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Lol. Most random thread of the year.


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Do all women not just get raped in India, RHouses? Nothing to do with Uber like.


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I like that. Very good for being mashed. Like all the best tunes.


That too. lol.

counting the cocktail sticks before they hit the deck.


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Bit harsh on Dutchy there Grant. he's a good egg.

Looking forward to the Campbell fight too.... is he a bit mad going over there to fight him though? Fair play if he pulls it off but I fear he will be beaten.

The "spectrum" in this case being decent films and complete and utter dross that only a tool would pay into.

You keep paying in, they keep making them at the cost of really good films being made. The race to the bottom to feed the wilfully stupid continues apace.


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Well Amps, I am married with kids and I have never done one thing that I didn't want to. Apart from being cuckolded at Sandals, Negril.

I longed for a day at lego land instead of the horrors that unfolded before me that day.

Quite right liquitech. Lol.

Becks. Stella. Peroni. Guinness. Bulmers.

The rest is just fannying about innit.

I cannot abide any IPA. Like drinking proper beer with flowers in it imo.  I don't have an ironic beard & a sleeve either though.

So Sampson was a wrong 'un... the prosecution rests m'lud.


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She hated prog? How did you get involved in that? Lucky escape.


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Talking to adults who play golf.... #highlife

Homegrove wrote:

He's great!



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His 'what' nupshals?

fletcher wrote:

My wife has her catholic (irish) mother and CofE (english) father who met in the army in the 80s. The marriage probably ruffled quite a few feathers in the irish contingent of the family and I've not been privy to that particular drunken history lesson (yet)

Dear Christ.

We believe you Dermo... as if your wife didn't say "Jesus Fucking Christ, what have I done..." at the end of the ceremony.


Hot Chocolate at West Ham?

I never thought it would come to this!

Simon Pegg. I bet I know some people on here who believe he is funny/talented. What a hack.

The fans are more in tune than ian Brown was in Belfast. Lol.

Said similar to Millsy yesterday about the sweet potato penis pic... but he bottled it.

Fair play RHouses..... spot on about the prods.

You useless Chelsea JCL shit house Russian lotto winner cunts fucked my 5/1 Acca today. Joke club .. might as well still have the Robin Reliant parked behind the goal in your NF filled shithole cunt of a club.

I thought she was ready for the Rocco foreplay. Same rules apply, brother Blades.