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I was just going to say Turkey, spent some time in Istanbul about 5 years ago and couldn't believe the standard....absolute beauts


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erik.b wrote:

downloading now smile

Cheers Erik!....good to have you back mate, hope you're well wink

Downloaded for tomorrow, Simon, tracklist looks killer....cheers mate


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Just over an hour of current faves....hope you like! cool

01. Lorenzo Dada - Broken Glass (Jay Haze Remix)
02. Kitt Zenga - Kiss of Peace
03. Pele & Shawnecy - Passion
04. Jakob Reiter - Maroon Romeantik (Crowdkillers Remix)
05. Rui Da Silva, Easton Gunn - Feeling You (Beats You Mix 5)
06. Anja Schneider, Rodriguez Jr - Henry & Lars
07. Franksen - Distance (Slok Noise Passion Mix)
08. Omid 16b - The Price of Spirit (Feroziana Remix)
09. MUUI - Past Is Practice (Aiden Lavelle Remix)
10. Hollen - Belly Dull (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
11. Jacob Korn - Der Don
12. Trentemoller - Shades of Marble (Trentemoller Remix)



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Yant wrote:

Some of the tee shots from Bubba Watson were outrageous. Fair play.

The tee shot on the 13th when he went around the bend, absolutely perfect..


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He's been great off the tee so far.


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I backed Fowler ew @70/1....stuck a tenner on, very tight right now but I fancy Bubba to hold his nerve!

Can't wait for that gig cool

30 second Nicorette adverts on Youtube clips.....fuck off


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I put it to you ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is a blatant  case of cunt most foul.



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smashdad wrote:

House music came from disco.  Every subsequent micro-genre of house owes its origins back to disco - I don't think this thread is the right place to debate the subsequent (unresolvable?) minutiae.

But house music did come from disco and Frankie Knuckles played a huge role in the transition.  And for the all the undoubted good that I have found, and still find, in all the subsequent 'micro-genres' it is sometimes good to just get 'back to basics' (for want of a less trademarked phrase) and just simply fucking wallow in honest-to-fucking-goodness-straight-up-house-music.  And Frankie Knuckles has always provided me that better than anybody else.

Still fucking gutted that the man has gone - if for no other reason than from an utterly selfish perspective he had several releases in the pipeline that I really want and am now unsure as to when I'll get my hands on...  But, less narcissistically, for those aged around 35+ this is realistically the first 'founder member' of the whole 'dance community' that has died and it marks a significant moment - it's an unwanted reminder to all of us that we're not the immortal beings we felt like we were all those years ago - and have struggled in varying degrees to let go of - and maybe it's the first time the wider scenes have had reason to take their heads out of their micro arses and maybe pause for a moment and reflect.  The next few months could be a very interesting time.

Say what you fucking like as far as I'm concerned - especially if you've got the bollocks to say it under your usual login and not an alias - but do it with some respect for a proven, genuinely talented, widely revered and sadly departed dance music man.

*pint drinking smiley*

F*ckin well said!

Love this:


Persol special edition


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I wasn't a big fan of that particular sound back in the day but there's no denying the passing of a person like this is really sad....here's a good article on him, RIP

http://www.economist.com/blogs/prospero … e-knuckles

Enjoyed this immensely....the Michael McDonald track was a bit of a curveball but overall it was good! cool

http://soundcloud.com/everybodywantstob … ential-mix cool

01 The House In The Woods - Bucolia

02 Reflexions & Refractions & Multiplications - Reflexions, Refractions And Multiplications

03 Factory Floor - How You Say (Daniel Avery Remix) [DFA]

04 Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flugel - Hachinoko [DELICACIES]

05 Cottam - Harsh Side Effects [MACHINE LABEL]

06 Cassegrain & Tin Man - Sex Kit [KILLEKILL]

07 Basic Soul Unit - Flying Through The Fog [DOLLY]

08 Nautiluss - Solstice (Fractured Edit) [AUDIO CULTURE]

09 Cpi - Proceso (Barnt Remix) [HIVERN DISCS]

10 Steven Tang - Optimal Signals [SYNCROPHONE]

11 Innerspace Halflife - Electric Gaze [SKUDGE]

12 Alien Alien - One By One (Rodion Poddubsky Remix) [MEANT]

13 Minor Science - Silence [TRILOGY TAPES]

14 Boddika & Joy Orbison - Dun Dun (Daniel Avery Edit) [SUNKLO]

15 Omar S - I Just Want [FXHE RECORDS]

16 Daniel Avery - Free Floating (Matt Walsh Remix) [PHANTASY SOUND]

17 Daniel Avery - All I Need [PHANTASY SOUND]

18 Johannes Heil - Transition Two [FIGURE]

19 Radio Slave - Don't Stop, No Sleep [NONPLUS]

20 Daniel Avery - Drone Logic [PHANTASY SOUND]

21 Ghost Culture - Half Closed [PHANTASY SOUND]

22 Rene Vermont - Dynamik [KOMPAKT]


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All the best with this, smallman!...one thing I'll never get around to doing thats for sure, fair play *thumbs up* cool

Enjoyed the little bits I heard of this last night....looking forward to a proper listen over the weekend.


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It was the FBI finding an intact passport a couple of blocks from WTC that raised eyebrows for me.....the passport happened to belong to one of the hijackers piloting one of the planes....that seems a bit far fetched to me..


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I bet Blain knows where the plane is, doesn't he have his own show now?


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The patches were/are a complete sham...if you were trying to get off Heroin you wouldn't freebase the stuff straight into your arm via a patch...."they" say they break the habit but they only break the method because when you run out of patches you're still going to go through every fucking cupboard looking for the remnants of a 3 week old cigarette.


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millsy23 wrote:

I was smoking 20 a day.Then just went 'nah, not interested in this anymore' and gave up. Willpower gentlemen. I shit it.

mucho respect, exactly where I was.


I love the Wiretappeur releases from this time, Bedrock was on fire around then!

I've been listening to this Tale of Us mix from Chamonix....decent

http://soundcloud.com/taleofus/tale-of- … 42-meters?


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Cold turkey worked for me, 6 years ago....clean as a whistle.