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http://www.cityinn.com/manchester/manch … manchester

that is across the street an got decent imac with speakers in room with net connection so can play music afterwards

stayed there a few times would highly recommend it

Warehouse Project, Manchester has started this weekend should go there an tell me its in decline.

Just cos the club in "your area" has closed doesn't mean the scene is "dead"

I would never buy a mix off beatport for that reason

Look for a new job?

This going to be a new set or just his podcast thing.

Couldn't find a mix of Sasha, Digweed or Herman few weeks ago
now we have all these!

Good stuff

Best Bedrock release for awhile
all 3 tracks are amazing

Steve Marx wrote:

Is it a live mix or a studio mix, the latter would be my preference smile

yeah John come on more info needed is it live or studio

20 odd views an still no I'd sad

this is going to be one of those tracks that
only superstar dj's have

Anyone that puts Vickers name infront of Digweeds
is promo Vickers!

if we going back then is the track for me

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Chiq6MAB … re=related

done make them like this anymore pure sasha liquid trance!!

remember him playing it an it taking me about 12 months to finally get the name of the fooker!!

Can someone please id this monster of a track!!

This is what dance music is all about 1.12mins in is absolute bonkers!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZlCGs31 … re=related