what did you say to Hannu? I know I was banned only two months ago for calling heather small a n***er but I'd like to orchestrate the running of the board.

Way to go bedrockers what a fucking joke.

uh oh.

Would have been even better if you had got your grammar right in the title Dan.

Not impressed then Damo ? haha....

infact you've got more chance of binning wand and logging in as flares and people might actually give you an extra 5 minutes before fucking you off again.

In all seriousness wandy you taking any part in the future of this board is never going to happen.

You went out over the weekend then? Living the dream.


its not been confirmed but look who's in Roma's squad on wiki. The horrible cunt


Grant wrote:

So Flares has gone from being part of the problem to part of the solution?  I just can't keep up. 

And Ben Wand pretending not to be Flares makes me cringe with embarrassment every time it comes up

Why doesn't Hannu just become a more effective moderator and do what almost everyone has suggested and create some distinctive forums? One with a clear warning.

Use this for the basis of a rule book or sorts

Its only an analogy but after Moyes ruined united and lead them to the worst state they had been in decades he didn't get asked to choose and rebuild the new team

Never had a doubt about Richards or Edmonds and Forsyth. Although a lot of people do fuck off their passport for Caribbean ones to avoid tax. Maybe he's dodging both.

Did it again last night didnt he the little cunt? After what he said the game before too.

Although I don't think losing Neymar is actually that bad technically, psychologically though its going to be hard to overcome. Argentina or the krauts will win this now I reckon.

I got them at 14s and Id take it if they offered it me haha

Tough one mate, I don't even think they'd beat Germany.

Its tempting but personally I don't think they are clinical enough to finish either of them off.

furry wrote:

I'm trying to not pop in here but I'm such a girl and he's hurt me so many times it remains impossible for me to act impartially and i'm obviously thinking about my own self gain. Nothing's changed.

That's because he referred to me directly by using my name, you thicket.

All I did was mention failed prog twats and by coincidence you jumped in. I didn't even need to mention a name did I?

Now get back to sweeping floors and answering phones on your shitty weekend job.

One is doing so well he lives in a bedsit watching free tv on a laptop and treats himself to crab claws and Aldi red wine once a month.

Living the dream.

That's really surprising isnt it Matt? Scary almost.

It would have been far too easy to say King of Spin. Plus one half of them did really well after and is still making some great music. The other one is you.

It should be Head wand not Ben wand.


That was easy.



Trust you to pipe up hobbit. 2002 was when I was a member first on here. I just checked. Back when you were in the hippodrome listening to Mel And Kim in your chino's and hadn't got the foggiest who digweed was or what prog was.

You've been blatantly racist too in the Evra threads but because you are so delusional you don't even recognise it yourself. Even your avatar is of a convicted racist.