Pat LaFontaine is the only NHL player to play soley with all 3 NY hockey teams

NuBreed:  Sander K

Luke Fair And Desyn Masiello – In House We Trust  3

Dude, Wheres My Car?!

I can see Paul singing Penny Royal Tea

but thats bout it

Michelle Weeks – The Light (Jamie Lewis Dub Mix)
David Morales Ft Tamra Keenan - Here I am  (Kaskade Rmx)
Tanja Dankner - Will I Ever (MoD & Staffan Thorsell Rmx)
Siavish Tehrani - For My Soul
Random Soul - Take Your Time

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Weekend at Bernie's 2. or. Caddyshack 2

both Jonathan Silverman movies

Weekend at Bernie's part 2

dutchy101 wrote:

With Guns and Roses, they'd already held the material back for years whilst they got their shit together after Appetite for Destruction. .

very true.  Civil War, Novemeber Rain, You Could be Mine were all written back in 1986 and never made it on to Appetite

Circle Jerk....hidden  track on the 3rd disc of Aerosmith's Pandora's box.  A brilliant instrumental

namistai wrote:

Similar story for me.  I was a massive fan until Load came out, which at the time I just didn't get.  I wanted another thrash masterpiece and wasn't ready for them to cut their hair and start making blues records but the more I listen to it these days the more I like it.  I've been listening to their stuff every day for about the past 3 or 4 weeks and I'm loving it again.

Load was really a quality album....

OutLaw Torn and Bleeding Me are 2 of the most complex songs that Metallica has written....

Metallica is playing a 2-day festival in Atlantic City in June...

One day, they will play the entire Black album...the other day, they will play Ride the Lighting in its entirety.

this will mark the first time since 1984 that they perform Escape

some of my favs:

Del 5 - The Biggest Thing In Detroit (DJ Vibe Hot Wheels rmx)
House of Prince - Perfect Love
SuperChumbo - Loop
LowPass - Body is the Song

Her music was a staple in the NYC/NJ nightlife scene and remixes of her songs were huge epic maters pieces at clubs like SoundFactory, LimeLight, Tunnel, Palladium, Temptations, Abyss

Junion Vasquez, Jonathan Peters, Johnny Vicious, Hex Hector all worked wonders on her tunes

She set the bar when it came to vocal performances live and in the studio

SoundFactory NYC Anthem

...I dunno why alot of people sweat DT's London mix was quite boring and stale

Athens on the otherhand was a masterpiece.  DT took all genres and mixed em flawlessly on that comp

Add2Basket @ Cafe de La Musique (Porto Alegre-Brasil May 07-2011) … la-musique

Funkagenda Live Sunset @ Cafe Mambo 21st Sept 2011 … set-cafe-1

Fleetwood Mac

Desyn Masiello - Balance 008
Nick Warren - GU: Brazil
Max Graham - Shine
PanterA - Vulgar Display of Power
Motley Crue - Shout at the Devil

Sean Miller.....quite possibly one of the best openers out there

the worst...

why did you quit...because you are forbidden to use your boss's private bathroom???

its on Kai's site....

if anyone can rip it off there....feel free

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Are calzones a sort of pizza pie?

my friends at Pisano's would shake their head in disgust if they ever heard of such comparison