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djdiggers wrote:

Caught on camera today

deplorable behavior from the man himself. just when things were starting to get positive around here.

"people don't eat in the long run." - henry hopkins

i got a few beatport vinyl rips a while back. i've almost completely stopped buying from beatport these days. dj bone forced me to pay them for his new ablum; it was a fucking beatport exclusive.

furry wrote:

Also. Condolences to Zack. Tough crowd here smile

i'd say this has been one of the most productive conversations i've been involved in here. for get how jeff mills came up tho...

smallman1 wrote:

I thought it was Carl Craig who played on that boat party with Sasha and Ejeca?

they're all the same to marcus.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

gotta say, "unix" is one of my all time fav tunes.

MarcusR wrote:

No idea why they booked him on the same bill as Sasha / Ejeca.

prob thought they needed to compensate for the void of artistic compromise that is sasha. and i mean, jeff mills on a boat? awful idea in the first place.

liquitech1 wrote:

I saw a brilliant clip of him a few years ago playing at some dark looking spot in Chicago but I can't find it on the tube...he's playing on 3 x 1210s and smashing the place up. The energy in the room looked amazing but it sounded like a kid dragging a pipe across a steel fence. The technical side of his game is amazing to watch. Complete with old school spin backs..

...maybe it might ring a bell with Zackster and he knows where to find it. I can't remember the name of the club/venue.

liquitech1 wrote:

I like his set up in this clip..

i don't give a shit what anybody says; "the bells" is a great fucking track. last time i saw robert hood he played it, resulting in one of the most wild club frenzies i have ever participated in.

ed, would you rather do whatever it is that you do with the kitchen sink to a guetta or mills set?

i think andreas tilliander, aka tm404, has an extremely distinct sound, as do fishermen. both are a top the list of the best new(er) artists i am aware of. and as far as djs go, i think dvs1 has really carved out a sound of his own. that said, i don't disagree with you guys, but i do think there is still some really really good music going around right now.

best mills set i've seen was when played a small art studio / loft space in brooklyn. they had all of the old, and new, axis art work displayed on the walls. i wouldn't say he is my fav of the detroit peeps, but he is certainly up there.

never been into sven vath. the original techno jock for trance/prog fans, it seems. jeff mills on the other hand i massively enjoy. anyone who has yet to see him live is seriously missing out.

well, i'd steer clear of dt doing anything for that matter.

Phil Opian wrote:

I haven't had the privilege of hearing this yet, so who do I listen to? Henry and steely or Ed?

take it from z. tenaglia playing techno = swerve.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

The fact that Ed Smalls hates it means that it's deffo worth checking out.

smallman would take a nice sidechained shaker over an open hihat or ride any day. speaks volumes.


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[video] … g-20140903
new interview by the great man.


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atlantic ocean; waterfall is such a fine slice of dutch dance silliness.

Neko wrote:

Ulrich Schnauss - Blueprints

that actually looks pretty cool. i shall check it out.

BedrockMysteryMod wrote:

Please be very respectful to new people regardless of background or geography. I include Canada in this and the country of India.

i presume the vulgar "sepo" will result in an instant ban. if my salty tears ruin one more macbook pro i just don't know what i'll do.

i just picked up the vril album today. only got to sample it in halcyon, but it sounded standard/ace. review to follow.

not much of a dettmann fan, but ill prob check this out. i couldn't stand his essential mix, but his mix cd efforts are usually solid.


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oooh man, john might have come down with a case of hawtin fever.