Just realized this docu is old as foook; acting all posh about CC-tv and ADSL...  lol

I've never been, so I can't comment. I know some on here a regulars.

One Ironic thing I always find about docu's trying to warn us about the dangers of drugs only make me want to use them.


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FOA Dermo regarding the Facebook etc. cuntery:  http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/899c


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The most offensive I think is all these white kids now that talk like they have some black heritage or culture in them like they are from the ' hood'. When in reality they are skinny spoiled scared shitless suburban little shitters who would get stabbed a hundred times over on the very first corner they turn in the real ' hood'

But noooo... they go around talking like this yo, making fat stacks yo, talkin' bout making paper yo! Oh no you didn't! Shiiiit. Or calling each other dog or dawg wearing their basball caps all up high and slurping their chemical smoothies ass they hit the rich folk burb mall.

Daft white kids. They are all Justin Biebers


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Or people who post pictures of say Einstein or the likes of with a quote on it with some shit he supposedly said to make a point or to show how much ' depth' they have.

I stand behind your viral hatred Dermo. And words like amazing and beautiful get thrown around all to easy... it means nothing....nothing.

The feel of the keys on the Remote SL series from Novation is good imo. That or the Studiologic keys (they are both Fatar keys).

Hahahaha ... Oooerrr

Fucking hell Eddie... are you having an episode?  lol

Here's another one of him, doing some piano bits in between as well. Lovelyjobly!

https://player.ooyala.com/iframe.html#p … ve-kcrw%2F

New season of House of Cards started up again. It's top quality.

Last film I saw him in was The Ides of March.

I always thought he was a great actor. Shame.

Always top notch from mr Mayhem


Homegrove wrote:

Anybody have any idea how much of that was actually true? I mean the shipwreck and stuff like that?

The shipwreck story is true.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl … O9o#t=1715

Nice powertalk from him back in 2010:

I'm taking notes here.

On now

http://www.be-at.tv/brands/kool-beach/b … da-engberg

Wonder how much of a hand Dixon actually had in this track, because all I hear is the hallmark Gerber sound.

There are serveral dog owners in my street. My bedroom looks is right across from a field of grass that is dogshit/play fucking central.

There is family of dogowners in particular that I hate. They have one of these 'playfull' longhaired dogs and go out on that field every morning in the weekend and throw the frisbee with the dog. Nothing wrong with that basically, except, they let the dog 'ask' for the frisbee (bark it's fucking head off) every fucking time. They 'play' with the dog like this for like an hour, every morning in the fucking weekend. They think because they are up at nine 'o fucking clock, everybody should be up and enjoying their dogplaying.

Selfisch FUCKS!

I see all kinds of dog 'owners' (who the fuck can OWN anohter living creature anyways???!) on that field. It rubs me the wrong way seing people acting like a 'master' over another living creature. I know not everyone is the same and some are better at it, but fuck.

I like cats btw.. they don't take shit from anybody, go their own way and are not klingy and dependand like dogs are.

What about Brazilian Fart Porn?