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Where was the Judge Jules in chart? He was absolutely boss recently in Southport. He seriously played The Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian, Drake, Tinie Tempah, Usher & a load of other auto tune R&B/crap dance pish. Could have played When I'm Cleaning Windows and the crowd would have loved it. Proper retarded. Must be getting old.


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simonpreston wrote:

Or The Day Today, this scene in particular:

Someone on YouTube has already said that Jeremy Kyle reminds them of Ted Maul off Brass Eye. Must agree! Watch from 5:03 (interview starts about 20 seconds later and could be off Jeremy Kyle).


Ted Maul: Do you agree with this question if you don’t get a job he gets stuffed?

Unemployed Dad: The point is I’m trying to get a job, it’s not like I’m not trying to get a job...

Ted Maul: You must try a harder.

Unemployed Dad: I’m trying...

Ted Maul: But really hard

Unemployed Dad: I’m trying very hard

Ted Maul: Well couldn’t you go round someone’s house and clean up?

Unemployed Dad: Clean up somebody’s house?

Ted Maul: Yeah, then ask for money for it

Unemployed Dad: Yeah, I could do that.

Ted Maul: Why not do that tomorrow?

Unemployed Dad: Alright, it’s a bit demean...

Ted Maul: Thanks for talking to us


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Everytime I see Kyle I think he must have modelled himself on Chris Morris off Brass Eye (Bad AIDS - sex episode for example).

starcreeper wrote:

Richie - Liverpool fans should count themselves lucky you aint making the decisions cos that hole would be a thousand feet deeper right now if you were. You're not making any decent points on the general picture other than Benitez's record, Dalglishs record and an unfair attack on a manager considering the circumstances. It seems you really are underestimating the severity of the situation and answering it with a knee jerk reaction. Its not Hodgsons fault he was offered the job.

Why is it unfair? I've given statistics on Hodgson which no one wants to hear. Getting relegated with Blackburn while having a very expensive squad + low win % at Blackburn, Fulham and Inter. What more do you want? Blackburn's relegation is the worst statistical relegation in the history of the Premier League which he must shoulder the majority of blame for.

Apart from Fulham, his CV is not the best and anyone objective knows this. He should never have been brought in. I don't blame him for taking the job but always going to end in tears as there's no player confidence in him - I wouldn't have had any confidence in him at all.

This has been worsened by the fact that he's brought in a bunch of very average players for a lot of money who are nearing the end of the careers and have not performed (Konchesky, Poulsen). Getting in a crocked/overrated player who's not performed (Joe Cole) and an average player (Meireles) + playing him out of position.  Loaning out Insua and Aquilani without suitable replacements.

His tactics have been bizarre to say the least.

Liverpool have had less than 70 goal attempts on goal this season - Stoke have had more;
Only one team has delivered fewer crosses in attack since the start of this season;
If you compare this season's fixtures with last season, Liverpool have allowed their opponents double the amounts of shots on goal and nearly double the amounts of crosses into the box as a result of letting teams attack them.

Liverpool certainly aren't a great side at present but they should be hovering around the top 6 with all the internationals they have. Maybe I'll be wrong but I don't expect form to improve over October so where does that leave Liverpool. In the relegation zone in November. If they don't pick up more than 3 points in their next 3 fixtures, they need to get rid otherwise they might leave it to late.

Wiggipedia - iam dyslexic so explains why my occasional bad spelling - concerning Dalglish.

Fulham and Liverpool are completely different clubs - the point at Fulham was to get draw after draw and admittedly he did a decent job there although reaching the UEFA final did flatter to deceive. While Liverpool are not as good as they used to be theyre not a side that should be in 18th and that's partly his responsibility.

His record apart from Fulham is not great with a high turnover of jobs on his CV especially at the bigger clubs. Hodgson doesn't look or feel like a long term replacement - that will affect the players massively. The expectations at Liverpool are far greater than at Fulham, all his previous clubs have been in the main far smaller with much less expectations.

History's not great. Roy did alright in first season at Blackburn. In his second season, he won only two of the first 14 games and was sacked having the 3rd most expensive squad in the league at the time. Worst relegation from a statistical view in the 18 years of the Premier League. Not good.

His win % at Blackburn, Fulham and Inter were 35%, 39% & 44%. This is far lower than Benitez at 55% and cause for huge concern. You can't say that Benitez had much more money because Roy had huge amounts at Blackburn & Inter (probably equal to Benitez in today's money).

I just don't think things will improve. Hes always been a manager with a quite a few blots on his CV.

Starcreeper – I never once supported the signing of Joe Cole. My opinions on him have been voiced before. Crocked, overrated mercenary cunt – probably a worse signing than Harry Kewell. Irresponsible to bring in a player on 90k (4.68 million per year) when the clubs in financial meltdown.

Hodgson - More credentials than Kenny Daglish – you must be fucking joking?!!! Daglish has won the English League 4 times with 2 different clubs (only the 3rd person in the history of the english game to do that), won 2 FA Cups and was responsible for getting Blackburn out of 2nd division football admittedly with massive help from Jack Walker. 

Daglish has generally managed far bigger clubs than Hodgson which should tell you a lot. Most of Hodgson’s success was well over 20 years ago too). Obviously Daglish is far from perfect and past it but I doubt Liverpool would be in the same position if he was managing.

