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phil, as a fellow man of substance and taste you must surely admit that the melodious passage that sweeps in around the 3 min mark is beyond compare.



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absolute beauty. charlie may and nick muir wish they could write melodies like this.


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loopdokter wrote:

uZiq is another one that can make some great stuff and then some flat out noise.

never really got into him, however his slag boom van loon collab with speedy j is probably a top 5 fav album.


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it does. i got it back in 01 and absolutely hated it. gave it another shot years later and i realized that it was actually really good.

the melodic dissolve that comes in after all of the chaos at 7min is just sublime. id have called it one of his best tracks if he'd only have let it play out a while longer...

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Hes made some good music in his time, but you have to admit some off it is well offside

oh i don't disagree. i absolutely hated "drukqs" back when it came out, and i still don't think that much of "i care because you do". however, i'd say that when he is making good music  it is just about the best stuff going on. i think the analord releases were sensational, especially when you look back at what everyone else was releasing at the time.

i think the cuban brothers and hot chip would have been more your speed, ed.

new album on the way. fantastic news, to say the least. no clue what to expect, but thats what makes rdj so great.
can't say that drukqs was one of my favorite musical offerings, but all of his post drukqs stuff was amazing. i feel like most of the people that bitch about his stylistic decision making are unaware of the analord series. possibly his finest work, imo.
fine looking track list.

have any of you london dwellers seen this thing? his logo has been seen popping up around nyc over the weekend, and now this. hopefully it means new music is to come. incidentally tomorrow is his bday...


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even on crutches nina is smokin' hot.


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should hopefully be banging theese all out out-of-doors this evening.

floorplan; never grow old (replant) / phobia (replant) <--- the never grow old replant is thee cheeeeewn of the summer, imo.
trus'me; moonlight kiss (skudge remix)
blacknecks; hotlegs
dj bone; soul function 4 / soul function 5 <-- the whole release is 10/10 dance floor detroit mayhem.
dvs1; black russian

and my fav jeff mills track...

long live the bedrock board.

i'd guess that sf would enjoy being pissed over...


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check your pm box maffa. i sent over an hour long mix for your consideration.


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one of many pete namlook favs.

simeon79 wrote:

a fine tune. have that 12. strange too; i really don't care for aril brikha, but that one always gets me. still... it can't compete with the a side.


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came home to my girl friend balling and watching awakenings.


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^^acid for fans of aoki.


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10 out of 10 right here. all 3 versions of this song are tops, but this one... tuuuuuuuuuuuune.

starting off with a james t cotton track. niice. one of the best house producers around, imo.


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https://soundcloud.com/semantica-record … mantica-66

danny t playing regis tracks. jesus christ.

Uncle Bazza wrote:

She has not given me a BJ in 17 years

email a bunch of her friends asking for gift suggestions; you want to get her a surprise. accidentally include your wife in the email. she'll be blowing you before you can take your shoes off.