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Only a few days left until this event - hope to see some of you folks there smile


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Monster Tech House / Prog mix from Sam Hedworth and Darren Lee Fenton just posted to the events page on Facebook.

Click here to give it a listen: bit.ly/LLOxjam


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On Saturday 8th October Oxjam takes over Camden’s biggest dancefloor for a kick ass night of house, tech house and techno with some of London’s hottest acts.

Chris Stanford (Jaded / Lost Souls)
Ben Gomori (Data Transmission Round-up)
Sam Hedworth & Darren Lee Fenton (Motion)
Milton (Electronic Sessions / Do Not Disturb)

Saturday 8th October

8:00pm to 3:00am

Lockside Lounge, 75 - 89 Upper Walkway, West Yard, Camden Lock Place, Camden NW1 8AF

£5 donation on the door

An exciting blend of DJs will be taking to the decks to bring you an eclectic night of dirty dancefloor action all in the name of charity.

Click the links to Resident Advisor and Facebook event pages below for more info and some exclusive mixes from the incredible acts that will be appearing:

Facebook - bit.ly/LLOxjamFB
Resident Advisor: http://bit.ly/LLOxjamRA

PunBB bbcode test

Dooms Night - Azzido Da Bass

At Passion in Leicester, 1999 - followed by Mauro Picotto - Lizard


jonthechef wrote:

Massive Attack at the Phoenix Festival, 90err 4 or 5 or maybe 6. Forget the name of the tune,but its the one with a cow-bell.

I then proceeded to get off with my mates girlfriend.

Turns out that he's gay now.

Lovin this by the way.

At the risk of sounding like a complete ghey (again).

ALL RIGHTS REVERSED Is definitely an unnoticed modern classic


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Can we just burn @Empire just as a big 'up yours' recycled franchise gesture?

To be fair she was well up for a bit of grabbing action.

Might use this as an excuse next time I get put up on a rape charge.

Haven't heard it yet but i've been given good reports.

Thought these guys would have disappeared after their 1st album attempt

At the risk of sounding like a complete ghey...

Quivver - Controlled Substance Vol 1 (2006) was a life changing mix.

There, I said it.

Being a complete skank at the moment and want some freebies - thought I'd be honest.

Any suggestions of prog or deep house podcasts to get me through this tight period?

More of Booka Shade please. Whoops, I mean, NOW!


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Nice work.

Has to be anything by Cascada. Slut!

Only just found this thread as I was stretching out and thought i'd throw this one out there:

Satoshi Tomiie - Love in Traffic (Hybrid Remix)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5exqoUs … re=related


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To a completely schizophrenic line-up!


IO know AEG have taken the venue back but, WTF?


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My mate bought me a ticket to see him at the Hammersmith Apollo a couple of weeks ago. I've only ever seen a couple of episodes of mock the week and that's about as far as I know the guy.

The night was a total disappointment and the 'material' he was spouting was so out of date it was embarrasing. I've seen some amazing comedians who have obviously put a lot of effort into their act and their humour technically great. Boyle was little more than shouting offensive nonsense that got a few column inches 8 months ago - even the guy who bought me the ticket who is a die-hard fan kept turning to me to say 'that's an old one'.

At one point he was just calling people in the audience 'cunts' and everyone thought it was hilarious - fucking imbeciles.

I left feeling that if I had gone to see Boyle 12 months ago I would have seen exactly the same show.


"When I say rice, you say, and peas"

There's also some 'interesting' videos on YouTube.

Some of my favourite tracks include:

Carol Vorderman
Wank fantasy

I've been to see Kunt and the Gang twice now and never been disappointed. Definitely a boozy night out with loads of tasteless jokes and general wrongness.

His website is also an absolute corker:



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I went to see a 30 minute preview of this about 2 month ago (uber-geek i know) and the visuals were absolutely stunning. I agree with Loopdocter and think they could have fucked about with the 3D a bit more.

Have my iMax ticket for tomorrow - happy days.


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Although I know this would have been said a million times previously, but NYE is a pile of guff wherever you are.

Its all about new year day if you fancy a large one and most events are free or only require a small cover charge.

My plan this year is go to Amsterdam and spend about 15 hours glued to a chair in a coffee shop, occaisonally having to go and puke then eat my entire body weight in cream cakes.


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Nice one.

I had to miss this to be the best man at a mates wedding - selfish fucker.


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Was gutted I had to leave at 7 - from about 4:30 onwards Digweeds set got more and more involved.

Looking forward to the Easter Bedrock.

Haven't been to fabric for ages and wondered where's good to go this Saturday for a bit of pre-Cocoon boozing with some mates.

Any ideas? The bar next door used to be a bit of a dive but fun, anyone been there recently.


residentadvisor.net usually has all the goings on including afterclub listings.

Agreed Egg used to be awesome but haven't ben there for ages and it's in Kings Cross - can't comment on Cable, never been.