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Can someone post the long-sleeved DJ shirt with flames up the sleeves from the GU board?


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'Westminster Attack' would make a great name for a middling, slightly edgy indie band a la Slaves.


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smallman1 wrote:

Adam The Lama.

MattBlack PM'ed me that.

Not sure whether you actually mean llama (a domesticated South American camelid) or lama (a leader of a Buddhist religious order).

Neither of these is renowned for spurning easy goalscoring opportunities on a football field.


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Surely better / less vomit-inducing than Fat Sam and Moyes' perennial hole-licking of Baconchops as they angled for his job.


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La Nausee wrote:

CL draw? Two of the favs will be out (Real & Barca?). Good draw for Leicester. Atleti are not the same his season.

That Sevilla side they put out are fucking decent. Only 3 points behind Barca in the league at the moment, and bossed the UEFA Cup final.

I reckon Leicester may well beat Atleti.



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Chelsea fans are such fucking thick cunts calling their greatest ever manager 'Judas'.

Besides, isn't it sort of sporting convention that you can only be a Judas if you've initiated a transfer to a rival?

If you're sacked and then go to a rival, or you are sold to a rival to get you off the wage bill, you're not a 'Judas'.


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Glad you're onboard with this Zackster.


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Can't get enough of this mad shit:

liquitech1 wrote:

Professional Widow is the furthest track from a "banger" I would've thought. A funky housey head nodder rather than a fist in the air, hold tight for the breakdown, banger.

Have you heard it drop on a decent soundsystem?

sonic wrote:

Hardrive - Deep Inside (Long before Kanye twisted the knife)

Some big surprises in this thread.

Great track IMO.

roberto wrote:

Can a "mainstream floor filler" be an "absolute banger"?!

Er... why not?

e.g. Dooms Night, Professional Widow, For An Angel, I could go on and on...


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smashdad wrote:

Which was it?  Can't really be both...

A few years is a short time to a historian.

Unfortunately, a few months is a long time to a fickle modern sports fan.

Be AS One? Absolute banger, difficult to dislike IMO, for a mainstream floor filler anyway.


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But equally loads of United fans and former players were basically saying 'He's a scumbag, we don't want him at the club. Not a United manager' when Fergie retired.

A few years of an incompetent like Moyes and fairly shit results under van Gaal soon changed that.


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fadass wrote:

Nothing to do with his current gig as City barely even register on the hate scale cos they are a nothing club. A joke. But... does anyone else find Guardiola a a smug annoying berk? What a wanker.

Mourinho is almost effotlessly more dislikeable and has been for years.


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ukhursty wrote:

Standard 3 points against the top 6.

How are Liverpool 3rd....bit of a joke considering how crap we've been since the turn of the year.

United have drawn ten games. Lots of dropped points there.

This season looks the end of the line for Wenger.

Good recommendation Banters.


A massive gaper, most likely

Not as bad as white birds who go to DnB nights.

Obviously, white birds at DnB nights are a thing to be encouraged generally.

However, every bird I've ever met who is massively into Drum n Bass is an absolute horrorshow mentally, if not necessarily physically.

You need plenty of vocals and some decent basslines to bring the proper fanny out.

It's like the Iron Law of Dance Music or something.

It's why Yousef's room was always rammed with minge at Cream back in the day, while Seb Fontaine would be pumping out crusty Gouryella trance to half a room of gurning munters.


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303 abuser wrote:

given this happened during the campaign while he was talking shit about the whole clinton email thing, how exactly do the republicans spin this?  will there be a "lock him up" chant from the crowds?  fucking hypocrisy at it's finest.

oh, and aol? lol

Not even this will significantly distract the Trump administration from their laser-like focus on penalising the poor and vulnerable, though.

My 1994 Top 10:

Wet Wet Wet - Love is all around
Ace of Base - The Sign
Cranberries - Zombie
Warren G and Nate Dogg - Regulate
Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting - All For Love
Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
All-4-One - I Swear
Pato Banton and UB40 - Baby Come Back
Doop - Doop (I know that's on Uncle John's list too!)
Inside - Stiltskin

Some proper Brexit gear like this for MattBlack...