Been waiting a while to pull that one out.....ave it smile

steelydan wrote:

And this >>

The name of that is bugging me, Dan, what is it again?


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smallman1 wrote:

Not sure how much of a blow Diggers never playing Fabric again would be.

Fairly sure I'd recover.

Easy to say that when you get to see the yearly shindig, smallman! commoners get to read the yearly Fabric review


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Jesus, don't say that...why would you say something like that?... why?

Yeah he's played for mates recently, great fella too..

I'm currently listening to a stomping JR mix, spooky...

*checks to see what nutcase mentioned he was the best they'd seen, finds nowt, moves on scratching head*

You probably won't find anyone out there who listened to Oakey for his technical ability anyway..

Big Fella wrote:

Lets be honest about this, his 'mixing' and even his transitions between the tunes are horrendous, EG when his finished Floor-Essence and brings in the next tune.

Oakey not Damo/LQ wink

The Goa mix itself is horrific at times in that respect but fug it...sometimes its all about the music maaan

The 'Havana' Essential Mix was brilliant too, amazing tuneage on there..

...excellent, my tape died a horrible, slow death...RIP

Big Fella wrote:

are you sure you're not an Apple fanboy?

First phone I had was a Sony Ericsson, the picture of which seems to be missing from t'internet though, just like smallman's trabbs..

Unofficial edit my brother done of this classic which I'm really digging..

are they the same people who are fearful of change going into their forties?

hehe...I took some fantastic sea urchin shots in Croatia, then spent an hour washing the salt off

Big Fella wrote:

Lol at Liquitech and his propaganda, i just copied and pasted it from a tech site.

You ole rascal!

Big Fella wrote:

Best iPhone for Battery Life: iPhone 6 Plus

Some false advertising here, BF, the Z3 will hold a charge for 48hrs with average usage! The reports we've gotten show very little difference between the battery life on a 5S and a 6 Plus...somehow Apple have convinced people the phone got a massive upgrade, when it clearly didn't..

edit: during Apple's recent iPhone 6 Launch Extravaganza, the speaker mentioned that the new battery will be "as good or better than previous models"....doesn't take much to read between the lines there..

Big Fella wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

you can use it underwater (always handy)


Oh and superb 4g connection is down to your location.

Not necessarily true, the connection will be down to your carrier in most cases and the handset next. Samsung have slowly gained the worst rep for coverage since the S4 was launched, iPhone are hit & miss depending on the model. Nokia & Sony seem to get the best reports in terms of coverage...the bigger the carrier, the better chance of a signal near your exchange, in Ireland anyway!

..notice Blackberry never get a mention wink

The Z3 is by far the best phone on the market right now, Millsy...been using one for a couple of months and it's the best handset I've ever used....great camera, superb 4G connection, you can use it underwater (always handy), same size as an iPhone6, amazing hardware, very light....ideal for a man on the go

Apple can do one, glad I'm finally free of their marketing campaign horsesh*t smile

Homegrove wrote:

Oh, I wasn't looking for it per se. SomethinG I realized later. It was also in such a contrast because so much of the other CGI was really bad. Movements and so forth.

Fair enough....have you seen 'Bad Taste' Hannu?...good old fashioned effects smile

For whatever reasons I seem to think?? hehehe, no hard feelings here at all, Grant. A couple of disagreements on a messageboard isn't something to write home about fella! wink

Looking forward to hearing this now....a 3 hour train journey tomorrow will suffice cool

Homegrove wrote:

it was impossible to tell where Christopher Lee went from himself to a CGI creation.

therein lies your problem...if you go to the movies and watch out for that sh*t then what chance is a movie going to get?..