I have never looked at the key, surely you can hear if it works or not?

How does knowing the key help anyway?
I wouldn't know if c goes with g by looking at the key, but I can hear if they work together.


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Beijing Dave wrote:
gIzzE wrote:

The problem with this whole thing is the judge decided he was guilty because the girl in question was said to be too intoxicated to have given consent.

But surely, most of peoples first sexual encounters are under the influence.

I seriously doubt most people's first encounters were with women who were that intoxicated.

Most of us know that if a woman you are with is too pissed to even speak,you should be making sure her friends get her home safely instead of thinking about jamming one up her.

I disagree. I reckon most couples first sexual encounters are after having alcohol, it often takes a meal and a couple of drinks to let your inhibitions go when you are with someone new.

Who said she was too pissed to speak?

All the girls were talking about this and every one of them said thinking back there was at least one time where they have been drunk enough to sleep with someone and regretted it deeply, and known that it was because of the alcohol, but they all said that was a drunk mistake, but looking at this case could have easily called it rape.

The point is, the judge said that she was too intoxicated to have made an intelligent decision, he therefore has raped her. I think his argument is they were both drunk and he thought it was a joint decision.


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The problem with this whole thing is the judge decided he was guilty because the girl in question was said to be too intoxicated to have given consent.

But surely, most of peoples first sexual encounters are under the influence.

What would have happened if he had gone to the police the next morning and said "I woke up this morning with a naked gorl in my bed, I don't remember anything about it or giving consent therefore I think I was raped." ??

My wife said "If you get yourself so pissed you don't remember then you have to put it down to a mistake, but you can't class that as rape."


Midnight Walking     Adriatique
Sophie Loves Sound (Harold Heath Remix)    Terry Grant
All By Myself (Joeski 2014 Mix)    Joeski
Amnesia (Santiago Garcia Dark Side Remix)    Big Al, Gunther, Audio Lab, Elias Merheb
Dark Drive (Ewan Rill Remix)    Carpathian Paths and Kindzerskiy Sergiy
The Lost Paradise (Ewan Rill Remix)    Soulwerk
On The Outside (Echomen Remix)    Omid 16B
You (Ewan Rill Remix)    George Yammine
Kolibri (Quivver 'Q Dubz' Remix)    Adwer
Falling (Praveen Achary Remix)    Blusoul
Tiny Soula (Mobius Strum & Richard Salazar Remix)    Hole Box
Basslines For Archie (Cybernalia Remix)    Luke Brancaccio


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If you're going to use it USB take it back and buy a Meridian Explorer 2.

Stunning dac for £200 and will do MQA decoding which is meant to be surreal.

Tidal I think are going to use the format.

Sbando wrote:

Tell Adam that from around 55' till finish it's faceless beats, almost two hours of it.


I must admit I liked the first hour and then drifted away, turned off at 1.33mins.


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A big thumbs up in our house mate!

Fiona did genuinely shout through to me when getting reading to go out "Why don't you ever play decent music like this??'

So thanks for that you fucker!!! big_smile

But great mix mate, will be on repeat over the holidays.

Haha, I hadn't really thought about it, I just use one of the track titles to name my mixes.

You got your wires crossed, the clue was in me saying "... we will be done by just before 2pm".

I'm a 5 minute wonder!!!

A quick 55 mix....

https://soundcloud.com/guymiddleton/bre … ive-mixset

White Rabbit (Adam Byrd Remix) Schodt
Cross Smile (Original Mix)    Asaga
Groove In Me (Original Mix) Cristoph
Breath (Ewan Rill Remix) Platunoff
Jukebox (Tom Middleton Remix)    Brian Cid
Don't Fail Me Now Feat. Calder (Original Mix) Him_Self_Her
Forgive Me (Edu Imbernon Remix) Shall Ocin
Square (Ewan Rill Remix) Ri Za
Bulge (Original Mix) Following Light

Haha, OK, is it alright to bell you now? Track one is now ending so we will be done by just before 2pm, leaving you the afternoon free.

