The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby and the hugely underrated Zooropa are all superb albums.

Bono's a twat but they have been unstoppable at times.

I don't conflate later shit output and dislikeable personality with excellent records, unlike Monsieur Ncable.

zackster wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

Raekwon the Chef - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

that's also a good call

My ten (subject to change):
The Breeders - Last Splash
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
The Beatles - Revolver
Raekwon the Chef - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
Leftfield - Leftism
The Smiths - The Queen is Dead
The Clash - The Story of The Clash volume 1
Manic Street Preachers - Holy Bible
Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

I actually also want to put Pulp's Different Class, Blur's Parklife and Definitely Maybe in there because of the memories associated with them and that period but if I'm honest none of these are as good as the albums listed above.

I'll be sprayed with a mulch of spunk and crisps.

Not bad bants there, Smashy.

Yeah plenty of BSPF from John Graham IMO.

'One Last Time' defo BSPF.

Great. Another list thread.

These change on an almost weekly basis for me.

The Breeders' Last Splash and MBV's Loveless would always be in there though.


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Which Air Max Smallman?

The '97s are back in massively.

The '90s are well good but a bit common nowadays.

If you're rocking '95s you've just committed regicide because even squares like Strudders love them.

I love that Loopy post.

Life story - check
Canada - check
Elementary error about music - check

It's so bang on standard

The thread title says 'prog' not 'prog house'.

Not totally unreasonable for someone to toss a prog breaks track in.

However, Millsy's a cunt who stuck the boot into my Springsteen thread so fuck him.

Where do you stand on prog-trance Dermo? Is it prog? Is it trance? Is turquoise blue or green?

And a less well known Rowan Blades monster that burps and gurgles like the U-bend of Smallman's kitchen sink:


I'll add in Sven Vath - Barbarella (Deep Dish Remix) as we've been discussing the Dishsters lately.


Dunno how anyone can 'not mind' the Jesus and Mary Chain.

You either love em or you hate em.

Unless you're a total square.

loopdokter wrote:

Rock solid live, but fuck me were they ever boring.  They're my missus' favourite band.

Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure, The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine - some absolutely great bands in the 80s.

Expect you don't like any of them, Loopy, and I'm glad I don't have to share my music tastes with squares like you.

I love most of The Cure's stuff but in particular Between Days is fucking brilliant and although a decade on from its release (96/97ish), will always remind me of going out and getting pissed for the first times at indie nights. Great days.

joeyp wrote:
Presto wrote:
zackster wrote:

get it together boys, scorchio is a feckin' cheeewn

It's alright. But is in no way an "essential" prog track.

And all of you behave over Xpander. It is sublime.

Xpander isn't even the best track on that ep

Agreed, Belfunk is a way better track.


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To paraphrase Phoebe Buffet,

"Ledgy bants, ledgy bants, where are they placing you?"

What have the algorithms thrown up this month then?

Don't keep us in suspense, Hophead.


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Next posts from Smallman:
The Top Twenty Essential Prog Bangers?
Do you like food?
Best movies this decade?
Ten for Thursday


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Smalls, what I see is basically you are Fulham, a club in freefall, but you're playing a series of pre-season friendlies against Yeovil and Port Vale so you can batter them 6-0 and try and convince your fans to renew their season tickets.

It's clumsy and Hugh Grant and his mates are going to fuck you off and start following Arsenal instead.


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Smallman, I'm not happy with your strategy here, it's very obvious to all the big hitters and veterans.

Following your recent wobbles, you are just banking safe 6-pagers to try and ascend the board rankings.

Fortunately, Hop Head tells me the algorithms are too smart these days and factor such blatant threadhunting in.

They're both a poor man's Chad Kroeger.

The comment on that blog is equally ridiculous:
"You were born in the USA, but you had no intention to defend her!"

Er, the US was about as "threatened" by Vietnam as the UK and US were by Iraq.

Plenty of highly patriotic people in both countries and, importantly, good people opposed both those wars.