dave' getting a lot of flack for being a man of substance and taste.

track: basic circuit; incursion
remix: spencer parker; rights of man (young male remix)
album: jeff mills; woman in the moon
mix: ben klock's essential mix
club gig: jeff mills @ output. truly amazing night.
number of nights out: 5
movie: ex machina
trabbs: new balance 990

great share jay

i'm in.

you're welcome in advance.


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yeah... wow

lol, loopy's already spent the money on plugins and dinner

fear not. in standard fashion, smallman snr will step in and clean things up.

Wally wrote:
zackster wrote:

happy birthday wallace

Cheers Zachster, all the best.

you're welcome buddy :-D


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almost as offensive as that lavelle gu review.

idk if guy j likes hi hats.


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seems to be a lot of certainty surrounding god's gender in here.


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well i did... but i now fear that both she and my basic channel birthday gifts are gone.


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last night, i came home to my girlfriend sitting in front of cnn, covering every inch of her social media in eiffel tower peace signs. after she finished her "thank god you are ok" phone conversation with her friends living in some french farm village,  i asked her why she didn't take up the same heartfelt interest in victims of the massive explosions in china... that didn't go over well.

happy birthday wallace

and one for you prog fannies. hearing this come booming out at arc was an experience.

starts around 4min. still one of the best club tracks of all time.


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jihadi jay


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disgusting too soon paris analogy from loopy there

that review was absolutely insane. i actually reread the last full paragraph; i couldn't process all of it. how anyone honestly turned that in is beyond me.

There’s a familiarity to the mix as a whole; a sonic comforter blanket that Lavelle wraps you in.

You’re hanging on his every word and you don’t care that Lavelle has you in the palm of his hand. Its a great place to be.

I actually cried a bit when the last piano note rang out and the crowd cheered.

no, that last one is not a joke. holy shit....


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thanks erik!

rossi, in lieu of paris, you are cordially invited to sunny pennsylvania. many see it as the paris of america. can't leave a fellow scorpio hanging.


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sat: dinner, drinks, and filtered 909s with my college house mates at my place..
sun: cerebrating my birthday and watching the eagles eviscerate drwho13's dolphins.

sublime, millsy.

heard a vicious rumor that hannu's lady mockingly suggested he set the mood with "that saints and sinners track" because of his behavior in the boudoir.

didn't want to go for the low hanging fruit, but since no one else has selected this yet. i not partial to tunes with lyrics, but i make an exception in the bedroom; crooning can really set the mood.

doesn't change the fact that maceo plex is a crap dj and chooser of music.