Anyone from the East Anglia rave scene will probably remember Treble D (David James) and many from the London scene too.

He was such a good DJ, and still is, and producer, probably his most famous track was ‘(Always) A Permanent State’ on Hooj Choons back in 2000.

This set sort sums up an era for me, along with the Digweed EM with Rockhopper '94, Yello and Bjork, aand the DJ Vertigo La Morita mixtape, this was probably my most caned mix in that decade.
It sort of started to change after this, more 'progressive', but listening back to this last night made me remember what was so special about the underground parties we all went to.

I won't put a tracklist up, but sure anyone over the age of 40ish will recognise them all.

I found the tape and managed to rip it last night.

This is the link to the first of his tapes, Ibiza Grooves from September 1993.

Gonna bring you joy!! … es-mixsets

Kelly Lee Owens self titled album.


pbatty89 wrote:

up to disc 3 - guy j - rock a day. This is the best track on the album so far. can feel it ramping up now. loving it

Yet not on the release?

There are quite a few tracks missing from the Juno download release, is that normal?

liquitech1 wrote:
Yant wrote:

Is he? had no idea.  I don't follow these things that closely TBH.  Just listened to it and liked it.

..there was 3 or 4 threads dedicated to it tbf including this … p?id=58819

..then there was this back & forth. You going senile, Yant?

Yant wrote:
furry wrote:

Isn't that the Guy who is friends with Betoko? I could be thinking about someone else?

Really? how fucking disappointing if so.

Haha, I'm not mates with Betoko! WTF did that come from?

But thanks for the kind words about my mix Yant! big_smile

Some good shouts in there, some that have been missed....

Shall Ocin
Ewan Rill
Dave DK

The change comes after negotiations for the company's paid service, SoundCloud Go.

DJ mixes will no longer be taken down from SoundCloud for copyright infringement.

As Dancing Astronaut reports, SoundCloud founder Eric Wahlforss told Groove that while negotiating terms for SoundCloud Go, the company reached deals with licensing groups like GEMA to allow for DJ mixes to stay on the site. In recent years, some artists and DJs had their mixes (and, in some cases, whole accounts) removed from SoundCloud for containing copyrighted material. SoundCloud Go is the streaming platform's recently-implemented paid subscription model meant to compete with other services like Spotify and Apple Music.


Secret Encounters (Original Mix)    Guy Gerber
Dead End feat. Astrid (Tim Green Remix)    Atelier Francesco
Nightfalls (Chymera Remix)    Dave Seaman
Freshness (Original Mix)    Following Light, K.Oshkin
Innerbloom (Sasha Remix)    RUFUS
Type R (Bablak Remix)    Ewan Rill, Sam Scheme
All Along (Original Mix)    Stan Kolev
Crazy (Ewan Rill Remix)    Mz Sunday Luv, Ri Za
Insipid Town (Dave Seaman Remix)    Han Haak
Linna Feat. Anon (Original Mix)    Bastian Bux

Don't post that many on here any more, but thought this one may go down well.

I will post a track list tonight.

steelydan wrote:

Who wrote that? Millsy?



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liquitech1 wrote:

...these brainless animals are on your side when it comes to voting out of Europe too btw … SApp_Other

From what I have heard from people out there, the police keep throwing tear gas into crowds who are doing nothing other than being loud.
People I know said they keep swarming in on them and when they all get up to see what is going on tear gas is being thrown in causing chaos.


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funkeey wrote:

I get that Matt supports an exit, passionately - and with a light sprinkling of nationalism.

But can some non UK folk on here comment on how people/politicians/media in their countries view the possibility of an exit?  Are people shitting it / not bothered / other?

Read 'Der Spiegel' today, printed in English along side the German.

The Germans are fucking shitting the fact we may actually leave.


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You have got to be a fucking moron to want to stay in the EU.

The EU as it stands, in a business sense is well and truly fucked, it is already insolvent, and is about to go bankrupt.

The UK is now the second biggest/best economy in the EU, if we leave it will collapse, it may take a year it may take 3, but it will collapse.

If we stay we may see 5 years before it goes pop unless something radical happens. But it won't, it can't. If anyone understands how it works and how they buy bonds they will realise it is already too late.

What we need to decide is if we want to risk our houses, our families and our economy to try and buy a few more years before it goes pop?? That is your choice.

The problem we have now, is the EU is threatening the UK that they will turn their back on the UK if they leave as they know it will be the start of the collapse, and that is why so many politicians who were 'leave' are now 'stay'. But although the free trade agreements may disappear, we will still trade with them as we are most companies second biggest market.

People say we are better to stay in as we get a say, well that is bollocks, out nearly 900 proposals we have put forward to the EU 90% have been refused, and of the 10% that have been agreed on 8% have benefited the rest of the EU, less than 2% have actually been solely beneficial to the UK. We have fuck all say while we stay in.

Of course the MEPs will want to stay in, with €250,000 tax free pay packets I would want to stay in.

The €350,000,000 a week contribution has muddied things, the stay campaigners keep saying we get a lot of this back in subsidies, which is true, the problem is we don't get to decide what subsidies. So, if 95% of the EU is producing sugar using beet but the UK uses cane, the subsidies go to importing beet.
So while everyone gets a tax break in Europe of some €3m for every ship load of beet they import, we in the UK have to pay £3.5m for every boat load of cane we import.

