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New season, same Shaun.


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Yant wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
Yant wrote:

Man City
Man U

wouldn't surprise me if those were the final standings Yant

That's what they were an attempt at, Strudders.


chuffer wrote:
steelydan wrote:
Odo wrote:

The Guard - 9/10

Watching that tonight

that was ok that, enjoyed it

had 2hrs to kill in bradford the other night.......thought I'd give the Purge 2 film a whirl so I rock up wanting to buy a ticket, am confronted with a sign sayig "Box Office Closed, Please Queue at Retail --->" so every fucker and his cousin are queuing up at the popcorn tills buying tickets and natchos etc etc at the same place and of course it's Eid so every fucker in Bradford is out on a post-Ramadan junk food binge, haggling with staff trying to get more fucking cheesy sauce on their nachos "go on man, don't be stingey on the sauce init".....one member of staff points me toward an ATM round the corner so I leave the queue only to find both ATMs are out of fucking order........so I re-join the 8mile queue as the only white guy in the building fuming coz the film started 15mins ago and these cunts are all in my way........so anyway, when I finally get to my seat I am subjected to the most dull, vacuous piece of shit I've ever had the misfortune to waste 1hr 40mins on.....should have stayed in the queue with the Bimmuls haggling for some more ice cubes in my Orange Tango

Lol. Is Ethan Hawke in it again? He Nicholas Cage'd the first one. Big style.


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What did we say about blokes wearing sunglasses in clubs?
Looks horrific, tbh.
Is that Benny Blanco in the background ordering some champers?


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chuffer wrote:

Karate is for 9yr olds surely?

You mean kids? Would that make them..... Karate Kids?


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I blame the Commonwealth Games.


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File under "I like Formula One". The closest I ever got to martial arts is the key ring with a picture of Casey Ribeck that I carry around with me, cos I use a BIG key ring to attach all kinds of useless keys to a belt loophole in my Wranglers. Just beside my phone holster.


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Progged wrote:

I agree John - haven't been on here for a while now because of all the dickheads that flood this board. Kinda feel embarrassed you have to come on here and see it to be honest.

Roll on B16!

Agreed. It must be awful.


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Not even a decent movie to come out of this. Which is the real tragedy of it all.

Big Fella wrote:

Bet you were really pleased to read the neanderthals on here bragging about drinking.

Condolences mate.

In a how much do you drink a week thread. Who'd have thought it, eh?


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Here's a suggestion for Hamas: stop firing the rockets. Crazy, I know. You know how understanding the Yids are when it comes to that shit. Ok, you're holed up in some shithole and some other cunt is living in your spot. Get over it. No sympathy for the Palestinians. Poke the bear and all that. Maybe they should read Pity The Nation and see what that cunt Sharon did in Lebanon. If you're living next door to Fred West the last thing you're gonna do is ask him to mind  your kids for the night.


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What kind of degenerate fucking reprobate watches F1? Go and stand beside a motorway and you get to watch loads of cars going by......and some big trucks!

Ride your sister in law. Job done. If you're really feeling vengeful get her to wear your bird's pjs.

Dr Gonzo wrote:

The Tour has been fantastic this year. Its impossible to equate a marathon against cycling unless there was a comparable distance. What a stupid bloody thing to say though.  People dressed as Fred Flintstone run marathons.

How many marathon runners keep bags of their own blood in their fridge, or have to set their alarm clocks for 3am so they can get up and go on a treadmill to stop their blood congealing? Maybe a quick transfusion around the 15km mark to get them the rest of the way? Maybe they all do.
The TDF is the most drug-addled and corrupted sporting event outside of the Olympics.

Put the fucking lotion in the basket.

The original Planet of the Apes was on the other night, with that fucking nutcase Charlton Heston. Twas nice to see him as an actor before he became an advocate for deranged loners youtubing some shit and blowing fuck out of their school/workplace etc


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Apparently the pilot survived. Tom Hanks has signed up for the role already.


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Were there any Britons on the plane?

Dubuisson.....had a great round yesterday....he's my hope for a few quid.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:
La Nausee wrote:

The Exorcist by William Blatty: for a change, the film is much better than the book

Read that when I was about 14. And knocked a few out to it too, IIRC. Although you can't add me to the Yewtree list because I was obviously a minor at the time.

Just finished Murakami's Kafka On The Shore. Which became more of a personal achievement in not setting fire to myself and instead enduring what has to be one of the most tedious books I have ever read.

You masturbated to a girl being possessed by a demon and spewing vomit over a priest? Interesting tastes lol. I think a position in the Catholic Church is calling you.

Murakami can go on a bit alright. I enjoyed Kafka on the Shore but The Wind Up Bird Chronicle made my eyes bleed.


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Thankfully I don't have to watch either of them. ITV should not be let anywhere near a sporting event. Stick to what they're good at: Holidays From Hell, shit dramas, soaps.

Lineker's smug demeanour and attempts at witticisms make him more punchable with every passing year.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Read a book called Rant by Alfie Crow on my last holiday . Jesus Christ it is fucking awful. Worst book I've ever read and put it down a few times vowing to not read the rest. Ended up finishing it because it was so bad I felt compelled to finish it. Please someone else read it and suffer what I did.

It can't possibly be as bad as Game of Thrones, without doubt the worst book I've ever read. Awful on every level, terribly written, shit format, like a twelve year old decided to impersonate Tolkien.

Currently reading The Second World War by Anthony Beevor which is excellent. I can recommend everything this guy has written ( if you're into history). Bit disconcerting listening to pundits talking about the German football team though when you're reading about them rampaging through the Low Countries lol. He writes history books like novels, no waffle, concise summaries.

Just finished Iain Banks' The Quarry, which was awful. I'll make allowances (generously) for the fact he was on his way out when he was writing it. Certainly not his best by any means.

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon:not bad but got tedious after a while

The Wolf in Winter by John Connolly: above average thriller with a hint of the supernatural. Worth a look

The Exorcist by William Blatty: for a change, the film is much better than the book


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chromosome_junction wrote:

I think you'll like that one La Naus. I'm just finishing it off.

Like, but maybe not Love.

Thought it was pretty good....standard Welsh fare: gratuitous sex and violence. Fairly bleak for the most part (as the title would suggest), not many laughs, always good reading the Sweaty lingo and he has has a good turn of phrase. It does what it says on the tin. Not his best by any means but not his worst either.


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Grant wrote:

Alan Hansen: Player and Pundit.

Pass the fucking sick bag, Linekar, you c-bomb.

I caught the last 20 mins of that. Christ it was horrendous. When did Hansen become a good pundit? Apparently he "calls it as it is". He wouldn't even be on the RTE bench. Bland twittering like all MOTD pundits.

Delighted for Brazil, thinking they had a divine right to win it with a shit team. How Fred even classes as a professional footballer is a mystery. David Luiz's defending was as bad as you'd see anywhere. A complete spoofer.