Dermo wrote:

tune and a half

Whole EP is great.

My track of the moment is this... … that-she-4

Can't find the full thing anywhere though, and you have to listen start to end. Awesome!

Eight Dayz, some great tunes back in the day.
They released an album in the end, some 25 years later in 2011...

Dermo wrote:

Wish id kept my dick in my pants.

So does the little lad at Scouts!!

Bruised for life, and mentally!!

Dermo wrote:

Plenty more fish in the sea Joey

Hahaha smile

Grabbing now Millsy, don't listen to much out there as.....well.....don't think many cut the mustard, but always enjoy your mixes.

mullykid wrote:

That picture is disturbing!!!

Always awkward to see your mother online!!

This is a tech and progressive mixset played at 120bpm for a more laid back, listen at home vibe.

Some absolute belters on this imho. … deep-techy … p-tech-and

Not sure if I posted this before, but just stumbled across it again and still had me laughing out loud.

Pure genius.....

Read each reply before scrolling down to the next picture.

Squidgy wrote:

late 2012 or early 2013 anyway. Dave DK is awesome

Agreed, he is so consistent too.

Just thinking about his mixes over the last 2 years and some belters.


Good track with a fair bit of hype..

some vague similarities, but more laid backfor me;

That was 2012 wasn't it? Preferred the Dave DK Vocal mix myself, but amazing tune.


Passed at 17 and don't know where I would have slept after all the parties if I didn't have a car.
In fact would have struggled to get to all the parties back in the day.

Some of my most fucked nights where spent out in the car in the middle of nowhere.

I bet they don't put that on the Learn To Drive posters!!

I completely missed it, I was 16 in '89 and started to go to a few underground parties in old barns and warehouses and I don't even remember Oasis or Blur really, so yeah I completely missed it. Honestly didn't even know it was going on.

I went to Uni in '94 after 5 years of partying and that was really the first I heard of it, I just wasn't mixing in those circles before then.

But then I used to listen to people like David Sylvian, Hipsway, Julian Cope, The Bible, China Crisis, Terry Blair and Anouchka nd shit like that, so what the fuck do I know?

I grabbed these off soundcloud Simon, looking forward to listening to them this week mate, always really enjoy your mixes.

New mix from me, some new tunes, some a little older that I had missed.. … rogressive … ive-mixset

Lost In The Moment    Luze
Northern Lights (Smak (aka Steve McCready) Remix)    Kevin Toro
Telescopium (Original Mix)    We Need Cracks
Ostinato    Luze
Aurora    Luze
Crescent Moon    Luze
Emotional Self (Original Mix)    Lank, Cid Inc.
Space Machine (Cid Inc. Remix)    Praveen Achary
Bohemian Groove (Withakay Noho Remix)    Anthony Yarranton
Energy Ink (Exclusive PRISMA Download)    16BL

The Luze tracks are a guy called Luis Valencia, released on Evoked Recordings sometime in early 2014.
Great EP.


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millsy23 wrote:

The news that Dyer will soon be appearing in Eastenders was as much a shock to me as Daley being a batty rider.

No!!!! Not Daley as well???!! I used to fukin' love Minder.

All my childhood heroes are disappearing. sad

I just love the way he is sits there all puzzled afterwards as to what has happened or who he even is!!

Jesus!! That bungee jump!!
Kids are fukin' stoooopid!!

MattBlack wrote:

Wow thats a proper trip. Used to love that though, flicking through old records and finding a gem on the B side which you never knew you had, one of lifes little bonuses

Beats getting home with a new 12" all excited, trying to remember where you had heard it before, to then realise you bought it three weeks ago!!

Often did that back in the day!

So where does Deadmau5 fit into all this??

starcreeper wrote:

To be fair, he knows his EQ'ing onions though.


Listened to CD1 last night.

First 4 tracks were superb, then a couple went off before coming back with that nice raw sound with a vocal.
Sounded pretty good though.

I tell you what, I reckon I am listening to the mixes from this board more than any others out there.

Maybe because most of them are studio mixes rather than playing out live, but there seems to be much better flow and choice of tunes in the sets on here.
Most sets out there tend to have 3 or 4 decent tunes and the rest are average at best, but the mixes on here tend to be one decent tune after the other.

Keep 'em coming!

Rokit wrote:

content ?
unbelievable jeff?
So now people feel it necesarry, to put dicks in topics, in order for it to be moved, or deleted,.
top music and info board this is then?

What the fuck are you on about???!!!!

Haha, superb.