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What the fuck is this all about then?


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La Nausee wrote:

And what's "cuisine" got to do with it?

Pretty fucking high up on the list of things to commend or condemn a place I would say.


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There is no Michelin Guide for mainland China.

But Michelin reviewers don't have a clue about Asian cuisine anyway,they've already made a laughing stock of themselves for their choices in Japan and HK.


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Ahad Adump wrote:

Sorry to burst your bubble Beijing Dave but the food in hk is shite. It's good in Beijing I'll give you that though.

Canto cuisine in my opinion is great. Unless you just eat the shit they serve up in those plastic, luridly-coloured diners they have in shopping malls. Even if it's not to your taste, it is still better than British or any northern European grot.

Having decent cheese, bread and sausages (or just sausages in the case of Germany) doesn't mean you have a cuisine. The 'food' is the only thing I don't miss about back home.


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Quality post.



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Ahad Adump wrote:

Best place to live: Buenos Aries. Definitely not Hong Kong.

Hong Kong,Beijing and Shanghai make a joke of most cities when it comes to cuisine though. That's a simple fact.


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Loopy making this thread all about Canada. And himself. As per.

Loopy,as nice as your plate glass cities and healthcare systems might be,no one will ever put Canadia at the top of their lists because you'd have to be surrounded by Canadians,all of whom are just plain weird.

And you can fuck off if you think poutine is food.


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So does London you complete rem.

And you don't have to be near anywhere near as many Canadians if you live there which is a bonus in anyone's book.

Stephane Guivarch was hilarious... IIRC played the whole of the 98 World Cup without scoring... despite having Zidane,Djorkaeff,Deschamps and Lizarazu supplying the bullets. Utter dogshite

Who was that brutal looking cunt who played for United?Prunier?

Does anyone remember Jean Ferri?Utter shit signed as a staunch Houllier loyalist (his mole in the dressing room)to find out who was leaking team selections. Apparently it was Ince who was duly fucked off and Ferri never played another game.

Aquilani should be in there aye,for the cash spunked on him and because we sold fucking Xabi Alonso and got HIM. But he has won a whole load of caps for Italy so he must be alright (and indeed was in Serie A).

GK Massimo Taibi
D Stuart Nethercott or Roque Jr
D Torben Piechnik
D Igors Stepanovs
D Winston Bogarde
M Bebe
M Eric Djemba Djemba
M Marco Boogers
F Mad Erik Meijer or Sean Dundee
F Stephane Guivarch
F Tomas Brolin

Big Fella wrote:

I think to be classed as great you have to have some longevity, therefore Fowler over Torres and Owen for me.

This sticks in my mind when i think of Fowler.

That and the mental hat-trick against Arsenal (at the time boasting an impervious back-line).

I agree it's difficult to consider Torres a 'great', especially as he pretty much fell off a cliff from 2010, but he had absolutely fucking everything as a striker and it's a shame we all didn't see a few more years of him at his slaloming, Vidic-terrifying best.

MattBlack wrote:

Would you say Owen in his prime was better than Fowler, before he got fucked by injuries i mean?

I don't reckon so, no.

Fowler got fucked by injuries too, of course.

Fowler was a phenomenal striker.

Hate to say it but Torres was even better, for about two sublime years anyway, until his injuries started piling up.

I am loath to say Ronaldo, because his best years haven't even been in the Premiership, but yeah one of the greatest players ever.

I just fucking love players like Bergkamp though. Imperious number 10s who can read the game like they've got psychic powers, ping a 30 yard pass onto someone's toe or unleash a fucking demon strike into the top corner, all the while looking completely fucking uninterested like they were toying around with a bunch of Sunday league players.

Yant wrote:
dogmanstar888 wrote:

Giggs !??

Please, somebody justify why he takes it over Cantona or Henry?

24 years at the top level?
953 appearances?
scored in every PL season?
34 trophies won?

No one is ever going to get close to those numbers again.

Trophy haul isn't the criterion here though is it? We are arguing about the Premiership's greatest player, not the most decorated.

Mateja Kezman has a title winners' medal from four different countries (Spain, Holland, England and Turkey) but would you say he was a better striker than Shearer?

Zola for Chelsea as well, in the same bracket.

United, of course, have had fucking great teams, that midfield of Beckham, Scholes, Giggs and Keane was ridiculous.

But I thought Bergkamp was incredible, such a joy to watch.

Bergkamp for me.


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I am of course partly joking.

Best places to live? Difficult.
If I were to choose anywhere to be born (other than the UK, which still confers you a good passport and privileged treatment compared to people of many other nations), I would say the US or Germany probably.

Italy and Malaysia have the nicest quality of life of anywhere I've been, I suppose. But (maybe because of that) the locals are shall we say somewhat "laid back" and nothing works quite as well as it should.

Consistently nicest people I've encountered are probably the Dutch. I could handle living in the Netherlands apart from the shitty climate.


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All the greatest cuisine on earth, high quality fanny that stays in shape until it's at least 40, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites you could hope to see served up in a nourishing toxic soup of an atmosphere.

By the way,as an inhabitant of one of the true global capitals I can sneer at what a crap village Manchester is.

Can we extend this to laughing at Mancunians' utter delusion about their city in general?They all seem to think that Manchester is the centre of the universe (it's not)due to the occasional sporadic outbreak of a half-decent music scene (mostly inherited from Liverpool's legacy)and a football team that is as respected (but not any more than)Barcelona,Real Madrid,Liverpool,Bayern Munich,Milan and Juventus. Oh,and a decent redbrick university that is full of Asians and very few of the city's fuckwitted inhabitants.

1 Norman Jay - somewhere in Birmingham, can't actually remember where, but anyone who's seen him will sympathise.
He was dogshit. Couldn't mix. Record bag did at least contain Unfinished Sympathy which he dropped at the end to cheer up the disappointed punters who'd stuck it out.

2 Graham Gold - UWSU around 2000.
I blagged my way in because my mate was on the AV crew. Hung around the edge of the dancefloor complaining that the place was a "shithole" while the warm-up dj was on. It was half empty probably because tickets were about £12 or something to see him on a wet Tuesday night. These were during peak trance superclub days when every cunt wanted an extortionate fee to play anywhere. Spent the night sulking behind the decks and generally glaring at anyone who wasn't up and dancing to his supercharged cheese trance.

3 Some resident at OneCentral (?), Manchester.
Great bangers in the place so the cunt behind the decks ends up playing things like a dub version of Eleanor Rigby just as half the club's coming up. Ridiculously ill-judged set, just utterly horrific. Sticks in my mind as a night that put me off pills.