 mins". She wasn't happy with that so she lifted the needle off the record that was playing and asked me a dumb question.


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fadass wrote:
erik.b wrote:


Ffs it's pane you fucking retard

Well done Erik, you ruiner.

"You must have been a real pane as a kid, Dermo..." was the real response needed.

Premature ejaculation cos you were so desperate to insult him. Tsk.

"No pane no gane Phil Opian"

Boring wrote:

Loops, how much do you need from us to make it over for Easter?

The exchange rate must make the trip a tad more feasible.

Also, what's the latest on the missus front? I think that was the key blocker last time.

Yes, let's solve this by pledging more money.  How much do you need Loopy?


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

For three weeks in a row, Alec Baldwin has been killing it as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. His facial expressions are on point and you can tell the actor has really studied Trump’s mannerisms and his penchant for weird pauses. Plus the wig and makeup work great. But Donald Trump isn’t a fan. The Republican presidential candidate took to Twitter on Sunday morning to act like a TV critic, calling Saturday Night Live a “boring and unfunny show” and say Baldwin’s “portrayal stinks.” Plus, he also linked it to his new(ish) favorite topic, noting the comedy show is just the latest example of how — wait for it — the election is rigged.

“boring and unfunny show”

Trump:  the funniest looking of all unfunny cunts.

God that Baldwin take is so one note.  But that's that show isn't isn't.  Subtlety of a sledgehammer, draw one funny idea out into 5 mins of tedium shaming all involved.  Trump's right.

ukhursty wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Thoughts and prayers for Dermo/Dave's wives families.

Rocking the Thai brides?

What do you reckon?  Do you think that might have been the joke he was making?  I know it was subtle and you had to put the pieces together like a brain damaged Columbo but do you reckon that might have been the point?  Hey I know, let's spell it out just in case anyone else struggled as hard as we did to get there.  And chuck a question mark on the end to cover our ass if we've blown it.

Fuck me swinging, that's fingernails down a blackboard that comment.


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Dermatron wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:

post horrible jokes on limited appeal message boards?

Not sure about the limited appeal bit.

How big an audience do you think there is for middle aged men shitting on about the good old days that most likely never existed?


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millsy23 wrote:

I have to put up with intolerable clowns daily.

every time I visit here!




New job not as taxing as you thought or have you had Janice clear space in your schedule to post horrible jokes on limited appeal message boards?

Grant wrote:

I'm not that bothered, but I sure not everyone was in the same boat.

I think there's a general feeling of camaraderie in here, we're all around the same age, we have common interests, we have a laugh etc.  So when the hat went round and people chipped in it solidified that bond, Ed and Loopy being leading figures in the movement.  The internet had become real for us and even the cynical started to believe again, we were a middle aged, put upon, band of jaded rave brothers under prog.

Now it went tits up, shit happens.  But for Loopy and Ed to continue to post with gay abandon without even coming in here to explain where the money went, that's all you need to know about what we thought we had going here.  This is a dog eat dog shark tank powder keg full of Alpha males looking to catch you slipping and fuck you up.  Shame on them for holding a mirror up to us so we could see out true selves.  Shame on them for littering our digital oasis with flaming bags of shit.

Only John could save us but he remains cold and indifferent, a harsh lesson for the likes of Kiz.

I hate you all.

Ed's just posting happily in other threads like nothing happened.  Are we OK with this?

Loopy is so well known in the scene he'll find it hard to go to ground. 

Ed has disappointed with his behaviour, massive loss of face.

Diggers should square everyone up as a make good and go after Ed and Loopy with his lawyers.

303 abuser wrote:

i do enjoy that mr. smalls has posted on every thread on the board in the last two days except this one.

Ban request for both of them if they refuse to nut up and face the music in here.

I remember Ed outing himself as a technology dullard, asking for the money to be "wired" to him so he could draft a "bank cheque" and deliver it to Loopy via "overland mail".  If he had any fucking clue about anything he would have started a kickstarter or gofundme and when it fell through the cash would have been returned automatically.

Did Uncle John underwrite the whole venture?  I mean because the scam was enacted on his property is he liable if the complainants wish to file a class action?  Can Aaron Littles weigh in here?

Can we do a Helen Afeworki expose after we solve this case?

I popped over here a couple of times from GU and couldn't handle the rampant sycophantry on display.  Swore off the place as a mindless cunt nest.  Now, (like my declaration that anyone jogging first thing on a Sat morning always being absolute cunts, made while monged and with a joint hanging out of my mouth) I've done a complete backflip and love the place.


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I miss him.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Hop Head entered the board panning a critical, objective eye over proceedings, utilising a detached, data-driven process to ordering and re-ordering board members' work and correctly reprimanding some posters from a high moral standpoint.

Now he is slagging off Rhouses with cheap jokes about India's status as a developing nation.

This is what happens on Bedrock.

It's just easier this way, less effort, less restraint, can post fine when blind drunk.


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smallman1 wrote:

Off this afternoon.

Not taking my laptop so I shall incommunicado on here for a week.

Stay safe all and catch up on my return.

Ciao for now.

Is this your phone?


Diminished Responsibility wrote:

I wouldn't buy ferrari shoes if you paid me. A nice hoodie, sure.

In what context would a nice Ferrari hoodie go down well?  Riding The Zipper with the Mrs at the Maharashtra cattle fair?



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Why was 10 the magic number as well?  Was that enough to generate the buzz you were hoping for?

Homegrove wrote:

I made 10 of these at work and passed them around. The only person who I've seen wear one has been my wife.


This is wonderful on so many levels.  What did you say when handing them out?


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Is Wally the lamest employee at Rockstar?


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I applaud Hannu for taking a strong line on this right out of the gate.  Might be time to revisit the discussion we had around female moderators too since we are in the sexism and misogyny arena.


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If you could post the SFW vs NSFW guidelines up as a sticky ASAP Hannu that would be a great relief for a lot of us.  Cheers.