Always good mixes and this one is no exception mate, just think you could pull your socks up a bit in regard to tagging your set a bit better!!

No album artist, no bpm listed, no album name (just the filename) and.......I shudder saying it.....no fucking artwork embedded!!

Thank fuck the mix is a belter!!! big_smile

Forget the above tracklist, listened back and not enough flow, just reuploaded a new version, same tunes, different order.

Must stop doing mixes under the influence!!

Moments in Life (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)    Navar
Adapt (Original Mix)    Pavel Petrov
Canyon feat. Sian Evans (Omid 16B Vocal Mix)    Paul Hazendonk, Noraj Cue, Sian Evans
Voices From The Past (Sahar Z & Khen Frames Remix)    Khen
We All Shine On (Cid Inc Remix)    Simon Shackleton
Treason (Rich Curtis Remix)    Phonic Scoupe
My Muse (Original Mix)    Ewan Rill, Fasah
Deep Down (Ewan Rill Remix)    Blood Groove & Kikis
Revenge (Ewan Rill Remix)    Phonic Scoupe
One Special Particle (Guy J Remix)    John O'Callaghan
Anomaly (Original Mix)    Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi
Mentality of Master (Mindshield Remix)    Mlab

Will add a tracklist later.

https://soundcloud.com/guymiddleton/rev … -house-set

Yeah, played this a few times, really like it.


Tracklist is...

Arrival Of The Envoy (Cybernalia Remix)    Agrande
Principia (Original Mix)    Jobe
Hidden Symmetry (Ewan Rill Remix)    Xplore
Too Slow (Original Mix)    Simon Baker
Lost In Process Feat. Thomas Gandey (Wehbba Remix)    Affkt, Thomas Gandey
The Boss Feat. Thomas Gandey (Original Mix)    Affkt, Thomas Gandey
Hard To Die (Luze Remix)    Ivan Nikusev
Finesse (Another Audio Noir Trip)    Airwave, Phi Phi
Blowin Minds (Dosem Remix)    Chus & Ceballos, Oscar De Rivera, DJ Chus, Pablo Ceballos
Frozen Memories (Original Mix)    Matan Caspi, Weekend Heroes

Cheers mate.

An hour and half of my fave prog and tech tracks of the year so far played pitched down to 112bpm.
Well it was the early hours of Sunday morning! wink

https://soundcloud.com/guymiddleton/zon … set-112bpm

Definitely something you can whack headphones on and loose yourself for a while to.


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I'm surprised you say that Millsy?

Have you listened to some of his latest mixes?

I will admit I only listened properly whilst in Spain this summer, and have listened to around 10 sets and all bar one have been pretty damned good, definitely something you can put headphones on to and loose and hour or so, and have to say I like his mixing too, a bit like a more tech/prog Ricky Ryan in that regard.

Try this one...

https://soundcloud.com/coalitionmusic-1 … d-by-guy-j

Definitely worth a bash this one if I do say so myself.
Some belters on here.

https://soundcloud.com/guymiddleton/blo … und-mixset

I will upload a track list later.

I have started spending less.

I used to hemorrhage money, mainly on going out and cars. Looking back it seems like such a waste.

I have my own business and that has made me think more about it as you really know what is going on out there rather than just picking up your wages each month.
3 years ago I decided I better get some advice as I was approaching 40 in regard to pension etc.
Turns out to live the way I am now I would need to pay in nearly £50,000 a year to make sure my mortgage is cleared and that I had the equivalent of £40k a year to retire on. That was a big wake up call.
Plus that year my daughter started Uni too, so had to change my ways really otherwise I was fucked.

Looks like I will be retiring at about 107, if things go to plan!!

Only got round to listening to this over the weekend, and have already listened to it half a dozen times.

I love it.

It reminds me of when I first heard William Orbit's Strange Cargo, and I have loved his stuff since then.
A real journey for an hour.

More of this please.

A good read, and one many will relate to on here.

I finished a set the other night with this, and thought I would like some more breaks tracks to play...