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Shit Erik, that's terrible. Sorry.

Lol, are some people seriously measuring their manhood by the amount of alcohol they can drink without being clinically dead??



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I think Gus is the drugs. He does to us what Ayahuasca does to the natives in the Amazone...

mr rossi wrote:
Glen wrote:
mr rossi wrote:

So the Mrs tells me I drink too much.
Interested to see what everybody else drinks per week
Average 4/6 cans a day.

How much is in one can? Half a liter?

Yes mate

To put things in perspective: the average amount of daily intake of alcohol deemed to be within healthy limits (or damaging at the minimum) in the longterm is about 3 units of alcohol for men en 2 units of alcohol for women.

For beer, a glass of 250ml would amount to one unit. For any spirits of, say vodka, brandy or whisky, a shot glass full would amount to about 1 unit.

I am not judging here at all rossi. I know all these facts all to well because I like to drink as well. Luckily I'm a lightweight that can't handle much but I try to keep things within the above guidelines as I want to stay healthy-ish in the longterm as well. On weekdays it's about 2 cans (330ml) a night and in weekend 3 cans on average per night. Working in healthcare for over 15 years now I've seen all sorts of longterm effects in many cases. But I am a user, be it in certain moderation. But i still have to make myself have two to three nights a week I don't drink. Otherwise I automatically do it every day.

Like I said; I can't take a lot and I also don't drink a lot per night, but it is still to regular. Some weeks I skip tow to three days during the week. Other weeks it's just the whole week of drinking every day.

It helps to leave the beer on the weeknights when I just vaporize some of my homegrown stash of pot. Because I do not mix the two. And I will not have any trouble getting to sleep. Because sleep is one thing I suck at big time.

Luckily those are my only two vices still left. Gave up smoking about six years ago now along with all the chemicals I used to be so fond of.

mr rossi wrote:

So the Mrs tells me I drink too much.
Interested to see what everybody else drinks per week
Average 4/6 cans a day.

How much is in one can? Half a liter?

I don't know what to believe. There's various degrees of lies being spread by all involved. Propaganda being spread by all involved as well, through the mass media.

So what to think of it? I do know people are still fucking dying and being hurt.

I do believe that the three dominating world powers are playing a game of Risk over the back of Ukraine. They propagate human rights and cry outrage but have secret dirty fitly snake motives behind everybody's backs.

Who can trust any info they are getting on this matter at the moment?? It's all with underlying intent, facts served up in such a way styled in a politically well orchestrated package that they can serve as tools to sway public opinion.

Disgust and sadness is all..


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universoGus wrote:


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I fully understand  smile


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O yes O yes Gus..

I think I'll have a go at this..



Uncle Bazza wrote:

she says doggy style is slutty and her on top makes her boobs jiggle too much.

I don't even.....

I mean..

Why fucking try to have sex at all then??!!


I support that point of view millsy.

Maybe you need to dominate her a little more? You know.. take charge?

It's all over the moment she starts to get grossed out by the eggnog and not drinking it anymore. Or maybe not even bothering taking the bottle to her mouth at all anymore.

Then you just know it's over. She doesn't lust for you anymore (the above is the ultimate way to measure this, just as a thermometer is the ultimate way to measure temperature)

Then there's no more hope.


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Sweet lord Gustavo, your topics just make everything better.

Lovely downtempo stuff!

Ok. I apologise for my defensive reactions and perhaps it was perhaps somewhat over exaggerated in this context. I guess I just feel helpless about what's going on in the world at the moment.

If, in your eyes, that qualifies me for a looney then so be it.

breakitdown wrote:
Glen wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

Glen, give it a rest pal.

Why? Because nobody else cares?

Is there anything wrong with raising some awareness? Not important enough because it is not on the mainstream media, national news telling you that you should care about it?

It was in the Guardian a few days ago.

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/j … ague-death

Check how many cases of bubonic plague happen globally each year. Around 5 - 10 a year in the USA alone.

I stand corrected sir.

As far as panic goes. There is a whole spectrum in between raising panic and raising awareness and wanting to get info out to people. I do not think there is cause for panic, but I also do not think that people should think to lightly or carelessly about these things.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Glen, give it a rest pal.

Why? Because nobody else cares?

Is there anything wrong with raising some awareness? Not important enough because it is not on the mainstream media, national news telling you that you should care about it?

Such a strange phenomenon. In the cold war almost every person believed that a nuclear holocaust could decimate our civilisation to the brink of extinction, but the same people think we are so advanced that nature, in the form of a simple virus or bacteria, poses no such threat. Or that maybe these are things from the past. Only in the middle ages .. right? 

At one time this bacteria cut back the global population to a third. We do have far better means to treat this disease in this time and prevent a pandemic of epic proportions, but just think about it... within the first 24 hours of the first symptoms the first antibiotics need to be administered or your chances of survival are looking very grim indeed. And this variety can be spread through the air. Wich means it can spread much faster.

If we are as careless and arrogant about nature as we are with our own lives then we will be fucked sooner or later. The slate (in this case the earth) has been wiped clean many times over that last million years. Let's not pretend it could not easily happen to us. We are already doing it to ourselves. And if we continue to be careless, nature will do it first.

I just posted this to spread the word. Others might know people from that area or live there.


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erik.b wrote:

I hope you're using the term civilisation loosely.

Sadly, that is the way it feels at times.


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How easy it is to judge one another. I can understand feelings of hatred towards people who harmed your loved ones, but where does it all end??

When will the war and the killing finally stop? When will we finally realise (not just hearing about it but really realise and feel it inside) that we are one civilisation on one tiny pale blue dot in the vastness of space and infinitely large universe?

This needs to be shared with as many as possible. I don't know if any of you are in that area or know any people who live in that area.

Please read what the specific symptoms are. Because the whole tricky thing about the plague is that the first dosage of antibiotics must be given within the first 24 hours after the first symptoms have arisen. This is not the middle ages type of plague that could only be spread by blood contact or being bitten by rodants who carried the virus. This man had the respiratory kind. That means it can spread from person to person through a simple cough.

http://www.fromquarkstoquasars.com/chin … to-plague/

Enjoyed this very much.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Don't derail our Cream love-in, Glen.

If you want to post about the new GU, start an appropriate thread.