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Jonas Rathsman is joining Sasha on NYE.

I'll get shit for this but who?

I believe he's American (so that probably means he's Dutch).   He started out on the French Express label out of NYC and makes fantastic bassy house. Worth checking.   Not sure what he's like as a DJ mind you!

the chap is a full blown Swede, dr jay


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downloading part 1, Simon...fair play for keeping the bar set high every month dude cool

Grant wrote:

Fair play LT!

...get what you're saying about the 'overheating' etc, took me a few games to settle as I was instantly in 1st person COD mode. At one point I was sprinting and after a few seconds I was still sprinting, always waiting for the little sweet spot where you run out of breath and don't make it to the doorway!...glad I went with it over COD as I've a couple of mates who are bulling, they reckon it's just the same game with different maps, the franchise has perfected that trap..

haha, two polar opposite views. I managed to pick up a sh copy for 60 quid and I played it for a few hours last night...I'm with Wally here, it's different to what I'm used to but I like it. I've been killed a couple of times as I'm just standing looking up at an AT-AT with a smile on my face smile   ...Ill stick with it for now

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his BBC6 mix is quality. When was that though? 5 years ago? Wanker.

yeh that was great. I thought thats what his postcasts would be but instead he treated us to an hour in the middle of boring year old sets with him droning over it about his latest synth pedal.

It's the interviews that grind my gears, I know he wants to promote his artists but when I'm listening to mixes I don't want a 5 minute pause while Katie Simiko drones on about her new album

MattBlack meet Podcast...Podcast, this here is Matt..

...Sasha clearly banged many housewives on this board

Grant wrote:
Wally wrote:

The fucking postman took my battlefront:SW back to the fucking postal depot instead of putting it through the door the useless cunt.

Can't pick it up until tomorrow earliest.

I'm rather unhappy at this.


Mine's at home on the side and I can't play the cunt until Saturday morning at the absolute earliest.

What's the verdict then, Grant? I've 70 sheets burning a hole in my pocket and might bite the bullet


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millsy23 wrote:

I know a lot of you are from the wrong side of the tracks, so you should all watch this. Stay safe fellas.

haha, reminds me of Bas


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

From personal experience, I can highly recommend Snorkler sex to you both.

...nice one, Henry. It might get a run out on the Galway Express tomorrow. Pics to follow.


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haha...you cant quench the lust we feel for each other, Henry


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liquitech1 wrote:

...it's black friday tomorrow so I'm going to become a consumerist bastard and splash out

http://www.alphaindustries.com/mens-par … -parka.htm

Are you sure mate?

judging by the comments on the bottom of that page, that jacket seems to appeal to fat people and half-wits?

..I've long known to stay away from comments sections, Jamie...the wife has owned one for 3 years, best jacket she's ever had and I can attest to the quality, they make military gear for around 40 countries. There'll be a discount tomorrow but I'd happily pay the full price.


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...it's black friday tomorrow so I'm going to become a consumerist bastard and splash out

http://www.alphaindustries.com/mens-par … -parka.htm

Sir Henrys/Cork being an absentee is a joke too. During the 90s the atmosphere in that place was like a Boca Juniors home game. One of the best clubs I've ever set foot in...the club is gone but Greg Dowling & Shane Johnson are still at it, nearly 30 years at this stage. Proper DJs..

fletcher wrote:

Its billboard so going to be a US-skewed result.
Is Space Miami really that good?

No, been there a couple of times and its been a non-event each visit. Full of cringey american molly ravers hugging & dribbling on each other....it's where most people end up after having a better night somewhere else


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Also, buried in this report is a claim that the head that landed in the street in Saint Denis didn't belong to the female terrorist, strange...

http://uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/id … 1?irpc=932

Perfect for this afternoon.. Cheers, Millsy cool


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The Westboro Baptist Church doesn't represent Christianity, why is Islam mentioned in the same context as these yokels?

...Anjem Choudary is just a far right bogeyman. He doesn't even deserve a mention. He's like a bad guy from the start of Starsky & Hutch, he's just used to fill some space. If there was no Internet he wouldnt exist....Fred Phelps thought we all needed to repent before going to hell in a basket, Matt. If Choudary wants a one world caliphate, what's the problem? He probably wants a load of stuff he can't and will never have..


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...not sure how heavy he was at 14, hardly 20 stone anyway


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Really looking forward to 'No Mans Sky' next summer, when it comes to open world, the daddy has arrived smile


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Abdelhamid Abaaoud,  being evil mastermind that he was,  left a cell phone at the scene of the crime -  it was quickly traced to his cousin and then subsequently tapped which is why the raid took place in Saint Denis.  Could you possibly be more of a complete meat-puppet, dumbfuck??  -  and the dumb bitch who blew her self up - yeah, that champion of clandestine operations,  it turns out she was on a hot list because of drug trafficking - so they already flagged her as a possible threat.   Already had the suicide vest ready to go when the police showed up.  Seriously, these extremists must be the hillbilly, inbred, bumble- fucks of terrorist world.

What's the story here then as according to French police Abaaoud didn't take part in the attacks, he was like the air traffic controller back at the flat... hmm


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fadass wrote:

Shame on Amps & Dave. The lad was a force of nature at the age of 15 when his whole family life was fucked. Don't believe he even had enough time/opportunity to get on the gear before his career went into slide due to the illness.

Just unlucky to get a shit deal imo.

True dat, here's his high school athletics honour board from '89 when he was 14...

100M - Jonah Lomu
100M Hurdles - Jonah Lomu
200M - Jonah Lomu
400M - Jonah Lomu
800M - J Steedman
1500M - J Steedman
Discus - Jonah Lomu
Shot - Jonah Lomu
Javelin - Jonah Lomu
Cricket Ball - S Bradley
Long Jump - Jonah Lomu
High Jump - Jonah Lomu
Triple Jump - Jonah Lomu

Roids would likely have slowed him down imo...doubt he ever used


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Scary shizzle..

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/n … p_WhatsApp


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Boring wrote:

Defensively he was atrocious - he caused NZ to give away more points than he added.

I know little about rugby and just made that up - but I bet there is some prick out there on the internet spouting this shite just to be different.



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Dan Harwood wrote:
DuFunk wrote:

Agree with the fact the US Government have fuelled these groups to be created by what they have done to these countries for decades, but you are getting a lot of hippies stating that the US government have directly created ISIS to keep world order and shit like that! A lot of illuminati bullshit.

This is a great piece on the situation in Syria and the subsequent mess:

http://oil-price.net/en/articles/oil-pr … il-war.php

Super read, Dan... Cheers for posting the link

Grant wrote:

After checking some of the reviews, most of them are going on about lack of depth - you can say that about 95% of all MP games.  This will be good fun to dip into like Wally says

...yeah but will it keep me coming back for more that's the thing... After the quality of Bloodborne and the depth of GTA, I reckon I'll wait a while, unless there's a solid review by your good self over the next few days

Btw, what's Star Wars mode?