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Album - Scene Delete

Comp - Montreal

Mix - Talabot Lente Kabinet 2016

Producer - Oliver Shories/Dave Pad/Romboy/Audiohell/S.K.A.M

Remix - Dusky - Long Wait (Baumel)

Club gig - Max Cooper Islington Assembly Hall

Festival - None this year

Film - Hell or High Water

concert - Sleaford Mods Vicar St

trabs - Nike Cortez Special Edition Blacks

How many gigs  attended - U.K. 6

How many gigs  attended - Abroad - 3

Benson Award - Did you make it t the main act or leave early ? Always to the max

reg of the year - Simon and Flares debacle

best thread - Trump thread was a howler from top to bottom

funniest poster - Monostereo / ETC (The pentagram made of course salts levelled me)

hated poster - Flares

..top line up there too. Anyone catch Sonja Moonear lately? hearing big things.

..managed to blag a couple of tickets for the balcony last night. What an incredible gig. Cooper is the daddy. Some of the stuff he played was mind-blowing. The visuals were ace too. It was going right off at one point, the whole place giving it socks. My brother was saying the sets are up on Be@TV. Well worth checking out. Vessels were great too.


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..of course it's a nothing fight, just want somebody to bounce Haye around the place is all.


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..hope Bellew knocks his block off. Is there a bigger clown in the world of sport than David Haye? doubt it.

..haha, I think Jeff Bridges had the protocol in The Vanishing

...here you go, DR. All you'll need to get to the bottom of this terrible situation.


..pulled a load of old vinyl out of the mothers attic over the weekend. Hope, Quad Communications, Sog, Limbo and various other power prog labels. Came across a white label, Sam Mollison - Will You Love Me In The Morning (Blue Amazon Remixes) #Convr001. Don't remember it at all and can't find any clips. No deck to play it on sad

..Dave's threads of late have been absolutely diabolical to be fair to the lad. And I'm not just talking about his jeans.


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..I just noticed they've a new genre on there now - "Future House". Sounds like 99% of the other genres. Tools.

Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:

But artists do seem to put that extra bit of effort for Tongy.

..I wouldn't say so for Mano's mix. I'm a big fan and that's one of the worst I've heard from him. Pretentious bleepy twaddle.

..yeah this is brilliant. Proper heads down tech house. Need to catch these guys again soon. cool


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..hoping Vorderman makes Amps list. Watching Celebrity Jungle in the hope she goes berserk on a glass of fizz and demands length in the bushes.

Dan Harwood wrote:

The last act of Arrival was very sad. Brilliantly told story though.

..great piece of music to accompany it

smashdad wrote:

I quite like that - but I LOVE this...

..I've been listening to loads of their stuff recently. Another bomb right there too, mate.


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..haha, jesus christ


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..Trump has already put Erik Prince's sister in his cabinet. Prince himself donating largely to the campaign. Safe to say the privatisation of war will be ramped up tenfold. Another wonderful thing to look forward to.


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..I lost interest with The Wire after the Barksdale storyline crumbled. Still a decent watch but just didn't kick on like other series. The ending for The Sopranos was perfect for me. It was such a massive show it was always going to have negative reviews at the end for some. What better way to end it than to leave it up the the fans interpretation.


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..I've never seen Danny Howells. Would love to see him doing an extended set.

...he's in London next weekend too. Torn.

La Nausee wrote:
fadass wrote:

No need to be nasty just cos he never mentioned Kenny G, nauseator.

Your fave.

You picked a fine time to leave me Luceeeele.
That Kenny?

Wtf. Since the demise of TXFM I am having to listen to mainstream radio on my long commute to work. Absolute fucktards roaring at you and having "quizzes", which consist of some cunts ringing in and being asked to guess their own names - and still getting it wrong.
And what type of a fucking cunt rings into a radio station to say he's stuck in traffic on the M50.? Cunts. Oh, tell you what we'll do: the Nova Noise. Is it your wife fingering herself whilst watching Luther? Yes it is Phil. You've won a day trip to Tayto Park and a life time's supply of Juicy Fruit.

..or The Strawberry Alarm clock, La Naus. I'm going to drive the motor straight through the front door of that place one of these days.


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..I'd love to see Papa Sven in Watergate for a mammoth set.


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Amps wrote:

Think we should put a team together!

haha WTF