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seanc80 wrote:

Harry Lewis (NAVI)? He's my mate. I was splaying with him on Friday.

This could have been the one at the end

Some Olympic star-jumping could be done to that.

liquitech1 wrote:

...watched French Connection for the first time. Those 2 hours flew by, brilliant film. Loved the way it was shot, New York looked like a right dump back in the day lol

Second one is as good, if not better.

Hackman made a few turkeys late on but I reckon he's always worth a look. Even Hannu would remember him as Lex Luther.
Hard to top the two FC flicks though - the only way is down. Imagine how Coppola felt after making the Godfather: time to retire.


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Homegrove wrote:

Sasha & Baumel-reviews please.

If Comer does a review which is in any related to what actually went on, I'll be disappointed.

The French Connection: proper old Skool stuff, this. And New York before it became all sanitised and a tourist honeypot. Hackman is class, his best role. And the sequel was even better. Great car chase too.
They don't make em like this anymore.

Squidgy wrote:

It would be funny if they didn't have 3 games in hand...

Yes but they have to play too many games which is absolutely disgraceful, IMO. They may have to play two games in a week! Imagine.

Nick Sneddon wrote:
La Nausee wrote:
steelydan wrote:

all good films.

'Let the right one in' is a good subtitled film

Swedish, wasn't it? Horror flick? Get the Director's Cut of Das Boot and a bag of cans and you're all set.

This film has been on my radar for years, must get round to seeing it

Das Boot? It's excellent.

CL draw? Two of the favs will be out (Real & Barca?). Good draw for Leicester. Atleti are not the same his season.


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smallman1 wrote:

This is why I stay out of the sea at all times.

Agree with the Edmeister here. Like a brass taking a lift off Peter Sutcliffe. There's every chance he'll be rummaging in his toolbox before too long.

smallman1 wrote:

Fairy sure La Naus is having a reg at Chelters.

I don't do the ggs, Ed....and if I did it wouldn't be at Cheltenham. Hilarious looking at absolute fizzbags betting on that nonsense. Bookies cleaned up - apart from yesterday with Mullins/Walsh winning four races.
And they'll hype it up next year and off we go

And you're exactly the type of one bet a year merchant that keeps it all ticking over


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smallman1 wrote:

Amsterdam for me.

Going to kitchen sink it up at Shelter like you can't believe.

Paddy Baumel will be ace and the Roman sounds mint, enjoy!

Are you off to Amsterdam, Ed? You should've started a completely separate thread about Amsterdam.


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Driving this mint Jag around and trying to off load some absolutely shit CDs.


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smallman1 wrote:

Monaco look frighteningly good, Bernard Silva and the left back Mendy both welcome at the bridge.

They're not all that, Ed. If City had taken their chances etc.


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Joe Jordan, Gordon McQueen.

I went to The Louvre a couple of years ago and couldn't wait to leave (nothing to do with Mrs Phil being with me). And as you all know, I'm highly intelligent and appreciative of the finer things in life.
It's just they looking at a painting of a boat hanging on a wall and trying to pretend it's something other than just a painting of a boat hanging on a wall is not for me.

Maybe it just goes over my head.

Now dipping a cow in formaldehyde or arranging some stones around a bike and selling it for a shitload of money: kudos to that.
If some cunt is daft enough to buy it, game on.

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
La Nausee wrote:
steelydan wrote:

all good films.

'Let the right one in' is a good subtitled film

Swedish, wasn't it? Horror flick? Get the Director's Cut of Das Boot and a bag of cans and you're all set.

Haven't seen that, have to check it out.

Make sure you set aside 5 hours! Lol


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Great to see Guardiola getting found out again for being an absolute fucking spoofer. Long may it continue. City fans deserve all they get for singing that Blue Moon bollocks, quite possibly the worst footy "chant" around.....apart from that ohohohoho shite that Crystal Palace fans belt out at every home match....no doubt with a "singing section" cos that's what shitpot clubs like Palace do.

