great mix, nice chilled compilation, love the opening track
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Hatikvah - Spend Some Time (Silicone Soul Ghostmood Mix) [Soma]
Daniel Mehes - Idleness EP [Flow Vinyl]
OMB - Tsunami (Deepfunk Remix) [Flow]
Tiga - Love Don't Dance Here Anymore (C2 Remix 2) [Turbo]
Pawas - Pfung-It [Ostwind]
Marc Romboy - 616 Seconds/Stratosphere [Systematic]
Massive Attack - Atlas Air (Tim Goldsworthy Remix) [The Vinyl Factory]
Neil Quigley - The Mean Reds (Nomad In The Dark Mixes) [Stripped Rec]
DPen - Panselinos (Yamil Colucci Remix) [Hope Rec]
Vitaly Katz - White Nights (Ryan Luciano Dark Remix) [Endemic Digital]
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Electronik Vibe wrote:

For the best mixed CDs you cant beat Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo imo.

For me Digweed's Fabric release was amazing.. not to mention Los Angeles and his other GU releases.

I also really enjoyed Cattaneo's Perfecto realese South America (i know perfecto.. amagine that!) That is flawless mixing right there!

Another DJ that really stands out to me as far as mixing is concerned is Josh Wink. You should check out some of his mixed stuff (along with his produced stuff too, its all good). His Profound Sounds series was excellent imo.

And then of course you have all the other classics.. Northern Exposure, Rennanisance, GU, Fabric ect..


I agree too about Cattaneo's South America. Especially cd2 ..... and among the tp 5 are always the 2 Northern Exposures and Communicate imo.

Renaissance side, i still prefer the first triple one Sasha & Diggers, 10 years back!
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i have never heard of his GU mix but i saw him in ibiza in sept and he was truly amazing, had never really rated him that much as he had never been very good whenever i saw him. but he rocked totally at cream.

s i may have to give him mix a listen
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smashdad wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

I thought Dom Phillips ran with the genre after the original Renaissance release? Therefore, any of the tracks from Renaissance.

Nah - the term was being used well before Ren.1.

I remember Judge Jules interviewing Sasha on Kiss around '93 well before his Jomanda remix was released and the pair of them mocking the phrase 'progressive' having been coined - distinctly remember Jules saying, "journalists eh - what are they like?" and Sasha just kind of grunted in agreement!

Aside from the CJ Bolland track that opens it I'd safely say that all the tunesSasha played on this mix ( … p?id=44679 ) were early Progressive House tunes - along with the Guerilla output as already mentioned, and some of the stuff on labels like Stress, Cowboy, Tomato, JBO et al.

The longer 'progressive' went on the more and more tightly defined it became as a sound - early years of the 90's it encompassed a much wider range of sounds than it did even by the middle of the decade.

Bingo! I'd rather be described as a Prog DJ in this sense then the basterized sound based definition of the later 90's early 00's.
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River Ocean... Forget what it's called but it's got Little Louie Vega's wife at the time singing on it and it's proper.
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