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Homegrove wrote:

If he ever comes back... Not seen Pricer either.

Love the lack of people at the inauguration (spelling might be not right), Trump also used a pic of Obama's in 2009 in his Twitter. Jesus Christ he's stupid.

..reading this thread on Twitter might make you feel a bit better mate. Here's hoping. smile

https://twitter.com/ericgarland/status/ … 8407681024


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jamie wrote:

Not a hint of prog in sight, just deep house and dubby techno.

..sounds mint, on the d/l mate cool

edit: clicked on your link, dl not enabled.


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..John Snow is saying he spoke to a source who told him Trump wanted to use tanks at his parade but was told he couldn't because the DC streets aren't built for them and would be damaged. hahaha


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..it was on the screen here. Utter tripe. I feel sorry for the people who've been completely duped. Kay Burley asking badged up idiots in the crowd what they thought; cue them repeating the usual soundbites about jobs and draining swamps. It's a horror show.


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..things aren't as bad as I thought. Trump is going to cure world hunger, disease, build bridges, extinguish radical Islamic terror, put young black kids in Detroit back to school and bring all his own clothing factories in China back to America, all starting tonight too.



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..have this lined up for the drive tomorrow, Millsy. cool


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.. I was reading earlier that the actors Trump paid to turn up for his Presidency announcement and cheer him on only got paid after the agency made a complaint to the FEC. Took them over a month to get the 12 grand from the campaign once the complaint was made. All in, he didn't pay them for 8 months. He really is a despicable snake oil merchant.


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..Sasha is there on the Thurs night in Dublin isn't he? I fancy a bit of Fabric, especially seeing as Craig Richards is there too. Missed out on him last time as he had to cancel.

..finished this earlier. Great stuff again. Some belters in there that I missed. Cheers mate.


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lol the state of the place


steelydan wrote:

..reminds me of Sven Vath's Boiler Room mix which is worth a post in itself. One of the better ones.

..don't know if he's had a mention but read this earlier, a gas read


seanc80 wrote:
roberto wrote:

That jobse mix. I'm feeling a little sorry for those that think it's meh...

He is a superb dj.

He dropped this the last time i saw him.


..he always pulls out something unexpected and different. The mark of a proper disc jockey.


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..what's the point of Senate Hearings if Tillerson and DeVos can perjure themselves and get away with it? Seems like these things are just for show and a waste of time.

..it's hardly Northern Exposure but "a real mess"?? lol

I'm on my 3rd listen. It's like a fine wine, Henry.

..only pikeys and Wayne Lineker wear Rolex. So there's that.

..the Young Wolf track is a beauty


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..Paddy Power and his cronies are a shower of melters and clowns. They paid out on Hillary winning the election weeks before the finale.

smallman1 wrote:

Nothing special that mix and behave yourself Liqui, not fit to lace his boots.

..depends what you're looking for in a dj. Dixon is great, plays the tracks we wont see for another year. Jobse plays different styles, oldies, hidden gems, and mixes it all together brilliantly. Has better hair too.

...another really enjoyable mix. Jobse > Dixon imo. Have thought so for a while now.

..yeah Sean the Invicta is the proper job. The only watch in the thread that doesn't look like it was bought on the promenade down in Los Cristianos.



Homegrove wrote:

Any merit with King comparing it to Alien?

..think he meant in shock value as it's nothing like Alien. Decent enough though - 7/10

...aren't the tube drivers juiced in with massive pay and a solid union?