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Pffffffffffffftt............... Next level man. Next level.


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i hope Jezzer reminds us again this week that Germans have no sense of humour. ROFLl. LOL!!!!

I don't thinks its a bad point. Although its a bit disjointed it gets the point across.
I really do not know what this cd represents at all. I find it totally un-harmonic, a mish mash of noises and certain tracks are so harsh on the ears i had to press forward to next track. I mean some proper ear bleeders.
I cant actually find anything good to say about it. There's a couple of good tracks on it but they have been battered for so long before this that even they are boring.
Most of the 'exclusive' tracks have no soul. They've just been made for a purpose. None of them are classics or even descent enough for individual release. They are disposable tracks that will be gone and forgotten in weeks let alone months.
Its a big fail for me. Probably not what this board wants to hear. i imagine there's some pretty flaccid cocks drooping about now on here.

I couldn't even watch the documentary. Its just too 'sold out' for me. The advert clip for it was painful enough. This whole package is aimed at the gullible American demographic imo. Poor.

Sorry 1 out of 10.


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yeah so much so he used to forget to put his shoes on.


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Top gear isn't a patch on the F1 imo.

Just call me Mystic Meg. Paul Daniels next.

Let me know if there's any info you need on who's next.


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I actually turned on  (by accident) and watched the last few mins where he was told to move over. Move over? There over 200 points still available. Its like being told to let a goal in or drop a catch in cricket. its a farce. Say you had bet on Massa?
Its tantamount to match fixing.

Then i had the misfortune of watching the post race interview. Absolute fucking disgraceful. No point in this sport at all. Infact its not a sport, its a controlled joke.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

It's a shame that it was shown on a day when F1 descended into farce at the Hockenheimring. Fernando Alonso is such an odious cunt.

Yp\ou really think it only descended into a farce this week? Try ten years ago. Its a fucking sham of a sport for hoorah Henry's and run by one of the biggest cunts on the planet.  Right up there with Blatter & Bono.


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life's empty when you start a thread to tell everyone Top gear is good.


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Now hold on a minute. Don't be too harsh on the little gimp. Its pretty plain to see that Alex is traveling the big wide world 'finding himself'. Probably getting funded by his parents when mummy's little soldier gets a bit short.
Also probably finding out what its like to get a punch in the teeth when getting a little gobby.

Although I do find it quite cute how all the board embolisms stick together. Touching. You know? Sweet.


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i was havin a bit of a chuckle when i read that myself. I imagine him on the phone "Errr but i dont play Electro house". "Yeah you do kid now do one".
Pretty embarrassing but at least they didnt put him in Trance.

Phil McRrackin wrote:

High Society in Chester.

Ha that's funny. i went there many times. I could because High society was on a week night if i remember correctly? So it didn't mess with my week shenanigans. I'm guessing it was 89/90? it was down the side street by the old Cinema yes? Clothes shop near by? Cant remember the name but not a bad little shop.
It used to get infiltrated by Scousers and i witnessed the worst kicking ive ever seen by bouncers outside on the street of a said scouser. Hospitalised in seconds but still they carried on. Poor lad.
Also it was jammed with gready women. Had many a fumble in that place haha.

Do years end in July now? I mean what happens if they were to release a 'best of' in November?


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Thought this was amazing, totally worth all the hype it's getting.

Next level film making.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

I do feel it dragged when it got to the third layer.

Hang on Rhouses? You've contradicted yourself in the same thread there? You clackhouse.


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It was. But i remember Hannu parading round with a wand of steel when he saw that, so i have to gauge it on the evidence.


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was it better than watchmen?

Jesus did that really get played on transitions? Sort it out.

instant ban.

All this thread needs to finish it off is SimonR & mmmmummblevile to enlighten us on their first clubbing experience.

I'm putting money SimonR hasn't bothered to tell us coz until 2004 he was still doing the Locomotion at the Hippodrome, rocking his beige chino's, white shirt and  leather piano tie to boot.

Old mummbles was more than likely a youth club or Disney club which doesn't really count.

Does this include worst car parks Bf?


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marcus wrote:

sorry to hear about the staff thing. i've always been really impressed with whp when i've been and had quite the opposite experience, all the people there (especially the doormen) being totally lovely and up for a laugh.

I think Marcus has got all confused with WHP and Canal Street.

Quadrant park. How long have you got?


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Always on duty and always watching his back aren't you SimonR? Groupie of the year award 2010 - SimonR.



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Treat for Smallman alert.

Here you go guys.