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I would recommend checking out Culture, and The Congos. Legendary bands.

Also, Augustus Pablo is a good one if you like dub

The Upsetter will always be one of my favorite musicians of all time

No one like him for sure

Thanks Gus

monostereo wrote:

Nick Warren: La fabrica: warehouse mix.

Last track he played at 9am at Stereo 2 years ago after an almost 6hrs set and right after his remix of Cafe del Mariachi (if I remember correctly). 25 people left at the club, lights on, and staff cleaning up the floor whilst the tune was playing.

One of the best moments for me.

universoGus wrote:


oki when you coming to moonpark,

is another different ritual, maybe you can´t get back of this

and sometimes is pretty pretty good that

Moonpark will happen for me one day, mythical party that people around the world always talk about smile smile


simonr wrote:

See you there smile

Heh see you there S!
You'll be able to see by yourself if the stories and rumours about ((())) are true.

Sunday night show. Hopefully he'll go crazy again and play for 9hrs lol
Last year Scareo was the best party i have ever attended.

MattBlack wrote:


What the fuck is this shit

Coming out on Guy's label as long as his remix of Ambassador - The Fade

j.p sykes wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:
flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Lol @ Digweed having a 'rider'. Pretty sure it won't be Mariah Carey-level requirements chaps.

I've got a copy of sasha's rider. nothing exciting on it, just what equipment he wants.

And a mountain of finest Colombian of course...

Coffee, obviously.

Or flowers too

I'm not gonna write a lot because it won't make any justice to the music he played.
The club was still packed at 10:30.
The last two hours he went full on crazy, and started playing stuff from like 2000, even some breaks. Ridiculous.

Peak moment for me has to be when he dropped Age of Love. Never thought I'd get to listen to that classic in a sound system like Stereo's, at 11:30am (or so I think).

The encore sounded like disco stuff, super old school stuff.

That was by far the best party i have attended so far.

Its not 9 actually, last time was 6 years ago I think. My bad.

He played 8.5hrs... Party ended up at 12:45pm lol

snowstorm wrote:

He's at stereo in montreal on saturday for another round.

Should be a great night, his first time at the temple in 9 years.
Stereo (Scareo) halloween parties are probably one of the best in Canada.

Happy Canada day eh!


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diggerfuel wrote:

Cant believe Nick Warren said this is amazing on his FB page, he is obviously trying to keep a friendship.

Of course he is. Last time he played Circus I asked him what his thoughts were on Sasha's new music direction, he answered "well, what are yours?" I simply said he was going down the hill, and that his prime years were long gone. He just nodded and said "That's exactly what I think, although once in a while he can still be amazing"

Sasha Live @ Sobremonte in Mar Del Plata in 2000 is pretty fucking good too

Nick Played this live at Circus back in October too

Thanks for sharing!


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Dermo wrote:

Looks like you're not watching it then doesn't it? But i can tell you its great for the people that can. Just not you.



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simonr wrote:

Great Piven interview here:

..."This video is private"...

YES! Thanks!!

munkyn wrote:

Guys, I'm a member on mixriot and can download them and put them on my free cloud space so it can be downloaded if anyones wanting these mixes still

Please do, I lost this file a while a go and I have been looking for it since then.

^ Thank you, but do I have to pay to download it?

Any has the whole file?
I can't seem to be able to find it.


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This guy is brilliant. Going to see him next week, pretty excited.

fadass wrote:

1. Too much too young - The Specials

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TlOy56Z … dded#at=45

Video interview