If it is mainly for Max than go for it. As for the instruments; I could never get over messing in that small part of the screen down there without having an option to have a pop-up window to a larger GUI of the instrument editor (like 3rd party plugins).

Damien, unless you are looking for a Max4 Live combo with getting Suite, it's not worth it. It's not like Logic where you get fantastic instruments and great sounds.

I guess that is a relative matter (depending on the music you are looking to make), but... SHITE

Just get Ableton Standard.

aural wrote:
Glen wrote:

I rekon that for Traktor, two NI X1 MKII would be best suited.

Why 2? To control 4 decks?


I rekon that for Traktor, two NI X1 MKII would be best suited.

11 hours....an 11 hour set? How do you go about when having to pee?

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

They either give you a mask and you breath nitrous oxide in for the procedure or they knock you out with a general anesthetic.   Sometimes they'll give you an IV- something like Demerol and Valium. For the pain afterwards, they usually prescribe Percocet or Vicodin.   When I had my  wisdom teeth pulled, they just gave me a local anesthetic and had to cut through my gums and chisel my teeth apart and then pull them out with pliers- happy days man!   The only thing I remember is my dentist telling me "we got a real handsome buck on our hands here".  I think I had just watched Stephen Kings "Creepshow"the night before - good times.  As for Millicent,  Who knows what they gave her, but she looks as though she's pretty hopped up on something.

Jesus Christ, total overkill. Why do they do it? Are people generally not allowed to feel anything at all? A local aesthetic with an analgesic would do the trick plenty.

Heaven forbid you feel anything that resembles pain. Do they also let kids snort some Oxycontin after they fell off their bike and have a booboo on their knee?

Brad Fiedel - The Terminator OST

"My path has been filled with success but it hasn't come without fist pumps," he said.


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Great choise Amps, it will serve you well!


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Unbroken1 wrote:
Amps wrote:

Converted okay, and will do batches, but once I add the artwork through iTunes it's not showing up as the files icon on my desktop etc. Not sure if this is a Windows issue though. Will have a look on the Mac at a later date.

...AFAIK, you can only add artwork to Mp3/AAC files in iTunes, not WAV & AIFF

You can with AIFF. Just not with WAV.


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smashdad wrote:

dBpoweramp - apparently there is now a Mac version - if it's anything like as good as its Windows version it'll be exactly what you want.

Second this. Fuck all the other apps Amps. Just go for this one and thank us later. Dirt cheap, does all kind of formats, handles tagging, album artwork etc. and shows up in your right click options menu on a Mac.


Don't know Matt Smith (producer). What other projects has he worked on?

Wait.. Is this him? http://uk.music-jobs.com/profile.php?ps … sition=583

Sorry guys, I edited the OP because the Jamieson & Morrison collabs are coming but not on this album apparently.

Apparently Glenn Morrison is going to team up with Barry Jamieson for a joint produced project to put out some prog house. Meanwhile, Morrison has a new artist album out that is a bit reminiscent of the 'prog sound'.

I like the opening track; Stereo Retrograde.

https://soundcloud.com/glennmorrison/se … o-the-deep

That was a pleasant listen.

I think they do great stuff. That darker sound of Modeselektor combined with the more emotive style of Apparat gives great results.

If it's anything like New Emissions of Light and Sound count me in!

chromosome_junction wrote:
Glen wrote:

It sounds ace!

it sure does.....the sound reminds me of a track i think sasha used as an intro to a mix a couple of years back, it had lyrics along the lines of "no need to make a sound........your feet won't touch the ground....", it was like a slow sort of lazy-sounding ambient track....

what song is that? Driving me fuckin bonkers. Help!

Yeh, sounds right up Charlie May's Straße. Kind of like his track Night Light.

By the way, owning U-he's Zebra and Spectrasonics Omnisphere as my own 2 synths (got rid of my Virus some time ago and still lots of sonic ground to cover with these two) I could not resist a recent sale on the Synapse Audio Dune2. Sounds absolutely great! And offers me something in sonic character that the other two don't quite give me (due to it's own unique unison engine).

A Little Chuggin Pad Example I Made

It sounds ace!


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Had to Google her. Lol


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Henry, coa... Looks like proper filth. Must check out.

Never been broadcasted in the Netherlands. Apparently been on ITV from 1983 - 1993Only just bloody found out about it. Any of you mongs been on it?

Here's the very first one:

Is it Sean Comer in this one perhaps? Who's the hottie bird? 

Happy new year everybody and may it be a good time for all involved.