Sounding great, just a shame there are voiceovers!!!!

Would love a clean copy of this.

Grabbing now, will try and listen to it tonight and give marks out of ten!! wink

Sbando, gutted mate, absolutely gutted.

I really, really don't get why a label would pull a mix down with a track in it, surely getting the track heard is how they sell more copies, and no one is going to rip a track that has something else mixed into it.

I reckon it is always some small time label that has bought the rights as a re-release.

millsy23 wrote:

another vinyl only release by Hivern..... bastids

Like that a lot as well.

Yant wrote:

Darin Epsilon - Live @ Bedrock LA 9/8/14.

Really been enjoying this too.

jamie wrote:

that was BMX Bandits wasn't it?

Nicole Kidman went downhill after that classic.

And this that no one ever seems to remember....

Loved the show and the theme tune...


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Uncle Bazza wrote:

we got stoneface & terminal. buzzin bazza !!!

Fuck what you got up to at the weekend, what DJs did you book?

Me too.

Problem is 3 hours means it will get put on the back burner till I get a chance to listen all the way through.

millsy23 wrote:

Stay underground lads. Its the only way.

I am staying underground, only got 400 followers!!! sad

Edit: Oh, you mean with tunage.

Missed this, my condolences Erik.

I think a lot of the problems is second release labels trying to throw their weight.

I got 3 of my mixes pulled down in one hit, one of them had been up for months already, and all the tracks were Maceo/Maetrik tracks.
I asked Eric about it on facebook and he basically said 'Fucking annoying as I want my stuff to be played by as many people as possible, I make my music in the hope people will get to hear it and like it.'
Turns out another label had bought the rights to put it out again as a new release on some comp or ep they were releasing, it was that label that caused the issue with Soundcloud.

Whats the track at 24.30??

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

This is fooking superb.

Gizze. I forgive you completely for that Betoko debacle some months back.

Thank fuck for that, I can sleep again!! wink

It's a bloody set isn't it? Really nice flow to it.

Rather nice set by Guy J, so thought I would post it up...... … d-by-guy-j


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Really enjoying this, about 2/3 of the way through, great selection mate.

I love my red wine, I would say 2/3 of a bottle almost every night, and maybe a couple on a Saturday.

Don't drink beer and if it is somewhere with crap wine I will drink Dark Rum and Coke or Scotch and Dry.

Not really a beer fan at all, and if there is nothing in the house will go without.

I have made an effort recently to lay off on a Monday for a couple of nights and try and make it through to Friday, with maybe just a glass if we are having something nice for dinner, but that is more to prove to the missus "I don't need it.".

Been on Holiday for the last couple of weeks and have drunk far too much, so will have a break next week as I am away next weekend Fri, Sat and Sun night at some small festival which will no doubt be drink fuelled.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

this one bird i was with used to give head with a mouth full of (insert brand of a popular) fizzy drink - she was a bit of filth mind - barmaid

What bar and what do you ask for??

That Cavo set is mixed terribly!!

Love some of his productions though, one of my favourite producers over the 5 years.

Ice Cream & Bonus Miles I still love.


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DuFunk wrote:

I do get the feeling hot since 82 has abit of EDM about him, his music for me is noticably heading the wrong direction.

But not too far, a mate summed it up nicely the other night, said his stuff is a bit like having your hair washed before your haircut, you know you shouldn't like it but it feels pretty good.

Just looking through my music and playing the Solomun tracks they are all pretty damned good, with the exception of Let's Go Dancing!

Sitting here on the terrace looking at the beach with my second pint of Rioja at 2 in the afternoon with this blaring out!!

I can tell the neighbours are loving it as they are all outside pointing at me waving their hands around like mad.

Just happy to bring a little music to their working week!!

Great mix!!

Oh, I am in Javea, Spain at the moment, not popped down to Gt Yarmouth.


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Listened to this on a flight last night and really enjoyed it.
So much so listened again twice today.