smallman1 wrote:

Quite like Laidback Luke's sweatband.

its clearly a giant beaded bracelet. :-/

tin man's smoke machine podcast. big fan of both this podcast and artist, fyi. … st-099-tin

do people dance to this?

Ahad Adump wrote:

I smell a cover up here.

Ahad Adump wrote:

I'm pretty sure what bought down that plane was Lithium batteries.

Ahad Adump wrote:

I still maintain the thing was probably shot down and they're keeping it quite.

that honey badger is a real rib tickler, i tell you. saw another good vid the other day, you'll love it mullykid. this guy sings "chocolate rain" in this voice that is all deep and stuff. oh how i loled. i'd guess its also on youtube.

james t cotton has been my go to for this ever since i discovered him a few years ago. amazing producer and a good enough dj.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

if I filled up my dishwasher with a load of pans and cutlery and 4 hours previously had eaten a phall strength Aloo Gobi knocked back with 4 pints of Carlsberg Jacobsen beer. I could then hook up a mic next to the dishwasher and another next to arsehole and record something infinitely more melodic and interesting than most of those later efforts.

1. you should consider throwing that concept up on kick starter
2. i agree his later stuff as aphex twin wasn't very good. drukqs or whatever it is called was a total let down. however i liked most of his afx stuff. i have most of the analord eps and still enjoy listening to them. 1 and 2 are especially good.


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i thought you did your best work in the dark

possibly my fav tune of all time.

not sure, hank. RDJ has made a wide array of styles in his day, so it could sound like almost anything. i hate to hurt my noise cred, but i must confess that i am not a huge fan of RJD's noisier side. hangable audio bulb and what not. i am hoping this will be closer to his ambient and house monikers.

"lost" aphex twin album being release via kickstater. … -record-by … 1562119112

bob hood + dave clarke = gold … -05042014/


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starcreeper wrote:

Release Mategreen like the Kraken

i'm all for that


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c_a has a hair of SBW to him


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simonr wrote:

less of the techno bangers, just hard dark heavy sounds

so what is techno according to simonr?

recondite's new "psy ep" has millsey written all over it.

sladek wrote:

It nearly killed me

damn, so close.

Squidgy wrote:

Did anything really happen in America after the Snowdon leak?

i went to church and then watched some tv.

for the good of the board, can we all please get behind this thread/initiative? if anyone is moved to respond to one of his diverse threads simply enter your response here in "the general sladek..." along with a "sladek wrote..." quote from his original topic. i know i'm asking a lot, but i think it will pay off in the long run.

look i'll start

sladek wrote:

it (booze) seems to keep me awake

Anyone else find this?

Is it an age thing or just me?

who gives a shit? … p?id=58437
over here, if you please.