smashdad wrote:

'93 pianos and strings

Cracking tune. Always reminds me of these tunes of the time.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

i think they looked at 'Stranger Things' and used that as a template unfortunately - I didn't think It was bad, just underwhelming

Underwhelming is really a spot on description.

New Pipe is better. You can tell by how it is.

smallman1 wrote:

For once I'm speechless.

My work here is done, try the app.

I know, not as exciting as it sounds, but worth a gander...

IT is rubbish. I've not read the book.

It's the Goonies with Stand By Me combined with nothing else of note. There is some 'scary' gubbins going on for some reason.

steelydan wrote:

can't listen to that vocal without hearing Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo

Cracking tune, even manages to get 'poofter' in the lyrics...

Oh dear.

Tonight's Neil Sedaka.

Deffo going to watch Mother! and the one with Donnie Darko losing his legs even though he didn't even run the Boston Marathon.

And tonight's Neil Sedaka...

Richard Brown - Flange-O-Matic

Label:Tippy Tappy Bollocks

TTB 002

Format:Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM


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Oh Wayne, how could you?

Sackable offence, driving a Beetle.


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Fuck this, fix bayonets lads, let's show these eh!

Rally! Rally! Rally!

Has your credit card ever been used for fraudulent activity online?

Enter your full card details here and we will check!

My mate used to have these...

I used to have this...

Also, remember all the Nintendo Game and Watch, proto dual screens?


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Zlatan almost always features in my favourite Gangs Of The EPL.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16k was the first home computer for me, probably 1982.

I've also been the proud owner of a mega-cd and an atari jaguar on this journey.

Tinhead said Beijing Dave was a Texan.

Jackie Brown and Django Unchained are fair decent Tarantino films I'd also personally consider just half a notch above Kill Bill.

Skylar died in 2012.

They tend to be at sea a lot. They might have been made in the shipyard there.


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Since 2003, all the successful tune releases have been engineered solely by Robert Babicz.

Nothing can top this Everyman from 1992 for that title.

Colin is my hero, let us hope he made it out well.

Also...DJs Norman Jay MBE, Goldie MBE, Paul Oakenfold and Dave