No, you just make out only someone with your superior kind of tech acumen would know how to evade recognition and If I was going to have an alias I wouldn't be switched on enough to use an alternative ip .

Fuck off and stop making out you're some kind of authority on all things internet forums. You're just pissing in the wind like everyone else, including baldy just because you've been sad enough to 'run' other similarly important internet forums.

Pesto. What exactly is your fucking problem ? Has the whole episode affected your life or something you.miserable fucking cunt?

What are you basing your comments on when you aren't even privy  and never have been, to any of the information required to have a  basis to an opinion?
Get back into things you are versed at like your pot noodle and wanking and stop pretending you know what the fuck is going on.

That can't be possible, hannu just banned him. He's all over the alias malarkey and has all the info he needs with ip addresses.

Like Depeche  mode for example?

You were into that sound in 98? so you liked AVB and Tiesto ?

Phil is the only winner :-(

agreed he should resign.

Too right. Some odd little bald bloke in a cold dark climate decides I'm an alias just because his silly programme tells him it is so suddenly after 9 months he decides its me and then admits he may be wrong.
Which of course he is. Meanwhile Im getting weekly pms off Phil laughing his cock off at me and the shit board whilst he's running riot.

Most unsavory that comment is Ahad. Ill have you know that it wasn't and isn't me. But thicket hannu thinks he's the holder of all knowledge and has in the process tried to make me look a cunt with no evidence what so ever. I should ingact sue him for deformation of character. He can't even answer my pms questioning it because he hasn't got the answers.
Conspiracy ? Against me? What do you think?


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Ahad Adump wrote:

I still maintain the thing was probably shot down and they're keeping it quite.

Aaaah I knew he wouldnt let us down.

Just like the scousers this guilty juice bag is going to get away with it.
More bungling police fuck the job up.
Manslaughter at very worst and i can see him walking .

Yeh totally agree. How the fuck these scumbags have managed to turn round the entire thing to become the police fault is beyond me.
I went the Leeds Coventry game there in 87 and I was in that end and outside there were 1000s without tickets including myself and we simply paid on the gate.
The police managed to cope with that fine too.
Add 1000s of pissed scouse filth who broke a gate and barged in through turnstiles completely ticketless and there's your blame. My mate said they were just simply jumping over them and the police were powerless. Why is it their fault that pack of cunts broke into premises illegally?
Fucking cunts have caused it and then blamed it on other's for not being prepared to cope with drunken scum breaking and enteting?
That's what you get when you spend 25 years fucking moaning like cunts. One day rather than appeasing them I hope there is another investigation as to how they managed to get away with it.

I will never respect their dead as long as they don't admit their part in causing it.
Actually I won't even if they do. Verminous twats.

Jay-mong showcasing his specailst Autistic skillbase here.

15 hrs a week in physio?  LOL

Get out spastic.

I draw the line at 15.

Ahad Adump wrote:

I still maintain the thing was probably shot down and they're keeping it quite.

Where did you maintain this before?

What a shame as it could be a great track but that vocal is fucking awful. Sounds like a stroke

Ahad Adump wrote:

I honestly don't know, none of it makes sense, I've given up trying to work it out.

Call yourself a teamtruther ? You know full well at this point you make some mad conspiracy theory up.
Your chances of making director of facts are over.

Is Dufunk the most intellectually challenged poster this board has ever seen?

Its been a total pleasure seeing wand and Miller handing out some spectacular new insults.

Yeh Henry step your game up.

Geoff, what the fuck is this shit? Send it to Tieato ASAP.

Jesus LOL

Thanks for clearing that up.

If you lived in London wouldn't that make you an immigrant too, dufunk?

Rumours of a memorial wall being built. Michael Shields to drop the final brick in.

And cheap too eh Ahad. You beast.