fadass wrote:

Hitatchi subwoofer - you got even more miserable than me mate. What's up.

Hi Tim. I'm fine thanks.

Just what does this bold move signal to Premiership rivals?

Savant Dave wrote:

Also, without checking, didn't Leeds win Division 2, then win Division 1, then almost get relegated in '93?

Everyone does reminisce about Leeds?

Without checking?


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I've had it since it came out and it works fine with Live 8 and 9 and Serato DJ.


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Boring wrote:

I don't use What's App and I've never heard of iMessage. Go for it I say.

Are you quite clever?

I do love a specious nonsense.


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Grant, I'd spend £1,750 on a good cigar.

I wouldn't spend it on a thing to play a compact disc.

Smashdad, that really is a thing of it's time.

I honestly don't know how he leaves the house without trying to put on his trousers over his head.

I'm not even sure what that means but Sir Strudders of Colchester is also my pick.

Thanks Dan.


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steelydan wrote:

still no love in this thread sad

Sorry Dan.


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Oh and stop waffle stomping your own shite down your carer's shower plughole every time you don't know what tune Sasha played ever, that you ever wont know.

I wish your carer the best as well.


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It's probably good if you can try and learn to know when your thoughts stop and the rest of the world starts.

I wish you the best.

I skilfully avoid the problem of 'how' by simply not sorting them. This is not ideal though.

When it comes to playing them it's generally by bpm and less so, key. Mainly though I use my brain to know things.

Shamefully, I skipped countless vinly records. Just chucked them.

The main thing with records was that you could picture the sleeve and inlay and everything, knowing how it sounded.


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King Coe is thick as pigshit.


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I remember 'King Coe' on GU on some kind of antipodean type jaunt asking about vinyl and transportation. I think I tried to help.

He stated himself to have no qualifications and also as being, actually, 'as thick as pigshit'.

Some time later I also remember, to put it kindly, some strong words spoken by 'King Coe' about our egregious overseas jail facility and his experience with people experiencing him. It seems his Sasha tribute act didn't cut it.

There was some kind of weirdness at some point where King Coe claimed to have the same accounting qualifications he'd previously posted his sister had. I think the sister later became his partner, based purely on what qualifications the relationship was based on. There was some kind of ex-Everton player daughter type link as well.

I don't know what to believe. I'll gladly be wrong about any of this.

Aspergers, eh, Fucking hell. Dermo, let us help.


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Morrisons are doing a cracking sirloin steak deal.

I'm just saying.

Not sure if this has been posted? Possibly by me.

There is a point in this tune that is a proper prog call to arms.

Kid Who - Ochre (Tiago's If You Don't Ride You Don't Know mix)

Kid Who - Voight From Detroit (Vermelho remix)

Andrew Yukon - Supermoon (Kid Who Remix)

I'm not.

This sort of talk has no place in a modern society.

Matt, either way, are actually going to engage your brain with this?

That's a better question.

dutchy101 wrote:

Thanks Smashy. Message sent to Aural a few weeks back but hasn't been opened.

Am I allowed to play please Aural?

I think he may have realised he's potentially the new Kim Dotcom.

Looks absolutely Susan Perb, oozing happy vibes.

Poor old King Coe.

Long shot...

Master Human - Paralyse Paramount