Will add a tracklist later.

https://soundcloud.com/guymiddleton/rev … -house-set

Yeah, played this a few times, really like it.


Tracklist is...

Arrival Of The Envoy (Cybernalia Remix)    Agrande
Principia (Original Mix)    Jobe
Hidden Symmetry (Ewan Rill Remix)    Xplore
Too Slow (Original Mix)    Simon Baker
Lost In Process Feat. Thomas Gandey (Wehbba Remix)    Affkt, Thomas Gandey
The Boss Feat. Thomas Gandey (Original Mix)    Affkt, Thomas Gandey
Hard To Die (Luze Remix)    Ivan Nikusev
Finesse (Another Audio Noir Trip)    Airwave, Phi Phi
Blowin Minds (Dosem Remix)    Chus & Ceballos, Oscar De Rivera, DJ Chus, Pablo Ceballos
Frozen Memories (Original Mix)    Matan Caspi, Weekend Heroes

Cheers mate.

An hour and half of my fave prog and tech tracks of the year so far played pitched down to 112bpm.
Well it was the early hours of Sunday morning! wink

https://soundcloud.com/guymiddleton/zon … set-112bpm

Definitely something you can whack headphones on and loose yourself for a while to.


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I'm surprised you say that Millsy?

Have you listened to some of his latest mixes?

I will admit I only listened properly whilst in Spain this summer, and have listened to around 10 sets and all bar one have been pretty damned good, definitely something you can put headphones on to and loose and hour or so, and have to say I like his mixing too, a bit like a more tech/prog Ricky Ryan in that regard.

Try this one...

https://soundcloud.com/coalitionmusic-1 … d-by-guy-j

Definitely worth a bash this one if I do say so myself.
Some belters on here.

https://soundcloud.com/guymiddleton/blo … und-mixset

I will upload a track list later.

I have started spending less.

I used to hemorrhage money, mainly on going out and cars. Looking back it seems like such a waste.

I have my own business and that has made me think more about it as you really know what is going on out there rather than just picking up your wages each month.
3 years ago I decided I better get some advice as I was approaching 40 in regard to pension etc.
Turns out to live the way I am now I would need to pay in nearly £50,000 a year to make sure my mortgage is cleared and that I had the equivalent of £40k a year to retire on. That was a big wake up call.
Plus that year my daughter started Uni too, so had to change my ways really otherwise I was fucked.

Looks like I will be retiring at about 107, if things go to plan!!

Only got round to listening to this over the weekend, and have already listened to it half a dozen times.

I love it.

It reminds me of when I first heard William Orbit's Strange Cargo, and I have loved his stuff since then.
A real journey for an hour.

More of this please.

A good read, and one many will relate to on here.

I finished a set the other night with this, and thought I would like some more breaks tracks to play...

I really like his sets, always has a nice groove going through them but keeps it sounding techy and a bit industrial.

That Coalition 1430 set is also a great set.

One can only dream BF, one can only dream!!


Vicious (Original Mix)    Pieter Steijger
The Bumps (Original Mix)    Pete Tong, John Monkman
Set Me On (Edu Imbernon On Fayer Remix)    Qtier
Prolepse (Original Mix)    Hasan Mogol
Anachronie (Original Mix)    Hasan Mogol
Stars (Guy J Remix)    Barry Jamieson
Berlin Dream (Guy Mantzur & Khen Remix)    Nick Stoynoff
Grey's Discourse (Macromism Remix)    Doomwork
Brutus (Original Mix)    Edu Imbernon, Los Suruba
Fascination (Omid 16B Remix)    My Favorite Robot
The Fourth Dimension (Original Mix)    Mike Griego
Mediterraneo (Original Mix)    Doomwork
Avrora (Lutzenkirchen Remix)    Chumahod
Joongl (Original Mix)    Balcazar & Sordo, Kosmas
Elytra (Original Mix)    Doomwork
Dreaming in 3D (Original Mix)    Sahar Z, Guy Mantzur
Slip Away (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)    Cari Golden, Bambook, Mennie
All Dat Funk (Original Mix)    Chicola, Sahar Z
Hustle (Original Mix)    Sasha Carassi
Sunshine And Mosquitos (Metodi Hristov Remix)    Doomwork


yeah great bassline.

OMD Sugar Tax album was great.

Also loved Hipsway, and Swansway.

Big Supreme as well, never had an album but some great 12" and remixes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjgJ5EG … XC-Ou6b52c

OK, so sounds a bit too 80's now, but good at the time.

I ws asked on MS to post a longer set, so put this up.....

Just for you kd1, this was a 2 hour set I played on Saturday night, was going to be for a radio show next month but I will do another one before then so will use that.

Now this starts off like many of my home mixes, but the second hour definitely goes into a more Techno sound, always try and keep it sassy with nice deep basslines and grooves working through it, but picks up pace and grabs you by the balls a little more than my 1 hour studio sets.

I had some really nice comments about this set, I was only doing an hour but played for just over 2 hours in the end, so hope you like!

Hope the mixing is OK, not listened back yet, but seemed like one of those nights when it all went better than expected, which makes a nice change! wink

First hour was people mooching around, second hour we wanted to get people dancing.


https://soundcloud.com/guymiddleton/hus … ovy-techno

I will post a tracklist shortly, some amazing tracks in there if I do say so myself!!

Recorded live at back to basics at The Garage in the Waxwerks - 2013.
A 5 hour mix that started at 95 bpm and never got faster than 118bpm.
A pure Weatherall masterclass in mixing indie dance, balearic beats and tripped out slo-mo at it's best.


http://soundcloud.com/ralphlawson/andre … -live-at-1

http://soundcloud.com/ralphlawson/weath … p;t=0%3A00

Great track, the Greenville Massive one, I caned it back in 2011, always went down well.

Was on this mix with their We Are Deaf track too, which is even better.

https://soundcloud.com/guymiddleton/ill … essive-and

Cheers mate.

Hopefully it might even get one of your special 'second listens' smile

https://soundcloud.com/guymiddleton/gui … hno-mixset

Will have a listen back and post a tracklist later.

Some belters in there.

Sounding great, just a shame there are voiceovers!!!!

Would love a clean copy of this.


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Grabbing now, will try and listen to it tonight and give marks out of ten!! wink

Sbando, gutted mate, absolutely gutted.

I really, really don't get why a label would pull a mix down with a track in it, surely getting the track heard is how they sell more copies, and no one is going to rip a track that has something else mixed into it.

I reckon it is always some small time label that has bought the rights as a re-release.

millsy23 wrote:

another vinyl only release by Hivern..... bastids

Like that a lot as well.

Yant wrote:

Darin Epsilon - Live @ Bedrock LA 9/8/14.

Really been enjoying this too.