smallman1 wrote:

Big Fella's going to join when more big hitters do.

Ed will be scampering around his bedroom like a 14 year old with his first copy of Razzle.


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danose wrote:

like several others, never really posted much after moving over from GU but read the board often and picked up lots of great music as a result. shame it's coming to an end but probably fair enough. much of the chat was pretty amusing as were the melters. was polly here or was that GU?

attended bedrock many times but never (knowingly) met anybody from here, although smallman and i did run the same marathon a few years back

That's Fadas you're thinking of mate. The melter, not the marathon runner.

Although I'll make an exception for Ed: how else am I going to feel morally and intellectually superior if I don't have his daily rubbish to sneer at?

I only use Facebook to track down former colleagues (female, obvs) for a quick fiddle in the car park of The Boot.
Or to find out where they live and sit in a tree outside their house.


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dubman2 wrote:

Been watching a great french crime drama on BBC4 called 'Witnesses' 8/10

Any riding in it?

fadass wrote:

Watch the Turks don't cut your hamstring with a blade. Sneaky cunts to a man.

Awful backwards Kip too. Went there with a bird & they were all over her every time we left the hotel. I wouldn't mind but she was minging.

Mags won't be happy mate.

And Fadas' favourite Scouser going with him, fat-arsed Sammy Lee.

Fat Sam does it again.


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Diluted orange - with a bottle of Vostok Vodka.


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I just heard Aerosmith's 'Dude Looks Like A Lady"  whilst driving and felt an incredible urge to plough my jammer into a shopping centre.
Horrific song.


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fadass wrote:

Did you hear what the other one said Phil? Did you hear? I'm livid.

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams (share their dreams)
With you and me…

Palestines, mate. There is no hope for some.


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Beijing Dave wrote:
La Nausee wrote:

Taylor Swift - Blank Space. Ear worm extraordinaire.

This is not a shit song, it's boss.

I know Dave...I'm just trying to fit in here, y'know?

seanc80 wrote:

I woke up on Sunday evening at 6pm and got a dinner box.

I then ordered a Chinese at 7.30.

Yeah but what did you get in the Tiddlywinks, Sean? I hope it was proper.

joeyp wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

...I'd love to, Joey. A mate of mine and his wife did it in Peru last year, albeit it was Ayahuasca. After hearing about his experience it's the only thing I'd go to SA for now at this point. Sounds incredible.

I think you can extract it from Ayahuasca. A mate of mine went to some sort of retreat recently in Portugal and did the exact same. Not sure I’d be up for that mind but at least it’s closer than SA.

Sounds like everyone should do this at least once in your lifetime. Watching that Netflix doc on it this weekend.

Lol @ "retreat ".  Getting off your trombone for a week and dressing it up as a life-finding exercise. Kudos.

fadass wrote:

A must for a Sunday night after a weekend on the beans. Accept no substitute.

An Abakebabra spesh for me.... Sloppy doner and taco fries. Don't let the swollen tongue and lack of eating for 72 hours get in the way.


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Careful now lads: razors/shaving may be incredibly "gay".


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Dan Harwood wrote:

My ball sack is a disgrace right now. I'm currently rocking a look from The Deuce down there.

Pics or STFU


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smallman1 wrote:

Was in the gym changing rooms this morning and some fella in his mid to late 60's started hosing the talc around.

Laugh? I nearly cried.

Nothing screams "grim" like a 60 year old in a gym, towelling his genitals and attempting to have a normal conversation with you.
Except maybe that you get an erection at the same time.


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Taylor Swift - Blank Space. Ear worm extraordinaire.

Watched a good doco on Sky Sports t'other might about Michael Holding. Worth a look. Back when cricket was good. Like everything else.

fadass wrote:

Me wheelchair needed servicing.

"Gerrup ye fucking raspberry ripple" got a chuckle out of him, I have to say.

I was watching Blackadder the other night, the last episode where they're going over the top and about to get minced, and George was shiteing out of him about his local cricket team, completely oblivious to the fact that he had about 10 minutes to live.
And it reminded me of Ed. If there was a four minute warning that North Korea had just launched a nuclear missile at old Blighty, Ed would still be telling us where he was planning to eat the following night.

seanc80 wrote:

Im not sure people take it as seriously as you Dave.

A Chinese is a Chinese. Unless you live there. Covered in talc.

Lol - Seanie's on a roll today.

I had a pint in the Cardiff a while back. Good to see the smoking ban hasn't travelled that far. Full of absolute bams. Oul dears fucking spazzled at 2pm. Some cunt in a motorised wheelchair, clearly mamboed, driving around the boozer knocking down tables laughing his head off, lads fucking pints over him. I was going to ask if they did a nice calamari dish but decided against it.


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Lol - good days