Going for this, for those Sunday night vibes: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1006632

smallman1 wrote:

Late Night Fails.

That was brought to you by MattBlack.


They really sold those "Signed" "Limited Editions" hard.

Grant wrote:

They really thought it through.  The limited edition number and signature are on a sticker on the outside of the cellophane wrapper.



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In fairness to all the jokes (lol for fad), a friend very seriously told me two months back, "you're going to be one of those guys people dread sitting next to on a plane."

Have dropped 5kgs for the trip, but what is 5 when you're tapering at 100.


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Travelling Air France from India, hoping that's a good flight.


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Got an easyjet return flight from Amsterdam to Berlin next month. Should I be worried?


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Tons of shit, the best was when they turned on surge around the area of the cafe in australia where that muslim dude took everyone hostage.

http://www.ibtimes.com/uber-apologizes- … ed-1766640


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Sabbatical has me a bit worried, if I'm being honest, Smalls. Feels like my expiry date has come and gone.


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Uber as a service is great, it keeps taxi fares honest.

The problem is it's run by a bunch of dubious frat boys around the world, with far too many Machiavellian practices. Girl got raped by an uber driver here in India, she managed to get a decent settlement, only to find out that the then India head had bribed the hospital for her records to make sure she wasn't lying. Took them to the cleaners again.

They tried to poach me a couple years back, christ were they pushy fuckers.

Hopefully that expedia CEO will set things right over the next couple of years.


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Also need to get in some proper detox and lose weight too, before we start trying.


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lol shut it millsy.

Gonna give it a go this time next year, Smalls. US trip and some more travelling first.


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Sorry to hear that Jules, and yup agree. Almost 2 years for me, couldn't be happier and don't foresee any troubles. But obviously, too early to tell.


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All very confusing, brother Smalls. Smoking hot German, random date featured in the Guardian, long time GF - currently unattached after 24 hours... what's going on my man?


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Without getting too Philosophy 101, the main issue with religion is it's steeped in determinism. You do good things, expecting good things to happen to you - all on the back of something that might or might not exist. Some religions have become so warped, they'll do heinous things, expecting good things in return from that same possibly imaginary being.

Generally like to approach life as an existentialist steeped in free will. If there is a God, I'm pretty sure he/she/it would prefer it that way.


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Gotta add some filters, Smalls. Can't be throwing up restaurants in this thread without visiting them, willy nilly.


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Is that fly on the tongue on purpose?


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Oh completely forget about the 4 days of Marriage courses we had to do so that we could married in the Catholic church. Holy fucking shit what a trip that was. Telling us condoms were evil and that timing sex around the woman's cycle is the way to go. The images they showed us for the abortion section has been burned into my memory for life. I should fucking rip up that damn certificate.


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Father is Hindu, mother was roman catholic - both made it a point to not label their kids, especially since both the grandparents were playing hardball during their marriage. Mom made us go to church on Christmas and Easter and we always had massive family get togethers during that time. I can't remember my Dad ever taking us to a temple, though we did do cultural stuff (Durga Puja, if you can be bothered to google it) in Calcutta which was his home town.

I actually enjoyed religion during my time in England in boarding school, praying, singing hymns and such, and funnily enough the school gave my parents the choice, to which my mom happily told the headmaster to send us to church whenever required.

It was when I came back to India and started studying in an International school run by fucking Protestant missionaries that I became completely jaded. They were an evil lot.

Now I just think religion is a joke that does way more harm than good. The missus made us have a catholic wedding, and while it was a beautiful affair, Spotlight came out around the same time and I keep telling her what a bad taste it has left in my mouth that our marriage was officiated by the catholic church. I'm pretty agnostic, leaning towards believing in an higher power... but organized religion is a massive problem and needs to be done away with.



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Grant wrote:

They're more birds' Trabbs.  They had their day in the sun in the late 90s, but no place for them now.

Fair points, Grant. Have the same doubts as well.

Dave and Mono - With some absolutely horrendous recommendations, as per.

Zackster with food for thought.

And GRH hitting it out of the park. Habit tops that list without a doubt, and will be my first choice on my eventual trip to the west coast. Mouth is literally watering here. Always liked In & Out, but those fries are terrible. That being said, Red Robin was always one of my favourites during my college days, but that's slightly more high-end than Habit and In&Out.

More fitting for this thread, use to be a massive fan of Jack In The Box - great breakfast sandwiches and you gotta have those curly fries. But you'd feel proper dirty after those meals.

Here in Bangalore, Hard Rock trumps all. Hickory BBQ Bacon burger, yes please.



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Yay or nay?


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That was a monster goal from Valencia.

The look on Rooney's face after the flood gates opened towards the end. Still, what a legend.


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How could I forget. The new season of The Great British Bake is going strong. But I genuinely miss the lezzas and mary berry.

Also this guy is a complete and utter ponce. Who is he? I'd wiki him but I think dermo will give me a better description.