I don't get this one Loopy. It's shit. Certainly not funny at all..

Any positive benefits reaped from time off of work usually get completely nullified and obliterated after the first day back at work..

Do most of you still use mp3's when buying digital? I think in this day and age with internet speeds being as they are and drive space costing far less then it once did, it is an insult that mp3's is still the default and that you have to pay extra to get a lossless format.

Lossless formats should be the default (again).


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"Those thousand dollar advances they have been getting will soon seem like peanuts"

And the now seem like a bloody fortune again..

millsy23 wrote:

3 years

That's my relationship threshold right there. They are all done after 3 years.

Cheers for all the re-ups Sbando!

Watched The Theory of Everything yesterday. Thought it was very well done. The story most of us already know, but the reason I was so impressed was the great performance of Eddie Redmayne.

What's up with all they super slow BPM's now? Are people to tired to actually dance, al they can muster is bobbing their heads?

kovy71 wrote:

Prydz just released a new EP, only old tracks. It's his best one since quite some time.



Pumper&Dumper wrote:

There's no way some of the piano riffs were being played live. Too tight

I think those orchestra dudes know how to play in time.

Homegrove wrote:

This looks pretty amazing. Filmed using only natural light. Normally I'd say that there is no reason to do that, except for the director to show off, but I guess there are exceptions.

Looks good. DiCaprio has grown to become a brilliant actor imo.


Still enjoy watching that. Look at how he has the whole crowd eating out of his hand at 6min in already. Great energy all around from band as well as the crowd.

Preview up on SOUNDCLOUD

It's gonna be a 3 CD release. Some great tracks in there!


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BedRob wrote:

I...ahem...worked from home and spent most of the day sipping pimms in the garden playing with my beautiful kids who i love very much

Sounds like a day well spent then. The 'job' has taken up such a huge part of our lives. Somewhere the universe is hugely LOL-ing at us.

Most of the have absolute shit key-bed. The most decent key-beds for a midi keyboard will have Fatar keys like the Novation SL range or the Studiologic SL range (which now unfortunately don't get produced anymore in anything under 88 keys)

I have the Novation SL 61 myself. It's pricy if you just want it for a decent key-bed. I certainly don't need any of the extra controls on it, but it seems now none of the manufacturers can get it right. They all focus on the midi controller side of it and cheap out horrible on the key-bed. Even though my SL 61 has a decent enough key bed for synth playing, I'd prefer a separate, decent, rubberised pitch and mod-wheel instead of the plastic all-in-one joystick thingy.

The Studiologic SL series get's it both right; key-bed and mod-wheel & pitch-wheel, but not getting them anymore unless you are very lucky in the second hand market.

joeyp wrote:

Tiesto, whose very early stuff was pretty good in my book.

I loved those first In Search of Sunrise CD's.

chromosome_junction wrote:


Deal with it imo

Thanks for the link. Was a good read.

The last paragraph sums it up nicely:

"As Matt Ridley puts it in The Red Queen:

There has been no genetic change since we were hunter-gatherers, but deep in the mind of modern man is a simple hunter-gatherer rule: strive to acquire power and use it to lure women who will bear heirs; strive to acquire wealth and use it to buy affairs with other men’s wives who will bear bastards . . . Wealth and power are means to women; women are means to genetic eternity.

Likewise, deep in the mind of modern woman is the same hunter-gatherer calculator, too recently evolved to have changed much: strive to acquire a provider husband who will invest food and care in your children; strive to find a lover who can give those children first-class genes. Only if she is very lucky will they both be the same man . . . Men are to be exploited as providers of parental care, wealth and genes.

However, Ridley tells us that we need not interpret any of these arguments in a deterministic way; none of this denies our free will. To say that a tendency is in our nature is not to say that we cannot overcome that tendency. What is more, the fact that we are so versatile and plastic in terms of behaviour actually depends on us having more instincts, not fewer; the language instinct being a prime example. The vocabulary of language may be infinitely plastic, but our ability to learn languages depends heavily on our hard-wired ability to form generalised rules based on what we hear; to infer the rules of grammar."

Just to be clear. Like I said, I do agree with some points in this point of view (but like furry said, this can be applied to some men as well) but I do not, in any way, support the over generalisation that is going on and find the need to actually form a 'movement' around it (like MGTOW in this case, but it can also be applied to feminist movements for that matter) to be somewhat stigmatising and close minded.

I don't have to be ALL for or ALL against. I can agree with some points and dispute others.

loopdokter wrote:

After looking into this a bit more, I'm convinced these guys are your standard 'I've been wronged by the opposite sex, therefore I'm going to forever carry a chip on my shoulder and find excuses to perpetuate that belief' types that exist the world over for both sexes. These guys just sound like dickheads and are perpetuating gender stereotypes to the nth degree. Good luck getting laid with attitudes such as these!

There certainly are some truths to these spoutings, but stereotyping and/or generalising to such an extend is dangerous and closes ones mind and leaves only cynicism imo. The battle of the sexes has been going on for as long as there has been reproduction. We are in a place now that we can choose to take part in it or not, but it's a large part of the way the world works and has done so for a long long time. Cultural changes take very little time compared to evolutionary changes.

Sure, sometimes things are fucked up and there are some devilish minxes out there. And sure, a lot of our current culture has the 'selling sex' to us men-element embedded in it. After all, by nature, sex is often traded for resources. In the animal kingdom those recourses are the strongest genes being passed on by the alpha-male etc. In our culture nowadays it can be about that as well, but recourses like income, status and good father qualities have become more important (at least in the long-term commitment plan). This is talking from a point of view where we take into account the pure evolution in biology and cultural developments that has brought us here into these times.

Now, since this all has been going on for such a long long time, we are sometimes ignorant to the actual psychology and behaviours on both sides when it comes to this. When one comes to a certain point that one is no longer ignorant of this, one can nag and complain about how the world works or one can find a way to use it to ones advantage. The latter approach, I believe, has more in common with the survival strategies of the human race.

This might seem like a little cold analysis, leaving love out of the equation etc.

loopdokter wrote:

I want to execute this guy for the cadence of his speaking voice in the vid above.

He's trying to sound smart.  He's not.

Hahah, that annoyed the hell out of me too.

A real groover this set, but not in that lazy, bland nu-deep house sound that I keep hearing all over. Like this.

chromosome_junction wrote:

Listened to this a couple of times now. That's really excellent.

If you ever need detailed feedback PM me for my email

Cheers mate, I appreciate that. Always can use a second pair of ears on my music projects.

Cheers fellas!