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More like you are a precious weapon

Phil Opian, I mean Dermo, I mean Phil Opian. Never in the same room together. Funny that


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Dutchy loves 7 inches

Ignore him Joey, Dave is a troll. Takes a pop at anyone and everything from behind his computer. In reality he's a posh middle class cunt from the mean streets of Chester, despite prattling on with faux scouse swagger and slang like some working class Brookside hero. He's a Daily Mail reading idiot savant racist too who somehow has managed to avoid banning, despite regularly using smiley faces to mask his obvious hate of anyone who isn't white.

Wouldn't expect any less from you DuFunk you nugget

I had a 12 year old last week. The whisky wasn't bad either

Was originally a book, 'Daddy's Under My Bed': The story of a 90 year old still-born butler who's in love with his own shadow

The prequel was 'The Monster Behind the Curtain'

It nearly was Edward, it nearly was, until she interfered. And now she's dead

I watched The Boy in Striped Pyjamas last night but then his mum shut the curtains

dutchy101 wrote:

Notting Hill and Love Actually are satan. Hugh Grant is a cunt of epic proportions.

But About a Boy is your most favouritist Sunday afternoon lazy lob on flick Dutchy?


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Do you work in business development Ad, you should. Great commercial acumen

Want to buy this cd? Its shite

Proper Glengarry Glenross shit right there


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Aye dufunk theres no heroin in Norn Iron is there. Just loads of cunts driving IS200's with Peco Big Bore 4 exhausts. You fucking goon.

Tesco, surprisingly

Did an online shop recently, and ordered two whole rainbow trout

Delivery arrives, neither trout have been gutted - massive fail, bladder and intestines leaking toxins into the flesh rendering it inedible, straight into the bin.

I email and tell the customer service girl of their cock up. She replies 'We're willing to credit you back as you weren't aware that anything purchased from the Whole Foods' counter means that its sold Whole'.

You stupid fucking whore, thats not what whole foods means

Thousands, but Loopy's RIM Job was his favourite

Worst job Matt Black did was a few years on the circuit as a comedian. Was no laughing matter, he was shit.


You massive, massive weapon

MattBlack wrote:

People say i used to look like Statham, without the muscles of course

You misheard Matt, they were saying 'The State of Him'

Easy mistake in a loud club


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Get a life, Matt

Ha, there's more mono-brows per capita in Warrington than any other city in the UK, #trufax


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Its only by chance that you've not been caught yet cracking one off in the Early Learning Centre Matt

Sounds like Crewe, Blackburn, Widnes, Runcorn all rolled into one

For once I agree with you BF. Who gives a shit, there are more pressing things in the world worth reporting than these #firstworldproblems . Who the fuck doesn't get on the charge from time to time???

Porn on the Cob 6
Made 2 Get Laid