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Also, I will tell you for a fact that basketball is way more popular in China than football probably will ever be. Why?

High population density means most cities have very few football pitches but have concrete basketball courts everywhere.

Kids play basketball and watch NBA (You will see probably 10 Lakers/Celtics/Bulls shirts or caps being worn to every 1 Barcelona/Real Madrid/Man United shirt) and I can't see that changing any time soon.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
joeyp wrote:

Apparently they were selling vardy vs aguero scarves outside emptiad the other night - football is fucking dead.

and China situation will make it worse

An upstart football league with a few rich owners paying over the odds for 3-star Brazilians?

Will it bollocks. Sure we've seen this before anyway with US and Russian teams making a few 'marquee signings'.

No footballer at the top of the game would dream of playing outside England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France and it has been thus for a long time and will continue to be. They simply don't get the respect if they're outside regular European competition.

Also, I go and watch Beijing Guo'an a couple of times a year, even though they get 30-odd thousand to most games, the tickets are dirt cheap because the average salary even in the capital is so low. The minimum wage in Beijing is about £160 a month, much less in the provinces.

Don't be fooled by seeing some rich cunts driving around some shiny new buildings in Lambos on the telly - the country is backward and poverty-stricken.

Erik B insisting on inserting plugs for his business before every award.


Great thread in the making.

poirot wrote:

I went to Cheshire oaks at xmas under instruction from my Mrs. Fucking awful shite that wont be getting the pleasure twice. Didnt notice lots of tiddly's there but full of unintentional Christmas jumper wearing Albanian looking types.

Yeah, spot on. Misshapen lumpen headed Eastern Euro cunts everywhere.

I only went to spazz some cash on some decent work shirts - £69 for each set of two shirts in Hugo Boss (Black) or the same in fucking Uniqlo back in China? Might as well fill a suitcase.

Although when I see the Chinese in the UK, talking loudly and fucking playing their mobile ringtones in Pizza Express, I do think 'what the fuck? Fucking peasant bastards', and then berate myself for having gone to Cheshire Oaks.

I love living in Sinostan tbh.

I can do whatever the fuck I want, manners-wise, and no-one bats an eyelid. Go to the shop in my dressing gown. Smoke cigs in bars where it clearly says 'no smoking' (the barman will even bring an ashtray). Not have to even pretend to be polite to anyone. I like the way that if someone is in your way you can simply physically move them out of the way and not get kicked off on. Not tip - EVER*.

The whole place works very effectively and to my liking to be honest.

*I actually think tipping is an excuse for restaurant owners to get away with not paying their staff properly and in this respect I am with the Chinese - don't tip and then the fuckers have to pay waiters a proper wage and reflect it in the prices.

Where do the masses of dirty gobbing Sinos fall into all this?

I like Zackster's mixes, despite slaughtering him for his unashamedly horrifying Glaswegian mentalist wobbly techno and horse teeth.


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Dirk Kuijt scored 29 in one season.

Gerrard was too defensively and positionally weak and wasn't a good enough leader to be put up there with, say, Souness as a player.

That's not to say he wasn't fucking good.

Shaun, wanting Roy Hodgson as manager has invalidated anything you might say about football. Ever.

Who wouldn't? Definitely the better player.

Probably only Scholes and Bergkamp had similar passing ability in the Premiership.

Unless they're Irish, that is.

Fadass, everyone knows that white people working in foreign countries are expats.

Henry Winter seems to call Istanbul the 'Gerrard Final'
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/footba … ndeur.html

Big_Fella wrote:

Are you referring to Istanbul as the other final?

Yes, but I wouldn't call it the Gerrard final.

Hamann and Alonso had as much to do with it as Gerrard.

If you can ever bring yourself to watch it back, it was Hamann coming on and dealing with Kaka that changed the game.

Gerrard apparently didn't like Benitez, but Benitez by far got the best football out of him, realising he was weak defensively and just letting him bomb forward with Hamann/Mascherano/Lucas covering his weaknesses.

I've heard a West Ham talk about "that fackin Gerrard final"

I think Gerrard would have struggled to get into the late 70s/early 80s Liverpool side.

But then again, he has two cup finals named after him (by some), so he can't exactly be shit, mistake or no mistake.

I'll tell you what would be really funny.

If all West Ham fans died.


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Note that 'apres' is an anagram of 'rapes'.

What fucking hilars me is that no-one on this board possesses any semblance of taste.

Go back to sleep with your Best of Quivver Remixes in your earbuds, you fucking spastics.


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chuffer wrote:

Lightweight...the missus fits more meat in her throat on her "conference" trips

LOL @ Chuffer.

'Five Guys' is it?

Don't be filling this up with the usual shite. Beardy folk and such bollocks. No-one's interested in shit, ethereal singer-songwriters.

I'll start with this from The Fat White Family, which is fucking barmy, and amazing, albeit owing a lot to Suicide and Throbbing Gristle.