Best get as many visits to Space as possible this year; the lease runs out and Pepe is closing it down in its current form.

Rumours are that it'll be taken over by Ushiahahahahahsshhshsaha or whatever they call themselves.

I've still got whizzing and popping and buzzing in my ears after a poor sound system on Friday night.

Other than that it was definitely a better weekend than Benson's.

Love that Counting Comets track smile

Spare a thought for this guy...

401 marathons in 401 days. Utterly bonkers.

I'd forgotten I'd ordered this so it was a nice surprise waiting for me at my desk this morning. Going to keep me entertained for the rest of the day smile 160 / 1000.

perhaps they can now concentrate on fixing their effing Android app.

I've all notifications disabled, but they still send me updates about new music. No idea why, but I get lots of notifications about tracks by skrillex.


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Christ. That looks like some form of torture.

lol. … in_Dorset/

Country Lines and BOGOFs I could definitely get involved with.

Not sure about cuckooing, though - sounds like a purple aki would get up to.

DJ Kicks number 50 by DJ Koze

I enjoyed it.

Homeboy Sandman - Holiday (Kosi & Fink's Edit) is just plain weird.

Easily this one... I'd love to have seen him play live. Proper entertainer.

That drumming. Ron somebody I think it was.

"shove it up your nose"

lol Digweed has bants... at 50 odd minutes... "It's a mobile disco at the end of the road" when he sees emergency vehicles attending a car crash.

millsy23 wrote:
MJH wrote:

The New Forest Ice Cream version of a Magnum is hands down winner..

Yeah, they're everywhere round my manor.

We're winning on the ice cream front... Purbeck Ice Cream and New Forest Ice Cream.

No slumming it with the Strawberry Mivvi crowd for us.

The New Forest Ice Cream version of a Magnum is hands down winner.

I used to quite like a strawberry Mivvi. … ix-asot716

"Already a massive track hungrily embraced by music festival fans whenever Armin droped it on the decks from the mainstage, this cutting-edge remix deserves to be heard over a state-of-the-art soundsystem raining down like acoustic fire from above."

wow. Not really sure what else to write about this. If this is what the kids are listening to, then God help them.

Your mixes always make me want to neck a shit load of drugs.

Top stuff as usual, Unbroken1.

millsy23 wrote:

Dave. Did you used to cut out the posters from NME and put them on your wall?

The smart money's on him having one of Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson on his bedroom ceiling, right above his head, so he can stare into their eyes whilst wailing along to Animal Nitrate.

jamie wrote:

some of their laidback stuff is brilliant.

Crazy English Summer is lush.

Michael of Norcross wrote:

I really rate Liam Howlett and loved the Dirtchamber Session mix compilation he did.

I reckon this album got missed by a lot of people, which is odd, because it's really good.

This is brilliant.

Another cracker from Millsy. Nice one, enjoyed it a lot smile

They'll be sporting some of these for the festive period

I really enjoyed this mix smile

There's always plenty of variety in your mixes, Unbroken1 - lots to keep the ear interested.

Unbroken1 wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

I was absolutely on the floor when The End closed down.

..came back under another name for a little while didn't it?

"The Den".

There's a restaurant there called Balansat - it does really good fish dishes and isn't too expensive. There's a tiny little bar and a really nice quiet beach around in the next cove, you need to walk around the cliffs to the left.

and yeah, Benirras just around the corner. If you can cope with the hippy drumming, there's often some fit birds doing naked yoga on the beach.

I write software that tests software other people have written.

I'm considering jacking it in and retraining as something else, though.