MattBlack wrote:

17.5 million people voted to leave the EU Dave and I'm sure they weren't all thickets like me as so so eloquently put it and besides, we haven't left yet so I'm not saying anything until we actually do

Just over half of voters voted to leave, with a slim majority. The UK's average IQ is 100 (Singapore tops the tables with an average of 108). Below 100 is considered below average intelligence. The Brexit thickets are the half of the country with an IQ below 100, plus a small handful of intelligent, deluded people.

Smallman, you BRASS-NECKED CUNT, you owe the board an explanation, just like MattBlack owes the board an explanation for his thick as fuck BREXIT RACIST agenda.

Inveterate LIAR Ed Smallman has been using scams like this to fund his PRETEND high-end lifestyle, instagramming shite expensive food and pictures of him 'larging it' in darkened clubs that he couldn't normally afford, being as he is from Erith.

I reckon Rhouses pocketed the £20 and just hung off the roof of the train for free anyway.

Rhouses contacted me by PM on Global Underground years back, wanting to borrow £20 to visit his friend in Auroville, which I duly sent Western Union, and he's never paid me back.

Can we open an investigation into this prick too?

smallman1 wrote:

Makes frothing right wing capitalists like me feel good though Grant.

Swings and roundabouts.

You are aware that the Guardian is a centre-left journal aren't you? That is actually highly interventionist/anti-capitalist on certain issues? (e.g. environmental issues) Or did that go over your head?

The only really decent thing about the Telegraph these days is the sports section.

When I was a teenager, not that long ago, a 'luvvie' was strictly a thespian, whether the twats in the Sixth Form drama club or someone like Kenneth Branagh.

Now 'luvvie' is used as a term of abuse for anyone even vaguely liberal (probably around half or the US or UK population - the intelligent ones who live in actual worthwhile places like L.A. or London) or works in any kind of creative industry (actually 2.8 million of the UK population).

'Labour Luvvies in secret plot to neuter Brexit voting families' etc

I do wish the Daily Express would just fuck off.

fadass wrote:

Toast of London.

Good call.

millsy23 wrote:

My tastes have changed since the halcyon days, and the BPMs have gone down, but I don't agree it's dated worse than the aforementioned at all.

While sacrilege to say so, lots of NE1 and 2 are fairly cheesy trance (X-plan - The Voyager etc).

Great but an absolute cheesefest in parts.


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Alan 'I'm really angry that I genuinely don't know what I'm doing and I stink of failure' Pardew.


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millsy23 wrote:

oldest trick in the book. He's off to Nigeria next week to claim his millions.


He also helps a swell Thai girl he met on holiday, tiding her over while she has a brief 'cashflow ploblem'.



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But enough about Smashdad, &c...

Presto wrote:

20 years seems older?

I'd rather not cross that barrier.

It came out a year after Leftism, and the same year as In Sides by Orbital, and those two discs have undoubtedly dated better, as much as I love Northern Exposure.

For some reason it was in my mind that it predated them, although I haven't looked at the sleeve in ages.

Hmm, 1996. Seems older somehow.

I meant the burn that's coming for you, Sean.

LOL, burn for Sean there!

Tucker's a great shout.

Rhouses, my three favourite things in life are fucking Asian women in the cunt, eating Chinese food and giving you a slapdown.

It's just in my nature.

Glad you edited that before I had you for saying he's a character when he's an actor.

Fucking thicket.

For me, Leon Black, fucking amazing...


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fadass wrote:

International tournaments representing Ingerlund don't count on any cv. You're unremittingly shit from first to last. Despite the fact you would have pushed Rooney out in a wheelchair to play, he always got slaughtered.

Why even bother discussing this. Rooney had several excellent seasons at United, won everything. Has his limitations & should have been better but he's an archetypal stupid English twat who didn't look after himself as an athlete should....

Totally agree with this.

Although I don't necessarily buy the 'won everything' measure of footballers, by that measure Fernando Torres is the outstanding forward of his generation.


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Anyway, we're off topic here and the topic is Rooney is a fat fucking prick.


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A case could be made for Gerrard, although you have to give him a lot of credit for Istanbul and the West Ham FA Cup Final, IMO.