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Shades of loopy my arse comer. All over those woolford freebies you bastard

Me too, was fairly neutral about all this. But after these press conferences I really want to see McGregor get knocked the fuck out.

You've got to admire the racism when a white man tells a black man, "Dance for me, boy."


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Erm. We say bunch and grab in India as well Derms, if that counts.


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Paul Woolford's put out a bunch of free tunes on his soundcloud, haven't heard any of them but seems the sort of producer whose work you'd grab blindly: https://soundcloud.com/paulwoolford

Mayweather was being surprisingly humble throughout the conference, calling out his own age as a factor. Gave McGregor some props as well.


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roberto wrote:

Anyone been watching The Handmaid's Tale? Quite enjoying it, fairly dark idea, well acted. I imagine the book(s?) is pretty absorbing in a non-compromising way.

Good show, but really scarring. Difficult to marathon, need to pace it out.


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Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

The Leftovers is back for season 3

still don't know what is really happening tbh

This season is actually very, very good. Well worth putting up with the weirdness.

Season 3 is flawless. Quite possibly one of my all-time favourite finales as well.

Day 16 of no cigs, millsy.

Getting ridding of sugar and carbs next. Hold tight.

Cutting and pasting from the smallman thread with the same exact name from 2015.

Guess you could add banana peanut butter smoothie (with the nutribullet) and I now mix the cheese and jam in one sandwich. A cold glass of fresh lime water also. And a lassi if our cook is spoiling us.

"Usually skip breakfast if I'm being honest... but been making it to work early with a new office move, so have been squeezing it in. Plus we get it for free at our company.
So far been rocking: Channa Batura, Puri Bhaaji, Masala Dosa, Idlis & vadas with coconut chutney. Sometimes grilled cheese sandwich or a jam sandwich.
Usually come back to my desk with a chai and choc chip cookies after breakfast is done. Also free."


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smallman1 wrote:

A pair of Asics Gel Kayano and a bucket load of desire is all she needs Derm.


FitBit Charge 2 seems to be a good bet for Mrs. Dermo.


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I agree joey, I wouldn't wear a fitness tracker if you paid me.

Old school that way, enjoy a solid automatic watch.


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hahahaha I did pause and think "hold on. you're quoting yourself."

But they're proper speakers and thought i'd give the bedrock brethren a heads up.


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Think one of my yamahas has died.

Anyone got any reviews for the Presonus E66? Thinking about pulling the trigger in a couple of months.

Really happy with these bad boys. Recommended.


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This place delivered in a big big way last weekend: https://www.facebook.com/OotaBangalore/ … 137675240/

Plus it serves my favourite brewed beer in the city. Win win. If any of you are in my neck on the woods will be glad to take you for a meal.


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Yup, yup. The company i work for handles most of their launches and we also worked with them during their entry in 2014. Got to meet Hugo Barra (android's inventor) when he was their VP as well, though he's with FB now.


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My father and all his (CEO) buddies live by the FitBit.


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Good moves from Dermo and Roberto with their phone choices.

Handled both the launches for those models in India, to much fanfare.

It was just that one alternate ending, squidgy. Preferred the original, myself. But thought you might appreciate the alternate since you weren't too happy with the original.

Squidgy wrote:

Get out 6/10. No chance I'd watch it again. Could've been much better and the ending was awful.

That ending wasn't for everyone, but I liked the way it ends. Did you see the more dark alternate ending doing the rounds on the internet?

Also apparently watching it a second time is good fun, it's far more sinister with lots of glaring signs.

Good on you fad, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be retired by 47.

45 mins by car (one-way) on the good days, hour and a half on the bad days (during the monsoons especially).

27 mins on holidays like Eid, Christmas and Diwali.

It's a good watch Hannu, very funny script and apparently a true story based on his life.

Watched The Big Sick and enjoyed it thoroughly. A typical Jude Apatow romp and it reminds of Funny People, which I loved. Plus lots of indian subcontinent vibes. Ray Romano and Holly Hunter are genius in it also. Definitely up there with Get Out as one of my favourite movies for 2017 so far. A solid 8.5/10 for me.


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Give yourself a high 5 after that post, Grant. You deserve it.