Doesn't get old.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

and the idiot couldnt keep it in his pants

Is there even a need to do the old 'but enough about (previous poster) gag?

Given who it was ... lmao.

Rossi is a Hun? And there I was liking the chap. Lol.

Didn't even read previous page, Hitatchi so have no idea what you're on about but I shall not be giving a fiddlers fuck about anything posted on it by anyone.

Having too much of a fucking fantastic time tbh.

The fuckin bake off? Are you on your period RHouses?

Hot water bottle for your tum, a big bar of Dairy Milk & a deep loathing of anything with a cock. I'm

Klopp = Bobby Gould? Lol

The worst thing about being a 'local' Liverpool fan is having to be from & live in the shitheap.

What has using ryanair got to do with making you 'less worthy' of attending a match?

I think most people with even a double figure IQ would realise that a bomb planted by the IRA years ago is really nothing to do with irish people in general and most sane people would be appalled by it. Regardless of what passport they hold.

Tough guy.

You'd get the bollix kicked out of you in any pub in Manchester Simon, you scouse cunt.

Late equaliser against us and you'd be covering the board in spunk so button it.

All sorts of Wong. Lol you cunt.


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Wally you spa, wandering about... get in the fuckin pub & bang on the Stella. Jesus, it's not difficult.

The Wade Giles spelling there on the scarf. Thank fuck.


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I bonked the milkman and my cunt caught fire...

Lol fucking genius.


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No missives from the one & only thin white duke of Chingford to bring in a state of the nation New Years message...


Running down the Inn for more yokes...

Do you know what I love?

Netflix doing downloads now.

Stuey Two Times.

I just love Derm.

Stunning piece.

I have one watch. A very slim Weil one which I was given on the day my first son was born. At least I think he's mine. I can't be arsed with a cock substitute grandfather clock on my wrist.

I kept that watch up my ass for 5 years so the gooks couldn't get it...:

Rhouses is Koothrappali from the Big Bang, isn't he....

Early contender for post of the year Millsy.... lol.

Miss Budzbar 2015 there.

That was the Tidy Weekender the Sned was talking about.

Look forward to dancing to Maniac after 10 yokes & a bag of pink champagne before we get the Brek in the cafeteria Nick.

Is a Zizzis some sort of sex thing?

Tidy Weekender in Pontins, Southport for me & the family.

Odo - speaking for the whole board there. The things you have to do for a glimpse of gusset...