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Grant wrote:

I’ll have to watch that - looked at the play by play and it’s looks excellent - why did the chiefs call the time outs?

The Raiders were in the red zone, but the Cheeves kept on giving them defense of penalties so every time they got a penalty it would move the Raiders closer to the end zone. After the penalties were called, the Cheese would just take a time out – so the use of their time out but it was in total futility because there was no time left on the clock for the last three plays  which were only extended because of penalties.

..wut? lol


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...gas and grim at the same time


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..think I'll be skiing somewhere East of here around that time. Massive kitchen sink in tow to gloss over the fact they don't celebrate Chrimbo over here. Oddballs.


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...the mother informed me that the neighbour was out sweeping leaves this morning. What a man.


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..."shitbag faux nostalgia" haha

Grant wrote:
ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
Grant wrote:

The Deep Blue Sea - I managed 8 minutes of it before I pulled the plug - utter shit - 0/10

Watched Daphne instead and that really wasn't that much better.  I think it'd be a very good film if you were convinced by the lead character, but I definitely wasn't.  3/10

A poor evening.

Grant, check out 47 Meters Down or The Shallows - bang on bro!...for more sophisticated cinematic palates.

Might take a look at The Shallows - 47 Meters Down looks like a claustrophobic nightmare, especially for someone that loves diving.

..if you gave 47 Meters Down any more than a solid 0/10 I'd be very surprised, Grant. A right load of stinkin fish is that film.

..second Roundhouse gig added for all the cry babies


..Neolokal next time, Ed. Went for Japanese instead at the Divan and it was absolutely tremendous.


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...did you get to see Bob Marley live, Ed?

Grant wrote:

I'm in.  Anyone know when tickets go on sale?

..you can sign up here, Grant.


Wednesday at 10am tix go on sale

Felch Aid wrote:

Ffs the missus is due to drop on the 3rd March. Do I go?

..pregnant women went to Woodstock, Felchie. Just Sayin.


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..haha, recent comment from one of Maceo's Boiler Room sets

"American overrated wankbag Maceo Plex smugs his way through an hour of tedious self indulgent shite and manages to dance like a gobshite without anyone hitting him with a shovel. A champion of needless mixer EQ'ing, one fan can clearly be seen trying to fist him from behind but he's so caught up in the smell of his own farts that he doesn't notice. Wanker."

...Roundhouse, London and Bridgewater Hall in Manchester just announced. All in Feb.


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...I guess the point I was trying to make about Eubank is that he is made out to be some sort of killer in boxing by the IBO and many boxing accounts on social media but in reality he's fighting in low level boxing tournaments, because that's his real level.

George Groves isn't really pulling up any trees when you consider the list of British Super Middleweight champs who have come before him. Granted a final with the two of them would be worth a watch purely because it would be a British grudge match, not because you would be witnessing a highly technical fight.


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...top boxers don't fight in boxing tournaments at the elite level, Smashdad. Yildirim is not a fighter of any note whatsoever anyway. Eubank wasn't impressive in the fight at all and at the finish he was swinging like a wildman. Boxers like Yildirim are commonly referred to as "tomato cans" in the business. Eubank has fought nobody of any real class as yet, and for good reason.


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...a goat would find them uncomfortable, Amps


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..I hereby present this trophy to Dermo for "cataclysmic prolapse" haha

...watched the first episode last night. Ho Chi Minh was some buachaill. Brilliantly put together documentary.


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...another large part of the pie is the fact that in America guns and gun ownership are engrained in the culture, like museums in France, pubs in Ireland, or sushi in Japan. I don't know if a cultural mindset has ever been changed in the past, maybe it's impossible.

The fear of Martial Law may be true and people may be wary of the Govt but the US doesn't have a culture of uprising right now like other countries. It's far easier for Americans to sit on their arses and watch the news while others protest. It makes it much easier for law enforcement to crack down on dissent when it's a bunch of students on a campus.

Basically, I think they're Fu**ed beyond belief. It's depressingly obvious that profit is more important than the safety of the citizens.

..that's Mad Tom, Ed. Runs a pub down in Fethard-On-Sea.



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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

..Zackster's post is interesting. You would think the 78% would have had enough by now and there would be large scale demonstrations to put pressure on politicians in order to make something happen. Only the people can make change happen because they can't rely on the dollar whores in Washington.

The flip side to that IMO would be the that a large percentage of Americans reserve the right to own a firearm if and when they saw fit.

..that's all fair enough but what will it take for these Americans to consider some kind of new laws for firearms? Doing absolutely nothing and carrying on with their heads in the sand clearly isn't the answer. As with most things it's only those who are directly affected who decide to come out strongly against the situation. A combined effort is needed. The second amendment is clearly an outdated and ridiculous idea, maybe not in substance but in practicality.

..Jeff Bridges got to wear his own clothes in that movie. Absolute ledge.