Why does John Stones habitually wear the look of someone who has just been asked a really tough question?

500k on a horse race? What a cunt. Delighted for him. Hope he has to sell his gaff and become a hobo.


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dutchy101 wrote:

G'wan Leicester. Amazing

Hope they get absolutely mullered in the quarters and if possible, relegated. Big time Charlies basically going on strike over Ranieri. And Vardy's a cunt. And their fans are wank. Tinpot outfit in a shit identikit stadium. I was hoping they wouldn't win the league last year as well. Fuck that underdogs bollocks. Leicester's rightful place is pissing about around 17th with Middlesbrough or in the Championship.

steelydan wrote:
ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Speaking of films with subtitles, I found the following to be fairly good:

Troll Hunter
The Wave

all good films.

'Let the right one in' is a good subtitled film

Swedish, wasn't it? Horror flick? Get the Director's Cut of Das Boot and a bag of cans and you're all set.

Cheltenham is for absolute mugs. Bookies' delight. Four days of Grand Nationals hyped up by, hmm, the betting giants egged on by the media (there's a 16 page pull out in the Daily Star!) leading to gormless idiots actually thinking they may actually know something about the ggs and talking absolute bollocks. And - more to the point - spunking their hard-earned as they feel the need to be "involved", cos every other cunt in the office is having a bet.
Fuck right off. If you're only willing to waste your shillings one week of the year instead of the other 51 like me, you're a cunt. Amateur hour in the bookies. Cunts looking for the odds off the gadge behind the counter. They're on the FUCKING SCREEN! And the 35 fucking TVs around you!

"Ooh did you do a bet today, Phil?" "Yes, on the Norwegian second division. Know anything about that, do you? No? Well then fuck off"

So it was the Ref's fault that they got beat at home, 1-5? And there was me thinking that they'd just done their usual bottle job and capitulated.
Good enough for them.

Quicksand: starring (I use the word loosely) Michael Keaton, Michael Caine, Boris The Blade from Snatch, some Albanian women-traffickers (are there any other kind of Albanians?), an incredibly shit actress who may be French and lots of "baddies".
Don't ask. Ok, I'll tell you. My old man - for some reason - buys the Daily Mail. Mainly, I think, for the free DVDs they used to give away. So he has, like, a million of these absolute horror shows and insists on foistering them upon me when I visit.
So being the good son I am, I have to accept. But then he'll ask me the next time: "Did you watch that Michael Caine film?"
Now I could tell a lie and say yeah, it was great...but that's being dishonest so I have to watch them.

So this fucking beauty features Keaton as some big wig financier type ( from New York!) whose company becomes embroiled in lending money to Boris' outfit to make a film starring Michael Caine which is all a front because it's set in Marseilles where only bad shit goes down. Keaton - whose back catalogue is fairly shite, tbf - is so bad, he deserved an Oscar just for putting his name to it. He does a kind of Z list Jason Bourne thing where he dodges lots of bullets and says mad stuff like, oh, I dunno, wisecracks. Words cannot describe how wooden he is. Caine, who has done a lot of good flicks - Zulu, The Italian Job, Get Carter, Harry Palmer etc - is even worse. He has been in some right turkeys but he outdoes himself here. He stars - possibly ironically - as a washed -up actor on one last pay day. I would imagine this didn't register with him at all as he phoned this shit in. I often wonder does he ever look at some of the utter abortions he has stuck his big faux fucking cockney head into and wondered..."why?"

I would imagine only two people have ever seen this film. Me and my old man. And even he said it " wasn't great".

Next up: Dune, starring, erm, Sting. As the Edman says, hold tight.

Am I the only one that finds the "Uncle John" thing a bit, well, creepy? Visions of boat trips and log cabins and bad weather and, umm, we'll have to stay here tonight (even thought it was only 5 mins down the road from my gaff) and quite possibly some buggery.
Maybe that was just my Uncle John.

Whatever the weather.....7500 Leeds at Craven Cottage tonight. Mad stuff.