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What's the difference between an apple and an orange? Rossi might get this one.


What's everyone wearing?


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MattBlack wrote:

Rumours goind round Torres is on his way out, would anyone actually want him?

Cancer? That explains a lot.


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nitron wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Jose better move fast.


Nowhere near good enough for a club of Chelsea's ambition Edward. Remy has been 'linked' with a move to a top club for nearly four seasons now and nothing has materialised. I think he'd get swallowed up by the demands placed on him, quite frankly. If Chelsea can ship out Demba Ba and Torres then Remy would be a pointless acquisition. Same with Bony, another one season wonder with a flash harry agent who sees dollar signs everywhere.

The Special One should just let The Drog loose for a month or two and see what happens. He'll scare the life out of defenders who probably thought they'd seen the last of him.

The Drog. Lol

Finchey from The Office is a Leeds' fan. And....that's about it.


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smallman1 wrote:

Jamie Redknapp's been playing away from home.

You heard it here first.

Ed, if you fucking use that cunting fucking phrase again I will hunt you down and skin you like a fucking rabbit.

dogmanstar888 wrote:

It's a tough subject.

People on this board rip into Flares or Dermot Mulligan for "serious mental health issues" over obsessive hatred of Liverpuddlians, seething feuds with other board members or aliases etc.  But are the same people now slamming Jay Kauffman for making a poorly worded comment which we know does not come from a nasty angle?

What is it about threads dedicated to the memory of passed people that causes people to look to criticise others, as if - from the get go - they are waiting for someone to say something they can jump on.  Always found people like that weird, a bit like those at funerals who are monitoring how upset other people are.

Shows a disturbing mindset, imo.  Either that or a complete, total need to conform or stay within acceptable codes of comment, almost to the point where the need to stay acceptable outweighs anything else.  I mean seriously, does anybody on this board actually know Robin Williams personally?

I did. And he was a jester. He'd love this. Big thumbs up from Robin.


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Big Fella wrote:

To be fair, you would rather have this pounding your arse than say, Cyrille Smith, Stuart Hall, Jimbo Saville or Rolfie.

Think Cliff would have a gentle way with him n'all.


I wouldn't be averse to Stu Hall fumbling around at my back passage, trying to inject some rigidity into his flaccid penis, like trying to inflate a burst balloon. As long as he did some It's A Knockout type wheezing "here comes Belgium" wheeze, cough, or did some classic footy commentary about grey clouds scudding across the sky at Molineux.
And held me afterwards.

Dan Harwood wrote:
Big Fella wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

Good to see van Gaal's methods have already fucked one player.

Blimey Dan, coming from a club with a history of crocks I would have expected some sympathy.

Apparantly, our best signing this year is a bloke called Shad Forsythe.

If he plays his cards right he could get a game.

millsy23 wrote:

Naus needs to post in this thread again. Especially with all the Affleck talk (I know he's a fan)

Lol. Right, he made one good flick I think of ....but not the name...the blaggers in Boston...The Town, that's the one. Which he directed I think. Apart from that he was made for stuff like Armageddon, Independence Day, Pearl Harbour, anything which involves puttin things to right, y'all. He was in some of them, wasn't he?
Btw, Armageddon is  Hannu's fifth fave movie of all time after the four Batman films. His only gripe is that he didn't wear a cape.

Homegrove wrote:

I trust he'll do great in the next Fincher-flick Gone Girl. I've read the book and Affleck is perfect for the character. Everything you hate about him is in the character.

Is the character a completely shit actor?


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smallman1 wrote:
wrongun wrote:

Middle Aged Men thinking they're still 'with it'

A step above Converse All Stars mind

smallman1 wrote:

Anyone who rocks Adidas trabbs needs to go and see a head doctor.

I'm rocking my Converse All Stars right now Cartsy!

Boss trabbs!

Ed, are you a) a bird or b) aged 15 or under?

nitron wrote:

Mike Tyson ended up with a Broadway show dedicated to his life, directed by Spike Lee no less. It's heartwarming to see rapers back on their feet. We all deserve a second chance, don't we?

The film version is actually quite good.

Runner, Runner, "starring" Ben Affleck. Yet another reason why he should stick to directing.

Auf Wiedersen Pet.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Smallman's right in the sense that what you eat can have profound effects on mood though.

Anyone who argues otherwise is simply defying medical science.

He should've been milling the Jellytots so.

Christ, why would anyone go to so much trouble to keep coming back here? Or stay here, in BF's case.

Why doesn't Al Pacino just retire or die gracefully? Watched Carlito's Way again the other night and the Godfather trilogy was on the TV the last couple of weeks....and then you think of Dog Day Afternoon and Serpico........and then you stumble across his latest effort with Christopher Walken (who looks as if he may actually be clinically dead). Horrendously bad, unless it picked up after the first 30 mins. It was like watching a footy legend coming to play League of Ireland football at the end of this career.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Still surprises me that people make anything of what they see in pre-season friendlies.

Different teams at different levels of fitness, some trying out new players, experimenting with tactics whatever. Meaningless.

That's what I thought about Leeds' 2-0 defeat to Mansfield last week. Then I realised that we are possibly worse than ever and it's just the aperitif of another season of utter dogshit.


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New season, same Shaun.


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Yant wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
Yant wrote:

Man City
Man U

wouldn't surprise me if those were the final standings Yant

That's what they were an attempt at, Strudders.


chuffer wrote:
steelydan wrote:
Odo wrote:

The Guard - 9/10

Watching that tonight

that was ok that, enjoyed it

had 2hrs to kill in bradford the other night.......thought I'd give the Purge 2 film a whirl so I rock up wanting to buy a ticket, am confronted with a sign sayig "Box Office Closed, Please Queue at Retail --->" so every fucker and his cousin are queuing up at the popcorn tills buying tickets and natchos etc etc at the same place and of course it's Eid so every fucker in Bradford is out on a post-Ramadan junk food binge, haggling with staff trying to get more fucking cheesy sauce on their nachos "go on man, don't be stingey on the sauce init".....one member of staff points me toward an ATM round the corner so I leave the queue only to find both ATMs are out of fucking order........so I re-join the 8mile queue as the only white guy in the building fuming coz the film started 15mins ago and these cunts are all in my way........so anyway, when I finally get to my seat I am subjected to the most dull, vacuous piece of shit I've ever had the misfortune to waste 1hr 40mins on.....should have stayed in the queue with the Bimmuls haggling for some more ice cubes in my Orange Tango

Lol. Is Ethan Hawke in it again? He Nicholas Cage'd the first one. Big style.

What did we say about blokes wearing sunglasses in clubs?
Looks horrific, tbh.
Is that Benny Blanco in the background ordering some champers?

chuffer wrote:

Karate is for 9yr olds surely?

You mean kids? Would that make them..... Karate Kids?


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I blame the Commonwealth Games.