dogmanstar888 wrote:

I know a few Chelsea fans - season ticket holders, one is a cabbie and he recently said how much he disliked him.

Gen lol.

Your wan in it is a bigger melter than Tima Vortex.

I've always thought you were a Scando, MarcusR. Lol

Seriously, Jack Wilshere... What's the fuss? Big rep over nothing.

Not a movie, but a doco... Storyville last night on BBC2. Anybody catch it? 2 hours, interviewed the last 4 or 5 leaders of Shin Bet.mad Israeli bastards.

I recommend this doco to all my English chums on the BBC player.

Best thing I've seen in ages. 10/10.

Uh oh.

What stuff? are you retarded? You're wittering on about Ferguson for ages, probably cos he he handed Wenger his arse for 20 years.

He doesn't half go on ... Still banging on about a row with scmeichel in 1988. Get fucking over it Roy.

Of fuck up, you boring cunt. Who cares.

On another note, that must be worst England starting 11 in the past 30 years.

Did anybody see my "SAS Murderers on the rock" banner?

Gen lol at that spa trying to stick the gob on her. What a Millsy!

That's tickled me.


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No worries Glenn - I actually watched question time.

The UKIP geezer looked all wrong, mad head on him.

Harriet - Gertcha material.

Gen lol.

That is up there with Romanian ravers and that bird kicking out in mid gurn.

* Sly sniff *

You could never stay away from that sort of insightful analysis... Lol


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Fuck off Dusted.


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Big fan of Glenn but I find his quasi far right wing shtick a bit naff.

Parts of England are shitholes with loads of people not born there. Same in every country. Just do your own thing & fuck the rest of it. Imo

Keep the perfume suggestions coming...

millsy23 wrote:

Fadass wants some

Lol - I facking do want some.

Does he carry a step ladder as well, Dutchy?

Fuckin hell, it would be like having a row with Sid Little.

MattBlack wrote:

dont report on them or publicize them in anyway and people need to stop going over to these warzones thinking they can make a difference, its always those that get left behind that suffer

But enough about QPR fans today...

#teamtruth lives on.

I think your tin foil hat is askew Marcus.

Arsenal should just post the points on to Chelsea every year.. Save everyone the bother.

As long as it's lime pickle with poppadoms and accompanied by a round of Cobra, they can do what they like.

Lol - wispy 'tache' mole skin Hugo boss,wrangler jacket.. I sailed through Heathrow customs with my hold all.

Best strides... Brown mole skin trousers Hugo Boss about 15 years ago. Cost a bomb but I have never bought a better value for money item of clothing.