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The draw is such a fucking mess with some third-placed teams being able to qualify, that it's impossible to predict who we might meet.

But from what I can see the only way we can meet France in the semis is if they win their group (probable, unless they do a France and implode) and we come third in ours (and even then we're not guaranteed to get drawn in the bracket to meet them in the semis).

I don't think we'll come third in the group, it's not a particularly challenging group. I think we'll win it or at worst come second. Russia are fairly lousy these days, and Wales will be up for giving us a game but we should beat them.

We'll get destroyed by France or Spain or Germany though, agree on that.


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Just one example of a fairly brutal and disrespectful article:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/footba … es-it.html


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Boring wrote:

For decades the number one aim for the English press was to get the England manager the sack. Since Fergie retired their job has been to oust the United manager - I don't foresee Mourihno reacting well to this.

LOL. Paranoid.

The British press smell flesh anywhere, not just United. Look at how relentless they are in trying to get Wenger the sack as well.


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Predictions etc?

Winners: France to win it IMO, they have a great looking side with Pogba, Griezmann, Lloris etc. and on home soil.
Dark horses (that is, to exceed everyone's expectations): Turkey (had a great finish to the qualifying campaign including battering Holland) or Croatia. Belgium aren't really dark horses anymore, everyone expects them to do well.
Player: Lloris or De Gea
Young player: Martial

Is it a classic release?

When I think of GUs from around that time, Warren #24 Reykjavik and Howells #27 Miami stand out, not this release, which was mediocre apart from the bonus mixes.

Not even in the same league as the Yoshiesques as far as Deep Dish releases go.

I am looking forward to a few weeks in the summer and Christmas back in the UK.

I probably won't be arsed leaving the sceptred isle, I have a new appreciation for it these days.


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Yant wrote:

Some piss poor decisions from Woy.  No doubt about it.

Our centre backs are shite.

What can you do when we only have shite centre backs, though?

Stones is a worry, he's had a shocker of a season - price tag's gone to his head, if he can't handle half the teams in the Premier League how would he cope with fucking Griezmann tearing at him?


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You do wonder who Defoe has pissed off in the England hierarchy.

IIRC Walcott got taken to the World Cup when he was 17 and had barely kicked a ball when they could have taken an in-form Defoe.


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Depressing looking at the England squad.

Fucking Fraser Forster or Tom Heaton when the Spanish have De Gea, the French Lloris, the Germans have got Neuer.

Chris Smalling is our best centre half. LOL.

And from when I was growing up, we had Gascoigne, Shearer, Scholes, Owen, players you somehow believed could change a game, to fucking Steptoe, a permafucked Rooney and Sterling who blows every chance he creates. Laughable.

We'll *scrape* through a relatively straightforward group and be comfortably dispatched as soon as we meet Spain, France, Italy, whoever.


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Andy Carroll is an absolute dogshit footballer. A massive fucking oversized heid and sharp elbows to push people out of the way don't make a great footballer otherwise the Chinese would be world champions.

Most sensible thing Brendan Rodgers ever did was turn up to training and tell him "you're not a footballer, so I'm selling you" (allegedly).

millsy23 wrote:

Imagine spilling some 20/20 or brown ale over your white jeans and slip on Base loafers early doors. Proper nightmare scenario trying to get into the local Ritzy's looking like Bobby Sands. Massive gamble with very little upside.

This got a massive lol.

I was a spotty little sixth form turd with a crap Blur haircut until I was 18.

I didn't even go to the local Ritzys, I'd have been beaten up by the button-down Ralph Lauren and buckle shoes mob.

Heh, I don't give a fuck now, I've been wading about in it for years.

I was pretty old in comparison when I first got absolutely shitfaced - 15 on cider. Can't touch the stuff now.

18 when I lost my virginity.

I smell some bullshit on here as always. Not necessarily by everyone, but for sure there'll be a few knocking off a few years and adding a few units to their first puking session as well.


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He's the quota one on the Tory candidate shortlist isn't he?


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And no blacks.


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Dermatron wrote:

Twitter too? You have everything over there, rhouses.

It's because Rtrousers has recently joined 200,000 of his fellow countrymen working as an indentured servant in Qatar.

How's that World Cup stadium coming along?


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millsy23 wrote:
seanc80 wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

We also hire a beach hut for a week in Bournemouth

Bliss lol

lol. Kill me now

Recently read that, surprisingly, Bournemouth and Eastbourne are two of the most polluted places in England.

See here, for instance:
http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/1 … hara_smog/

Basically, you're going to Beijing, except with a beach. And old people. And Tories. And tramps.


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Bit harsh to expect a decent Jacko cover from someone still covered in amniotic fluid.


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mr rossi wrote:

21 year wait for that.Pfft

Yeah, finally a good observation from MattBlack.


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Loving the new Seahorses single.

It is, because he has to fit in it.

Dermatron wrote:

Just throw yourself off a fucking bridge will you Yorke, you miserable fucking cunt.

He's entitled to look a bit miffed with a heavily disabled child.

Beats anything Radiohead have ever put out

Homegrove wrote:

Hannu, 38 old from Turku, Finland. Ok Computer is my favorite album of all time, even though when asked I usually say Master of Puppets. Not yet heard the new one since it's not on Spotify. Will probably buy it on CD later this week.

Now this is something I can't get on board with. OK Computer, though a worthwhile listen, couldn't even scrape the top 20 albums I've ever listened to.

Suggest a heavy dose of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless to recalibrate your indie tastes.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

I love them, prolly the best live band Ive heard although Im yet to hear Paul Weller

It is quite possible to like both, despite Fadas' false dichotomy.

Not sure about his UB40 records, mind.