Went out to see to Hernan Cattaneo last Saturday and he played a few tracks from this comp.

The WOW and Echomen remixes sounded great.

Sounds like a Maxime Dangles or Electric Rescue production.

Great set! Exactly the type of prog that I like to listen to.

Would be very nice to get a tracklist for it.



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I'm actually going to see Diggers and Joris Voorn play at Circus, here in Montreal, on Friday night.

Should be a good one!


The crowd at Circus is much better than it was before.

And a Funktion One soundsystem was recently installed in the club.

So, with Diggers and Joris Voorn playing, it will be a memorable night!


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Homegrove wrote:

As I've said many many times the music he plays is too floaty and "nice" without any kind of edge or grit in it.


I would have had the same comment a month ago but I went to see him in Montreal two weeks ago...and he killed it!

He played some nice groovy prog for the first two hours and then banged it out for the next two. He played techno tracks from Electric Rescue, Psycatron (including Vertigo Of The Modern), Pan-Pot...

At one point, he was playing the kind of stuff that I play out and I consider myself a techno dj.

Since I had seen him twice before and both times he did play a nice, 'clean' prog set, it was totally unexpected!

His set actually sounded like a set Diggers would have played.

This is indeed huge!

Sounds like it is going to be one of the biggest tracks of the year.

Solid release.

Bought both versions of Perpetuum (Original and Spada remix).

In no particular order:

1- Phil Kieran - Le Carrousel (Egbert Remix)
2- Thomas Bjerring - Perpetuum (Original Mix + Spada Remix)
3- Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin - Phobos (Pan Pot Remix)
4- Fergie - The Resistance EP
5- Christian Cambas - On The Loose (Spektre Remix)
6- Fady Ferraye - If You Don't Come To Democracy, Democracy Will Come To You (Andre Sobota Remix)
7- Klein & Meister - Cares (Reiz Remix)
8- Marc Romboy - The Overture (Egbert Remix)
9- Greg Gow - Voyager II
10- Spektre - Flux Aeterna (Subfractal Remix)

JonQPublik wrote:

Well then, in that case...

http://soundcloud.com/jonqpublik/marco- … blik-remix

This is absolutely fantastic! Since it brings a totally different vibe than the original, I would like to see this as a part of the released package.

Good job!

Just read the release description for the new Fady Ferraye track, on Beatport, and it seems it was Audio Therapy last release...

Can anyone confirm this?

They had lots of good releases over the years...

Kalden Bess (aka Moh) - Nine Souls (Samuel L. Session Remix)
Damabiah - The Landscapes Dessinateur (Ian O'Donovan Remixes)
Marc Romboy - The Overture (Egbert Remix)
Psycatron feat. Blake Baxter - She Is Music (Original Mix)
Markantonio & Rino Cerrone - Junction Hands

As I have mentioned in the other tread, it is a fantastic release...especially the Psycatron remix!

It will fit right in with the kind of stuff that I play out: driving techno with soul. Will use it in a set next weekend...

This EP is absolutely fantastic! Especially like the Original Mix and the Psycatron Remix.

Exactly the kind of stuff that I like to play out: driving techno...with soul!

I also have to admit I'm not sure if these guys have done one before...but here it goes:

Secret Cinema
Paul Ritch
Adam Beyer
Marc Marzenit
Guy Gerber
Len Faki

And I know he has done one but I would really like to hear Robert Babicz again!

When it comes to muscular prog, one of my fav producers has always been Chris Micali.

I especially love this one (his remix of the track Tribute To San Francesco D'Assisi):



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Yeah, they have put out solid stuff this past year, especially She Is Music. One of few vocal tracks that I like.

And cheers for the heads up Hannu...I didn't know they had release a remix of UBU. It's really good!

You are right Wez, it does sound a little bit like the Holden remix.

Very nice track!

This sounds absolutely spectacular!

Rocco - Roots 4 Acid (Original Mix) and Loudeast - Lights Off (Original Mix)

Thanks guys! Even though I know most of these producers, I'll check everthing out.

I started listening to Cid Inc recently and I dig some his productions. Which one(s) should I be paying attention to?

As for Mistique Music, which tracks stand out? They have so many releases...

It's tempting to play a couple of classics but since I have loads of these (from 1998 to up until 2006, when I stopped listening to prog), I want to focus on newer stuff.

Hey guys,

After years of lurking, I think this is my first post here!

I have a gig on New Year's Eve and I have been asked to play a prog house set. Since I have been playing mostly techno for the last couple of years, I must admit I haven't been really following what's going prog wise...

There are a few tracks I think I will play and I want to keep things going with some deep tracks that have a nice groove. They don't have to be very melodic.

To give you examples, here are a couple of tracks I want to play:

- Rabbit In The Moon- I'm Your Drug (Quivver Remix)
- Triangle - Five (King Unique Dub)
- Jemmy & Aztec - The Annexe

What are your recommandations?