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This thread is amazing. It's like a magnet for all the retards to give serious responses to.


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A new low.


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Who is this Squidgy character and where's he suddenly appeared from?

Brazen bid to get in the Power Rankings Top 20 with some of these posts about what a #massivelegend he is.

Save it for impressing the YTS kids at work on your coffee break, mate.


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Squidgy wrote:

Also, the formaldehyde thing doesn't seem to apply to all Asian beers, just China, as the link you posted indicates too Dave. It does look like a highly reputable source that website too. FFS

Wall Street Journal:


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millsy23 wrote:

Frankly you're only half a man until you've had four pint-sized cans of wife beater on a steaming hot 22.55  from Waterloo. Life affirming.

So true.

Commandeering a whole table to yourself and your tins and glaring at anyone who thinks about sitting down.


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Dermatron wrote:

Yeh I can tell, it does the same as Chang in Thailand and i believe that also has it in it. Do like the flavour of Tsingtao though. I know its shite coz it only costs $14 for 6.

All Asian beers seem to do it.

Tiger is quaffable for a mass-market beer in these parts but doesn't half give me a pounding fucking headache.


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Corona is for hairdressers.

Tsingtao has formaldehyde in it. That's probably why it gives you a headache.


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Tank Top wrote:

Quilmes is one shit beer. You'll probably end up drinking Stella. Patagonia is a nice beer out there but not available in a lot of places in BA.

The Argies have nailed corruption and the collection of runners up medals but fucked it on beer.

I don't understand this idea of going to places or going to a particular country's restaurant and drinking their shit beer because it's 'authentic'.

Cobra - shit
Tsingtao - shit
San Miguel (actually Phillippines but some people mistakenly pair it with 'Tapas') - shit
Brahma at a Brazilian barbecue - absolute shit
Kirin or Asahi - just about passable
Dos Equis - shit


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I flew Manchester-Doha with a rich early twenties Indian girl's bare foot propped on my armrest from behind for almost the entire flight as she relaxed/slept.

If I didn't have an outrageous foot fetish and have to go to the bogs at least once to wank myself off, I'd have been hugely offended by her uncouthness/sense of entitlement.


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Dermatron wrote:

You had a good time would have been plenty rhouses. No need for a blog entry.

Indians are the worst travellers by the way. Shouldn't be allowed. Unless delivering urgent curry spices.

With you on that.

Worst travellers:
1) Indians. Basically the birds appear to just lift their saris up and shit everywhere in the plane toilets, like Bobby Sands has been in there.
2) Russians. Obnoxious and drink the booze dry within about twenty minutes of take-off.
3) Chinese. Almost as bad as the Indians but at least they go to sleep throughout most of the flight instead of congregating in groups in the aisles and having a 4-hour family discussion when everyone else is trying to get off to sleep.


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

and was a bumpy flight both ways.

You're such a fucking retard Rhouses.

Everyone knows that's basically little to do with the airline, turbulence is particularly bad around Malaysia and Indonesia anyway.

I have flown EasyJet and Shanghai Airlines, who are cheap as fuck, and experienced incredibly smooth flights and landings.

I have flown British Airways countless times, who have some of the most highly trained and well-paid staff in the world by all accounts and once getting the Manchester-LHR shuttle in shit weather I genuinely thought the plane was going to flip over on approach.


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Not sure what's more embarrassing from Smalls there - the tenuous KLANG or the fact he's mates with Mike Miller.


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La Nausee wrote:
afeworki helen wrote:
furry wrote:

I don't think glossed over is a fair description in this sense. He's merely pointing out statistical data on violence in black communities and giving info on his interactions with people in said community. I understand there can be other factors at play in the causes but if you know these communities better then a black cop in Florida then by all means help me understand.

I've lived for a year in Manhattan. I have never encountered such a level of lack of standard human courtesy towards non-whites as in America.

Lots of people make the mistake and put America on the same level as Europe (in terms of race relations) and it is soooo not.

The rich and most white Americans live a pampered life style, completely oblivious to the struggles non-whites have to live in within the same jurisdiction.

I saw enough to not ever want to go back there.

Manhattan may be unique in that every single person living in it is a complete cunt. Brett Easton Ellis stereotypes wandering around to beat the band.

I love reading complaints from hicks who can't hack 'the big city'.

