Got the physical in the post an hour ago.

Sounds great so far!

Love the embossed box and inlays - brings back memories of those old Renaissance boxes circa 2000.

I've had a good listen to all 3 discs.

It's really good but I don't think it can top London; London just has such a great flow to it from start to finish whereas Toronto tends to lose it towards disc 3 and never really finishes.

I would say it's on par with Argentina.

Slovenia was the weakest for me followed by Cordoba.

Good album that - I have it.

Dream Universe is quality - also on GU007.

The whole Essential Mix World tour, which I think was 1999 and included Havana, China, Liverpool Uni is standout.

My favourite of the lot being his Essential Mix from Sydney.

That intro... … radio-1-23


(54 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion) … nouncement

Out Feb 15.

First female DJ to do a Balance.


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Really enjoying both the Knick and The Newsroom at the moment.

CD 1 Miximix is boss

Love that Franck Rogers track.

This could be up there with London.

Johnson reminds me of Brick Top from Snatch.

Right man for the job and proper Londoner.


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La Nausee wrote:

Just finished Gomorrah as well.  Not sure what to make of it.  Could do with a HBO makeover.


Don't let HBO touch it, doesn't need any HBO treatment.


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Cheers for this - ordered.

London and Argentina have been standouts for me.

Becoming a nice little global series this. Where next? Sydney?


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Craig Richards one is good.

Compact Total 14 is also ace.

Will Sauls DJ Kicks album good.

Still not 100% convinced by disc 1 but disc 2 is boss.

smallman1 wrote:

Wish Hernan would rip off the shackles and really start knocking out the tough and pumping stuff.

He's the jacket potato and tuna of the prog world.

Total agree if you go back to South America or his early Ren releases they were proper power prog.

Now everything is a bit too mellow.


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Interesting post, just seen it.

Would explain why Ren have basically been in the dark for the past 12 months or so after a frenzy of releasing comps (Warren, Hernan, Tale of Us, etc).

To be fair to MOS they have seen the wood for trees; i.e. the compilation market is pretty much in a downturn and moving to digital.

Having said that credit where credit is due they did the same with GU and out of blue came GU40 - will be interesting to see if the revives the brand.

Does it mean Ren is dead, maybe, probably not thou - just dormant like GU.

MattBlack wrote:
Grant wrote:

Anthony Pappa's is mint.  As is the jacket he's wearing on the cover.

So much better than the three quarter length trousers that Sander wore on his

Probably the best CD that Pappa ever did. His Balance was pretty good.

Love that Sloth & Dormant track and the final on on CD Hifi Bugs.

Is Fortiers Bedrock available digitally anywhere?? Didnt get round to picking this one up at the time but always meant to and when some writes "....mind blowing" about it it doesnt half feck you off for not buying it.

Banned any CD buying a couple of years back.

The end of CD two from Two Days On Lansdowne to Losing Wait is immense, best ending of a cd imo.

Homegrove wrote:

I rediscover Fortier's Bedrock once a year.

Amen. Disc two on that towards the end is mind-blowing.

Holden's Balance is always worth revisiting.

Following in the footsteps of Dave Seaman's Selador sessions.

Out June if it reaches the funding target.

Seems the way to go for mix comps these days. Maybe Ren should take note!

Steve Lawler's Lights Out comps were utter drivel.


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MattBlack wrote:

Apparently Nick Warren has a new album coming out later this year, dont know if thats going to be a Balance or not though

Unlikely to be another Balance - he did one not long ago and Balance never repeat DJs (apart from that Chris Fortier 10.1 single disc one).

Pretty sure it was a Masters Series.


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I think Ren probably pushed all their comps into the 1st part of the year and then left it like that. I think Slam are supposedly due a Mix Collection.

Not sure on the sales numbers but it still amazes me that Balance, Ren, et al are still issuing hard copy CD's - surely it's time to move to digital only. Yes, I like the physical CD and box but I think we need to move on. Saying that, trying to compete with podcasts must mean that digital would be an interesting move.

Balance are the standard at the moment imo - yes there have been some sub par releases (Maas) but I like the fact that we get some real variety. As for Cattaneo 25 I think it's highly unlikely, more likely to be someone by less mainstream, i.e. Ellen Allien.


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Dermo wrote:

GU and Renaissance should jump in the same submarine, sink to the bottom of the Mariana trench and open the hatch.

To be fair Ren have put out some decent stuff this year, a least they have tried to mix up the DJ roster rather than the previous Seaman, Cattaneo, etc rotation.

The trouble is they seem to be going down the route of chucking out 5/6 CDs a year and then nothing which me thinks will put them down the tube again.

Much better taking the Balance route, quality not quantity (well most of the time anyway).

What's going on? The Dermatron4000 letting two CD's through in a matter of days!

Reminds me of those Peter Hook videos with mixmag cd.