Kid Who - Ochre (Tiago's If You Don't Ride You Don't Know mix)

Kid Who - Voight From Detroit (Vermelho remix)

Andrew Yukon - Supermoon (Kid Who Remix)

I'm not.

This sort of talk has no place in a modern society.

Matt, either way, are actually going to engage your brain with this?

That's a better question.

dutchy101 wrote:

Thanks Smashy. Message sent to Aural a few weeks back but hasn't been opened.

Am I allowed to play please Aural?

I think he may have realised he's potentially the new Kim Dotcom.

Looks absolutely Susan Perb, oozing happy vibes.

Poor old King Coe.

Long shot...

Master Human - Paralyse Paramount

Planet Of Drums 1-3, loved this dishing out of gnarly techno dance floor justice...

I'm transfixed by any mixer like that.

Any boozer with fruit machines are a nightmare.

This 'joint' from Roger Sanchez...


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No-one says 'trabbs'.

Well done Dave.

Every Sasha thread stinks of the bad breath that only Aspergers types are unaware of.

One of the best tunes and also the worst, at the same time.


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A gen lol from me for that track.

Comedy gold.

Great thread.

Got this on a shitty plastic white label from Andy Jarrod when he was at Unique or Direct or something. Think it's by that Hellpass chap, who loved a bit of Mental Cube, Q. Certainly nicked the strings. As they say, a 'builder' and 'epic'. Whoever they are. It's ace.

Kobyashi - Meridian

A piteous horn with crackers synth lines all over the place.

Palefield Mountain - PM3 (MDOA Mix)

Serious business...

Hong Kong Trash - Cactus Funk (Eat Your Windpipe Mix)


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Never, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER blow all your Earth, Wind and Fire before the evening hog roast (hopefully outside!)/buffet.


This isn't a euphemism but I kind of wish it was. Unless I was the bride. Or something.

Paul Bleasedale is a proper dj, his online mental breakdown or something was remarkable...

I think the links to the footie board where he was posting are dead but I remember it was really mental.

Still, it's Dermo-lite.

Poor old mental Ian.

marcus wrote:

He probably did, it had a massive reputation for people having their trainers knicked. The whole of the North West was going off then though; you've prob all seen the Shaboo footage, but Hacketts, Munroes, Angels, Shelleys etc were all killing it around that time. Another was Thursdays at Park Hall on the Camelot theme park. Rammed. Then everyone transferred to service station car parks since 6am licenses were still a pipe dream, the one outside of Bolton on the M62 was a favourite. I used to watch people put on suits hanging in the back of their cars as dawn broke and go straight to work... Fair play to them though, they were still asking where we were going to meet for weekend action on top. And let's face it, you didn't want to go home since there were only 4 channels and, I forget which night, but the only thing on TV when you got in was a Kerrang heavy metal magazine show. I was personally glad for the Hitman and Her when I caught it. Anyone who can remember any of this is officially way to old of course. Taxi!

He did.

I'm scared about anything else you've typed.


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Was he? If he was playing in the team I'd expect him to.

I can't be arsed with any stats or that but he isn't brilliant enough in any one thing to boss any midfield.


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Not sure what that means but he was not my idea of a midfielder, certainly not at Everton.

I paid to watch them.

Poor old mental Dermo got robbed at Quadrant Park. Possibly assaulted as well.