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i agree, and don't blame you. we are fucked.


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smallman1 wrote:

The Queen would absolutely hate Donald.

Can you imagine him alongside the fellow dignitaries at say Windsor Castle?


i'd have thought the idea of a successful businessman's boob son dining with the royals would be appealing to you ed.


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furry wrote:

For you Zack...http://www.breitbart.com/clinton-cash-movie/

I encourage other to watch this too. Sorry, should have posted yesterday. Get it in while you can.

lol. mostly old news, but i watched it all the same. she's as crooked as they come, furry. can't wait for the dnc to kick off. i hope that sleaze assange gets his next email blast out, pronto.  what a mess. the rnc is going to look like a cake walk compared to what the dems have on offer.

here we go again...


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the donald's speech was fucking epic, last night. holy shit, he went for like 17hrs, and all of it was venom and fear. i loved all of the promises accompanied by "believe me" and "very very quickly" in lieu of substance and explanations. he's going to fix tsa! like who wouldn't vote to improve tsa? i hope the trumpster can prevent men from being caught cheating on their spouses. cuz that would also be desirable. anyways, he's going to fucking smash hillary. she can't stand up to that shit. he was shot out of a cannon last night, and he owned with a teleprompter. really scary stuff.

also, avanka looked really sexy.


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lol this rnc is such a shit show. lyin' ted being booed off of the stage as the donald appeared from the wings was outstanding drama. this whole thing has been a wwe event. i can't wait to see what crazy shit happens tonight!


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one of the best trump articles out there.

http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/ … -tells-all

at first, i wasn't too worried, but the more that time pasted with out any response i starting with the whole "holy fuck..." thing. luckily all is as well as it can be. my step mother told me that, needless to say, everyone is in a state of shock over there. all national activities have been canceled, and french citizens are generally worried that this means donald trump will be america's next president.

you guys are a testament as to why i like this place so much. most appreciated. all is well. spoke with my father this morning. they were asleep when things started off, and stayed well out of harm's way. booked a bnb in cassis for the remainder of the trip.

holy shit, my father and step mother are there...


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this game is sooo stupid, omg. it made me nearly crash my bike and then to top it all off the fucking drowzee got away. i hit the thing with two pokeballs, but nooooooooo, apparently that was not enough.


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1. the cops from louisiana and minnesota will skate. mandatory paid leave, or something.

2. this shit in dallas is fucked up.

3. helen, you are fucking crazy.


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cops in our country are largely horrific human beings. too much power, too few brain cells.

hard to pick just one. all time fav movie, with no equal.


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i'm the loopy of recaps


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Would be pretty cool if Gendry, Arya and Hot Pie had a reunion.

lol! yes, that's exactly what the fans are begging for.


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eeh not really; he's a bastard, and was never legitimized. i guess he could make a claim bc jon (also a bastard) was named "king in the north" and cercei named herself queen of the seven kingdoms, but i highly doubt it. both jon and cercei have history with their locals. no one save a select few (most of whom are now dead) knew who/what gendry was. things are gelling nicely atm with a three way king and hand duel on offer: jon/davos vs cercei/qyburn vs dany/tyrian. bran holds the only real trump card that i am aware of bc he is technically lord of winterfell.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Nope. Ser Davos put him in a rowing boat to escape being burned alive for Melisandre's magic back in season 3. Not been seen since.


gendry (roberts bastard) is useless once the secret of jamie and cercie is out of the bag. he wasn't bringing much to the table besides his lack of blond hair and blue eyes. idk what he could offer to proceedings.

thought this episode was boss. maybe the best episode ever. no real twists, but after all of this time it was nice to get a few things confirmed and see a stark banner on winterfell again.


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the donald is the next potus. i have little doubt of that, now. the brexit is a sign of the times. the donald is going to ride the hegelian zeitgeist all the way to the white house. what a time to be alive...


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i agree with everything that wally had to say about the episode, but in spite of it all, i still enjoyed it. i hate sansa more than ever. total cunt. i think hanu is onto something with her holding out on her letter to little finger. she could have saved many lives, had she told jon and davos that she had the cavalry on the way.

also, while on vacation, i started reading the books again. a "clash of kings" was a much easier read than "a game of thrones". i just started the third, and it's enjoyable thus far. however, i still think he writes these things like they were drug store novels. anyone making the tolken lotr comparison is out of their mind.


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furry wrote:

I was actually pretty surprised by Zacksters first comment. Though Id still have a beer with him...maybe.

uh what did i say/write again?

loopdokter wrote:

No idea what he's playing these days though.

twisted techno probably.


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anyone but crooked hillary. wikileaks are going to release some more of her emails and the donald is going to go to work on the clinton foundation. if she were running against anyone else she'd be dead in the water.


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i like the theory that the voices in the mad king's head were/are actually bran talking to him from a vision. i'm not really thinking that will pan-out, but it's an interesting concept.

regarding the hound. a reunion with aria in the north would be a nice touching moment.