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I'm with you on that Dave. Small time shower. Type of club that plays Pigbag after a goal.

Worst league winners since Blackburn? I'd say Leeds but had a great midfield in fairness to them.

Love this part of the season...  Nausee scours the divisions for who he wants relegated cos they chanted against Leeds 20 years ago or issued the coup de grace ....

He runs out of hatred. Lol.

Ah no, Villarreal bloke was alright in my book. Lol.

Am I alone in hating Simeone? 

A sly, dirty, cynical little cunt when he played... A team exactly in his image... Giving it 'me, me, me' all through the game when he's not waving his arms at the crowd like a demented spastic....

Makes Jose look shy.

Didn't take long for justice to turn to Compo! 19 mill suit banged in today.

Fuck it, even I would have lashed out a few verses of Walk On on those steps like a Camelot lotto winner for a cut of that.

Dan Harwood wrote:

The Stadium rebuild is going to add a different challenge so balancing the cost of that with moving the small squad on will be vital.b


Spoken like a true goon.

Gen lol for Bobby Moore.


For fucks sake.


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La Nausee booed during Matt Busby's minute.

Leeds misanthrope.

Prince is fucking great you cunt.


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Lovely black tanga brief on in that 'when you were mine' vid.

Pubes optional but glad he shows them off like Millsy.


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He only became epileptic cos he thought he'd be able to suck his own lad in the midst of a fit.

So I heard.


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Grant, you will always have a bed in Dublin for that. With me spooning you. Call in & we'll mill Prince on the stereo. A tune and a half.

Remember getting lovesexy on vinyl & thinking he's from another world. Mental tunes from a genius.


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Deeply saddened. RIP Prince. A fucking genius is all he was.


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Brailsford hired a doctor that was done for drugs first year of Sky while shiting about how they had zero tolerance.

And he looks like Paddy from Emmerdale & your man McDermott that managed Leeds so that's enough.


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Lol - yeah grant. That's it.

Yant wrote:

Lol at you lot trying to get a life lesson from watching Entourage.

A life lesson? We're just pointing out it is unremitting shite aimed at morons. Glad you enjoyed it.


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"Sir David" & Sky standing by the latest drug cheat. What a breath of fresh air they have proved.

"Entourage is not trying to be the next Godfather"

Lol - you fucking dimwit.

What is it? What's the point of it? Yant fiddling with a semi in the jacks dreaming of a yacht & a load of birds in bikinis,  I'd say.

Anecdote central there, B. Lmao.

Dan - thank you for sharing that review. I had not seen it.  I could watch him fillet every aspect of that shite for 2 hours rather than watch the actual film. Bravo!


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This thread can only end well. Start was hilarious enough, can't wait til RHouses gets involved. Lol.

Was that Matt ir Jonathan Wilson posting?

Lol - sexual violence is more fun.

She was wetter than Russell Crowe on the high seas.

Have some mates here are rabid Celtic fans. Season tickets, run some fan club or brigade or active service unit or whatever they call it. I'd need a few months training with Conor McGregor to go over with them though.