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better overbridge to live video...


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finished the season. great stuff. dave, any chance of this getting a second season thru netflix?


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just watched the end of his cpac speech. he looks worse than normal. tired. i hope the office drives him into the ground.

Beijing Dave wrote:
hitachi wrote:
Amps wrote:

Fuck all interest in Klock, but Sims and PAS would be worth a butchers.


is that james from twin peaks wearing a lady's wig? lol!

ed's got dixon the brain

hopefully it's part of this^^.

i usually find label nights to be rather bland. however, the last klockworks night i attended was absolutely sensational. klock and dvs1 b2b for what seemed like 8 hours. don't get why klock and dettmann prevail as the techno duo. personally, i think dettmann is crap. saw him play with klock once, and it was easily the worst klock gig i've attended.

very jealous of ya'll. personally, id swap dvs1 for dettmann but it's still a heavy weight line up.


i intend to have a four or keys by the years end. ordered a four a year ago, it was wait listed, and i got cold feet.

the rytm is sensational. it's taking up all of my free time.

check out this dudes, videos. he's fucking annoying, and moves way to fast, but he covers a lot of stuff that other videos totally skip. he has hours of videos on most elektron instruments. this vid is just a song, but he speaks in most others.

^^great tune.

i have the analog rytm. elektron's stuff has a steep learning curve, but they pay off is well worth it, imo. the rytm has been one of the best gear decisions i've ever made. that thing can single handedly knock out a full track. i'm hardly a rytm expert, but i've been putting my time in...

elektron's message board is also really useful. https://www.elektronauts.com/news members are knowledgeable and it keeps you in the loop on os updates and sound packs ex...

oh, and you can totally copy patterns. you can copy full patterns, steps only, effects only, ex... i'm sure there is a youtube tutorial on how do to so bc i remember watching it when i was deciding which piece of elektron kit to buy.

i have a few of those. all were bought new, except minimal nation which is the most expensive record i've ever purchased at $40.

druqks long box vinyl
sandwell distrcit feed forward
robert hood; minimal nation
plastikman; arkives


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none of that phases him. he likes the support of the little people, but their rebukes have no effect. look at the massive protests again today. he has zero fucks to give. you've gotta remember, this guy is an elitist pig. being blown off by fellow leaders and elites is what will put him on tilt.


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because he is a fucking mess and they want to get the overall size of him asap?


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omg can you guys pleeeeeasssse block trump's state visit? these protests are awesome, keep it up.


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lol, the fucking balls on tony blair. voters didn't have the facts.... righto tony. we all know how much you like sharing facts with the public.


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that's madison vs trump. according to my pops we'd be in a way better state if jefferson wrote the constitution. madison was pro republic while Jefferson was pro democracy. The electoral college is a gift from madison. still, madison’s constitution will ultimately handle the donald.


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Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:

That was the most batshit crazy press conference of all time. What in actual fuck.

how 'bout it. i listening to the whole thing at my desk. had several lol moments. he is so stupid he can't even evade a fucking question. q: how can citizens trust you when you quote fake electoral college numbers? a: your ratings suck


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agree with everything dermo said.

we act like public healthcare is impossible. we vilify teachers expecting pensions for bankrupting their states. but when it comes to military spending, there is no limit. if you suggest otherwise you are an anti-american pussy. it makes me sick. this is exactly why i did not care to vote for a major candidate. it may have been a meaningless protest, but right now that seems like the only form of political expression that i have.


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just watched episode 2. wow.


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the info itself or the fact that i get news from moby?

so your yacht's up for lease?


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this is scarier than any scripted drama. just a few key plot points

- the ex game-show host turned potus may have been compromised by the russians.

- the russians are deploying missiles and running spy ships up the east coast of the us.

- the crazed dictator of north korea's half brother falls victim to murder.

holy fucking shit.