Oh dear. That is all.


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I'm attending, will just be popping a cravat on over the usual attire.

You will not see anything more fancy than that.

Thanks Smallman.

Ryanair is commendable for having aircraft that look entirely wipe clean.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

at half 7 it would have been Mark Webster

can't recall what was being played at half 7 specifically but i think overall his set was well received

It was just a really bad tune for me, would like to know what it was.

Smashdad's mixes that I've heard have been brill.

It sounds a lot more exciting in the live vid, it could be back of stage at an Ultra-Sonic gig and then you hear the actual release.

I popped this on at half seven yesterday and it was depressing sounds. Actually bothering my brain with what was being played.


1-0 to you.

I'm using win10_charisma_1.5.6. to pick up shenanigans.

Sorry, I'd assumed you could only ever achieve being a ref.

Wally, whatever league it is should have some sort of 'best practice/code of conduct' for refs and footwear.


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Presto wrote:
MattBlack wrote:
ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Yep, that has proven to be false.  I'm sure he was thinking that though

Its believable as its the sort of thing he'd say

Well that validates your sharing of bullshit just great.

It does, it's amazing. It's some kind of Dunning–Kruger thing going on but worse.

I'm just glad it's Friday.

Very large tune my friends.

5 hombres de baile.

Cosmic, thanks very much Nick and Smashdad.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

i can get it you tomorrow mate

Nick, no rush. I had a quick look online and could not find it. If you have got it, ace.

Not sure this is available...

It is common sense - that if you trust the resident dj then you can turn up as a punter and relax and will do so on a regular basis.

Guests are irrelevant in that way if the resident is decent.

smashdad wrote:
hitachi wrote:

This one...

Check your PM mate...

Swan. Tanks.

PM checked. Over.


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How interesting that a non-liberal minded 'gent' ETC mentions Pezz.


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About Ali...

When We Were Kings is one of my favourite films,  King of The World one of my favourite books.

As George Plimpton said, "What a fighter, what a man".

It is genuinely sad.


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This one...

4 of these would be lovely in the upstairs sensory suite...


seanc80 wrote:

Quiet one for me as our BH is next weekend obvs.

I shall be heading to Forbidden Fruit On the Sunday. Underworld, The Field & Âme etc

With me, obvs.

If not, I've got my own plans...

I am not sharing them here though. Not with you listening.