Henry Rindhoops wrote:

This is fooking superb.

Gizze. I forgive you completely for that Betoko debacle some months back.

Thank fuck for that, I can sleep again!! wink

It's a bloody set isn't it? Really nice flow to it.

Rather nice set by Guy J, so thought I would post it up......

https://soundcloud.com/coalitionmusic-1 … d-by-guy-j


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Really enjoying this, about 2/3 of the way through, great selection mate.

I love my red wine, I would say 2/3 of a bottle almost every night, and maybe a couple on a Saturday.

Don't drink beer and if it is somewhere with crap wine I will drink Dark Rum and Coke or Scotch and Dry.

Not really a beer fan at all, and if there is nothing in the house will go without.

I have made an effort recently to lay off on a Monday for a couple of nights and try and make it through to Friday, with maybe just a glass if we are having something nice for dinner, but that is more to prove to the missus "I don't need it.".

Been on Holiday for the last couple of weeks and have drunk far too much, so will have a break next week as I am away next weekend Fri, Sat and Sun night at some small festival which will no doubt be drink fuelled.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

this one bird i was with used to give head with a mouth full of (insert brand of a popular) fizzy drink - she was a bit of filth mind - barmaid

What bar and what do you ask for??

That Cavo set is mixed terribly!!

Love some of his productions though, one of my favourite producers over the 5 years.

Ice Cream & Bonus Miles I still love.


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DuFunk wrote:

I do get the feeling hot since 82 has abit of EDM about him, his music for me is noticably heading the wrong direction.

But not too far, a mate summed it up nicely the other night, said his stuff is a bit like having your hair washed before your haircut, you know you shouldn't like it but it feels pretty good.

Just looking through my music and playing the Solomun tracks they are all pretty damned good, with the exception of Let's Go Dancing!

Sitting here on the terrace looking at the beach with my second pint of Rioja at 2 in the afternoon with this blaring out!!

I can tell the neighbours are loving it as they are all outside pointing at me waving their hands around like mad.

Just happy to bring a little music to their working week!!

Great mix!!

Oh, I am in Javea, Spain at the moment, not popped down to Gt Yarmouth.


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Listened to this on a flight last night and really enjoyed it.
So much so listened again twice today.

Poison (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)    Pablo Nouvelle
In The Dark feat. Alice Rose (Hubert Kirchner Remix)    Paul Hazendonk, Noraj Cue, Alice Rose
Do You Feel Me (Original Mix)    Big Al
Some Kind Of Friend (Dub)    Tom Budden, Forrest
Holster (Walker & Royce Remix)    Demarzo
Love Drug feat. Fritz Helder (Silversix Remix)    Booka Shade
Subway (Ryan Zigler Remix)    Mario M
When The Sun Goes Down (Supernova Remix)    Alex Flatner, Hermanez
Uppsala (Aidan Lavelle Remix)    JCB
Street Beat (Original Mix)    Nadja Lind, Vandermeer, Quintin Christian
Easy Way (Original Mix)    Matan Caspi, Roy Lebens
Perla (Rise And Fall Remix)    Nico Parisi, Gai Barone


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Only got round to listening to this today.

Superb mate!!



Tracklist to follow.

But when you get authorisation from the artist and label they just ignore you.

Big Fella wrote:

Lol at bowing to the comment Nazi.

I'll comment when I see fit, if you don't like it take your mixes elsewhere.

You give me a warm glow like no other mate!! Cheers.

Not that I am getting any love for this mix from you lot, but here is a tracklist anyway!! 

Ordinary (Lake People's Circle Motive Remix) Kollektiv Turmstrasse
Take U In The Back (Angelo V Rubdown) Subtron, Markowicz
Stronghold (Kerry Leva Remix) Embliss
Conjure Bots (Original Mix) Maceo Plex
Somewhere We Can Go (Tini Tun Remix) Oona Dahl
Angel (Ripperton Remix) Noir, Hayze
Disappear (feat. Steven Klavier) (Original Mix) Walker & Royce, Steven Klavier
My Ambition (Pazul's Madijuana Remix) Madmotormiquel, N.Y.N
Coming Your Way (Original Mix) Andre Lodemann

I thought this was going to be a thread about the highly underrated Patum Peperium, at first I was a little disappointed, but after reading through it has made my day!!
You dirty cunt Joey!! big_smile


Have to be honest and say I don't think I have ever listened to a Guy J mix before, but played this last night and love it.

https://soundcloud.com/guy-j/guy-j-july … -u-sun-mix


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I was using Meridian M80 units, they are superb, utterly superb, but they are £1500 a pop and don't stream.

I wanted something that streamed so I bought a couple of B&W A7's, but thought they were so far behind the Meridian that I returned them.
I then bought a Play 5 used for £200 to put in the a new bathroom we were doing, it was when they allowed you to stream straight from an iPhone, thought that would be perfect for a bathroom.
I have to say that I was really impressed with it, so much so I sold my Meridian M80s and put Play 5s in.

I bought a pair of Play 1's as I fancied it in stereo, but thought it was just the wrong side of acceptable bass wise, but our rooms are pretty big which doesn't help bass. So bought another Play 5 and just set them up in stereo mode when needed. I will grab another play 5 at some point.

Listened to this tonight, enjoyed a lot.


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I think for us lot who like stuff with a bit of bass the Play 5 has to be the one.
The play 3 has become pretty redundant now the Play 1 has arrived, but I would still take a 5 over a pair of 1's.

Plus, only realised tonight you can add Soundcloud to Sonos through a hack, like it even more now.

Just listened to this at work, very nice mate.

I think this set is OK too, just that slide track makes it feel a bit Butlins.

But overall pretty good.

Yant wrote:
furry wrote:
Yant wrote:

Guy Middleton Deep Tech House mixset on Soundcloud.

Is good.

Isn't that the Guy who is friends with Betoko? I could be thinking about someone else?

Really? how fucking disappointing if so.

I posted his May mix in the mixes section on here, not realising the guy was a woman beating cunt!!

But glad I did as it all came out.