La Nausee wrote:

They are seen as the epitome of "freedom" and western culture. More so than the Seppos who everyone knows are only interested in themselves. The Brits? Meh. A mad island race who do what the Seppos tell them. The French, on the other hand, have no issues with bombing Syria and Iraq without being led by the nose. They're also a militaristic nation who have traipsed all over the globe and have taken less kindly to their outposts becoming independent than the British, eg, Algeria. They have a huge North African population due to their colonial past and freedom of movement means you can drive from the Turkish border with Bulgaria to France without once being stopped.
So they are a sitting duck. Their intelligence agencies are also fucked and way behind the Yanks/Brits. And they are slightly less disposed to hindering "freedom" than other western cultures. And their politicians are more interested in banging their mistresses whilst wifey minds house than actually sorting anything out.
In my humble opinion.

Yeah, apparently they have six different intelligence agencies who are stepping on each others' toes, an institutional fuckshow from what I've read (in respected journals like Foreign Affairs).

In which one of the most talented female musicians of our time is reduced to a bit-part role as an 'ethereal' sidekick so that idiot Mail readers can comprehend her.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic … utfit.html


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erik.b wrote:

with current advances in technology it is more than achievable to live with almost no footprint.



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I used to work with this Yank who got fired a few months ago and chucked it all in to build his own home out of containers in the middle of nowhere in the Appalachians somewhere.

He is a proper paranoid libertarian Yank.

Once tried to physically fight me on a night out because he thought I insulted his girlfriend (I didn't - I merely asked what the fuck her bizarre tatts were all about) then on the same night paid for the rest of my drinks to apologise.

Put me onto a great conspiracy forum called godlikeproductions.com - it's a good read from time to time actually.

He still updates instagram with photos all the time.

His house basically looks like a giant metal bin and the only thing he has in there appears to have in there are bongs and weightlifting equipment. Fucking bizarre.


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If you're really living 'off grid' then you should really have your own electricity source or at least a backup generator, which in turn is linked to some kind of system to produce potable water (e.g. rainwater filtration or something) no?

I like the shape this rant is taking, however.

Turkey experts now being created by the dozen in the Bedrock Armchair Pundit Machine as we speak.

Hold tight for in-depth analysis from Loopdokter, Liquitech, Helen Afeworki and Simeon soon...

Nice one Zack.

Not surprised they managed to sleep through the whole thing after years of listening to your music.


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Surely this is a godsend to Millsy.

He can know all the places there are likely to be pre-teens with no guardians running around in packs.


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Could go badly wrong for Arsenal.

Isn't this Wenger's final season, with no contract renewal seemingly being taken?

Always fucks a team up that does, look at when Fergie first tried to say he was leaving United.


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Dermatron wrote:

I watch ESPN news quite often and the two anylysts on there (both sepo's admittedly) say he's done a great job with fuck all talent. They did critisise that he had no shot on target in the Copa though LOL

To be honest, I don't know 'cos I don't watch them.

I just know this seppo is furious with their showing in the Gold Cup last year and the Copa America (even though they actually went quite far).


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Oh, and the one genuine American soccer fan I know here in BJ, who goes to watch MLS and some international fixtures, can't stand Klinsmann.

Reckons he's squandered the talent of the most talented generation of footballers the US has ever had.

Most recently, getting pissed on 4-0 by Argentina, who aren't exactly amazing these days apart from Messi.

Can't comment myself, because I've seen very little of them play.

Mancini, fair enough.


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Dermatron wrote:

Allardyce will get left behind at International level imo. He builds a team from the back and then runs out of ideas. He's not got the technical nouse required to diversify. We need a German like Klinsman or Mancini. Well they'd be my two choices but of course we'll end up with the most useless twat available that no one wanted.

Everyone knows there needs to be a revolution in the way the game is played from the bottom up in England. Well, that is probably happening now but it will take years to filter through.

Hodgson's an absolute donkey but he didn't have the players anyway.

And I don't buy this stuff about there being too many foreigners in the English league, really. Serie A has been awash with foreign talent for years yet the Italians still produce tournament-winning teams (or at least, highly competitive teams) every generation. I can only really remember them having a genuinely dreadful tournament once in my lifetime (2010? When they drew with New Zealand and lost to Slovakia). Same with La Liga. If we could produce decent players, they'd hold their own in the domestic league just as the Italians and Spanish do.

The domestic season does need fewer games though. Abolish the League Cup and cut the top two flights down to 18 (maybe 20 for the Championship) with a winter break like the Germans have. Although of course the clubs would never vote for it.

Allardyce is not a bad solution right now. He can organise and drill a team, which is apparently more than Hodgson could do. I could see us being tough to beat. Of course, he's not the long-term solution we need, though. But, realistically, who else is there?