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You should have Kvarme in your Scandinavian flops. He was shit, whereas Heggem was good but perenially injured. Michael Stensgaard could go in there too. The 'next Peter Schmeichel', he dislocated his shoulder setting up and ironing board and never recovered.


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Heggem was a weird one. Not sure he was a flop though he often gets labelled as one. Had a very good first couple of seasons in a weak squad. Injuries did for him.

Piechnik will always be remembered as part of the holy trinity of all time Liverpool flops, though, along with Paul Stewart and Istvan Kozma. And maybe Sean Dundee, but I don't think Dundee actually got more than a friendly appearance did he?


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
monostereo wrote:

When watching particularly tense matches like these I often worry that Sue Barker might shit herself live on air.

her interview with Andy Murray earlier was simpering nauseating cunting bollocks

i know she's a national treasure but her and Andrew Castle can fuck right off

Who says she's a national treasure?

She's an average broadcaster who is recently showing scenes of senility/madness. I don't know anyone who actually likes having her on their telly, especially with her shrivelled up permatanned gob.

Hardly Barry Davies is she?


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I'm not particularly defending Dermo here, Smalls, but you have made a complete tit of yourself frequently with some of the stuff you have posted and it seems you get somewhat irate about being called out for it.

You would get a similar ripping in a north-west boozer, away from the Putney where people are probably too polite to call you a mug, and that probably explains your general dislike of northerners (especially scousers).


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

Flares calling out Dermo for some past greivance
Dermo retorting
BF stirring the pot
Rob added pictures

Strudders. Haven't you done this before? Cowering outside the kebab shop at 3am in the morning. Then wading inside, once all of the scrapping has been done with bodies lying on the floor. Hands on hips. Warning everyone not to fuck with you.



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How does this change the power rankings Hop Head?

Will the enforced absence reduce key posters' influence?

Or, like being suspended from high school for telling the dinner lady to "fuck off", will they return with their reputation enhanced?


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After Clyne, I think another stamp on our Saints Loyalty Card gets us a free player doesn't it?

Can we get back to massively objecting to everything Rhouses posts now lads?

Big Fella wrote:

plus what Cappuccino has Caramel in it?

Since Rblouses was a complete thicket

Exactly... inferior products are offloaded to the Indians,not superior flavours of Magnum.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

There's a Magnum Cappuccino which i think you can only get in India, which is quite good also. Delicious caramel bits in it.

Rhouses why the fuck would a global confectioner make a really good product and then decide to sell it only in India?

I can imagine the scenes around the boardroom table:“Dan in product development tells me they've made a great new ice cream,whose coffee and caramel flavour will give it worldwide appeal” “great... let's only sell it to the Indians,most of whom can't afford it” “yeah good idea Wilson,you complete thicket”

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, Cookie Dough

Fuck off Rhouses, you can't have the same taste as me.

To be fair, I haven't had Ben and Jerry's for years. Banned in China for giving money to his holiness' independence campaign.

Occasionally splash out on a Haagen-Dazs, but really they're not as nice as Ben and Jerry's. You end up thinking "yeah that was luxury but a bit boring and now I have an unexpectedly large hole in my wallet". Much like staying at a Hilton.

Ice cream:Ben and Jerry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Ice cream on a stick:Magnum or Galaxy Dove
Ice lolly:never eat them but loved Calippos when I was a kid. Not to be confused with calipers,which BedRob wore as a kid


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Punk IPA is not bad, I think the cheesy packaging and advertising just causes hipsters to turn their noses up.

Best brewery taproom I know of, if anyone's ever in the vicinity:
http://www.timeoutbeijing.com/venue/Bar … ewpub.html


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BedRob wrote:

Things appear to be getting a little "tetchy" again here, i put it down to the heat in the UK.................anyhoo, I just wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful weekend, may it be as beautiful as you are

I don't really post on weekends due to me having a real life etc.......but i look forward to hearing from you all on the other side

Take care of yourself...........and each other

Essex Riviera

By the way, it's always amusing to see someone with 2900 posts coruscate board members for not having active social lives.

I sometimes post on here at the weekends, so what? I also have a job that allows plenty of flexi and if there is an exciting social event on a Wednesday in this world-class capital, Olympics, centre-of-the-universe city I play in, I go to it.


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Matthew Black is an anagram of Thwack Ma Belt, which is what a Scotsman would likely say you spend most of your time doing.


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Che raps?

Doesn't make any sense, Matt.


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St Vincent gave a great performance on a smaller stage last year IIRC.

She should have got the main stage gig. Enough fans now and has the indie cred to offset some of the shite on the main stage these days.

There's no such thing as an innocent Commie, Ahad.


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This is a classic, by the way:


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

get the BBQ and beak out


Yes,two days of eating carbon and hammering 10% beak cut with Ariel is going to put everyone in an excellent mood come Monday morning isn't it?

If we want more PLUR on here,everyone should start eating a Nip diet and drinking tea every weekend. While listening to Pan Pipe Moods.


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Borini and Lambert are gone if a decent offer comes in, but can't see anyone offering decent money for Balotelli or even covering his allegedly ridic wages.

Southampton signed a Sporting Lisbon player to replace Clyne before they let him go.

Looks like I win the thread. Again.

Post it.

2 rules: No lying to look cool. UK or US number 1 acceptable.