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Now this is a well done trailer:

How they managed to keep a sequel to Cloverfield a secret I don't know. It's not a very good movie, but enjoys quite a big cult following.

No kidding!    Looking forward to this I loved Cloverfield!

i have to admit it. both trailers for this have me interested. if jj abrams's name wasn't attached to this, i'd be very excited indeed. still, abrams does have a massive hand in this, so seeing as he is a charlatan-hack of nearly unparalleled proportions, i'm sure this will be a massive let down.

poirot wrote:

1 Post mix without tracklist
2 Lurk and patiently monitor for views
3 Just as mix is about to slide off front page with no downloads/listens/remarks, add tracklist as a post not as an edit
7 Drink to excess and cry

that's my routine, right there.


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great read. sums up my feelings on the man, to a t.

Big_Fella wrote:

Yourself, Loopy and Zachiary would have been in the running had a mix been produced lately.

my mix from last month isn't recent enough?!? christ, i'm a man, not a millsy. i can't churn out work on the level you've be become accustom to at that rate!

bf's never been shy about hurting my feelings, but this time he's really cut me deep :'(

i've hired a vocal coach, i'm so excited about this!

millsy23 wrote:
Big_Fella wrote:

Probably even pulls 'them' to the side, also.

He has black children too?


i can find no humor in artists at the height of their craft. the pestilence of bf's negativity has swept all the way across the general discussion forum and has now begun to blanket the mixes and free downloads section. god save us.

thanks for the kind words, all. i was really happy with how this mix came out. glad it wasn't too repetitive for everyone. #blessed

millsy23 wrote:

My proper review of Zack's now I've listened.

Very nice mix laden with subtle, shuffling techy beats and whispered vocals. Builds superbly in first 20 minutes with some nice mixing and ethereal sounds until we get into the meat of the mix and reach the Robert Hood mix of Ben Klock's Goodly Sin with Elif Bicer. offering up lots of nice vox. From there it's down the rabbit hole into arpeggio-laden synths dropping through hi-hats into the more traditional techno of Basic Channel and even a cheeky Recondite track for good measure. Most enjoyable and will be going on my iRiver for the long journeys with only a few train beers for company.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

25 minutes in and this is boss. Really boss.

j.p sykes wrote:

Yeah, really enjoyed this Zackster – lush techno

chuffer wrote:

brilliant lol

smallman1 wrote:

Thoroughly enjoyed your mix Zackster.

I'll pay it the ultimate condiment by saying it's mustard.


smashdad wrote:

... quality mate, great stuff

djdiggers wrote:


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Would love to see Yants slippers. Im going for a big pair of hot dogs.

smashdad wrote:

I am nowhere near fucking cool enough to dismiss, dislike or disrespect that...

i am. sounds like a soundtrack to a watch or mercedes commercial.

soundcloud will pull 'em left and right, i hope

bit high in the bpms for you, isn't it?

actually that's a bit unfair to loco dice and jude law; they both would have come up with a festive mix swap offering by now.

add loco dice to that list of deplorable shit too.

lol, yeah that was about as bland as it gets. what a strange person richie has become. since it got big in 07/08, that plodding "doooom duummmm dooom duummm" baseline shit has not progressed a bit. are a tr8 and some gay frequency sensitive tape delay effects the only things that set hawtin apart from dubfire, paco oshuna, and marco carola? sweaty euro trash techno, is what that was. there is so much kick ass techno out there right now, and this is what he comes up with? how is that the same guy that mixed mixmag live, and the de9 series. how is that the same guy that made "sheet one" "muzik" "artifaks" and "dimensional intrusion"? this is what derrik may and jeff mills inspired him to do? he's the sasha and bt of techno for sure. and those sporadic fan interviews were really the icing on the cake. "rich is the techno dr. he knows what to prescribe", "we really owe it to richie to be here, yah know?", "richie hawtin is techno!" go fuck yourself.

seeing as he's the sasha to my dermo, there will be a scathing review forth coming.

i've been at two different shows that ryan elliott opened up wonderfully. some of the best 11pm-2am music i've heard, honestly. dvs1 also plays a mean warm up set, when put in the position.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Playing 135bpm at full volume to an empty club doesn’t make you shine, it makes you look like a colossal tit

so that's where i went wrong.

loopdokter wrote:

Welcome to the world of really bad and never-ending G.A.S.

any chance your really bad g.a.s. had something to do with your recent breakup?

poirot wrote:

Fucking hell. She needs fucking right off. Cant see why anyone would want to fuck her either.
come on dermo.

poirot wrote:

Quite spectacular from 2.30 on.

you can hear furry give a "hallelujah" at the 3min mark.

Presto wrote:

Still wouldn't mind a go on Palin, all being said.


Homegrove wrote:

Wouldn't be so sure Hillary gets the nomination either.

christ, i hope you're right.