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Lads, do you use a Cox-Zucker Machine for working out algorithms?


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Jesus fucking Christ Sean.

Once you get to places with more than 10,000 people, people seek out more slightly interesting stuff than standard Nike fodder differentiated only from the next culchie's by an eye-bleeding colourway.


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Is there anything more enjoyable than working out a logarithm?

I'm talking about the natural log of 2.

It's difficult and expensive to get English magazines in China, so these days I personally enjoy playing Super Mario Land 3D on the Nintendo 3DS at the same time.

What mathematical pastime do you most enjoy?


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Album - Santigold '99c'/Sunflower Bean 'Human Ceremony'/Tricky 'Skilled Mechanics'
Night - Bye Bye Disco @ Dada, Beijing
Film - 10 Cloverfield Lane
TV - Narcos/Black Mirror
Trabs - Any classic Diadora
How many gigs attended - U.K. - 0
How many gigs attended - Abroad - about 15-20 including pub gigs
reg of the year - The whole Smallman-Loopy debacle
best thread - Hop Head's Power Rankings
funniest poster - Millsy
hated poster - Smashdad

Fuck off Smalls.

Absolute plank.


Brexit has hit Cameron hard.


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mr rossi wrote:

Be glad to see the back of it tbh

Wally's not left the board yet.


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http://content.time.com/time/magazine/a … 39,00.html

Anyway, Reg of the year is anything posted by Smashdad or Smallman on football.


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Dermatron wrote:

And fuck you also Presto.

I think Rossi was suggesting Bates not Preston was a paedo.

ghostriddenhuffy CLEARLY forms all his views on women from alt-right message boards

Probably never even been near one.

Hope Rhouses is working on a new tune about how his shitbag 'friend' stole his missus.

It's not that funny.

It's just the standard La Nausee blueprint with the gaps filled in differently.

Rhouses is a right CUNT isn't he?


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In Wakefield, 39.14% have no academic qualifications, way higher than the national average.

Hardly surprising they're inbred, staunch Brexiters.

Absolute dump, that place.


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smashdad wrote:

Jesus suffering fuck...

Wayne Rooney, like him or not (and I don't) is, by far, the best footballer available to Sam Allardyce.

I'd love you to expound at length on John Terry's superior leadership qualities but given that simply isn't possible - no fault of yours, it's just not possible -

https://www.theguardian.com/football/bl … ester-city

Someone asked why Capello kept picking Terry when his form was poor. The answer was simple. Yes, there were quicker, fitter players. But when Capello and his men looked around the dressing room before kick-off they usually found Terry was the only England player not frozen into silence, bowed with angst or – in the colloquialism used – “shitting it” under the weight of the England shirt.

Terry was unafraid. He made the others less afraid.

I don't know where to even start with this thread.

1 - ETC
Crazed genius anti-hero.

2 - Beijing Dave
Sharp, spiky, quick. Came out of a recent spat with SeanC80 with his reputation only enhanced as there could only ever be one winner.

3 - La Nausee
Much-loved green clothed leprechaun

4 - Amps
Knocked off his skateboard by Wally's surprise attack, but still holding in there.

5 - Wally
Crazed flip-out finally propels him into the board's consciousness.

6 - Homegrove
To get through Baldy's Gate, you need the magic mod wand.

7 - Smashdad
Helpless chuckling princess always relying on others to save him/his threads.

8 - Dermo
Big bruiser of the board immovable from his place at the top of the structure.

9 - Millsy
Anthropomorphic train chugging along (with Rhouses claiming a free ride on his roof inevitably).

10 - SeanC80
Bumbling clown in bizarre outer garments and silver trabs.


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roberto wrote:

managed to find these in jd sports gatwick as an emergency pair of stompers.... quite like them!


What was the emergency? You realised you're a complete weapon and should dress accordingly before attempting to pass through customs?


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smallman1 wrote:

How many pairs did you buy?

A rare lol for Smallman.


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Just read about Fred West's early life...


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Leeds implicated as well now,
https://www.theguardian.com/football/20 … se-scandal

The biggest shock, to be honest, is it isn't the south-west... Plymouth, Bristol, some right dodgy fuckers in places like that and the West Country generally.

If Gloucester was a big footy town you can guarantee they'd have the biggest grooming factory.


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Exactly how I imagine Chewey from the GU/4four board to look.


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Boring wrote:

I remember at the time that Crewe had a reputation for producing decent young players, but off the top of my head only David Platt and Craig Hignett come to mind.

All United fans try to block Danny Murphy out of their memories, of course.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

just catching up here - are we saying Gary Speed topped himself because he was molested as a child?

Fucking nothing gets past you does it Shaun?

Meanwhile, let's fill in the blanks on our Bennelled XI. You can do the formation.

2. Andy Woodward
4. Gary Speed
7. David White
8. Paul Stewart
9. Alan Brazil
11. Steve Walters

Coach: Dario Gradi
Fitness Coach: Jimmy Savile