danny t playing regis tracks. jesus christ.

Uncle Bazza wrote:

She has not given me a BJ in 17 years

email a bunch of her friends asking for gift suggestions; you want to get her a surprise. accidentally include your wife in the email. she'll be blowing you before you can take your shoes off.

smashdad wrote:

any cunt who produces these days can DJ (right?!) so I guess he must be ok...

im sure he can sync his tracks and use mixed in key...  but one look at his width-of-neck to size-of-head ratio and i knew both disks would be awful. and have you seen the shape of his track's wave forms? :-/

apparently it came out in 01, but wtf ever. heard mauro picotto play it out in a night of jack hammer techno and it went down a real treat.

so what is the prog nation verdict on this guy? i've never heard of him before. checked out that audion remix, and it sounds like total gray-goose-tech-house garbage to me. track list looks like more of the same "omg this is totally underground and def not edm music!" to me. 6 pages is a lot to ask, and after a brief skim it seem like most of the convo is regarding seb fontain peeing his pants.  solomun, yay or nay?

Beijing Dave wrote:

There is no fucking way the Joker could have Anton Chigurh.

agreed. heath ledger's joker has to be the most over rated villain of all time.

ps, those batman movies all sucked. (only saw 2, and 3 tbf)

sweet album art there.

lynch has come up with some of the best crazed villains of all time.

other favs include...
robbin williams as the king of the moon in baron munchausen

f murry abraham as salieri. a more subtle choice, but still a massive psycho.


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the field; no... no... (tm404 mix)
robert hood; proteine valve (re-plant)
alex smoke; oni
psych; shift

and the undeniable tune of the summer....
blacknecks; to the cosmos, let's go!


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it's off the hook, lol!


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MattBlack wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

They stopped years ago.

Suggested retail price for this is 699 $ btw.

I thought Technics were bringing out an updated version of the 1200

i read a few months back that they were working to make a vinyl turn table with a midi sync function. not a joke.

on the off chance that you don't know what he ruined...

Unbroken1 wrote:

he totally ruined that song.

that door track sounds interesting alright.

smashdad wrote:

mark e has put out a few high quality (in terms of content, not sound) podcasts this spring/summer. one might have been for ghostly. worth checking out. great dj/producer, imo.

this one still makes the odd appearance in a peak time set, when opportunity arises.


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becks is one of the many beers altered and ruined by inbev.


fuck me thats a good tune.

give that last one i posted a whirl. will prob end up being my tune of the summer. its an absolute gem.

this is a tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune!

ooh he did it again. bet ETC will be on board with this one.