Your mixes always make me want to neck a shit load of drugs.

Top stuff as usual, Unbroken1.

millsy23 wrote:

Dave. Did you used to cut out the posters from NME and put them on your wall?

The smart money's on him having one of Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson on his bedroom ceiling, right above his head, so he can stare into their eyes whilst wailing along to Animal Nitrate.

jamie wrote:

some of their laidback stuff is brilliant.

Crazy English Summer is lush.

Michael of Norcross wrote:

I really rate Liam Howlett and loved the Dirtchamber Session mix compilation he did.

I reckon this album got missed by a lot of people, which is odd, because it's really good.

This is brilliant.

Another cracker from Millsy. Nice one, enjoyed it a lot smile

They'll be sporting some of these for the festive period

I really enjoyed this mix smile

There's always plenty of variety in your mixes, Unbroken1 - lots to keep the ear interested.

Unbroken1 wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

I was absolutely on the floor when The End closed down.

..came back under another name for a little while didn't it?

"The Den".

There's a restaurant there called Balansat - it does really good fish dishes and isn't too expensive. There's a tiny little bar and a really nice quiet beach around in the next cove, you need to walk around the cliffs to the left.

and yeah, Benirras just around the corner. If you can cope with the hippy drumming, there's often some fit birds doing naked yoga on the beach.

I write software that tests software other people have written.

I'm considering jacking it in and retraining as something else, though.

Proper cheesy one this, but it always makes me smile.

It was 4am and I was having a mooch around the tent RS was playing in for the Gatecrasher Summer Sound System at the Turweston Aerodrome when he dropped it. I seem to remember the lighting engineer made the whole tent go a weird red colour. I lost the plot and had one of those "moments" that happen occasionally. lol.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Went twice last year, the first time I stayed in San An bay – I kept thinking the area couldn’t get any worse than the last time I was there, I was completely wrong the place is an absolute abomination. Blokes spitting on the pavement, pissing in the sea, throwing litter everywhere – no wonder the locals hate us. Bora Bora is hateful, they have a party outside the Jet apartments now, its like Basildon took a great big dump on the beach. The clubs are still world class though

Last time I ended up in San An there was a bird bent over in the sea with a bunch of blokes lined up behind her taking turns. She was shouting to her mates on the beach "oi oi".

The old footage of the terrace made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. So much fun.

Darren Hughes is a casualty. lol.


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Unbroken1 wrote:

..also, crazy idea here but bear with me, has anyone considered there might be a safety factor in opting to wear leather on a motorbike??

It always makes me feel a bit sick when I see a youth on a motorbike wearing t-shirts and shorts. Fuck that... I'd like my skin to stay on me and not all over the road.

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Review
Radio 4: The Public Philosopher was good, but seems to have stopped being broadcast recently
Radio 4: Inside Science
Radio 4: Desert Island Discs
Radio 4: More or Less

The Infinite Monkey Cage is good, but it's even better when Robin Ince keeps his unfunny mouth shut.

Bad Voltage is interesting if you're a geek like me.

Music wise it's Transitions and Drumcode, but could do with some more.

Can't beat a bit of "Howard's Way" imo.


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munkyn wrote:

A warm up for the drumcode event at the start of november as well...thankyou very much!

I've been enjoying the drumcode weekly podcasts. Adam Beyer seems like a nice chap.

The latest one was 6 hours from the drumcode stage at Awakenings. I've had to break it down into chunks as 6 hours of techno is a bit much in one go.

lol at the Guy Gerber and Chaim Beatport Live one.

I reckon it was filmed in the corner of an office.

The Partial Arts one is definitely worth listening to.

Going to give the DJ Marky and Andy C mixes a go.


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Good stuff, thanks smile

Science Dept - Repercussion

When I get my records out of storage at the end of the month, that's the first one being played. Cracker.

Always preferred it to the a side.

I'm in.

Thank fuck for that, good work mills.

Oh, such a shame.

The amount of frankly amazing music I've found through the mixes section is huge. I'll really miss digging through there to find stiff to help me through my boring days at work.

Thanks for making me laugh in the main board you lot.

Any other forums to go to? Anyone fancy setting up a new one?

"summer moments"

Sounds like a selection box of chocolates.