I started out laughing about it. Now I can't stop watching it, and I can't get the song out of my head. I've found myself checking out the band's other music. It trapped me.

Is it really him with the deep scream in there a couple times or has someone messed with the audio?

Beijing Dave wrote:
Dermo wrote:

Ibiza sounds far too fast.

Yeah, and I actually remember thinking Disc 1 was very subtle/downtempo when it came out. LOL.

Rumbling basslines and POWER breakdowns and girly vocals everywhere really.

Yea same here, I definitely was thinking "man these Raff n Freddy and MRE tracks are really deep and chilled, this must be 'deep house'" when I first heard it. I was about 1 year into the whole scene anyway.

what's the track at 1:20:00ish? sounds familiar but can't place the name.

Just picked up the Beats today. Only able to play with it sneakily for a few minutes at my desk with earbuds, and I really liked using it. I can't wait to get the other units, probably getting Keys next


This guys head starts appearing over the crowd to the right. He starts mouthing the synth and percussion parts and then breaks through to the front at about 24 mins. Starts "air" knob turning right up on Beyer. Eventually gets asked to move back, then comes back up, asked to move back again. His buddy finally has to block him off from coming up. Was funny to watch, but felt bad for Beyer having to deal with him.

Grant wrote:
dubstar wrote:

Just found that they do have all tracks and the mixes listed but some of them are "unplayable". Wonder if it's a regional thing. Any of you outside the US seeing this also on Spotify?

Stop whinging about Spotify, you get what you pay for.

Def not whinging. This is the only mix album I've had this happen with so figured it was worth asking.

Just found that they do have all tracks and the mixes listed but some of them are "unplayable". Wonder if it's a regional thing. Any of you outside the US seeing this also on Spotify?

definitely, I've been checking out vids for a few weeks now. Haven't heard or read anything bad about them other than they are out of stock. Trying to decide which I want to get first, with the plan of ending up with all 3.

Anyone actually had hands on with any of these? I'm intrigued, and the price is good.


Guess I'll have to buy it on iTunes. Annoying the mixes aren't on Spotify

Spotify doesn't seem to have the continuous mixes, just individual tracks. Anyone else having this problem? Doesn't appear to be all of the tracks either. The release info on iTunes says 58 tracks but Spotify only has 47.

Fuckin A, this is $249? 2 easy payments of $124.99 though!

I saw this on TV the other night. It honestly took me several minutes to realize it wasn't a joke. I checked to see if I was watching tosh.0 or something. So stupid

I saw them together for the last time several years ago in Atlanta, and it was pretty obvious they were 2 different guys playing at the same time. There wasn't cohesion like the Delta Heavy night I saw them or years before that the first time I saw them together. Ahhh what a night, big warehouse, they played after RITM and Digweed played the Lexicon Avenue mix of "True House" early on, and not to mention the pills were amazing around that time. Digweed played tat same event the following year solo with Josh Wink, man those were the days. The handful of times I've seen them separately since then I've preferred Digweed.

someone want to scan and post the article? I don't want to pay 15usd to get the mag.

This probably directly ties in with the other topic of several top tracks on Beatport essentially being the same track.

Yea I may at that point. But I'll buy whatever I get used so there's still probably going to be a couple hundred bucks between the S2 and S4, and as much as I actually mix, it may not be worth it. If something new comes out, the S4 used price will probably drop even further so that may become a possibility.

The gain knobs can be used as filter on the S2, but the knob is an endless encoder and the "steps" aren't ideal for filter use.

Uhh no. Never said I'm selling it due to the lack of filter knobs. I was saying that I really like the S2, and the only thing I wish it had was dedicated filter knobs. Nothing to prevent me from getting another one at some point

Don't get me wrong, I really like the S2. The only thing I really wish it had was dedicated filter knobs. I need some money for other things right now, otherwise I wouldn't be selling it. I suspect everyone that is interested in getting a Traktor setup is aware of the S4 price drop and the probability that a newer "all in one" Traktor controller could be coming. I'm hoping to get $280-300 for it now and when I have the money I will rebuy an S2 or even go for a used S4.

I've been trying to sell my S2 but no one is really interested it seems.


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Yant wrote:
dubstar wrote:

I'm all for a Guy J mix, but don't really like the fact that he's produced, remixed or edited every track on the disc.

Why? if it sounds great, who cares?

Guy J's remixes are usually mint anyway.

Yea good point, I'm sure I'll enjoy the album. I guess I just prefer a DJ mix album to be more traditional. Maybe I should get with the times

The Traktor DJ app is free right now in the App Store.

Is that Bill Wyman in the middle there?


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An hour after I first saw that, and I still crack up every time I think about it. Nice one


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Hot Since 82 and Habischman - Leave Me is very nice.


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I know it's a popular song, but Sultans of Swing is one of my top 5 favorite songs. Such a good low slung groove to it.