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BedRob wrote:


you think you are funny?

this kid has autism and he is hyper-responsive to certain sounds,

think before you post your upsetting messages, because instead of being funny you turned out to be a heartless fucker that should be banned from here,


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Thanks for your answers guys,

No I don't. However I go out so rarely that after the last bedrock party I couldn't hear properly for few days. I can hear ok now but I want to avoid having hearing problems in the future.


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Haha, cool guys. I like your style smile unfortunately I won't suit me.. Any other ideas?


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Hi guys I want to buy a pair of earplugs for the forthcoming bedrock party. Could you please recommend any brands? Thank you.

bye bye : D

I am intrigued by it…

not a big fan of josh wink - ive heard him play at sw4 a few years back and his music was boring. I hate boring stuff, especially after few drinks.


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Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Cass & Slide Remix) - this one is awesome - my favourite remix of sacred cycles

Above - The New Dawning (Cass & Slide Mix) - this one is awesome too

both taken from john's set at nighttown in rotterdam (2000) - amazing set btw

yo! cliterious, you are a funny cliterious

anyway, matt do you know the date of that new pioneer turntable release, i think i would rather go for that one or rp-7000 instead of rp-8000

I don't understand your comment. Of course it's a night out. Did my post indicate it was something different?
I assume you must like male dominated gigs.

I remember him saying a while back. A while back, and I am talking before northern exposure days. He used to say that he couldn't play long breakdowns in Asia as people couldn't stand them or understand them. Anyways he was reducing long breakdowns to minimum. This is just an example of how tailored his music was according to a country/continent he used to play in. I know that this post is not going to change much but it looks like john digweed is not making that effort anymore and his sets are just of one size fits all type of sets. What attracts women in America may not necessarily attract women in Europe. I don't know what sort I pleasure that could be to play to a room full with sweaty guys
- old, bolding, with big bellies an sweaty guys. I don't say that I got that far but I it does then it's the end of bedrock to me.

I will say it for the first time. I got fed up with fire. Bigger venue would have been so much better. I have spent most of the one in one of the side rooms. There was basically no space in the main room. There was a lot of drugs in a club, bit I guess that's normal in London clubs but to be asked every fucking 5 minutes whether I want MDMA or pills is a bit too much. I liked fire by it just shows how it changed. Different venue for an anniversary would be ideal. The crowd, yeah somebody said there was a lot of balding old dudes with big bellies and not a lot of women. Thats true. Digweed should start to attract more women as it's becoming rediculous. At the end of a day those parties will become walking dead parties. It's a good theme for Halloween but not Easter. Music was pod as always. Nevertheless it wasn't my favourite set. Diggers knows how to play techno and last two hours were just great. I would expect a bit more hypnotic vocals and rolling basslines before techno stuff. I have met quite a few people which is always good. It was a good party but I didn't enjoy it as much as last time. Peace.

Live in Argentina is a great package. I loved every single track on those mix CDS and that just proves what an amazing taste John has when it comes to music. 10 years ago you would have said Sasha - Digweed - equals. Today I say that Sasha is just a poser who just does his shit for attention. John is very professional and consistent with his approach to the music I do value him very much for that. If I would have to choose which CDs are my favourite, I would say CD3 and CD4.

John please don't change and always deliver good mixes big_smile

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Or this one!


It was a highlight of the party for me...

this one is roland m dill - tzycho

Thank you! big_smile

Or this one!


It was a highlight of the party for me...


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I assume he mentioned on his twitter that it was an amazing party and the crowd was up for it.


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He can basically suck himself off.


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Sasha is shit these days and you all know it.

I used to a lot, but not anymore.

Plenty with at least 20-25 minute breaks between them. Good track followed by a crap track, then again by some sort of experimental track, then a crap track and finally what I came to hear track. He even played the same tune twice. That was a good track at least. Funny how he realised he played the same record and changed it very smoothly after 2 minutes. Nobody noticed I guess.

He played few great tracks, but please.. Most of it was crap. Sasha for me is a rolling bass, melodies and vocals. I didnt hear much of it that night. I dont want to get back to this again but I was under impression that he didnt prepare himself for this gig. I expected a bit more then he acually presented. However i am glad the rest of you had a great night. Next time maybe, when i will be off my face I may like it too. Cheers.

There is no point in doing that. Anyways, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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I take you feel the same way about Digweed? Farting into a mic that is. lol.

Don't blaspheme!

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Had so much of a goodnight he stayed and danced all night!
Surely if he thought it was that bad you would leave! I actually really enjoyed it, venue was quite good too!

How do you know I havent left after 6h of fucking wishing and praying for a miracle. At one point he left the dj booth, squeezed thorugh the crowd and went outside. Music was still playing, shitty music ok? That was the point when I realised he had enought of this farce. He had a fag outside and on a way back, security guard stopped him and told him to put out the fag lol. Big fucking star hehe that even security guard didnt know who he was.

Sasha should be more worried that unhinged nutters like yourself follow him around the club waiting to glass him.

He would love that extra attention, but sorry I didn't follow him.

Seriously some people are so in love with him, that if he would fart to a mic for 8h they would love it and have a night of their life. I like some of his sets from this year, but everytime i see him live he just blows it. So no, no more Sasha for me in the nearest future.