It's 100% Daniel, iv got it. When Glasgow underground are going to officially release it... Who knows.

listening to it, does sound like the cirez d sound, simular to some of the other tunes, so your prob spot on

possibly, id imagine its something forth coming on bedrock as john been playing it for a while and no sign of it anywhere else.
maybe a Maxime Dangles production?

this was from march as well, cant find anyone who knows the name of it.
first track before stars and shines

any ideas?

i been trying to find out the name of the track @ 2.22 mark.
john been playing it for a while now, first heard it at march xoyo

anybody got any idea as to what the first track might be, at all. :-(

anyone know the first tune before stars and shines?

much better … re=related

djdiggers wrote:

All will be revealed soon

happy days, take it one or both of them is coming out on bedrock, shall look forward to it :-)

nobody have any idea at all? :-(


On Saturday May 7th, Club Oxygen are very proud to welcome for the first time to Swansea none other than the legandery BEDROCK RECORDS and one of its biggest superstars, GUY J on Saturday May 7th, who will be laucnhing his highly anticipated new album, 1000 Words.

...Having recently celebrated its Eleventh year in business, Bedrock is a brand synonymous with professionalism and attention to detail. Maintaining the highest quality and standards in everything it does, from hosting its own club nights and festival arenas through to its merchandising range and of course its CD and Vinyl releases on the Bedrock record label. With John Digweed at the helm, one of the world’s most revered and celebrated DJ’s on the planet, it should come as no surprise that the company is constantly pushing the boundaries and always keeping one step ahead of the competition, meaning that Bedrock consistently satisfies its ever growing and loyal global fan base.

Guy J is a young, much-in-demand Producer, DJ and Live Act whose infectious production talents, busy worldwide touring schedule, electric live shows and groundbreaking debut album on Bedrock have all contributed to the success he’s currently experiencing.

Guy’s productions have earned praise for their tight, driving beats, shimmering, warm synths and blossoming, journey like arrangements

After setting floors alight with a volley of killer singles, Guy released his hotly anticipated full-length artist album – ‘Esperanza’ - on John Digweed’s heavyweight Bedrock label in 2008. In classic Guy J fashion the whole album is a musically dense and diverse trip that is as dynamic as it is organic, keeping you hanging on ’til the very last drop has poured out of the speakers!

Now, in the heady aftermath of recent essential cuts like his ‘Lamur’ single on Bedrock, the ‘Pleasurety EP’ on Sudbeat, or ‘Shaman’ for Turbo records, and a string of tantalizing remixes for the likes of Global Underground and more, we await Guy’s second artist album, 1000 Words.

Guy will be launching his newly aticipated new album, 1000 Words, which is set for release on Bedrock Records in the coming weeks. Guy has been a Bedrock favourite for many years now, with an ability to combine ambient, techno and electronica, whilst constantly maintaining a melodic and highly emotive core.

Also joining us on the night next to Guy an our residents will be Dogruff's LEIGH PARRY, and Cool House head honcho DAVE MILLS.

Leigh and Dogruff have been at the forefront of the Swansea techno scene for the past few years, and continue to help push the scene forward with some of the best partys in Swansea.

Dave mills needs no introduction, as part of the mighty Cool House team, Dave has been there, done that and bought a million t-shirts. He remains one of the best known and best loved underground djs in Wales.

Full Line up

Main Room

DAVE MILLS (Cool House)

Room 2

Damo + Stevie Tom
Jason P

event link -!/even … 5914957606

Hi guys, hope some of you can help.
looking for 2 track id's from arcadia, both tracks put a big grin on my face
found one on a video from arcadia, and the other on a vid from colours on the saturday

first is this



got to get Max on there, as someone said in another post, hes making some really amazing music at the moment, be nice to hear him do a guest mix, think would be something special

wouldnt mind seeing Sasha on tranistions too :-)


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100% agree, he's churning out some amazing tunes over the past few months

bealio wrote:
Big Fella wrote:
niklawson wrote:

hell  ft billy ray martin je regrette everything (superpitcher remix)

What a belter!


wav tastic smile  proper belting tune

couldnt stop grinning when John dropped it at bedrock 10  :-D

hmmm too hard to name just 1, so in no paticular order

IIO - rapture (creamer + k remix)
sasha - wavy gravy
holden + thompson - nothing (93 returning mix)
bedrock - emerald
chable + bonnici - ride
laurent garnier - man with the red face
laurent garnier crispy bacon (king unique remix)
hell  ft billy ray martin je regrette everything (superpitcher remix)
moby - we are all made of stars (timo maas remix)
umek - gatex
main element - take me down (lemon 8 remix)
james holden - a break in the clouds

to be honest im gona stop now cus the list wont end lol


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Helloo everyone, thought id say hi and introduce myself

long time bedrocker, love my music, been checking this forum out for a few years for bits + pieces but never actualy signed up, thought was about time.

Hope to see some of you in April :-)