You can get all the EM on mix riot if people need em

seanc80 wrote:

This has stood out more than anything else for me

Out Nov 18th

I went to the Sasha night at the Leeds Warehouse in May and heard the bouncers laughing about this lot being a crowd that doesn't get out often ..... says it all really

This is real quality


One player cost Chelsea more than GFH paid for our club - kinda puts it into perspective really. Need investment in January.


Done this year this interview as he was using a DB4 last year

I'm getting a bit bored of his style TBF - bit samey

me too first track knocked it back - surely we are helping promote a track rather than cause any harm ?!

First time posting a link to a mix i've done so go easy - !!!


Barry Jamieson - Phaze Loop Tripped Out Mix
Egbert - Vrijeld
Gui Boratto - Half Life (Patrick Chardonnet)
Adam Beyer - No Rain
Groove Armada - Torrentes
Anil Chawla - Tandrum
James Harcourt - Moob (Quivver)
Electric Rescue - Dope
Marco Bailey - Lotus (Alexander Kowalski)
Soy Mustafa, John Tejada - Return of the Anunnaki (Chymera)
M.A.N.D.Y. - Home (Monaque)
Zoo Brazil - Slob (Nick Curly)
Beckers / DNox - Jacaranda (Dosem)
Erman Erim - French Kiss
Mar-T - Dots & Pearls
Matthias Meyer - Infinity


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Well the time has come to move my beloved vinyl collection into the loft. Does anyone have any recommendations for storage, i don't want to return to them in several years time to see that they're no longer usable and fooked because of the cold.

Any ideas or will they be okay just stacked up, what do others do ? I'd appreciate some advice



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Big Fella wrote:

Sorry spadang, pre-50 posters are only allowed a one line review.

like the new housier sounds and at pushing 40 quite understandable really after following the man like for 21 years - how's that?

Well the transfer window is promptly passing by and after losing Gradel it looks like that Chelsea cunt is keeping his wedge in his pocket.
Fantastic demonstration of his ambition.

Fucking appalling, sit back and enjoy our struggling autumn period then

Homegrove wrote:

Uncle John's played loads of stuff on his charts to I'd think they're really done by him.

Done by him given, not enough charts posted by Uncle John - who am I meant to copy these days .....?

Damn right selfish if you ask me

millsy23 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Would have thought Millsy would have tivo'd up on business programmes such as the apprentice

Those cunts have got nothing on me. Not much left for me to learn in the world of business. I shit success.

Cracking line !!


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I agree with her, Traktor is for pussies !

Didn't go myself for two reasons;

1. not enough notice to arrange pass outs, get others interested, got back from holiday mid May to learn Digweed was coming to town.

2. because the pairing up of Digweed and Adam Beyer didn't seem right.

Lose Beyer and double up Digweed's set time and it would have sounded more appealing.

gIzzE wrote:
Presto wrote:

I genuinely don't care. I have never once been in a club and thought "Jeez, I've heard this song a few times already lately." If it's good, it's good.
To suddenly decide you don't want to play a track anymore just becuase other people might be buying it and playing it smacks of elitism and a desperation to be seen as cool so you can say "oh, I was playing that MONTHS ago," to people.
Fair enough you saying you get a buzz from playing a new track, but are you saying the moment you see it being charted that buzz goes? Sounds ridiculous to me if I'm being honest. If have got bored of a track then you yourself are over playing it or you are just looking for the next flavour of the month.

Then you have me all wrong.

It is not a case of being able to say "I was playing that months ago" but more a case of I don't want my sets to be full of stuff big DJs are playing all the time as I guess most people will have heard the tracks over and over again on their iPods and stereos at home, they get the tunes well before I can, but I guess it is inevitable you will always end up with some if you are into a certain sound and the labels that give you that sound.

I am not saying that I loose interest in a track once something is charted, but I would no longer consider it for a mix cd as I am sure no matter how good a tune is if someone like Sasha was playing it, who gets 35000 downloads on soundcloud, most people will have heard enough of it.
I love his fabric set, but the 3 or 4 tunes I have that are on that now have less interest to me in my 'recordbox' because I keep listening to them on his sets and enjoying them on that, and hearing them on there is enough.
In the same way I loved his Pacha set when it came out, his later sets with the same tunes on them had no where near the same appeal and soon got deleted from my iTunes.

Nothing to do with being an 'elitist cunt' at all, just a case of after a while most tunes get boring if you hear them time and time again, and I am sure most people must feel the same way?

Yep still not helping yourself mate, pack it in as a bad job.

If you like a track play it, who gives a shlt who else is playing it, if it works it works ??

Susanna Reid - absolutely delightful !

Agree that Leftfield should be on there - Not Forgotten for me though. But seriously FSOL - Papa New Guinea should have been on that list and throw in a bit of Moby - Go too

Awful compilation by Radio 1


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Better late than never I've been giving this mix a listen and it's really good.Nice one.  One question - how did you record it ? The sound quality is fantastic. I wish I could get my mixes that clear !? Have you mastered through something like live ??

I thought his later fabric mix the one that he gave out before Christmas was absolutely awful. Was really looking forward to giving it a listen after hearing reports on how Fabric brings out the best but the last hour or so was terrible.

Brilliant mix cd - one of my favourite Balance CD's

Ian Ossia

Best recorded set IMO was an eclectic set he did in 1992 that featured - ICE T, St Etienne, Adamski amongst others. Sounds dodgy ? It was an amazing summer mix that I'd walk over hot coals for a decent copy of that on download.

The programming and sequencing was absolutely sublime.

Happy days.