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Phil Opian wrote:

Bedrob league of cringe.



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smallman1 wrote:

Remy en route.

Mystic Smalls strikes again.

Mystic Smalls - as certain as a no-show on the board from Fadas when United aren't romping the league.


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dogmanstar888 wrote:

They've proven last season that despite all the "we do things the United way" bollocks, they'll sack managers after one season just like Chelsea ... so will Van Gaal even have time to do an improvement job?

Pretty sure he'll be given time that Moyes wasn't given.

He has the reputation behind him that Moyes didn't.

Plus, who could they go for to replace him? Ancelotti is successful at Madrid, Klopp doesn't appear to see his future away from Dortmund. Would Simeone take it on when he can't speak a word of English and is basically God at Atletico Madrid? Who does that really leave?


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Phil Opian wrote:

Rooney isn't Captain material. He's no leader and he is the first to disappear.

I actually thought, as I have said before, van Gaal is a seriously good manager until I read about him making Rooney captain.

Seriously ridiculous decision and everyone (even United fans I know) can see that.

He's a petulant fucker who doesn't lead by example, and mostly seems to lose his head and scream at people for not playing the right ball. Not a leader in the Vincent Kompany or even John Terry league.


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Serious questions about Man United after the first couple of games of the season:

1. Will van Gaal's 3-5-2 work with the players he's got?
2. They look very slow and ponderous. Will signing Di Maria alone solve that?
3. Is Fadas going to go missing for a year again now?


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As you were. It's a classic.


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nitron wrote:

Malky in hot water with Cardiff again, be interesting to note what was actually said in those texts. I'm going with something along the lines of...


Interestingly, actually scrolling to the bottom of most reports would reveal the answer.

Including the BBC's:

Fadas, why don't you do some riffing on your relationship with your wife?

Then we'll get Jules to do 'the accent'.

Rhouses - that's the kind of post someone who enjoys one seafood dish a month would make ie probably you.

It's like saying lamb is better than beef which is better than pork.

Why not just eat them all, you mong?

Smallman, if you're ever in China and looking at a menu without pictures or English on it, the vocabulary you need is 龙虾 'Long xia', which literally translates as 'dragon shrimp'.

Yes, that's right, that's what the Chinese call the lobster.

Dermo, the crab claws Flaresy will have been referring to will not have been fresh crab claws but will have been the frozen variety made with shrimp paste, bought from a Chinese supermarket and lobbed in the microwave at his local takeaway.

Being from some Guangdong (Canton) backwater before arriving in the UK as bonded labour, I expect they will have transliterated this dish as Yeung Hai Kim rather than the Standard Mandarin Niang Xie Qian.

Hope that clears things up.


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Millsy, have you ever done pretend-you're-working-on-a-laptop beers?

Even better than train beers for solo ruin.


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Chelsea must be the least respected club and bunch of scrote fans in the whole of the UK.

At least Rangers have won stuff down the years.


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Mr Boring wrote:

The pub.



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Signing Off was a very good album.

They say every band has one good album in them.

liquitech1 wrote:

Are we sure DR is an Indian? He sounds very South Beach Kardashian to me..!


I've just set fire to a pair of Y3s, a pair of Forest Hills and a silk 'school striped' Thomas Pink tie.

For being the same colour scheme as Rhouses' latest trabbs.

smallman1 wrote:
ryangibson wrote:

How about Converse shoes?


Look great with a Billionaire Boys Club t-shirt too.

Ed youre only busting Billionaire Boys Club because Selfridges have it on sale and literally cant shift the stuff. I know,Ive just been back to the UK.


millsy23 wrote:

I once made the mistake of walking into one of those skater shops. I was greeted with a wall of what looked like corrective shoes and a couple of Eastpak bags each priced at the rather competitive £659.99. The clientele was mainly teenagers and their bewildered parents. And what's with the assistants in these places? I swear the one that walked up to me was from Mad Max. He had those horrendous earhole things in and I almost vomited on him out of principle. Nice enough chap though and was kind enough to let me know where the nearest burtons menswear was.

LOL. Assuming you mean Burton the ultra rad skateboard brand.

Traditionally favoured by the likes of Blink 182 and Crazy Town and an assortment of very bad Orange County 'punk' bands.

Recently being busted by pretty much everyone.



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smallman1 wrote:
zackster wrote:

i think the cuban brothers and hot chip would have been more your speed, ed.

Slam showed him how it should be done.

One of the few times I've enjoyed them tbf.

Slam always boss it.


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thought you'd accidentally posted a PM addressed to Smallman there for a moment


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'Chels' fans: Absolute embarrassment.



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I don't know. I don't follow any footballers on twitter - pointless.


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Big Fella wrote:

To be fair Davo, i heard the Chelsea fans loud and clear on my Sammy last night singing about Gerrard slipping.

They do have that one song. And another one about celery.

I'll give them that.