I bet he's one of the twats who used to wander around clubs like Slinky with those stupid glowing balls.

There are not many artists in the "Darker side of Progressive" pigeon hole, are there.

I enjoyed the mix smile

Really brilliant 5 hours of music smile

2 hours of Tenaglia from 2002 for the Transitions 501 show smile

Fucking spot on big_smile

My favourite recent local news headline

"Man seen jogging naked as police discovered £5,500 worth of cocaine at home"

http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/1 … e_at_home/

Any watch that you have to plug into a computer to charge up each night is a waste of space.

Smart watches are made by geeks so that geeks can feel like they're part of some fucking sci-fi film.

wrongun wrote:

Where floats your boat these days then Phil?

His slippers and a copy of "World's Finest Locomotives (Extended Edition)".

Boring old fart.

That was fun to listen to smile

Lisa Lisa Let the beat hit 'em smile my 7" copy melted in the sunshine on my window sill sad

smashdad wrote:

Surely for ANYONE who went there between circa '96 and '05 it HAS to be Space?

Yep, easily gotta be Space with the original terrace. Early start on a Sunday, no fucking about.

I hated Penelope in Ibiza town.

Giving away their back catalogue...


millsy23 wrote:

Halo Bournemouth. Sasha there in April too.

Halo used to be Landmark? And V? And another name which I can't remember. I never liked it, anyway.

The Southampton boat should be spot on though. I love the High Tide parties, so I'm gutted I'll miss it because of family commitments.

You'll not go far wrong with a bottle from the Oban distillery. Lovely stuff.

Jura is nice, too.

Single ice cube if you're a bit gay, otherwise, don't water it down.

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Thanks fella, glad you enjoyed it. I'm already onto Volume 2...

Crack on then son! Volume 1 was brilliant smile

I was 14 and was washing up in a restaurant kitchen.

The shouts of "INCOMING" when chefs would launch hot used pans in my general direction still haunt me.

His daughter played the girl in the film Wish You Were Here. She was gorgeous back then.



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Presto wrote:

He should piss in her arsehole. That'd show her.

That's definitely one for the feminist thread.

"The fact intercourse causes so many infections and tears and warts attests to the unnaturalness of intercourse, that it’s not meant to be."



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joeyp wrote:

This was an exercise to establish if I was a male pig (in the public's eyes not her's) or not.

Considering most of the people on this board are blokes, I don't think you can really count this as a fair selection of opinions.

I'd go on the stag do.

With a kid, you're basically under the thumb for the next x years - you may as well finish on a high.


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I spent my nye on my own, drunk, on my sofa trying to play GTA 5. I was struggling to focus on the tv so went off to bed at 12.30.

Golden days for Ibiza smile

For some reason, this DJ Ravidrums bloke is the Dell World conference...


"DJ Ravidrums will be playing during walk-in/out for the three Dell World keynote sessions (Thursday, 8:30am, Thursday, 4:30pm and Friday, 11:30am)
DJ Ravidrums invented the "Live Re-Mix" DJ'ing and Drumming simultaneously. Having performed everywhere from Oscars, Oprah, Playboy Mansion and all over the globe to the most exclusive red carpet events for Michael Jordan, Nike, HBO, Nintendo and FOX, Ravidrums is unstoppable. Bringing his high-octane, in-your-face energy to EDM & Open Format. Ravidrums has been The Musical Director on Multiple Prime Time TV shows for Paula Abdul , Howie Mandel & Quincy Jones. Ravidrums transcends with imagination with extreme energy & is complete unique. He also has the world's most advanced custom DJ rig designed with NASA scientists. He's worked with everyone from Britney Spears, Will I Am, LIL Jon, Pitbull to Slash. Get ready to jump up and celebrate when he hits the stage."

Fucking hell. He sounds horrendous.

Nice one.

Going to dig out your other Kilchurn mixes, too smile

They're doing an AMA at Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1 … producers/

smashdad wrote:

I've taken my link offline.  Hope the 66 people who grabbed the zip enjoy the mixes.

I've just read your post that yours started working again... Damn Dropbox!