Thermal Bear and Doc Daneeka!!!

Yeah, I saw the one....cnut!!!!

Who is SimonR??

I wanted to get a picture with him at the end but I was either too starstruck or too spangled to ask him, I'm not sure which one!!!

Yep, unreal. I actually cryed when he played Isolee - Allowance towards the end. I got some good videos but I'm not sure he was impressed when I had my iPhone pretty much in his face.

No nose dive from me I'm afraid, it all got taken at the door. I was extremely lucky to get in and not now be in possession of a criminal record!!! :-)

I personally thought the opening half hour from Sasha was promising and then just took a big nose dive. Anyone got any opinions on Shinedoe?? I thought she was quite impressive and I also enjoyed M.A.N.D.Y. Thought Sasha was the worst of the night IMO!!! He is so frustrating because when he delivers he's fantastic!!!

Oh and please, please please Hernan Catteneo!!

Marco Bailey, Christian Smith??


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No, you are's far too open plan to work when only quitened down after 5am so it was just about perfect for most of the night...I suppose you can have it both ways because I've been in there too many times when it's too busy too!!!


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Well after attending Matter on Saturday I am pleased to report that Eric was again awesome. It's a real shame the night was quiet and they kicked everyone out at 6am meaning I had to wait 4 and a half hours for my coach sad

Timo Maas alsp played a very good techy, progressive warm up set. It set the scene very well. Prydz opened with Viro which just created a blinding atmosphere for the whole set. Well worth the long trip from Torquay!!


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Brilliant track!! Eric opened with it on Saturday and it went off!!


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I don't think Eric Prydz is somehow that bothered about what people think of him on the bedrock messageboard to be making undercover posts about himself to gauge peoples thoughts.

do you?


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First time poster but long time viewer of bedrock message board.

I wondered if anyone else was going to see Eric Prydz @ Matter tomorrow (24.04.2010)

The only reason I ask is that I remember Eric supporting John at Bedrock at Heaven a few years back and, if I remember rightly, didn't get the best feedback from the board at the time.

I was wondering whether opinions had changed as I personally really rate him as an artist. I think you will struggle to find a better producer in the world at present (if may be on the mainstream side) and he puts on a great live show!

also did anyone see Sasha at Matter in March? was he as good as he was at MoS on New Years Day??

any thoughts??