This video is worth a watch, this is Jim Mellon, he predicted the recession back in 2006, everyone laughed when he said we would go into recession because of the US housing crisis, but he was right. People said that if this guy ever spoke out again then we must all listen, he has no agenda as he is not a politician, he is just a trader who sees everything in black and white, he simply wants the markets to remain stable so he can make money.

Only a couple of minutes long, worth watching....

They need us to stay to buy them time, but it is a sinking ship, you just have to decide whether you want to give everything up to buy them some time.

Played this set the other night, wanted that 90s warehouse feel, seemed to hit the spot....

Nothing Special - Tom Glass
Sorrow feat. Bon Homme (Deetron Remix) - Alex Niggemann
Polina (Original Mix) - Agents of Time
Singularity (Original Mix) - Stephan Bodzin
Powers of Ten (Gabriel Ananda Remix) - Stephan Bodzin
Damnation (Original Mix) - Han Haak
Starblazer (Original Mix) - Deetron
Photon (Deetron WP Dub) - Deetron
Odyssee (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) - Stephan Bodzin
Attribute (Han Haak Remix) - Tom Glass
Rescue feat. George Maple (Original Mix) - Deetron
Redemption (Original Mix) - Han Haak
The Cliff (Original Mix) - Shall Ocin

Wally wrote:

Aye Cap'n

[095] Few Nolder - One (Karl Friedrich Remix) [Needwant - NEEDW 044D]

Chooo Chhhoooon!

The "Wisher" track off that ep is stunning too!

Tough one, I only started DJ'ing again 5 or 6 years ago after a 15 year break.

But this set is one I still listen to a lot, and the fact it is 5 years old now means it has probably stood the test of time too.


The Forest - Trentemoller
Honey Wine - Jesse Somfay & Henry Saiz
Shadowchaser (Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine Remix) - Funk D'void
Sycamore Feeling (Gui Boratto Remix) - Trentemoller
It's What We Do (KiNK & Neville Watson Rework) - Donnacha Costello
positivenoise (carl craig remix) - a guy called gerald & system 7
Valiant - Tale Of Us
Black Sun - Original Mix - Demy Ottens
Love Stimulation Tom Middleton Remix - Humate
Incident - Miyagi Mix - Joris Voorn
Open Your Eyes - Original Mix - Neil Quigley
Detour on 44 - Cid Inc. Remix - Darin Epsilon
Summer News - Cristian Paduraru Deeper House Mix - Relate4ever … x-set-deep

A couple of laid back mixes I have not posted on here.... … -house-mix

Plus this was a set I played out a few weeks back.... … h-5th-2016

Not posted this set either which was last month...

I tend to buy around 10-20 tracks every two weeks, I will do a mix or two with those and give the mix a name, then I put those tracks in folders...

Year/mix name

I then know I can find the track I want pretty quickly as I do listen to the mixes and remember the tracks on them even if I can't remember the title of the track or the artist, I can search the folder with the same name as the mix and find it quickly.

Some proper deep melodic techno.......

Point of Enlightenment (Matt Holliday's Radiant Remix)    K.Oshkin
Amanita Drums (Pavel Petrov Remix)    Paco Maroto
Navajo (Original Mix)    Matt Holliday
Rising Castles (Original Mix)    Ewan Rill
Stuck in My Mind (Jamie Stevens Remix)    Soulwerk
Solaris (James Teej Saturn City Remix)    Andre Sobota
Once Again (Original Mix)    Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi
Pulsar (Quivver Q Dubz Mix 2)    Kaban
The Reformist (Namatjira Remix)    Han Haak
Aquatica (Jamie Stevens Bonus Instrumental Mix)  Amber Long, Robert Mason … had-a-soul

Walking in the Shadow (Original Mix) - Jonas Saalbach, Tschoris
Down So Long (featuring Shane Blackshaw) (Dub Mix) - Kastis Torrau, Arnas D, Shane Blackshaw
Heart of Steel (Ewan Rill Remix) - Da Luka
One (Original Mix) - Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto
Provokoter (Original Mix) - Guy J
Goes Around (Sean McClellan Remix) - Amy Unland
Knights (Original Mix) - Kiki, Raxon
Everything Remains The Same (Original Mix) - Quivver
Haiku (Following Light Remix) - Rick Pier O'Neil
Overstance (Original Mix) - Tim Green
Me Against (Original Mix) - Matchy & Bott, Rockaforte
Reflex (Original Mix) - Stefano Noferini, Metodi Hristov

Listened to this three times already, great mix Neil.

I sent you that PM on Soundcloud re a d/l link. … techno-mix

Will post a tracklist over the weekend.

Forgot to post them up here.

This was July.... … y-2015-mix

This is August.... … 015-mixset

Best Digweed set in years.

Always love it when he plays some deeper stuff.

Some nice melodic tech and prog sounds.... … the-summer

Flatline Feat. Calder (dubspeeka Remix)    Just Her
Ra (David August Remix)    The Acid
Devotion (Ryan Davis Re-Visit)    Oovation, Laura Barrick
21:21 (Ewan Rill Remix)    Silinder
Impact (Jamie Stevens Remix)    John Johnson
Orbit (Original Mix)    La Fleur
The Good Way (Original Mix)    Dosem, Supernova
Living In A Song (Shall Ocin Remix)    Dino Lenny
Monotype (Original Mix)    Raxon
Ghost (Maya Jane Coles Remix) (Original Mix)    The Acid


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First wank??