Wiggipedia – How is Hodgson a steady hand? What’s he done to give the impression at this point? He’s not liked/respected by the players, he’s not liked by many at the club. He’s seen as a caretaker manager and there’s one lesson in football, caretakers hardly ever perform well. He’s no future there.

This form will continue – no doubt about that and you’ll see that I’m exactly right on this. I’d put good money on that they wont pick up more than 3 points in the next 3 games – what’s happens then? Do they keep the faith in Hodgson with obvious relegation form? Or damage limitation?

As for Benitez a disaster? Wins a European Cup, FA Cup, narrowly misses on another European Cup in 2007 and is in the top 4 for 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 & 2008-2009 (narrowly missing on the Premier League in 2008-2009). The man obviously made some huge mistakes but disaster? NO.

The media are constantly amusing. Last Year - The team is decent and it's all Benitez's fault. This Year - The team is rubbish and the manager is not to blame. They supported Hodgson and now will have egg on their faces - fucking Jamie Redknapp etc - what an idiot.

While Liverpool are weaker than they were 2 years ago they're should not be languishing in 18th place. Benitez did buy some absolute shit and did lose the dressing room last season. Yet he bought some great players though.

Everyone talks about how he spent 250 million but then he recouped at least half that and got over 150 mill through various European and Premier League campaigns. So he didn't really cost the club a great deal which people conveniently forgot especially in media.

The reason they're doing so terribly is predominantly Hodgson's fault and this was obvious to anyone with a bit of common sense. He's been a very ordinary manager throughout his career and can no way be compared to Benitez who has won 2 Spanish League Titles, a European Cup, a UEFA Cup & an FA Cup during his much shorter career.

I know people at the club (can't say who) and Hodgson's not that well liked or respected. No one had confidence in him from the start despite all damage limitation PR to the contrary and that has had a huge influence on performances. Compounded by ridiculous tactics,  transfers that may prove disastrous - Poulson, Cole, Konchesky & Meireles and no confidence from the manager concerning the team and you've a recipe for total fucking disaster.

The argument that Hodgson should be given more time is imo wrong as I don't think form will improve if he remains. He'll be gone by the Christmas period but action needs to be taken sooner.

I can see them staying in the drop zone for the rest of October - if they're still there in December might prove fatal. Hodgson has form for leaving a club in a terrible situation - Blackburn 1998-1999. If Liverpool leave the decision too late to get rid, they may be in the same position. If Hodgson doesn't pick up at least 4 points in the next 3 games, he has to be sacked.

Get a decent manager in and Liverpool's form would immediately improve. But the issue is who!


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Always thought this would end in tears. Hodgson is useless. Will be very surprised if hes still in the job by December.

If the form continues the board will have to get rid - its relegation standard at present with little sign of improving. Obvious that the players have no confidence in him.


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Another gutless display by Liverpool. Joe Cole is fucking useless. I cant believe that hes on 90k per week.


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Always thought Roy Hodgson will be one of first managerial casualties. Will be surprised if he lasts till Christmas - guy is a fucking clown who got sacked from Blackburn. Players probably dont have any confidence in him and that would be justified.

Dont want to consider if Liverpool are deducted 9 points for going into administration. Already relegation form and that would be icing on the cake.

Top 10 finish maybe the best we can hope for but currently can't see it without major changes.

Prettypol seems to have been right - heard that Renaissance have now completely ceased trading.

As a lifelong Liverpool fan, absolutely disgusted that Roy Hodgson was appointed. He's useless and never done anything of note apart from being sacked from fucking Blackburn.

With this dizzy dickhead in charge, we'll struggle to finish top ten - our current form is relegation standard.

Massive problems obviously behind the scenes and his appointment hasn't helped at all. It seems like someone is really trying to fuck up the club from within.

Reina - brilliant. Torres - fantastic player but a crock and could be another Michael Owen.  Gerrard - was amazin, carried the team for years but is now 30 and past his best. All will be sold in summer or even the next transfer window.

Kuyt - Not great but at least works hard.

Agger - Decent.

Joe Cole - mercenary overrated crocked midget cunt who is paid more than the vast majority of SMEs turnover in a year. Total madness that he was brought in on a 4 year contract with Liverpool's money worries. Another Harry Kewell but far more expensive and not anymore talented.

Mereiles - why on earth has Roy bought this useless twat?! Because he's a shit manager.

Johnson, Jovanovic, Poulsen, Babel, Lucas, Ngog - All fucking useless shite who should be given money to fuck off and never return.

Carragher hasn't been good for 2 seasons and should consider retiring as he's massively off the pace.

The rest of team - MEH.

Someone needs to come in immediately with a load of money and get rid of Hodgson immediately as he's fucking useless.

In these troubled economic times lets spare a thought to the people they will inevitably owe money to as well.

Seems to be the truth. Hadn't any specific details so I'd posted about this on DJ Mag forum aswell. Someone has confirmed it's the case:

http://forum.djmag.com/forum/showthread … nfirm-this

I've heard from a couple of people that Renaissance are currently in administration. Could explain why website is down.

I can't confirm the validity of claim - maybe Marcus can?