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analog acid breaks, or what ever. made with a 202, 606, 909, juno 106, and a drum rack of samples i'd made.

be brutal

https://soundcloud.com/zacharymatthews/ … nd-aapital


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Liverpool would probably be Pittsburgh.

perhaps; big ben is a rapist after all.


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josh wink's philly birthday party is a 10/10 experience every single time.


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a once great team that hasn't won shit in ages, with a massive sense of entitlement, and the worst gutter trash fans around. liverpool or dallas?

no hate for the redskins, but idk how an eagles fan can talk shit to anyone.

i see the nfl as a massive joke. worst sport in america, but its impossible to not watch. the product they put on tv is riveting. i am a hockey fan above all else, and i am not a flyers fan, thank god.

so the show was just so so...

both warm up acts were shit. first a dj that texted through 1/3 of his set, and second a female live act... ill spare you all an in depth review, but if i were to write one its safe to say it would be scathingly sexist.

jeff, however, was awesome. played loads of tunes i'd never heard before, which is unusual for him. im guessing that most of his set consisted of new productions from that pretentious french film he scored. most peeps finish up at around 4:30 at output, but he was on until almost 6.

unfortunately, the crowd was just awful. loads of euro trash. i think i met 7 different people that "knew jeff really well!!" i've never seen output so packed.

in thee end i am glad i went, and such, but the next time the wizard comes to output i think i'll stay in kansas.


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im an eagles fan. any nfl peeps will understand what that means....

has anyone got a volca beats on here? my girl friend got me one for xmas (very thoughtful), but as of now i kind of hate the thing. the volume on the "agogo" is so much lower than all of the other instruments, its practically useless. the kick drum is a beast (surprisingly) but it overpowers every other voice and sample in the fucker. wanted to know if anyone else had issues with with before exchanging/returning.


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takes a lot to induce me to dip into my prog collection, but there are a few fire releases that i still dig out, nefes being one.


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always liked that "nefes" song he put on a fire back in the day.

karl o'connor

now there's a producer from out y'alls way

some really bad music being thrown around in this thread.

smallman1 wrote:

Do like a bit o Jeff.

good one, ed.

the closest you came to a kitchen sink in nyc was when you went to fill the tea kettle. jeff mills putting output through the cement mixer is exactly what your clubbing credentials could do with.

the wizard himself is at output sat 17th. if anyone is interested in going/meeting up shoot me a pm.

scathing/joke responses welcome.

for dermo <3

https://soundcloud.com/zacharymatthews/ … nd-strings

jeff mills; hexagons, chants, and light
slag boom van loon; broccoli
merrin karras; the veldt
donato dozzy; 4
bvdub; a quiet of vengeance
upekah; upekah
vril; torus xxxii
ike release; faded
population one; out of control (vocal mix)
upekah; mudita
dennis clifford; nineteen eighty seven
bnjmn; and suddenly
mixmaster morris and pete namlook; hymn
conforce; stop hold
somne; tank
iori; moon (zm edit)
zachary matthews; amalgamation and capitol


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:
zackster wrote:

anyone check out klock?

On my way to the traps, I caught 1 minute. Room was rammed and sounded pretty banging; looked like the room was loving the Klock...he he..... I was touching cloth at that point, so had to bail to the bogs. That's about a comprehensive review as I can provide. I do apologise.

no need to apologize, hank; you're review is the only one that was offered.


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anyone check out klock?

dj; dvs1
producer; robert hood
movie; boyhood (only because the state of movies right now is so fucking awful.)


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ehhh. i'm more excited about nina's dj kicks.

as far as i know, i've never heard an oakenfold mix, and the only production i've heard is "not over yet". fully plan on keeping it that way.

mike and i have been in touch. should be swapping next week.

awesome graphic, smashy.

congrats micky.

Neko wrote:

Interesting that most people cite the Chable remix, it's all about the deephead pass. smile
Remember when it was the opening track on the phatplastic radio show?

love that one. easy to play.

im not the strongest reader.