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jules72 wrote:

Yet another man of the match performance from the Rash after coming on as sub.... How can this lad be on the bench?

Jules, please stop.

millsy23 wrote:

Is Saint and Greavsie still on?

Lol. Greavsie back on the sauce, drunk as a sailor.

Homegrove wrote:

Since you seem to want an answer, no I won't be seeing Bad Moms. Cinema this year has been shit in itself, next movie I can think of which I have to see is probably Rogue One. Or Dr. Strange.



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smallman1 wrote:

People who rock Gazelle's have essentially given up at this thing called life.

Ed, you know I love you, but you're talking out of your hoop here. Apologise to all us Gazelle-lovers or we shall never speak again. It's off. All of it. The texts, the e-mails, that web-cam stuff you do. Gone.

TitianWarrior wrote:

Just picked these up, not had a pair of Gazelles in years

Sweet. I've had one or two pairs of Gazelles in my time.

Alan McInally. What a cunt. Shiteing on like he's reporting from the frontline in Syria. Closely followed by fellow Sweaty, Charlie Nicholas. Roaring out of him like an absolute bastard.


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Dermatron wrote:

How many times can pop-up loony spastic, dog mong, retort about me in a year? I think he's going for some kind of record. Extremely sad individual. I actually feel quite sorry for him. Its some existence. Entrenched in all things Dermot. I bet he wakes up thinking about me. The case.

Lol. Dermo sleeping with a crossbow....just in case

Homegrove wrote:

The whole thing is available to watch globally for 30 days. Nice!


Yes Hannu, it's called the cinema.


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When is Narcos back? And Braquo?


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This is the first ever FAO Dermo thread where he hasn't been called a complete set of cunts in the first post.

Some recent viewings:

Jason Bourne: I decided to get into the whole buzz by having 8 cans before leaving the gaff and tried to drive my car off the roof of the local cineplex thingy. Only it doesn't have a roof. Totalled the cunt off a load of shopping trolleys. Left it running and kicked the windscreen out (even though the door was in perfect working order, all things considered). Pointed my non-existing gun at the lad cleaning out the bins and told him "My fight is not with you". He called me a dopey cunt. Started on three hefty Lithuanian looking gadgies on a smoke break from cleaning the floors of TK Maxx, thinking I'd give them the message.
Got a right old hiding off them and sulked into the movie. Punched an old Doris making her way up the stairs, looking forlornly in the dark for her old man who'd hot-stepped it up that stairs. Easy pickings. And I snaffled her M&Ms


How much is the pint?

hitachi wrote:

Italy, Slovenia and mainly Croatia again for summer, favourite place in the world.

All being well.

What could possibly go wrong holidaying in Italy?

As for Croatia- fuck that. When they atone for their part in the Balkans War I might consider.


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But kudos to Bilic for maintaining that just-been-at-a-funeral look.


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Lol @ West Ham pretending to be a big club.

On a brighter note, Hannu, Bad Moms starts next week. I know you've the plum seats at the local IMAX booked already.

Homegrove wrote:

Tenaglia was DJeing with just a laptop hooked on to a mixer last time he was on Boiler Room. No controllers of any kind.



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smashdad wrote:

He wasn't.

He really fucking wasn't.



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millsy23 wrote:

I laughed like a drain to Miranda. Like a drain.

Lol. She's a big fan of Hicks. You can tell.


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I see Miranda was voted in at number 8....and quite rightly so.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
BedRob wrote:


TBF any other team would have murdered Liverpool down the left side yesterday with Moreno playing, he makes Pascal Cygan look like Maldini, They scored some cracking goals though

Liverpool v Arsenal has been probably the most entertaining fixture in the league for several years now, mainly because neither team have a clue how to defend

Moreno is shit at defending

Thanks  for that, Shaun lol.


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mr rossi wrote:

Been enjoying the BMX comp so far.Some brutal crashes.Also got the wrestling tonight.

Can't wait for the final of the Scrabble. It's on just after the Hula-Hoop and the Throwing the Rings on the Stick semis.


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fadass wrote:

I wonder what Flares thinks of the subject.

Remember that perm you had mate? And the Don Johnson suit. Sleeves rolled up, rocking a lime green t-shirt underneath.

I know it was only last week and all.....


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jules72 wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

I cannot believe the amount of cunts making ready reckoners of the season after just one fucking game. Yes you know who you are. And yes. You are cunts.

Still feels like a different season for United Derm....(as it should be after all the money spent)

It is Jules, it's the 2016-17 season now. Last year was the 2015-2016 season.


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smallman1 wrote:

Pogba looked good last night.

Going to be frightening when he hits his straps.

Do you think about him a lot, Ed? Maybe in speedos, by the pool? Sipping an iced tea, toned muscles rippling with sweat.
Him, I mean, not you.