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Although if there was one final that was Gerrard's, it was the FA Cup against West Ham.

Hamann (especially) and Alonso had as much to do with the fightback from 3-0 down against Milan as Gerrard did.


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smallman1 wrote:

Stevie G's an utter truncheon who'll be best remembered for handing Man City the title courtesy of his slip against Chelsea.

smallman1 wrote:
Ncable wrote:

To be fair to Poor Stevie, his grass cutter against Ze Germans during the Munich Massacre was outstanding, as was his performance in the second half against Milan to win the big cup. Still think he missed the boat not signing for the Blues when he had the chance - a midfield pairing with Fat Frank and Drogba up front would have been something to watch.

I concur with all of the above.

In his pomp there is absolutely no doubt that Stevie G was a cracking footballer.

Took the game by the scruff of the neck and delivered on the big occasions.

All it takes for Smallman to reverse his position on any football-related matter is simply to post a vaguely convincing but contrary opinion immediately after he has posted his opinion.

It's amazing and seems to consistently work.



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Shaun, you're a fucking thicket.


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poirot wrote:

Lets cast our minds back to 3 years ago where nobody what so ever was interested in the job. Only to give it to an absolute nobody who'd never won or achieved anything in football. 

But don't forget, and to quote Brenda "Liverpool are a footballing superpower". Now somebody show me that rolling about on floor laughing avatar.

Dermo, I do enjoy your anti-Liverpool invective sometimes, especially the Sterling core values comment which was hilar, but you don't half spout bollocks to fit your narrative sometimes.

Rodgers was one of the front runners for the Chelsea job after Villas-Boas got sacked and turned it down (they then turned to Di Matteo followed by Benitez):
http://www.theguardian.com/football/201 … ea-manager
He was far from a 'nobody'.


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STRUDDERS, why in CUNTING FUCKING SHIT are you STILL spelling 'SUAREZ' as 'Saurez' (sic)?


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I really don't mind Villa.

Hope they win it.


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Where's Badgey/Badger/Badgeman these days?


That's brilliant.

Yes, it was so completely inoffensive back then that when I was in fifth year of high school (1995), you would get put on report for calling somebody a 'paki' (amongst other racial epithets).


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Is Laughing Jack coming back?

Hope so, he was a top laugh.


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Pesto breakfast:

Pesto lunch:

Pesto dinner:

Pesto dessert:

Pesto refreshing drink:

I still don't see why everyone is getting so wound up about MattBlack.

Being the complete flid he is, he will have forgotten to register to vote anyway, or will write 'YES!' next to the UKIP candidate on his ballot paper, or actually try to eat his ballot paper, or take his trousers off in the cubicle and smear himself in his own shit.

Yeah, Roberto utterly undermining some decent arguments he made there.

Like I said, I am pro-European but our European policy has to be decided by the people and (I hope) the pro-Europeans making a more forceful, rational argument based on the benefits the EU brings.

The Mirror is pro-Labour, always has been.

I think Roberto means The Sun or The Daily Star.

Grant wrote:

If you don't want a job that's has a zero hour contract, get another job.

Yeah, I'm not sure I agree here. The Government needs to legislate against such things, and also unpaid internships - which now have the effect of barring anyone whose family isn't wealthy from entering certain professions (journalism, architecture and advertising the most obvious three).

Of course some businesses are going to screw their staff in any way possible if the government doesn't properly regulate working hours, workplace safety etc.


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Ncable wrote:

I thought you were a culinary artisan Dave? Surprised you'd sully your tastebuds with that rubbish to be honest.

I defer to the day's start favoured by my hero, Marco Pierre White: a couple of espresso's and a Marlboro Red, then straight to business.

Can't go wrong there.

Breakfast is the only thing I can tolerate from McDonald's.

Most disappointed if I feel a hamburger urge and there is no Carls Jr. or Fatburger in the vicinity.

LOL @ Smallman.

The problem with old school hip hop is so much of it just hasn't dated well,so I find an hour of the greats (De La Soul,Gang Starr etc)is more than enough.

To be honest,I think Ice T and LL Cool J just sound lame these days and couldn't be doing with a whole album of either.

Matt, it doesn't bother me, I'm on-balance a (not unquestioning) Europhile and I think the point people like you miss is that to engage in ANY kind of co-operative venture whose benefits typically outweigh their disadvantages (I suggest you read a basic economics textbook chapter on economic integration) you sometimes have to make concessions to others and not throw your toys out of the pram every time you don't get exactly what you want.

Or do you storm around your house shouting "YOU ARE VIOLATING MY SOVEREIGNTY" every time the missus tells you its your turn to do the dishes?


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Also partial to a McDonald's Sausage and Egg McMuffin meal, which are the same and equally magical in any country.

(Except The Sultanate of Malacca where they use chicken)

MattBlack wrote:

Trade yes, ruled by and dictated to, no,
Trade yes, ruled by and dictated to, no,
Trade yes, ruled by and dictated to, no,
Trade yes, ruled by and dictated to, no,
Trade yes, ruled by and dictated to, no,
Trade yes, ruled by and dictated to, no,
Trade yes, ruled by and dictated to, no,

The biggest shock about all this is that anyone actually reads MattBlack's 'serious' posts.

I thought we all had him down as board idiot who's good for the occasional one-liner?


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Grant wrote:

Can you get English style bacon in China Dave?

Yes, none of that sweetcured Yank shit.

I'm a lazy cunt about changing tunes/writing playlists so these are just getting played in full...

De La Soul - Three Feet High and Rising
Toots and the Maytals - Funky Kingston


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Some days yoghurt and muesli,some days a stacked bacon butty or two(8 rashers on two sarnies).

Filter coffee with a bit of milk.

Orange juice. Banana.

Beyonce and Taylor Swift make tolerable pop music.

Not sure about Madonna,certainly not her stuff after Music.

Adele is just really depressing IMO. Fat cunt wailing about how she's been fucked over by blokes. I womder why,love?You fucking mess.

Thumbs up for Jules for reminding me what a good band the Rapture were and specifically what an overlooked but brilliant album 'Pieces Of The People...' was.