Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Is this you grown out of listening to your mam's washing machine

my phenomenal tastes are the same as they ever was. me, posting a mix by ben klock that includes markus suckut, surgeon, ben sims, luke slater, slam, bas mooy, and lucy is par the course, brah. welcome to the higher state of consciousness, hank. i think you will find that you are the one that's changed.

as last year's self-appointed winner, i shall grace you all with another defining moment in dj mix history.

^^nah, its from like 03 or something. quality tune tho.

great mix, as one would expect. saw him at output a week back. best dj going atm, imo, obv.
http://www.factmag.com/2014/11/17/fact- … ben-klock/

Oubys – Arp On Arp
Markus Suckut – Turn On
Tin Man – No New Violence (instrumental version)
Exium – Complex (Rolando Remix)
Mike Parker – Modulation Cave 2
Lucy – Sana Sana Sana Cura Cura Cura
Adam Craft – Aphite 49
Efdemin – Solaris
The Advent – Sketch 3
Paul Johnson – Aww Shit
Phil Kieran – Hells Bells
Jeroen Search – Untitled
Orgue Electronique feat. Robert Owens – Our House (DJ TLR’s Leave Your Brain At The Door Edit 1)
Surgeon – La Real Pt. 3
Ben Sims – The Fear (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
Function – F4
Bas Mooy – Exiles
Staffan Linzatti – Natural Flow
DJ Slip – Available Light
Trevino – The Dismal Truth
Slam – Cirklon Bells (Edit Select Remix)
The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld – Loving You (Orbital Mix)


first fewthat come to mind. hawtin is still dead to me, tho.

DuFunk wrote:

Aloe vera tonic is the best detoxicate 2 shits per day.

just listened to a npr segment that linked aloe vera drinks to intestinal and stomach tumors as well as thyroid issues.


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Jim-bob wrote:

I wish people would stop remixing Moderat - Bad Kingdom. Its a rubbish track with a hideous  vocal.

amen brother.


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svaag; sade
conforce; depth over distance
tm404; skudge white 008
fishermen; self 01
jeff mills; emerging crystal universe


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got into this one, again, over the summer. nice 909 rims and hats to offset the pads.

sounds alright to me

played ice hockey for the majority of my life. i will play again this year. gifted with a high metabolism, so all is well.

christ, you really go for the deep cuts bf. i'm already in a bad way over this thing. :'(

being a passionate jeff mills fan, i couldn't let this one pass by.
http://www.juno.co.uk/products/jeff-mil … 545680-01/
a steal at $83, the new emerging crystal universe album in usb format was just what i thought i deserved for my up coming 30th birthday. can't wait to read which other of my fellow bedrockers picked this gem up.

so are you saying you have bits of analog gear that you regret picking up?

Presto wrote:

If I wanted to discuss Rui Da Silva I would have made a thread on Rui Da Silva.

right you are, i do apologize presto. btw, if i wanted to discuss harry lemon i would probably include the one tune he is actually known for in my talking points.

Gillactico wrote:

It's easy to be tempted to buy the latest outboard remake or softsynth but you're just wasting your money and time.

at least you can resell gear. vsts and plugins are the real wast of money, imo.

my girl friend wanted this for her bday. surprised to say i like it.

loopdokter wrote:

The reason I suggested the 106 is because he'll get a lot of great different styles of sounds out of it and it's polyphonic.

yeah, it really is in more genres than anything i am aware of. got the one i have on a killer deal and thought it was a silly waste at the time. wouldn't dream of selling it now. its easy to get under the hood and look at the circuit boards which is cool/useful.

Presto wrote:

i like harry lemon, but the rui da silva remix blows this outa the water, imo.

loopdokter wrote:

The thing with classic gear is it holds its value, so if you somehow decide it's not for you, you can sell it without losing money.   That's why I recommend the Juno-106.

can't disagree with that. despite being annoying to use/maintain all my junk has gone up in value, and is a blast to play with. especially the 106; it has decent midi controls for its age and makes great sounds. i knew it as a pad synth, but after messing around i discovered that it was also a great acid source. killer bass voice. plus, a wide array of people collect juno synths, so it is easy to replace a 106's parts.

i wouldn't suggest buying anything vintage. i have quit a few classic boxes, and they are a pain in the ass. loopy is right that the 106 is a kick ass affordable synth, but he is also right that voice chips can go bad; it happened to mine. unless you wanna ship the fucker to the synth-spa id say hold off on making that ur first bit of gear, unless u can get one for silly money, which can happen. i just pulled the trigger on a elektron analog four. still yet to arrive. pretentious reviews to follow. never dealt with elektron before, but they seem to gather great reviews.


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not really, no. he's always been a good producer.

happy almost bday fellow scorpio.