Here's Lostep Burma:

Dermatron wrote:

Who is that front right doing all the work? Ie the industrious one? Is that Charlie May? Cant tell too far away.

I think Charlie May s off to the left (right hand side of Sasha) playing the synths/keyboards. I think that is wat I saw in the Wavy Gravy bit.

Not bad Michael!

But to be honest, I was waiting for the chord/harmonic progression to kick in but it never came.

Yes Yes YES!! I have been waiting for a new one. Having been rinsing the all the Kilchurn Sessions the past months. Food for the soul it is..

Bless you Todos!

Got this new softy from u-he on monday:

Its based on the Sequential Circuits Pro One. It sounds ffing brilliant!

Also very different times now. People consume (I know.. aweful word) media at a much higher rate than ever before and with much shorter attention spans. Maybe that is also down to the sheer volume of media out there now that can be consumed.

People (by that I mean the average consumer these days) can't even be arsed to listen to a song all the way through let alone sit down for an album. It's the age of hypes and (more so) memes. Things blow up fast and then die fast. Hot on week and totally dead two or four weeks later.

Djeez.. this set is proper submersive. The vibe must have been electric at the concertgebouw!

"Balles Tief!"


I think this story was pulled balles tief from his rectal imagination space.

Anyone on here use the Nike Air Max 2016's for running?

Thinking of getting them for my running. I like to do sprinting intervals in between jogging. So no 1 hour long jogs or anything like that. 30mins at most of jogging and sprinting intervals. Are these to 'springy'/'bouncy'?

Ah, excellent! I shall be going through that page vigorously.

Thank you.


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To save yourself some headaches, it's best to stay about a year behind on OSX release schedule. I'm still on Yosemite and will maybe be updating to El Capitan soon. Don't see any need for it yet but I have downloaded it from the App store before they removed it to make a bootable thumb drive so I can install it later on.

The 'need' to update for me would originate from certain software or plugins no longer being supported for Yosemite.

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
Boring wrote:

I have absolutely no idea what you lot are on about. What have I missed? … ent=safari

"Don Daler is here with more, on this troubling trend"

Pffff.. Haahahah... What did I... I can't even..

How if fuck is some 'clown sightings' a threat to peoples safety? America doing what it does best with the fear mongering..  Wur scurd... you should be scurrd..

dubman2 wrote:

having owned hdj 10,000 & 5,000 a few years ago i now use Sennheiser HD25 II there very good.

+1 also. The sound and SPL is spot on. The HD25's don't fall off your head and are practically indestructible.

Zack, it's the Rytm you have?

I have always wanted an Elektron Machinedrum. Now I'll have to wait to be able to get a decent one second hand as they're not made anymore. Missed the deal on the major price hike before they killed them off. Although they didn't say they were killing them off.. do'h!

A more detailed rundown:

Todos, my man...

I must have the track lists for all your Kilchurn Sessions! They are very far.........

......too far...   must have <


Can have?

zackster wrote:

Always wanted a piece of Elektron gear, and the rhythm seems to make sense. i've never seen a piece of kit get the reviews that this thing gets.

I feel that way about the original Elektron Machinedrum. A pitty they have discontinued it. Been contemplating back and forth for snagging one right after they reduced the prices in the final sale. Waited to long and now they are virtually gone.

Did you hear Roland is coming out with a boutique issue TR-909?


Nice one Zack. Is it replacing any current drum machine of yours?

Are they going to close down breweries and pubs etc.etc. too after some dies from alcohol abuse??

Hypocrite witch hunt..

Then there's also Logic Pro X at $199.99. It has Flex Time as opposed to warping.

I agree that Ableton is expensive as soon as you want different warping modes. I mean €349,- for the Standard version is very steep.


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Presto wrote:

Sure as hell don't mind that gap.

Edit: the one on the chick of course... in case that needed pointing out ..


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I'm just here for the pics...

Presto wrote:

Listened to this 3 times already. Outstanding.

Heh, me too.. I think all the Kilchurn Sessions are top notch, but the last 3 are out of this world.


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Let's keep a perspective..