Hatched a plan with Rhouses to neck some beans then demand massages off and attempt to do the domestic staff when he visits India.

smallman1 wrote:

I'm a one man ledge machine!

You work in a windowsill factory?

I reckon Smallman's the sort who has probably gone in for a hideously late tackle and then feigned his own injury in the hope of leniency from the ref/sympathy from the crowd of three on the touchline.

seanc80 wrote:

You can automatically assume that Smallman has been involved with anything diabolical.


Although I'm revising my theory.

I reckon he tells everyone he voted Remain but just couldn't be arsed/forgot to vote.

I reckon Smallman pretended to vote Remain when amongst all his metropolitan friends, but secretly voted Leave.

Seems the type.

You heard it here first.


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smallman1 wrote:

People who rock Gazelle's have essentially given up at this thing called life.

You've actually got that wrong, Smallman, all the fashion mags are suggesting a Britpop revival is on the cards so Gazelles are bang on trend...
https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/201 … t-the-look

However, I reckon they've got to be a rare colourway rather than the typical dark blue/white ones from back in the day.

Also, I'd probably go with something a bit less common but still achieves the look e.g. Adidas Campus, and a rare Pavement or Sebadoh (bands I actually like) t-shirt rather than the ubiquitous Oasis or Pollock-esque Roses gear.

smallman1 wrote:

Don't mind a bit of Soccer Saturday.

An entertaining way to watch the scores roll in.

No surprise there, Lovejoy.

They all get on my tits.

I would like to cast a vote for Paul 'Merse' Merson with his big, clumsy, unkempt piehole. What a thick cunt he is.

We should do what other countries do and have articulate sports journalists on the panel.

Weird myth in Britain that you have to have played the game in order to effectively analyse and present on TV (or coach). I'd much rather listen to someone like Henry Winter than these absolute cretins.


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Hop_Head wrote:

Bet you are really turning heads with these, really pushing the envelope. Perfect for matching with a pair of Levi's, jumping in your Ford Fiesta, cranking some Coldplay, and popping down to Five Guys for a hamburger.


Except the music is old Oasis CDs.


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Smalls, you have trabs laced like a special needs student and an ice cream t-shirt that is the kind of thing that the creepy gay you occasionally meet at a house party who no-one actually seems to know would wear. The sort you later find out tried to touch your mate up who was crashed on the sofa.

My trab and t-shirt game is fucking top notch compared to you. You could only support Chelsea because you'd be laughed out of any pub near any other sports ground in the country with your shitshow clothes, from Pittodrie (where you'd probably get beaten to death with pieces of furniture) to Wilderspool and all points in between.

No wonder you hate Liverpool so much, you've probably been brutally crushed for your gear one night in Cream and never been back.



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furry wrote:

Dark brown or black would work but they look too casual to pull off with a nice pair of denim.

The problem with jeans with trabs is the trabs have to be very carefully chosen.

One wrong move on the cut of the jeans or the casualness of the trab (e.g. a slightly loose denim with an old Gazelle) and you somehow end up looking like Shaggy out of Scooby Do and can't leave the house until you've sorted it.


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smashdad wrote:


They look decent but the biggest problem with blue trabs is what can you wear them with?

You look major tool if you wear them with jeans (especially black jeans). If you're the sort who will wear a trab with a suit (I'm not, but I've seen people do it well), then these are definitely not the trab for that.

About the only thing you can wear them with is a pair of trackies or pair of shorts.


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mr rossi wrote:

Beijing odds on for another weeks ban with those efforts.


Yeah, I'm only touching Diadoras and Asics these days.


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Yes Yant, you absolute meff.


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http://www.80scasualclassics.co.uk/trai … ange-p5044


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Also rocking the Diadoras these days.

Though not a man bun, thankfully.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

No special font Naus, but I do like to sign off with 'Winter is coming' for those sort of emails.

Rhouses, you live and work in a country that's hotter than Flares' notebook when he's running password crackers at full pelt.

I expect winter makes things generally more tolerable for your colleagues.

As will you fucking off for six months and hopefully never coming back.

In all honesty, I would love it if Sean successfully negotiated a 6-month sabbatical to go travelling and his employers said "But Sean, we really really value your work and hope you will come back and therefore we will give you a 20% pay rise and uptitling to come back to" and then his bungee rope snapped on his first day on said bucket list break.

seanc80 wrote:

You should be fucking strangled Rhouses. You complete bastard.


They say dress for the role you aspire to, not the role you currently have.

So get those manky toes of yours out of the sandals and put some fucking socks and a decent whistle on, you scruffy cunt.

Nigel Farage
Kerry Katona
Emmanuel Frimpong
Gregg Wallace
Tom Daley
and Devvo


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Two thin-skinned humourless fucks, then.


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Dermatron wrote:

Anyone got any good ones? I saw a good one today. It read

'Devastating floods hit China'.

Like that.

Also, there was much reporting of 'Outgoing President Hu Jintao' - never looked the sort to enjoy a sociable piss-up to me, though.


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Yeah, thanks for the ban you thin-skinned wand-happy church-burner.

Smallman, no update since Friday?