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Trump's pattern of speech reminds me of Jim Jones. Fondly. Just googling the two, seems others do.

You could stick Trump's pure hokum over the EC50 Jonestown tune dub to the same effect as the original vocal, satire for the Serato generation. Or something.


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The idiots are actually going about trying to cover up their shady business in the manner of idiots going about trying to cover up their shady business.


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The self-loathing thread.

Never once heard the artiste 'Madness' commit all their angst, love, fears and hope by crafting something sonically better other than Baggy Trousers and Our House.

Hardfloor - Fish & Chips

simonr wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

Whadabout dat drop doe

https://www.facebook.com/manoletough/vi … nref=story

What about the shorts and trabs ... MLT would get rinsed royally on here.

Any professional DJ performing at such a formal organised event - you need to adhere to industry standard and current best practice.

After mistakenly thinking this was maybe a rare audio recording of Rabbie Burns, post that Andrew Weatherall podcast, I now realise and want to clarify it is actually Graeme Sharp.

In other words, a proper hype track.


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Building control/regulations started after the Great Fire Of London. Don't know why I've put that in proper case or know what was great about it anyway. That was 350 years ago

Here we are in a very, very wealthy country and poor people in the same land are being killed in their own homes because of cheap building materials.

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Bet the Line Dancing bit grates with you Hannu

Shania Law.

As for Theresa May, I read somewhere recently that a few 'old school' Tories (or dickheads, if you like) referred to her as Mummy. In the maternal sense, not in relation to some Egyptian grotesque.


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Got it.


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Homegrove wrote:

He really has that ability which I envy the most these days on a DJ. To be able to smoothly mix poppy stuff with "UG" sound.


jamie wrote:

my favourite track of the year so far...

I can picture a t-shirt wafting those insipid melodies around a disconnected room of hair cuts.

It was either that or 7 Ways To Love.


Trikk - Wardance Dub


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They can have that one.


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smashdad wrote:

My stag weekend kicked off on a Friday night at Babelicious on Hastings Pier in March '95 for Tong/Digweed/Sasha - from any number of different perspectives the next 20 years are best summed up by saying the whole fucking thing went downhill thereafter...

Yet here we are. This is it.

Not sure if this does help.

seanc80 wrote:

Looking at Dubrovnik. Mainly because its the only place Ive heard of.

How much is the pint?

With Dubrovnik most people mean the Old Town. That's the walled in medieval place/harbour that was under siege for a time in 1991/2. It's surrounded by steep wooded mountains and overlooked by a Napoleonic era fort, topped by a telecoms mast. That was used by the defenders during the siege and the ITN news footage of the shelling around the mountains and the Old Town itself - I well remember.

The Old Town is busy with some days multiple massive cruise liners dumping several thousand extra people into it. You can check on the port authority website for arrivals.

You might be better looking at staying in Lapad. Dubrovnik is a very odd narrow slice of land cut off from the rest of Croatia, with the Old Town at one end - Lapad is the other end of the slice and will be cheaper and a lot less busy, in a good way. You can get a bus into the Old Town direct and takes about 10 minutes. There are loads of buses.

As you can tell, I do like Croatia. To answer your question...

Big cafe/bar on the harbour...



Always thought the Kenny Larkin mix was 6 minutes too long.

Vocals by Albert Ross of Albert Ross and the Otters.

Aren't the numbers of NHS 'managers' going up and GPs going down?

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fadass wrote:

I was there just before it all kicked off & they started burying their next door neighbours. Stunning place. Really beautiful. Only beer was Tuborg & there were people selling their belongings at the side of the road. Scored some nice calipers & some brown Farahs.

When it was Yugoslavia?

Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia. The positive, friendly bit.

dutchy101 wrote:

Never mind all that culture bollocks, lads. How much are the brasses?.

Not sure about the price of brasses.

All the ladies are very fit though, up until 40 or something.

It's got Irish bars now, fadass, and everything. Free wi-fi, beer, pizza, sky sports.

seanc80 wrote:

Hitachi tell us the craic with Croatia. I'm thinking of going in September.

They invented the Dalmatian dog and the cravat, Sean.

September is good enough for Roman Abramovich to mince around the Adriatic and park his yacht just outside Dubrovnik - it's good enough for anyone.

Hurrah for fucking more Politics. That's what Our Proud Nation NEEDS.