jules72 wrote:

Nice ive not been to that kebap restaurant in Istanbul but I know some of the best. Most famous (which are great btw) are Kosebasi and Hamdi...havent been for a long time - love an Adana kepab and that Semolina dessert with the ice cream in the middle.

Make sure you go to Nusret which youre there...really good steak.

..yeah Nusret is amazing, there's one at the bottom of the road. Sometimes get their burgers delivered because there can be a queue to get in. I'll check out Kosebasi and Hamdi, cheers Jules.

Ed, I've no idea. Just walked by it today and decided to go in. Salt Bae's place is across the road so it could be his possibly.

Unbroken1 wrote:

...many thanks Ed/liqui

That'll be: &ME "The Rapture" (Original Mix) [Keinemusik]

Rattled out a full t/l last night, will post it this evening when I can tear myself away from this wretched sun lounger wink

..good man, Damo. Great track my man and a top mix to boot, really enjoyed it. 3 hours flew by in fact. cool

..Kepabci in Etiler for lunch. The finest Lahmacun I ever did eat with fantastic service as always here in Turkey. I feel like a right prick posting this.


..yeah the new link includes the B-side of the tape

...tremendous stuff, Damo. What's the piano track at 58 mins? Mano played it the other week

..fantastic video to go with a stone wall classic. May contain boobies so Wally need not apply.


..I think Henry Street was the International capital of Champion for many years. Well deserved.

..great ending music

...haha, perfect description

..you can make an argument for both sides really. Yeah you don't have to watch these Marvel movies and people are entitled to enjoy them but the film industry has defo gone the way of the music industry. Banging out these Thor and Aquaman style, short attention span movies the same way music labels bang out Bieber and Rhianna albums. Profit over substance. There were 3 or 4 trailers before the movie, Justice League, Thor, Valerian or something and maybe another one. It looked like they were the same movie all squashed together, I'm not sure.


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Kumquat wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

.They played a remix of Pink Floyd - Set The Controls for The Heart of the Sun toward the end. (Anyone know who's responsible for that?)

Coming out at the end of August on Crosstown Rebels with a Guy Gerber Remix.

* thumbs up *

..thought Dunkirk was good. Well put together by Nolan with the constant soundtrack from start to finish to add to the dread of the situation. It's no Saving Private Ryan but it's unique so it will be a classic in the long term most likely.


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..the track is for the new generation of ravers, quite the norm. Growing old is very difficult for some.

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Other than the varying ocean/beach/weather conditions that really made no sense from one scene to the next, I give this film a 9/10.

...what was confusing about the conditions? That's exactly how the tropical beaches in this part of the world are. Up to your waste in comfy orange foam, lovely.

...immense cool

https://soundcloud.com/renaissance-reco … o-14071992

"On this exact date, 25 years ago, I received a demo in the post from a completely unknown DJ that Dan Prince, then editor of Mixmag, had told to send it to me... I know it was this date, as it was a Saturday morning before Renaissance that night. I had listened to this demo 5/6 times during the day - and again on the way to the club that night. I knew I’d found something special the moment I heard the mix between the first 2 tracks on the B side of that tape!

After Renaissance that night, as often happened, Sasha came back to my house the next morning... I told him I'd found a DJ who I thought was amazing, and went on to play him the tape. He too was blown away! The only writing on the tape was 'DJ JD’ and a phone number, so I called John after the weekend and told him I loved the tape and wanted him to play at the club, but I told him I wouldn't put 'DJ JD' on the flyers as it sounded like a rave DJ and instead wanted to bill him as John Digweed. I booked his first date on Saturday 5th September 1992 - and spent 4 weeks before his debut gig telling everyone I'd discovered this amazing DJ - and, of course, he didn't disappoint!! The whole club was blown away by the talent on show on his first night, and I then started to regularly pair him with Sasha at Renaissance, ahead of that iconic mix compilation, 2 yrs later, that took the S&D partnership global... so here's the mixtape that started it all, a piece of clubbing history and a significant footnote in Renaissance’s history and in the career of one of the world’s finest DJs!

..seeing Burridge on Thursday night, which is nice


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Squidgy wrote:

Isn't a DJ supposed to play stuff to fit the moment? Isn't that supposed to be a skill of a DJ? Not just turn up and play some records. Dixon's played some heavy techno when I've seen him, so it just seems like it's either ego (I'll play what I want, like it or not), fuck you for putting me on after Troxler, or just lazy....

..it looked like he just arrived into the booth 2 mins before he went on, without hearing any of the sets before him tbh so maybe you have a good point. You would think he'd get an idea of the energy level and go from there but obvs not. Like I said, there was nothing wrong with the actual music, it was just very poorly placed it seemed. Someone in the mould of Sasha or Diggers would have fed off that energy and leveled the place immediately. A few mates stayed for Baumel who did the 7am to 10am slot, straight after Dixon. They said he banged it out and got the place going again. Pull your socks up, Dixon.


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..cheers, Vinny. Looks like they've put their hands to a few PF tracks


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..proper Sasha set this, it went right off in that room I'd say cool


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smallman1 wrote:

How was Dixon Liqui?

..the tempo dropped after Bedouin and the atmosphere completely changed. I'm tempted to label it Heroin House but it happened with Mano a few weeks ago aswell, the tracks are good but it's head nodding music and after 3 hours it gets a bit boring, doesn't suit every venue maybe.

Lake People and Isolee both did live sets before Bedouin too, place was rocking, just all changed when Dixon came on. He did play a massive track that got a big reaction, has a vocal snippet that just says "Transparency".

Venue was amazing, outdoor wooded area, small DJ box, massive soundsystem. Much better than all that U2 stage bollox that seems to be the norm at festivals all over the world. DJs playing on the beach during the day then aswell, whole place kitchen sinking it in the sun, great day out and one of the best festivals I've ever been to. Well organised with a great crowd.


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wally wrote:

probs would have been awesome being there.

..I agree, Wally. Mad spot, even the walls are off their rocker in that place.


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..I would advise all and sundry to catch these lads if they happen to be in the parish. Outshone Dixon last night. Scorching 3 hours with some absolute belting tracks, they had the place rocking with the way the put the set together. They played a remix of Pink Floyd - Set The Controls for The Heart of the Sun toward the end. (Anyone know who's responsible for that?) Tale of Us get all the hype but these 2 are far better and that's the truth.

Rave on.


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..nice one, agreed, they are mint cool

..lol, I'll be seeing Dixon tomorrow evening, brother smalls. Hold tight and all that jazz