I got a nice pair of everyday Adidas half price cos I needed some. As I paid my €50, I thought "my bollix am I putting these up on the board... Carnage!" Lol.

Only got 'em cos they peek out under my jeans & look on in the toe.

Christ, the Premiership is fucking rubbish. Absolute bobbins all weekend. That West Ham game was worse than you'd see down the park on a Sunday morning.

Apart from Burnley who are brilliant.


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I wonder what Flares thinks of the subject.


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I think Madonna used the term Mandy in one of her recent platters on the hit parade.

Not to be confused with Barry Manilow's Mandy. He was on the smack.


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'Molly' and 'Mandy'.... Sort it fucking out septics. Fucking disgraceful terminology.


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DuFunk has joined Pussy Riot to protest Putin buying the fight.


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Haven't seen a Conlon a victim of such a miscarriage of justice since Giuseppe & Gerry were found guilty of being Irish in a built up area & sent down for 20 years.

Weird tits, Flares.

Shut up, RHouses.

dutchy101 wrote:


Gen lol.

Grant wrote:

I like Weller and you still think I'm a cunt.  I can't win.

Indeed I don't Grant. There will always be a pint in Dublin for you old top.

My Cunt list on here is very short. One only. But he is a massive cunt.

Any friend of Weller is a friend of mine.  Wiggo is a good mod.

Can't see ferguson & scholes doing prank calls somehow. What a load of old pony, Matt.

My threshold for listening to someone talking like like a mid level corporate wanker on a music message board was breached having read your thread title.

Do you want to be a complete cunt, RHouses? Is that what you want your life to be? Cop on.


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Zackster - I clicked your Soundcloud link with my fat fingers by mistake & I must say it is rather bloody good.

I am experimenting with sobriety currently but have resolved to get absolutely mashed in the next few weeks & I will give that a proper listen.


MattBlack wrote:

Most Utd fans are describing him as a cross between Viera and Scholes

Are they? Are they really?

Cos I haven't heard anybody say this other than you.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

Stones gone to City for approx half Pogba fee

Objection... Relevance?

I do like to prick the balloon of mistruth with the thumb tack of fact.

United's frail defence that let in less goals (along with your own Tottenham) than every other team in the league last season?

It is a bit of a red herring considering LVG played everyone in defence every week.

Are your nipples sore as well, ladies?

Chris Addison
Eddie Izzard
One of the Russells that shout.

La Nausee is talking about himself there, not Barrington Levy from Hoops' work.

Bradley is an excellent fluffer, isn't he Yant. Dreamy.

Let him lay the groundwork with Mrs Yant, didn't you? Before you mooched in after a half bottle of Blossom Hill and a packet of Walkers Sensations (it was the weekend after all) and finished the job off.

Whatever works brother. Whatever works. Bravo!!!

Let's hug it out.


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Furry - it's ok to be unequivocal about Trump. He's a lying, bigoted, racist, xenophobic, misogynist nutcase. With some Yewtree skeletons in the closet I'd wager. You don't need to garner any more info than that or analyse 'political issues' with him. It's clear as day.

Cannot believe a rational person could consider him a viable president of the US.