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smallman1 wrote:

I've just checked out some Forest Hills trabbs Dave.

They're even worse than the superstars.

Absolutely horrendous.

I don't own any Forest Hills.

My point was that as Superstars have been ubiquitous since about 1995 (there isn't a year goes by when you don't see plenty of people in them, in whatever new colour scheme they bring out) and Gazelles and Campus have always been common as well, if you're going to go for a trabb like this then a shrewd move might be the less common Forest Hills or even the Trim Trabb.


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Where is seanc80 from?

I am guessing Limerick or Waterford or Athlone or some tiny culchie village.


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Oh nice, another (what will be) Smalls' in Melbourne thread.


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Unfortunately Superstars have been done to death for about two decades now.

Forest Hills are a better (and less common) trabb IMO, if you must go for something like that.


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I'm with Amps on this, Nike Rift are well cool, always have been, for beachwear (wouldn't wear them out around town of course).

What have you got to wear to the beach that would be cooler?

Crocs? NO
Toe shoes? NO
Those Merrill adventure sandals? ABSOLUTELY NO
Havaianas? Yes, possibly

Keep ledging it in the Rift Amps.

What about if that money can pay for a massive cunt member of the cabin crew to be trained to sit on a mental pilot and, if necessary, fly the plane if this happens again (assuming that 'rule of two' is applied)?

I have read a couple of articles recently (before this actually happened) about pilots in the US being under massive pressure for comparatively low rates of pay. If this is the trend in the industry now, it's no wonder that there are a few crack-ups and maybe top end potential who can perform effectively under great pressure aren't being attracted to the profession in such great numbers as before (why do that for less and less pay when you can be an investment banker or an engineer?).

I thought Airbuses now had capability of being controlled remotely though? Or is this technology not well developed enough yet to deal with these situations?

Personally, I would be happy to pay an extra £50-80 or so every time I flew if it meant the crew get the rates of pay they need and deserve and the professional/personal development they require.


Whenever I fly Chinese airlines they're full of mincers working the aisles these days.


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The Irish don't really understand anything subtler than raw aggression if you need them to hop to it. The producer must have had it coming.

poirot wrote:

Everyone in the North West has scousers down as robbing pikeys. Its not even debatable and has fuck all do with religion.

What about in Crewe,Nantwich and Winsford?Which,let's face it,are scouse colonies.


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Yes, he was known as Fairy Starcatcher and used to support Hearts back then.


MattBlack wrote:

Weren't Everton the original Merseyside club?

What's that got to do with fucking pikeys Matt?

Yes they were.

I suppose you could have a Danish or Norwegian or Dutch pikey. Never really seen one though.

Well, it sounds somewhat strange because pikeys are (for most English people) associated with Catholic countries - Ireland and Romania mostly.

But you can call whoever you want a pikey. If you want, like.

Not so sure 'pikeys' is quite the appropriate term for what is traditionally Merseyside's protestant club.

But, whatever...


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MattBlack wrote:

Knowing the BBC they'll replace him with Diane Abbott to help towards their diversity and ethnic quota


Did MattBlack just do it again? I think so!


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I have only just properly seen a replay of Skrtel's stamp (I was watching the match on a fairly shitty stream, having no interest in going to the boozer to be surrounded by plastic Manc expat bellends in Ralph Lauren shirts) and the daft twat deserved a red as well as the ban.


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poirot wrote:

I'm Dermott and I'm allowed back on the board have been for a while. It's not an alias you prick it's my new user name.
You are dogstarman but are a little bit pathetic pretending you aren't.  You are also perry the sex case off GU.

Let's drop it and you can stop dribbling and we can all move on.

Isn't Flares 'Dogmanstar'?

747er and Flares are not the same person, 747er was around for years on GU.


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seanc80 wrote:

Is there a more overrated player in the world at the moment than Raheem Sterling?



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Well, you would hope so. He is a bit 'Brentish' when talking about his 'philosophies' etc but he does seem to be serious about learning what he can. Rather him than some dinosaur like Hodgson anyday.

And to be in with a shout of 4th having lost one of the your best players (and have another of your best players in RAPID decline) is still pretty decent.

His signings really haven't been bad - Coutinho and Sturridge, and increasingly Markovic and Sakho seem like bargains when you look at their price tags. Really not sure about Mignolet and Lallana and Lovren, though.


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We are flat-track bullies these days. We batter lesser sides, which is good, and seem to boss City whenever we play them. His limitations as a tactical coach are found out by the likes of van Gaal and Mourinho though.


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Still he is clearly a better manager than Dalglish or Hodgson so I would rather stick with him.


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I'm not sure mental toughness is the problem,Strudders,I think it's that Rodgers just isn't a particularly smart tactician and it's even worse when he tries to spring clever surprises.


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jamie wrote:

the racist abuse the Liverpool fans were shouting at Sahko just before half time?

lul. wat?


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Also, Sterling at wing-back was a ludicrous decision. After playing him as a striker at Old Trafford, which was equally ludicrous.

Why not just play him in his proper position(s), where he scares the shit out of people, as a winger or free in front of the midfield in a McManaman-type role?