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just watched the first two episodes....

thus far i'd give it an 11 out of 10. they made 0 attempt to explain things to new views. if you didn't see the movie or read the new book you'd be even more confused than i am right now. i will not be back in here until i watch 3 and 4.

that was fucking amazing. i imagine this is how dermo felt after watching those new sasha clips.


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beyond excited for the return. i expect this to meet all of my expectations bc david lynch knows his fucking shit.


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also, this story isn't getting much action... not sure why. confirms what everyone suspects.
https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/na … ba8e47640a


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millsy23 wrote:

Inspiring speech for the young graduating coast guards I thought. Really uplifting stuff for them to tell the grandkids lol.

coast guard graduation features actual sinking ship


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giving his graduation speech now. sounds very deflated.

but can we take yet another moment to talk about what a huge piece of shit paul ryan is. tax cuts for rich people are so fucking important that the president can do what ever the fuck he wants, even conspire with an enemy nation.


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hanu's girl is reporting that trump has been sent an indictment. claude taylor is smugly confirming too.  will believe it when i see it.


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rico has a way to touching a lot of people, and it is quite in vogue with the fbi right now.

i didn't say that this whole thing would change the way washinton works... but it has the potential to do away with several good ol' boys.


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again, this is prob just wishful thinking, but there are reports swirling on twitter of the trump children (don, ivanka, and eric) being on fbi possessed tape accepting bribes and directing dirty cash flow. if this thing blows even half as big as the crazy reports out there suggest, it will be the best thing ever. this could all spell the end of the good ol' boys era of gop reign.


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if trump's election leads to the gutting of the gop, it will be the best thing ever.


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joeyp wrote:
zackster wrote:


trump just threatened comey on twitter.

It's becoming laughable. It's clear something has gone on that wee don't know about and the fact that his party are so quiet speaks volumes.

He's on the ropes swinging and it's looks to escalating quickly. Be surprised if he doesn't walk or is removed soon.

i with you joe. you can feel the tension right now. it fucking palpable. living in north east pennsylvania only magnifies it; everyone here is horrified that the center of the state turned us red. trump's foreign trip can't come soon enough. he is unhinged. i really think there is going to be one more blast before he shoves off. he is reeling, and can't help himself from trying to talk/cry/fight his way out of this. it's fucking crazy. there can be no other explanation for it.


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Homegrove wrote:

Louise Mench (a horrible person, but she's been bang on the money on every turn this fiasco has taken since October) is saying there's going to be a RICO investigation to the whole Republican party now. The Feds raided a company in Annapolis yesterday. Which works for GOP in campaign. I'll post a link, just a sec.

yeah. just read that. that seems waaaaaaaaaaaay too good to be true. according to that story, paul ryan is mixed up in things. i sure hope so, but that story seems like some ahad type shit.

however, i do believe rico charges are coming, and i do think money laundering will be a big part of trump's downfall. he's laundered money for russians for years. before he ran for potus, that fact wasn't even really debated.


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trump just threatened comey on twitter.

possibly the greatest mix cd of all time. grow some balls and play this out you pansies!

not a joke btw...


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a recent piece i penned, in the "classics you detest thread.

zackster wrote:

robert miles; children

what type of life does a person live to listen to this absolute shit? i would never consider this a classic, but it's right in line with much of the other shit listed here.

anyway, i got to play a show tonight, and the dude who came on after me opened up with this fucking monstrosity. the poor guy was super nice and crazy enthusiastic. i swear that he just got off of the closing shift from best buy. he had a nose ring, and wore a pentagram necklace. so my last tune was luke slater; love (loved). after he (dj iudex) got done telling me that my last track was "hot shit" he breaks out his first record, looks at me with raised eye brows, and goes "robert miles" ;-). i didn't know who robert miles was until the first piano key was stuck. the horror, the horror. i felt bad not sticking around for what i can only assume were shots of "jager", but i just couldn't. now that piece of shit tune is stuck in my head.


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i am not sure who is worse for the county, the donald or mitch mc-fucking-connell. a national holiday should be declared, after turtle puss finally bites it. he is such an obstructionist piece of shit, and a self-loathing closet homo ta boot.

in other news a reporter is facing a jail sentence for shouting a question. this is an absolutely horrifying time in both the usa and the western world. dan's comparison to erdogan is spot on. donald clearly admires these strongmen rulers. leaders that don't let the opposition stand in their way. i am more concerned now, than i was on 911. just fucking wait until the spray tan and chief appoints brown toothed rudy as interim head of the fbi. stop and frisk will be a national policy.

i never thought i could feel more helpless than i did on the day georgie won reelection... god damn was i wrong.


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trump just fired comey! holy fucking shit

my movie reviews are like my dj sets. tuff, up front, and undeniably brilliant.

Homegrove wrote:

Lynch's Dune was abysmal.

you're off your rocker. i have no issue with it being remade, but the lynch version is great. his additions to the plot/characters were awesome. the baron in the movie is way better than the baron in the book. same goes for all of the harkonens really. if lynch would have been allowed to make a 4 hour movie with an intermission, it would have been amazing. time constraints killed dune, as has been the case with several of his films.

i am, if it has a purpose. i can't wait for the new twin peaks season. it's a project done out of passion, with a true heavy weight director/writer. i am expected to enjoy every second of it.

but this alien movie is just a cash grab, that comes equipped with ridley blowing smoke up his own ass at every available moment. why explain alien? it was perfect. it will be the film equivalent of the selway remix of dark train.

it's going to fucking suck. hanu will find a way to say "but i still enjoyed it", but lets be real, this movie is going to be an unoriginal piece of shit.

1. ridley scott is a total scam artist. his name as been attached to some great films, but the overall body of his work is junk. and alien would still have been a massive hit with out his keen eye behind the lens.
2. this film further explains the mystery of the first alien, which is never a good idea. prometheus fucking ruined the space jockey and i suspect this movie will ruin the neomorphs
3. it's going to be filled with shit cgi effects. we've already seen one alien, in full fucking light, and animated to the hilt. super scary bro.

i love the reviews i've read where people are already clinging to the idea of "the next installment". tells me all i need to know. ridley fooled me with prometheus. i will not be making the same mistake.

oh, and bladerunner is going to suck too.


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since when do you call fads your goatee?

he is referring to extreme compression during mastering. the end reasult a very loud but often distorted song that lacks dynamic range and causes listener fatigue.

his transition in hale bopp was sensational.

very good set. bit dark and plodding, but his klockworks nights are usually of that ilk. would have been tremendous to be there.


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when asked if he still stood by his statements that obama "tapped" his "wires" and was a "bad guy", the donald responded with...

"I don't stand by anything. I just-- you can take it the way you want. I think our side's been proven very strongly. And everybody's talking about it. And frankly it should be discussed. I think that is a very big surveillance of our citizens. I think it's a very big topic. And it's a topic that should be number one. And we should find out what the hell is going on. You can take -- any way. You can take it any way you want, I have my own opinions. You can have your own opinions."

god damn, that is some crazy shit.