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Homegrove wrote:

Best part is that anyone with half a brain could see it coming during the election. None of this has surprised me at all.

..bang on, H 

"...but Hillary did blah blah blah" - myopic twats. She may have been a corrupt politician but jaysus, you elected a game show host with a major personality disorder and gave Ivanka Trump (who?) a ringside seat. Absolute shambles.



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smallman1 wrote:

Bang tidy for a politician is old Menschy.

And ultimately that's all that counts.

..darn tootin. Mad in the head, mad in the bed.

..is Zackster from Belarus?

Dan Harwood wrote:

Somehow I dont think that would or could ever happen!

..well according to wiser people than us both, it is Dan.

..stick your X-Men, plot lines and character development up your hoop

...where does the UK being the biggest tax haven and money laundering spot on the planet play into all this?


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...another belter, Jamie. On a roll cool

...Last Dance is a beauty cool


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..you're all bent

Dermatron wrote:

If Americans had been there they would have defo rocket launched their way out of it killing everyone remotely resembling a Muslim in a 5 miles radius apart from themselves and a 50,000ft carpet bombing to say ta ta then carried their own blown off limbs out in rucksacks. Nothing too patriotic either. Clint Eastwood to direct.

..Mark Walhberg all over this version

"Corbyn is the most electable politician in a generation"

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/damir-r … 1494245644


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..a Trump friendly media company just made a deal to control news stations that reach 70% of American homes. The Erdogan comparison is bang on the money.

https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/05/03/b … media.html


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..it was the Guitar Mix I heard played out back in the day, best mix of the lot. I never had the misfortune of hearing the Dream Mix played out thank fook, horrific version - has that kickdrum you normally hear blasting out of a souped up Fiat Punto.

RIP, however


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..Sep 16th I think


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La Nausee wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:
Yant wrote:

Agreed but my point is that he wasn't fighting a complete mug

...haha, Yant, the reason Fury won the fight was because Klitschko didn't turn up. It's not a team sport, if you have an off night nobody is there to bail you out. If the Klitschko who fought AJ had turned up we wouldn't even be talking about Fury. That's the point.

Tyson would have battered both of the cunts


Anyone catch Canelo over the weekend? Flawless without getting out of 2nd. Looks like we'll finally get to see him and GGG tee off on each other. That's a proper 1980s class superfight. Can't wait.


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..never read reviews about a film you have an interest in, especially on the Bedrock forum, before you watch. I find that works more times than not. Imagine reading reviews on websites etc and imagine the sort of gadge that logs in and writes those reviews. That's why I swerve.


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Unbroken1 wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

..I know I'm late to the party with this but Gomorra is bloody outstanding isn't it? Halfway through series 1.

..the plot-line with the kid motorbike mechanic is fucking devastating.

Terrific show.

..yeah, gut wrenching stuff. The use of this track always gets me

..amazing tracklist, will get to it this weekend hopefully, H. cool

..so in a nutshell, ye're f**ked, lads.


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..Greek immigrant loses job to Brexit


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

... Heat, Directors Definitive Edition

https://www.amazon.com/Heat-Blu-ray-Al- … PYR?050217

Interesting...wonder if it's just deleted scenes or an alternate ending?

..deleted scenes I'd say. The ending is perfect is it not?

Grant wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

..so along comes somebody who wants to uproot the rot and he's an unfit idealogue? What chance do ye have of change lads if you don't give somebody else a chance? Is Teresa May "leading the country"?

She's at least leading her party.

I've not got it in for Corbyn, I know he gets ridiculously bad press, but he is not the man to lead Labour to any form of success.

..who'd be a good candidate? Like I say, I'm just an ignorant Irishman in camouflage fatigues.


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..Haha, they went with some nerds from college who wanted to see the architecture and such, it was around the advent of Internet deals. 7 went altogether. Every one of them pummelled.