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I, like, totally freaked out but then my wife said she totally believed in me and that gave me the strength to keep going. She's always been my rock but now Millsy is.


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I was avoiding this thread and nearly missed the hallmark moment with Dermo & Millsy. lmao - Valentines day bringing lovers together again. Pair of fruits.

And Rhouses - shut fucking up you dope. Don't give anti-biotics to kids. Tell your "aunt" to shut fucking up as well.


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I remember that one. Little rat faced cunt. And as for Sammy Lee.... Lol.


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Back to footballers you hate.

I reserved special hatred for Sammy fucking Lee. Although I know it's pushing the term 'footballer' to mention that fat midget.

Beijing Dave wrote:

But DuFunk said.

The case rests m'lud.

I always look at the average industrial wage when trying to ascertain the merits of a country.

For fucks sake.


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I fucking hate craft beer. With you on that.

Big_Fella wrote:

If it wasn't for those Scouse murdering cunts, we would be paying 20 quid a game to stand up.

Hear hear!!!

It's iconic, not ironic.


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Room 101 should be put in Room 101.

Now I know how RHouses feels every time a train picture is posted.


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Has anyone else started hoping Leicester fall flat on their faces just to wipe that smug grin off that jug eared crisp salesman's face? And to stop his epic bantz tweets?

Although then he'll re-kindle his love of Spurs & start slagging Arsenal.

I hope Christy Kinehan shoots Lineker in the bollix.

'Lucking', Sean? Lucking? Really. Lol.

Dermo, get back over.  Naus will bring you down the local for one of the 35 live Leeds games on Sky. You'll have a great time in your Leeds bobble hats swapping Panini stickers. Liquitech will be over from Crumlin with a bag of yokes... The job is oxo.

Pricer wrote:

If you removed all of the scumbags and pyjama-wearing welfare queens, Dublin could the best city in the world.

It would also be the most sparsely populated City in the world. Lol

I don't really need cheering up, Paul. Don't know what gave you that idea.

Must try harder, you three amigos. Lol.

Yes. Yes it is.

Black had been living in Cork/Kerry for years. He'd had 'a couple' of car crashes in the 80s?

The fucker died in a car crash! Fuckin hell, worse driver than my bird. Should have spent some royalties on a few lessons.

We like Johnny Walters.

You'd need something to keep you going if you married Batter tits, eh.

joeyp wrote:
Big_Fella wrote:

The missus liked Desyn.

Loved a bevy by all accounts

I watched a bit of Unbreakable the other night and there was a high speed train crash today.

Tonight I'm watching "Massive earthquake in Beijing kills everyone" on Film 4.

Bit harsh on matt, Yant & Millsy there, Dave.

But correct.

I'm gonna have to see the numbers from the focus groups on these films before deciding. If those marketing guys have done their stuff, I'm there.

Liquitech..... any yokes?