Ferguson looks younger than Mick. Lol.

What was Arsene whinging about afterwards this time?

Thank God winning cups doesn't matter, Flares. Mere trinkets.


Let's kill her so.

Gen lol.

(Barlow got away with it...)

Monaghan? Perfect.... We'll get some country & western on and we can bury some prods.

Best stag ever, Dutchy.

You know I love you Dutchy. Pints in Dublin when you come over. Trace your roots. Get hammered.

Let's fucking have it.

Another myth there Dutchy, not like you lot to embellish a load of old bollix. He had a couple of good games. Vidic more than held his own overall.

Forza Vida.

A Martin Buchan for our younger kids. Great player, won the lot, captain of the greatest club in the world..... what a looser.

Hope he goes off & wins Serie A & the 100m in the Olympics when he gets on the bag with the rest of them.

This thread is like a 3 hour set from Michael McIntyre.

Drivers, eh.... what are they like!

Not a big fan of Allerdici but he played a blinder at his post match presser last week at Chelsea.


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Not bad Dave. No bad at all. lol.

Beijing Dave wrote:

"I'll be wit ya in tree minutes, just let me sort out dis yoke"


Rip philo.

Loved him in that one with Ed Norton when he wanted to be a paedo.



La Naus being remarkably perceptive for once.


Be careful what you wish for Dermo....


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Private Eyes - Hall & Oates.
Safety Dance - Men Without Hats.
Stick it up your bollix - Roy Keane.
Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed.
On Raglin Road - Luke Kelly (RIP - aniversary today)

Are you going to stop deliberately running down all the streets around Anfield by buying up houses and leaving them vacant & boarded up in order to force residents to sell cheaply, Shaun?

Scousers... Community... LFC... my hole.

Ohhh no problem monkey sox. your best bet is to follow your rubber duck . go right past the Christmas tree....

cunting fuck.

I heard a MCR song on the radio and the other day & Beijing Dave popped into my mind.

I had honestly never heard one of their songs before.

And it was shit. Woeful.


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CIA are removing nutrients from food before we buy them. Flares told me.


Yant wrote:

Worst job i ever had was apple packing on a Kibbutz.

In a Vinny Samways top?

Was it worth the effort to cop & paste, Matt?



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Only on the internet could someone disparage the best tennis player ever to play the game.