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"What do you want for Xmas?"



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Been listening to Pedro's Broadcasting Basement (PBB) a lot lately. Playing loads of d'n'b there.

manufacture this next for the Bedrock store:


(as boxer shorts, of course! heh.)


djdiggers wrote:

Friday 22nd - Sunset Cruise

Would love to go on one of these some day!

djdiggers wrote:

For those that are going to Miami this March here are my concerts I mean shows sorry gigs !

lol lol lol

Looking forward to hearing this - ordered !!


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I really like this mix.... I have the cd in my car so it gets regular rotation there, still.

Usually Apple puts Rosetta on the install discs, at least they did on the last 2 install versions I received of Snow Leopard. I'm not sure about Mountain Lion as I haven't upgraded yet. That OS was a digital download only (right?).

This link may help you:



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Presto wrote:
lo.fidelity wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:

Who told you it was in December?

Digweed @ Fabric = 22nd of December.

Shot in the dark here, but I think Snedders already knew that, well before you did.

No argument from me there. No one had posted the date yet (and the obvious point that Diggers usually plays Fabric right before Xmas).


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Nick Sneddon wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Fabric in December will be better than this.

You heard it here first.

Who told you it was in December?

Digweed @ Fabric = 22nd of December.


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Orbital set and interview, performed live (yesterday, 24th Sept.)

Watch or listen here -



shaunstrudwick wrote:



Ordered !!


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Derms' new record

Here I was hoping to finally hear some tunage out of Dermo and all I'm left with is a thread about a deleted thread....... Sort it out, lads!


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They are at their best when they play together. The juxtaposition of their individual sounds makes each stand out in their own right.  The competitive aspect of them playing back to back is what pushes them further and that's where the real magic happens. 

I often find myself wanting to hear what the other half would have provided in addition when going to see them each individually.

This is pretty cool if you haven't seen it before. You can turn your computer keyboard into a virtual instrument:

http://www.bgfl.org/custom/resources_ft … usic/piano


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The Art of the Steal



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Nick Sneddon wrote:
djdiggers wrote:

Looking forward to rocking XOYO tonight after last months great show. All advance tickets are now sold out,
there will be a limited amount available on the door tonight. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. See you there!

I have nothing to say about this post


The person I thought of  the moment I read Diggers post was you Nick. 

Can't be bothered to bash the talent, only the yanks are deserving I see! -shrugs-

Dan Harwood wrote:

All members of the forum: Has anyone here actually bought a Bedrock Hoodie and, if you have, do you rock it at weekends when you're down the pub with friends?

Dan Harwood wrote:

a clear give away that you do indeed belong to the "the vortex crew".

The only Bedrock merchandise I've ever purchased is music and ticket entries. Though I did have my eye on the tote for a minute, fwiw.

I'm a proud card carrying member of the "vortex crew", as is any Bedrocker that went to Heaven regularly. Alas, you're not as immune to the vortex as you'd like to think you are, Dan.  cool


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Aaron Littles wrote:

Enjoyed the first series. Will enjoy this one when it plays in the United States in the latter half of 2014. Fuckers.

You could watch a stream of it from one of these sites listed in the link before 2014:

http://www.sidereel.com/Sherlock_(2010) … e-1/search

Are you the lone Bedrocker travelling to LA for NYE or are you going with other fellow Bedrockers / know of other fellow Bedrockers attending too, Dr2DJ ?

Are there any Bedrockers going to see Diggers extended New Year's Eve set in LA ?

Sounds like a good night out !

There's an RA Top 20 Live Acts section too.


I think SBW's a wind up and you lot've been had all proper like !  lol

Sexyboywonder wrote:

Love the fact that there are big personalities here on the board and they aren't afraid to put there point across, I like that. BUT for the people who are just jumping on the bandwagon to try and gain some credibility by dropping small comment to try and gain respect from the others just grow up. You were the unpopular kids at school who had now direction and were just 'there' doing nothing. You know who you are just post constructively in the future and don't try and belittle people secondhand.

You obviously missed out on the GU board for years and years. This place has turned into the bspf of the GU board.