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Grant wrote:

The Arsenal of the NFL, the Redskins.

LOLZ! arsenal of the nfl... really? the skins have to be the largest dumpster fire in professional sports.


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Big Fella wrote:

Invented in Canada FYI.

fucking ban request!

getting back on track. grant, you strike me like a steelers or packers man. have i hit close to the mark?


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millsy23 wrote:
zackster wrote:

football (nfl) is a god awful sport. the mass marketing in between downs

Is there nowhere you Americans won't advertise?

on our teams uniforms?


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football (nfl) is a god awful sport. the mass marketing in between downs, horrific injuries sustained, team owners greed, and constantly evolving set of rules make it an absolute travesty. it is hands down the most moronic sport on the planet.

also, i will be glued to every game. i am a big time eagles fan, and once again feel beyond confident in saying that this is our year. chip's roller coaster on an off season already looks to be paying big time dividends. is this the second time you made this thread, grant?

BedRob wrote:

the threat of high school massacres

a fair trade off for thee months paid summer vacation... the fuckers

am i correct in assuming that, much like american teachers, uk teachers have the cushyest jobs on the planet?

Beijing Dave wrote:

Raekwon the Chef - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

that's also a good call

zackster's, cuff your jeans high, top 10 fav albums

the 7th plain; the 4 cornered room
speedy j; the g spot
pete namlook and richie hawtin; from within
pete namlook; 10 years of silence
robert hood; internal empire
plastikman; artifakts (bc)
arcade fire; the suburbs
aphex twin; selected ambient works vol. 1
sandwell district; feed forward
reload; a collection of short stories

pye corner audio; black mill tapes vol. 1 could very well end up there at some point.

fletcher wrote:

Adam F - Circles

thats a good call

might not be prog, but its defo crap.

lol, i had 2 speedy j tunes in there that i had to pull out for fear of dermo's ruler coming down on my wrist.

i wouldn't call frontside prog, but i figured some of you scoundrels would.

best of prog, according to zackster:

another great tune. honestly, the remix he turned in of "protect your mind" was an original production. van bellen sampled that piece of shit vocal and made sensational track around it.

this would prob be at the top of my list. no one could polish a turd like van bellen.

get it together boys, scorchio is a feckin' cheeewn

loopdokter wrote:

No doubt somoene else will now follow in his footsteps and try to 'one-up' his dead count. sad

we are a very competitive culture, jay. constantly raising the bar is in our dna.


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Big Fella wrote:


lol. missed you bf


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what was dermo banned for? his post big fellow behavior seemed quite up beat, to me.

MattBlack wrote:

Oh dear




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cool vid. thanx dan.

bought 2 new investment properties. looking at a 3rd tomorrow. only had to evict one tenant. good times.

the following is an excerpt from dvs1's slam radio podcast. the whole mix is outstanding, but this is the standout moment.

dvs1 mixes out of dvs1; "polyphonic love" and into untold; motion the dance.

https://soundcloud.com/zacharymatthews/ … -the-dance

he is one of the best jocks around imo. i think most all of you will agree that this is some top melodic mixing, even for a techno dj.

based up his love of bruce willis, an affinity for ashton kutcher would make sense.


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always thought the dum dum mix was best... just sayin'