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Grant wrote:

I've got an awful feeling absolutebosstrabs is Dogshit.

seems likely.

..strange that he's latched onto Dave's persona (if it is him). Defo needs a straight jacket and a belt of a tazer that chap.


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..just flicked on for the usual scan and I'm really sorry to hear this. I feel the same way as has been mentioned many times above. Cracking resource for music and pure nonsense. As long as everyone keeps things going on another platform then it softens the blow, would be sad to lose contact with all you people.

Well done for setting up the other site so fast by the way. Will be great to see things carry on that way. Big thanks to John for providing the tea and biscuits for so long. Legend.

See you later prog brethren, hopefully the final few weeks will see some fireworks! cool


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..haha, no doubt Ward is a smokey. The black gloves really tie that outfit together.

..of course it's not like here, Jules, but it's all relative. You'll leave satisfied and it's better than Abrakebebra.


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..yeah, Dan. He's disclosed some incredible info over the last couple of months. Best part is knowing the Feds already have all of it and it's extremely damning for everyone involved.

...Fez Mangal on Ladbroke Grove Rd is decent, Jules. Wobbled out of there on a few occasions.


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..listening to BBC World earlier and they were saying that the Irish Govt could bring down the Brexit talks because of the border.

Poetic Dermo, I think you'll agree lol


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..that's Charlie Ward, the chap he jumped into the ring for the other week. State of him.


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..its as good a time as any for some Northside Moll to say Williams groped the hole off her in the back of a taxi


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..Trump's first year in office is eerily similar to Flares Bedrock Board career


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.. Lol @ Fads

By the way, Paul Williams reckons these lads aren't to be messed with, haha, what's the point of him in fairness? Hasn't he better things to be doing, like wearing camo and hiding in Gilligan's garden.

..if you can find her a Charlies at the end of the night that does a decent 4 in 1 tray, she'll appreciate that, Ed.

..if Hannu isn't front and centre, top off, sharing the Vicks around to the masses, I'll be very disappointed.


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Dermatron wrote:

Looks ace that liqui, whats in it?

..some feed, Dermo. Pretty sure its lamb, parsley, red onion, tomatoes and the bread gets rolled in the juices of the meat as its cooking. Hot pickled peppers on the side. 11 Lira with the drink. Works out at around 1.80 Euros.

Everything tastes different here, beginning to think all the veg in Ireland is grown out in some factory in Coolock.


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..that 900K figure is bollocks for a start. It started as a rumour on Whatsapp by the same chap who claimed it was "The Wig" (lol) who got the box in the pub. Why would it be 900K anyway? Why not 1.5M or 950K?

He's defo pals with a lot of lads in the "mob" but he'll be taxed regardless. I've no idea how deep his ties go but he was a mate of David Byrne, that's for sure. Plus he was hanging out in the Wright Venue with Fat Freddie, hoovering up the dust and banging little hairdressers a couple of years ago. They know he's a goldmine. The aul lad who got the dig just won the Euro Millions basically.

..Durumzade last night. Adana single washed down with some Ayran. Top notch.



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..indeed. By the way, that Pocahontas remark with the Native Americans standing behind him was so pathetic. He really is scum of the highest order.


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..loving the first hour of this so far, Jamie. That Ian Howie track is a beauty cool

..a spectacular dish that. Thoroughly satisfying.

...does Bourdain tap you up when he's in town, Dave?

..the time period made it more palatable, if I'm honest. And yes, she's absolutely smokin.

..somehow got roped into watching Wonderwoman. Decent popcorn flick and Gal Gadot can come over and wash the curtains whenever she wishes.


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steelydan wrote:

It's reassuring to know that every ios11 update is another nail in the coffin of my iphone 6.


..as a long-term money making strategy, it's genius.

As a business practice, it's shithousery at its finest