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MattBlack wrote:

An interesting video on how Isis emerged

"But before we spend one more Dollar and befor one more American life is lost.."

Hold on while I grab my projectile vomiting strap-on head bucket..


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smashdad wrote:

Everything Is A Remix...

Cheers Smash. That was a nice reminder: Nothing is ever truly original (for obvious reasons), but more importantly: The copyright and patent laws that were originally put in place to create incentives for creators to push forward and build upon existing idea's and thus stimulate progress, are now fucking everyone but the big companies that can afford massive legislation to uphold the impossible idea of intellectual property.

It goes against the very nature of the process of creation, which is based around the concept of copying, transforming and then combining.

Squidgy wrote:
Glen wrote:

It's like that guitar shredding business... It's all about who can play the most notes in the shortest time etc. but where is the fucking musicality?

Don't want to turn this into a metal thread, but I saw that people were rating Mustaine over Hammett (in a big way too). Surely this is speed over musicality too?

They both have pretty much the same sound and speed to me... But I am no metal aficionado..

It's like that guitar shredding business... It's all about who can play the most notes in the shortest time etc. but where is the fucking musicality?


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Wally wrote:

lifeless plodders

I thought this was the 'in' genre, the 'nu-flavour' of recent years: Lifeless Plodders.

New interview with Nick, done by Sonic Academy:

dutchy101 wrote:

Get your lug holes around this Glenn

https://m.soundcloud.com/david-wainwrig … 17-10-2015


Clipped peaks are clipped peaks. Once a waveform crosses that digital 0dB threshold, that's it, gone for ever. If it has been recorded like that then that's it.

There are some good algorithms out there that can work an audio file to 'de-clip' those peaks (what they actually do is make it sound not clipped by rounding off those clipped peaks). The best algorithm in the business for that is in iZotope RX (imho).

But that costs bucket loads. In future, best practice for recording is simply not record it so hot and leave a dB or 6 of headroom. You can always normalise the gain of that file (digitally) later to about -0,5dB (this is preferable over actual 0dB because you can still have intersample peaks that can cause problems when uploading stuff (and converting it in the process cause that's what all these platforms do) later on to youtube or soundcloud etc.)


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steelydan wrote:

£3.20 for a bowl of cereal? outrageous behaviour

Yes, but the milk they put in it is from a special breed of long haired mountain cows in Lithuania that are massaged near point of orgasm and at that very moment milked by hand.


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Cheers fellas. Mono: yeah, not staying in the best part of London (near the Deptford station) but I imagine the odds of being held captive and then gang raped never to see the light of day again are still very slim though.


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Will be in London for a few days in the first weekend of October. First time looking into Air BnB. Any of you had any experience? Will be looking for a place in Depfort, preferably close to 2 Wharfstreet.


'Twas the 80's




I use .AIFF files and Traktor seems to tag them just fine.

Traktor analyses the tracks and tags the key for you.

smallman1 wrote:

The Dixon gig was mint btw!

You're not fooling anyone with that statement mate.

God help us..


I'd bet money on this being Dermo. Look at the perfuse sweating and tell tale sings of the beast.

Cheers for the tip Benson! Hadn't heard about this one yet. Always in for a good series.

You cynical bunch wink

I'm hopeful ... I hope this GU reboot will be the first step in the good direction in killing of the 'deep house-to cool to dance-slow-mo' hipster nonsense and start ledging up the heads down-dance like no one is watching-killer prog sounds again.

Also, I think one step in the right direction for parties to start gaining proper mystique and ledge status again is: Have a system where leaving you phone at the door is mandatory. Have a ticket system in place where people can pick it up again after (like they do with coats).

I don't get this one Loopy. It's shit. Certainly not funny at all..

Any positive benefits reaped from time off of work usually get completely nullified and obliterated after the first day back at work..

Do most of you still use mp3's when buying digital? I think in this day and age with internet speeds being as they are and drive space costing far less then it once did, it is an insult that mp3's is still the default and that you have to pay extra to get a lossless format.

Lossless formats should be the default (again).


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"Those thousand dollar advances they have been getting will soon seem like peanuts"

And the now seem like a bloody fortune again..