Ed's neck is so long as it evolved to eat all those salty biscuits up off the floor.

This turned into a great thread


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LOL for Millsy.

Boo for Roberto's piggyback attempt.

Mine is green

Hex code #00AD83
sRGBB (0, 173, 131)
CMYKH (100, 0, 24, 32)

For those of you who've never seen green before, here's what it looks like.


The colour of broccoli.

What's yours?

Poor show, lads. It has it's place, that kind of stuff. Obviously you're not going to eat there regularly.

Like saying Shostakovich is a load of old bollocks, I'd rather just listen to Oasis and Status Quo all the time thanks.

I hate anti-elitism (in the sense that anything that has taken effort is seen as pretentious).


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Dermatron wrote:

Aaaah tear to the eyes memories.

Hope we get a big club in the next round. By big club I mean a side that's won the league since we have.


starcreeper wrote:

Is this one of those threads where all the whoppers will be frantically checking their respective restaurant guides to pick something out the board might be impressed with?

Fuck Heston Blumenthal and any cunt who thinks hes worth mentioning. Here, have something that might be food, you'll go home fucking starving but youre mates will think youre an A-lister. Cunts.

Of course, if you read the Trip Advisor reviews you would have seen that the place I listed offers "Fantastic food at a low price". Not really an A list place, then. Just a very good restaurant loved by locals.

smallman1 wrote:

Best duck ever?

It's where Blumenthal went to learn (and failed miserably)

This gaff is a regular spot for me...
https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_ … ijing.html


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I used to like Bolton more when they had a cash and carry in the corner of their grim shithole of a ground.




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Pogba did look absolutely boss whenever he was playing for Juventus. But then strangely wank for France in the Euros.

Maybe it's the role he's playing for France and United, I don't know.


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I bet they even ask for Kung Pao (sic) Chicken.



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Mourinho is the man who insulted Cruyff in response to some perceived slight by saying "There is nothing Johan Cruyff can teach me about managing a football team. He could teach me how to lose a European Cup Final 0-4 but I don't want to learn that."

(which was admittedly quite funny)

He's still a cunt who deserves everything he gets.


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MattBlack wrote:

Poster boy, really? I never believed that anyone was going to actually be kicked out and for the record i actually said i favoured us staying in the single market via the EEA but it seems the government has decided to take a different path, but at the end of the day i voted the way i did and thats that, i cant change it and i dont regret it. As far am I'm concerned I'm done on this subject and i am done talking about it until we know what the government is going to do and what kind of deal we are going to get

Yeah, you were the cunt on here who was most vocal about it, regurgitating cliched Littlejohnisms like you'd just memorised 10 years worth of Sun and Mail editorials, you absolute fucking whopper.

The idiocy of your economically illiterate class, who had every opportunity at an education possible, but probably spazzed it away fucking about with soldering irons in the workshop class, and then would rather listen to human detritus like Nigel Farage and Melanie Phillips to do your thinking for you, rather than actually read a fucking book, are who have trashed our country for generations to come.


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There was an interesting article in the Guardian about how typically managers have about a decade in them before their ideas, methods, tactics etc are overhauled by an upcoming generation who might be smarter, have an edge in techniques, be more effective at using data etc.

Very few managers have continued to reinvent themselves or been properly able to stay current - Fergie was one, Rinus Michels another.

That would put Mourinho at the end of his time at the top around now. He was the future once. In the late 80s, Giovanni Trapattoni was possibly the best manager in the world - by the mid 90s he was a dinosaur.


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MattBlack's chat-up line:

Hey girl, can I BREXIT you?

That means fuck you so hard your grandchildren will feel it.


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MattBlack gear:





Mate, are those jeans reversible? Or just bad?


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I bet that thick as fuck Farage-loving quim MattBlack looks at this thread, then looks around his home, and thinks his laptop screen has become a mirror.


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'Foreign food':




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Love Hursty.

Every post an absolute classic.


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Phil McRrackin wrote:

Lonsdale trainers



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Fruit machines.

Accumulators, always scuppered somehow by Sunderland's result.


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mr rossi wrote:

Those vape stick thingy's

Good shout.

With this in it: