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all three are amazing. no new episode this weekend, so you've got some time. gotta light?


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this season is an absolute poem. nothing will ever be this good again. episode 8 was a work of singular beauty. it was an hour of full emersion. the only outside thought that entered my mind was "ed smallman lacks the depth and quality of character to appreciate this." i shed a tear for him as the credits rolled.


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lol! man this place has really become toxic, hasn't it? i remember a time when a guy could degrade the poor and bask in the glory of 15 year old targeted pop acts in peace.

Yant wrote:
zackster wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Him and trumptard furry went for a long walk.

yant soon to follow

In the words of the Virgin Mary, come again?

i took the following to be the words of a rightwing clueless boob, aka the types that have fucked off from the board.... did i misinterpret?

Yant wrote:

What is it people are marching for, exactly? No one knows the cause yet.
Why are people so opposed to being housed in other available accommodation around London? This happened in Kensington. The most expensive real estate on the planet.
Typical fucking lazy, moaning benefits-minded, someone-else-pay-for-me attitude. Imo.

think that bit about the "fucking lazy, moaning benefits-minded, someone-else-pay-for-me" types might be biblical as well there yant.

lol. "this might be the latte talking but.... would you like to come back to my place to watch the steve lawler documentary?"

Dermatron wrote:

Him and trumptard furry went for a long walk.

yant soon to follow


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lol sooo trump just, accidentally?, confirmed that he is under investigation via twitter! also looks to me that he is going to fire rosenstein. i soooooo hope that happens.


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shootings at GOP softball practice. house majority whip shot in the hip. several other staffers and security hit as well. wonder if they will want to consider gun law reform now.


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can't wait for this sessions testimony. the little fucker has already lied under oath. they better fucking rake him over the coals for that.

smallman1 wrote:

Lord Buckethead is amazing.

i have strong suspicions that he might, in fact, be you.

plenty of neck storage in that helmet.


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i live in the same cesspool brah, so i hear yah. i get the added benefit of living in a newly reddened state.


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that well exceeded my expectations.

- trump is a liar.
- trump may already be under criminal investigation.
- jeff sessions may be the target of multiple investigations.

and miss piggy insured that the water gate comparisons can continue by being surrogate to trump's "i am not a crook" moment when she said "the president is not a liar."

this guy is cooked. fucking cooked. it may take the 2018 elections to bring it about, but one way or another donald trump is gone inside of 4 years.

smashdad wrote:

Is he wearing a dress?

the damian lazarus spring collection


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the aphex twin show looked absolutely insane. i listened to the whole 2 hour set on youtube, and i watched bits and pieces of it. way to idm for me, but impressively complex. this time signature shit going on around the 20min mark is unlike anything i've ever heard. i'd love to have experienced that.


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yet another sensational episode.


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pretty soon a whole county in west virginia will be back in the mines. hooray!!!

doesn't fucking matter. the pull out doesn't take place until 2020. most important thing is getting rid of trump before his term is out and making sure we learn all we can about the damage russia has already done. what the russians learned about the weaponizing of information gained from hacking via social media will be the most damaging thing trump has participated in.


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alright, this is fucking bonkers. there has been more shit dumped in the past 24 hours than i can google/link/post

jeff sessions lied, twice, and had at least 1 more  meeting with the russians.
jeff sessions was/is being investigated by the fbi.
devin fucking nunes has once again attempted to derail the house investigation.
trump wants to give 2 us estates back to the russians. estates taken due to sanctions.
official russian embassy twitter account tweets open threat demanding the return of the etates. (yes that really did happen)
farage is a "person of interest" and will probably become much more than that.
covfefe happened and sean spicer defended it.
steve bannon is granted a waiver to run breitbart from inside the fucking white house.
putin says russian "patriots" hacked the election, admitting that russia played a part.

none of it is twitter/blog news, but actual major outlet stories that the white house no longer even bothers to deny. how can anyone honestly think that this guy can last four years, let alone four months? trump is a flat out fucking russian subversive and should be jailed.

was one of my fav current producers. he was a staple of klockworks. i was at movement in detroit when the news broke on sat. lots of his material got rinsed on sunday and monday. this was a standout (not too fuzzy) moment.


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hot chocolate, dixon, and law and order svu for ed.


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no spoilers below.

episodes 3 and 4 are even better than the first 2. there will haters, but for me this is just about the best thing ever. the special effects are all over the place is quality and execution, which i am totally cool with. one episode in particular reminds me a lot of his short film the grandmother.

many years ago, there was a rumor that the series was going to be wrapped up as a graphic novel, based upon scripts that robert engels and lynch had been working on. along with the rumor came several plot points. engel's gave an interview about fire walk with me that seemed to give credence to the plot of the supposed graphic novel. however, lynch has repeatedly shot down the idea that the novel's plot was close to the mark. i was at a talk lynch gave in philly where he was asked about this, and in standard fashion he shot it down by saying "uh no, that doesn't sound right." after watching all 4 episodes it is clear that the rumor was actually fact. almost all of the plot points have already come out. no idea where it all goes bc all i've ever read about was the basic premise for the graphic novel, but it is clear, at least to me, that the ideas being thrown around were not fan theories, but the actual outline for what would have been season 3 if it was made back in 91. personally, i am glad that this is the case, bc i've always thought that the rumored plot premise had loads of potential.


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oh agreed. loved the james (who totally fucking sucks) bit with "james has always been cool". that was defo for the haters.


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did they play scorchio?

if not, fuck that


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just watched the first two episodes....

thus far i'd give it an 11 out of 10. they made 0 attempt to explain things to new views. if you didn't see the movie or read the new book you'd be even more confused than i am right now. i will not be back in here until i watch 3 and 4.

that was fucking amazing. i imagine this is how dermo felt after watching those new sasha clips.


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beyond excited for the return. i expect this to meet all of my expectations bc david lynch knows his fucking shit.


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also, this story isn't getting much action... not sure why. confirms what everyone suspects.
https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/na … ba8e47640a