A little boy crying into his vegemite at the far end of the world cos united won..... bless.

Who 'reads' The Sun?

It's an insult to your intelligence... should be long gone purely cos of it's content.. never mind all the lies..

Yeah Shaun, unlike ickle Liverpool who exist on buttons & still buy Keegs from fuckin Scunthorpe or wherever... bitter cunt.

Boring - saw that sectarian flag too... never got any of that at united. Sad to see.

And it was only bombed in retaliation for treating Irish people like shit in their own country having stolen the land in the first place...

Strange how the circle of life happens innit.

At least we had the good manners to ring in and let yiz know.

Remember the nut on GU who lost the plot over his exercise regimen? Fuckin comical thread that was.

What can YOU bench???


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Ooh touchy. Lol.

Touchy? After years on here? Lmao.

He wouldn't have wanked off half the first team like Revie.

Crisis is averted... Bruno Mars has tweeted.... I repeat, Bruno Mars has tweeted !!!!!

Sunday was the anniversary of his slip in the shoot out against united. Lol.

Wish we had Chelsea at OT on Sunday... he would have got a big round of applause.

Indeed it does, Ed.

We'll do it for Ariana!

Leeds & Liverpool fan take the time to post that they hope United lose a final

Lol - thanks for clarifying that lads, we never would have known

Only cunts & nonces swim.

Dip them in batter & deep fry them, RH.

The RDawg isn't overweight.... he's underheight.

Spare me the stereotype EDL shit mates.

Nice Bobby Sands quote...

Singha is a headache in a bottle though innit

Don't do it Amps/// lol

Stu, I'm just in a very emotional place right now.

Other teams score loads of goals ... therefore have goal of the month.

We score very rarely ... therefore etc etc.

Oh look , he was pickled on scotch & I'm a cunt.

He was riding the physio's wife? Lol.

I am one really. Loved this Tommy Doc quote from years ago which I related to this season...

"Most teams have a goal of the month.... we have a month of the goal..."


You sound so like a Bitter, it's hilarious BedRob.

In north London longest = Salford isn't Manchester.

Clutching at straws old top.