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Most unprofessional, Millsy.

Where is the board's go-to guy for all things Canadian?

The loopmeister.

It was Stefano. The cunt.

Phil Opian wrote:

Are you a lesbian?

Only on the weekend.

I'm a dad having a mid life crisis & I have never worn Converse.

I'm with you, Ricky! What's the plan?

Let's fucking storm the gates!

ricky fatten wrote:

petition required?
whats wrong with you people?
Its happened to so many producers and djs , its frightening!

So lets do something about it !

At least you have some points. Lol.

Nobody does pointless early season optimism like the yids.

Millsy dishes out some 'home correction' on a regular basis though.

Should we write to our MP?

If you give a flying fuck about somebody you don't know doing a gig in China just cos he gave his bird a slap,  you need to get out more.

Stick it up your bollix.

Er, as a Spurs fan, do you really want to get into a comparison of transfer dealings relating to effectiveness?


Soldado. Gen lol.

DuFunk wrote:

i don’t think it can inherit you bi polar.

Someone said you were improving. They lied.

Best. Theme. Ever.

A burger thread from Dave... This hasn't been done before. Lol.

millsy23 wrote:

Maffa has played my 80s mix on his radio show, so a 100% genuine new member and nice chap too.

And tone deaf.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Fadass doesn't rate the Beatles.

But he does love a bit of Oakey.

This will be right up his ainm.

Don't really rate either to be honest. Liked th GU at the time but never listened to it in years.

Beatles are actually shite. Apart from Harrison.

Never get tired of reading that.

munkyn wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

I am on holiday munkyn.

Kudos Ed,

Nah mate, Corfu.

Mr Boring wrote:

Back on the market as of this afternoon.

A bit soon? Gen lol though.

The state of Dalglish. What's the story there.

This is even better... let's launch the new kit at ground zero. The wreath in bottom right. lol.



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Corfu is lovely. Greek people are really nice. I find the food a bit one dimensional though.

Grief tourism.... Can you not let anyone have their own tragedy without getting involved?