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Food and booze, all in the comfort of home. I'll probably be asleep, sat up straight on the couch by 10.

All best wishes for the New Year, gents.

The best part about being an old school Utd fan

Non lol.


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You can use loads of location based GIS type websites, some specifically based on mapping runs. Non lol.


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Doesn't it stop you from worrying about what having to wear though, lads? Festive social events can be very stressful.

smallman1 wrote:
fadass wrote:

Anyone selling any yokes?

..La Nausee is a very wicked man, drops (and sells them) an E whenever he can.


Paul Van Dyk (bless him), Cream. This is the proper version.

Paul Bleasedale (bless him), Cream. It's hardly 'prog/trance' in that stupid sense but obviously everyone is past caring anyway. Tune.

Pity you still haven't got that motor, DuFunk.

I'd have raced if I had a decent tune up on my motor on the day and was around your neck of the woods. I've been at 110bhp and can easily tune to 115 so Japanese toy cars like that do make me laugh. I don't mean to be rude.

I wouldn't waste my current build on anything you've got now though. It would be a no contest for you.

Proper hands on management, it's just old school.


In less happier times.


MattBlack wrote:

they're like Tales of the unexpected for the digital generation

High praise indeed, Matt.

With Strictly, I'm A Celeb and Masterchef all on at the moment as well, amongst Easties and Corrie, Gogglebox obviously AND Grand Tour AND Planet Earth II giving the week its happy ending it deserves...what a time to be alive.


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Yeah, just thought I'd put it out there.


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He can't even sort his own hair.

Pan Position - Elephant Paw. That is the Clueless downtempo dub.

It's a 2016 'reboot' out on Anguished Hipster.

I'd recommemd it even more highly.

Yant wrote:

Anyone got any recommendations for Edinburgh?

Petit Paris, Yant. For info, it's a tiny restaurant serving classic French cuisine.

You'll have no elbow room and it seems to have more staff than diners, but in a good way.


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And so it starts...

Birds Eye is said to be threatening to shrink pack sizes on some products to help offset cost increases, cutting the number of fish fingers in a packet, for example, from 12 to 10 or from 20 to 18.

Leicester-based Walkers, which is owned by PepsiCo, the US conglomerate which also makes Tropicana orange juice, Quaker Oats and Doritos crisps, is understood to be seeking a price rises of between 5% and 10%, taking a 32g bag of crisps from 50p to 55p.

Simon Harris v5 - from the old breaks and whatnot series?


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Wally, is..."nicks a kit and required insulin (some sugar water substance that is still a controlled medication)" saying insulin is sugared water substance or two different things in the kit?

If someone of that age who is type 1 diabetic and has it completely unmanaged like that - that doesn't sound right.

Why didn't they have their own insulin do you know?


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It would be amusing in a way if Trump got elected, but only in the same way as seeing Homer Simpson getting to design his own car, The Homer.

Car design politics, if you will.

Those Americans getting armed to the teeth and heading to the hills may have been on to something.

How many front teeth does Jurgen Klopp need?