fadass wrote:

Who cares? This is worse than the clothes/suits/trabbs threads for cunts talking complete and utter gash. "Oh I had a carvery & it was roast meat with potatoes but it was soooo much better than the same shite up the road... but better cos I'm a cunt. "

Quite the tell, that made up quote.

I was totally ridiculed for wearing stuff that would shame Boba Fett.

So quite a bit.

The Vietnam War series is great, half way through.

History is amazing.

You mentalist. You can wear Slazenger white sports socks from Sports Direct with the stripped down version, really show them off, like.



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Soz Dermatron, consider this messenger shot.


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Dermatron wrote:

Playing at a house party where my 2 year old will be in a bedroom asleep and my 9 month pregnant Mrs will be sat there miserable as fuck that im off my tits and then try and call a halt to my fun at 5 minutes past midnight.

A classic. A very near 50 year old in his sensory suite, out of harms way for 30 years, whilst he imagines and projects normal family stuff via the internet.

Swan, Smashdad.

Symbiosis – Meta EP, anyone?

It's on iPlayer

Forgot this, soz...

Contains some upsetting replies.


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smashdad wrote:

'93 pianos and strings

Cracking tune. Always reminds me of these tunes of the time.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

i think they looked at 'Stranger Things' and used that as a template unfortunately - I didn't think It was bad, just underwhelming

Underwhelming is really a spot on description.

New Pipe is better. You can tell by how it is.

smallman1 wrote:

For once I'm speechless.

My work here is done, try the app.

I know, not as exciting as it sounds, but worth a gander...


IT is rubbish. I've not read the book.

It's the Goonies with Stand By Me combined with nothing else of note. There is some 'scary' gubbins going on for some reason.

steelydan wrote:

can't listen to that vocal without hearing Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo


Cracking tune, even manages to get 'poofter' in the lyrics...

Oh dear.

Tonight's Neil Sedaka.

Deffo going to watch Mother! and the one with Donnie Darko losing his legs even though he didn't even run the Boston Marathon.

And tonight's Neil Sedaka...

Richard Brown - Flange-O-Matic

Label:Tippy Tappy Bollocks

TTB 002

Format:Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM


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Oh Wayne, how could you?

Sackable offence, driving a Beetle.