Imagine having Gus as your wingman..

liquitech1 wrote:

Prime time TV for all the family..

They're not half a bunch of fascist cunts at Fox News are they


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Squidgy wrote:

Saved by the Bellend

or Shaved neigh the Bellend?


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Anybody got a link to his porn vid?

Happy New Year to all of you Bedrockers!

Happy Christmas to all!


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Later on that night, at the after party, her butch boyfriend starts looking for Richie...


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There's this as well.

As well as a new November mix from mister May.

Get stuck in..

Nice little interview with him here.

- Vikings

- Manhattan

- Masters of Sex

- American Horror Story (I believe the new season has started. must get on that)


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MarcusR wrote:

Just finished the series here in the states. Top notch with nice bubbling analog soundtrack. Plus loads of bugle thrown in for good measure

Aye, It's good. Just started watching this week!

Yes... I think making a living off record sales is currently only an option for the top percent of the billboard top sellers. No one else.. IMO

nitron wrote:

Rather good indeed. Somebody get this man a movie to score!

Definitely! Going by what he posts on SC the most lately.. seems he is in the proper mindset for it atm. Or maybe gearing himself up for one?

New Emissions Of Light & Sound was a while ago already and not film orientated in the Hollywood sense (still effing great though). But he might be working on a score already for all we know and all these tracks that he posts lately are the ones that are falling by the wayside in the process.

First look at the S8

I thought Millsy was the starry eyed sidestrap wearing young'n in the white shirt.

Fuck Yes. Ready for this.

fadass wrote:

What a Millsy!

Speaking of...

joeyp wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

love me a bit of E major

D# minor is what massages the E's

But Db minor is its relative wink

Thanks Erik.

Yoeyp, unfortunately I do not. I've been teaching myself since the beginning (thank fuck for the internet of course). I live in a hick town near ze german boarder were people who are into this run scarce. Let alone do it for a living. About music theory, I do find that knowing my basics in music theory helps me in writing stuff. Understanding better why something works or not and coming up with harmony and melody.

Thanks all for taking the time to listen and providing me with your feedback.

Cheers Milsy smile

Well.. it has been a while and all kinds of life happened again. My dad got his heart surgery a few weeks ago.

Now i'm finding some time again for creative work. Wen't to the south of Spain this September to go to my brothers wedding. He has asked me to do the editing and scoring of the video footage of it all.

I's kind of liberating, having only to write such small pieces of music without it having to be such a big thing. Plus it's nice to write music to picture as you already have something to be inspired by.

I made a promise when I started this thread and that was to get on with finishing music and sharing everything I finish. So here's a little piece I wrote for a piece of the wedding film:

Prob have to do a final balance and EQ of everything in the final editing stage of the film.

In stores today. Can't wait to hear it!

It's a great album concept that, sadly, not enough artists do these days.

People trying to introduce themselves to him at crucial mix moments etc...FFS

That guy with the yellow cloth.. FFS

That couple getting in front in the very first minute of the set just to get an on camera E-snogg ... FFS

Otherwise.. the musics was Far

seanc80 wrote:

Im leaning toward the HD 25-1 II at the moment.

Just get them and you'll be set. They have a tight sound and are very very durable. Well worth the money. And most parts like cables, earpads and stuff can be taken off and renewed easy peasy.