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Flight to Ibiza about ten years ago, I was sat amongst a gang of twenty odd Celtic fans who'd been bang on from the night before and we'rent about to stop any time soon. One of them got up mid take off and went for the door sayin he wanted to get out for a piss, a few scuffles later, one of them had a fit in the bog, puked and shat himself. Two where arrested on landing and another was sparked out with a wild donkey punch, from his mate, on the tarmac as we walked to the terminal.


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Byron Stingily - Get Up Everybody


..never ever thought it was myself, but it was in some cringey circles round these parts. Knitting needles in the ears, mostly.

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Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me

Genius record.

..I've no problem with how it's produced. However, when I hear the opening bars of it drives me up the wall.

Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me

steelydan wrote:

Alison Limnerick - Where Love Lives

..good shout, I can't stand that.

Byron Stingily - Get Up Everybody
De Lacy - Hideaway (prob controversial but it reminds me of bell ends who used to lose their shit when it came on)

..heard Sasha play Major North at Spundae in San Fran back in '99. Levelled the place and worked really well in that room on that sound system.

1. Guatemala - Passing cars out on the outside of a corner on the side of a cliff, going downhill at about 65mph, on a chicken bus driven by a 16 year old. Most terrifying travel experience I've ever had. Mates had to pull me away when we got off, wanted to chin the little bastid for almost ending my life. I wouldn't recommend travelling on those buses but sometimes it has to be done as there's no other way to get around. You regularly see buses at the bottom of ravines out there.

2. Turbulence flying over the coast of Brazil when travelling to BA. Thought the plane was going to snap in half. There was a bunch of Hasidic Jews praying loudly during the worst of it, which didn't help. When the stewards are running to strap themselves in you know it's going to be a bad one.


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..started watching 'The Staircase', it's a multi part doc similar to 'The Jinx'. Can be got on Youtube, it's very good so far.

..just finished the last episode of this. Thought it was better than Making a Murderer overall. There's a follow up 2hr special to get through now. Highly recommended.


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...Sunny Isles, one of Trump's major real estate ventures in Florida, is known as "Little Moscow". After Trump travelled to Russia and used aggressive marketing strategies to lure Russian elites, 60% of the development was bought up by gangsters and people who were already on the intelligence communities radar. They then used the properties to launder billions of dollars through Ukrainian banks. They also used that property and Trump Tower in NYC to run massive gambling syndicates, all with the consent of Trump of course. One fugitive mobster, Vyacheslav Ivankov, was the head of the gambling ring. He bought his office at Trump Tower back in 1992.

Notice how Trump's 'Taj Mahal' hotel & casino looks very, erm, Russian.

edit: Trump was also fined 10M by the US Treasury for failing to implement and maintain an effective anti-money laundering operation at all his casinos. It was long known in those circles that Trump was laundering Russian mafia money through his ventures. After America banks ditched him for bankruptcy his business was kept afloat by an outfit called 'Bayrock' who just happened to be tenants at Trump Tower. Bayrock was run by another Russian linked gangster, Felix Sater. It's all public knowledge now fellas.


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...not at all mate. That's Russians taking care of Russians. Only link to Trump, if any, would be that those people have links to any dodgy business deals with Yanks or any espionage that took place in the last 12/24 months.

Trump's links with Russian organised crime as I mentioned are extremely deep and dirty. Who knows where the rabbit hole leads.


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..they're not even hiding it anymore, haha … 1411143682


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..seeing as it's been revealed Trump has had ties with Russian organised crime dating back to 1982, I wonder how many Repubs are genuinely fearful to play the game and show loyalty or else?


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Senior Russian Diplomats who've died under strange circumstances in the past few months;

1. Sergei Krivov - Duty Commander of Russian Consulate in NYC (Found dead, cause unknown)
2. Petr Polishkov - Russian Diplomat (Found dead at home with bullet wound in head)
3. Roman Skrylnikov - Diplomat attached to Russian Consulate in Kazakhstan (Found dead in apartment)
4. Oleg Erovinkin - Ex KGB/FSB, attache of Rosneft head Igor Sechin (Found dead in car, cause of death changed from homicide to unknown causes)
5. Andrei Malanin - Head of the Consular Section in Russia’s Greek embassy (Found dead in Athens)
6. Alexander Kadakin - Russian Ambassador to India, died in New Delhi after a reported ‘illness’
7. Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the UN, died in New York (Autopsy initially denied but ongoing)

..happy Friday, Millsy. Where's Yant when you need a dancing Richard Simmons GIF?

..yeah I get it. I was also thinking he would've been better off using vinyl, all the looping and use of that bleedin RMX just didn't seem right with those tracks. Ah well, maybe I'm on my period. I the only one who thought this was a load of pipe then? After hearing him struggle to mix in Major North I thought he would be crucified on here, alas, you would think it's his best set in years. Strange bunch, haha

..the aul MDMA or Chicken Powder as it's known around these parts, is mad stuff altogether. Hard to balance the part between in control and having a good buzz and sitting with your top off in a bus stop with arms folded and no shoes at 4:15am.


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..I reckon it's afterwards, H. Aiming for a late 2019 release.


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...Scorsese is directing an interesting one due out in 2019 called 'Devil In The White City'. It's about a crazy serial killer called H.H. Holmes and stars DiCaprio. Based on the exploits of that headcase it should be a very gruesome watch.


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..hows about Warung this time?

It was last weekend wasn't it? Seems unlikely.

..really? Feels longer than that. Prob not released for another while anyway.

Second guess, Dallas. wink


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..hows about Warung this time?


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..started watching 'The Staircase', it's a multi part doc similar to 'The Jinx'. Can be got on Youtube, it's very good so far.


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none of that phases him. he likes the support of the little people, but their rebukes have no effect. look at the massive protests again today. he has zero fucks to give. you've gotta remember, this guy is an elitist pig. being blown off by fellow leaders and elites is what will put him on tilt.

Mate, whilst I don't disagree with your assessment of what does and doesn't matter to Trump I'm not sure it's the job of the UK Establishment to effectively slap-down a fairly elected, sitting, President of the USA.  God knows the UK has extended full State visits to far, FAR, worse individuals than Trump, representing far, FAR, worse regimes than his administration.  The US public, over the course of 18+ months, decided they want to be led by Donald Trump - the fact our House of Commons has to waste its time 'debating' an online petition to deny him his traditionally accorded due is pathetic.  Get the cunt over here and heckle the fuck out of him.  It is for the US public and Establishment to 'put him on tilt' as you say.

..I agree with all of that except the "fairly elected" part. Considering the scale of gerrymandering that went on, the suppression of voting in many States and the alleged interference by Russian intelligence, it would be a huge stretch to say this guy was elected fairly. In fact I'd say it's a stretch to believe any Western politician is elected fairly these days when it's obvious that Corporatocracies are bang in season.


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..true, Amps. By the way, this was surely staged. No way some bampot gets near the Pres without the SS being within arms length.