Shame. I guess I'll go back to selling myself under Boscombe pier, instead of laughing at the nonsense you lot post.

Dunno about it being recorded in Denver; according to the shouty septic at 1h 29m this was recorded in London.

Grant wrote:

Cheers Micky.

Played Prey for about half an hour and got bored to tears - really disappointed.  Does it get better?

I gave up on it in the end. It felt like it lost all momentum. Shame.

Looking forward to RDR2, Battlefront II and Shadow of War. Cupheads looks like a fun platformer and PUBG looks like it might be worth a blast when the price eventually comes down.


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There's one of those coffee places round the corner from my office. I'll try it on Thursday when I'm there.

Hold tight for feedback, smallman1!

Yup, I'm enjoying The Handmaid's Tale. The blonde woman who was in Dexter is a cracker.

Anyone know if there are any planned for the remaining bank holidays this year?

Has anyone been playing Prey?


Quality output, well done.

La Nausee wrote:

Am I the only one that finds the "Uncle John" thing a bit, well, creepy? Visions of boat trips and log cabins and bad weather and, umm, we'll have to stay here tonight (even thought it was only 5 mins down the road from my gaff) and quite possibly some buggery.
Maybe that was just my Uncle John.

Uncle Monty from Withnail and I.

"He's going into your room. It's you he wants. Offer him yourself."

I'm playing RDR again - looking forward to RDR2 smile

Also the new Shadow of War game looks mint.

Passengers 5 / 10.

Its one redeeming feature is that it's got Jennifer Lawerence in it.

mmmm jennifer lawerence.


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Grant wrote:

Got link Millsy? … ests-leaks


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Dermatron wrote:

If the nerve agent they rubbed all over his face was so deadly, why arent the two bints that did it dead?

I think it can be carried as two separate (slightly less deadly) chemicals and when they're mixed they become VX. This might also explain why there were two "bints" smile lol.

Amps wrote:

Flight to Ibiza about ten years ago, I was sat amongst a gang of twenty odd Celtic fans who'd been bang on from the night before and we'rent about to stop any time soon. One of them got up mid take off and went for the door sayin he wanted to get out for a piss, a few scuffles later, one of them had a fit in the bog, puked and shat himself. Two where arrested on landing and another was sparked out with a wild donkey punch, from his mate, on the tarmac as we walked to the terminal.

lol. Sounds fucking horrendous.

Unbroken1 wrote:

Love this. I bet he owns an original pressing smile

Was looking forward to seeing him in Bournemouth in a couple of weeks, but it's being rescheduled as he broke his leg hmm

Interesting look at Mr. Scruff's tour setup in 2011.

They published you a day early on the website... … nsitioning.

benson wrote:

And trying to pay for a t shirt with a credit card but being too fucked to be able to sign for anything. I've still go the t shirt.

I've struggled on lots of occasions with the cash points in that club - it's like they don't want me to spend money in there.

Dermatron wrote:
Rave Lizard wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

The best track on this mix comes it at 50 mins . Proper dark progster just how it should be. That's the kind of shit right there. Absolutely no chance of ever finding out what it is though id have thought.

Get in there. Well impressed. Who got that one? Nice one if it was you. Its one of those little filler tracks inbetween all the anthems. These were always my fav moments. The secret little numbers.

Just snagged a mint copy for 87p !

That's a cracker of a track.

Very little sleep

Homegrove wrote:

Looking forward to that. Blue Ruin, the director's last movie before this was amazing.

Yeah, Blue Ruin was really great and the better of the two films, I think.

Green Room

I enjoyed it. A bit slow to start, but once it gets going it's pretty good and builds to a tense conclusion.

No pointless plot-twists and a sensible amount of gratuitous violence.

I didn't quite buy the whole storyline, though - surely a group of teenagers would be no match for a group of hardened skin-head Natzis with dogs and blades.

A mate of mine went Wednesday morning.

He sat in a 6 hour queue then got into the campervan field and very quickly got his van and caravan stuck in the mud. A tractor had to pull him out.

God know what it'll be like by the time they leave. More tractors, I guess.