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Killer analogy, Yant.

I'm not on twitter but if anyone is could they ask Jason how he likes them apples, the fat unfunny JCL celebrity fan cunt. Ta.

Matt re-posting shit jokes from someone less funny than him... How could I stay away.

And as for you, Dave... I'd expect a bit more. You've gone to shit since Liverpool raised your expectations. Shiting on like it's the 80s again when you won precisely fuck all last year. How can I stay away from this bantz with you & the vocal pre-March Arsenal lot... I dunno.

Ah, good one Rob. As ever.

Gen lol.


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I like the new Hannu. Did your new bird give you your balls back?

New material on this board? Unheard of.


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Is that right, Victor Mature.

Would it be like wetting yourself every time a new superhero film is shat out from Hollywood?



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mr rossi wrote:

What did you play with when you were a kid Fads?  Potatoes?

Your ma's cock.


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Grown men .... Talking about kids bikes.

dutchy101 wrote:

Nobody will ever touch Rooney while he's on £300k a week. United are stuck with him until his contact is up.

Again, so fucking what? United don't want him to leave so they coughed up a new deal based on rinsing the commercial arm. One thing that lot can do is make money from the official noodle/crisp/beverage partner.

If Rooney was allowed play up front with Van Persie and a decent supply from midfield, he'd be great. He can't play 3 positions & carry the team. Not sure who could.

He hasn't got an inflated price, nobody is trying to buy him. What are you shiting about anyway? Jesus.

If Chelsea stumped that up last season for Rooney, he would have scored 20 odd goals and they may well have won the league. No idea why they didn't just stump it up, he'd have thrived on good service.

smallman1 wrote:

Costa and Fabregas are about right for the money we paid for them.

After 2 games? Right o.

Shaun, I know I really shouldn't but do you think before you post? If you buy a player at a young age, he then becomes integral in a squad that wins bags of trophies, he gets older, you don't really need to sell him for more than you bought him for to make that purchase worthwhile.

And what has England being shite at every World Cup got to do with anything.

In short, shut fucking up.

What has 'fair' got to do with it? Foreign clubs know English teams have more money than sense. Neither of those two are worth what was paid really. But who is?


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Dermo trying to lure Vic back with this provocative thread imo.

Buggering fuck. Lol

MattBlack wrote:

There was talk of having a kind of seeding system for qualifying so that would prevent ridiculous games like San Marino - England but i think it got thrown out as the minnows felt that they were losing out on valuable revenue

No harsh Matt, England would give them a good game I reckon.

I can see her strolling into the Mersey in that gear with a soiled nappy and a spunk filled Johnny lapping off her thighs....

Mention of Cattaneo without a UniversoGus morse code message & some dolly bird in a bikini?

Sort it ahhhhht.

No need for a Pop style combover so. Result. Lol

Gen lol.

Is she bald too, Damo?

(And yes I do mean down there)

Great signing that.

Jay clarifying the shit out of everything here.