Not at all... I was staggering out of venue when all of a sudden a load of big lads surrounded me & I was being ushered out in the company of JDB... Just stuck my ticket out & said hello and he signed it. Cracking gig.

Even your wankery can't sully it, you boring cunt.

My phone fell into the jacks at that Manics gig. Bradfield signed my ticket on the way out.

Good times. Apart from having to suffer la naus for hours.

North London derbies are going the same way as Manchester ones... You'll never beat Arsenal & we're fucked against City.

The little Everton lad on his da's shoulders giving the departing reds unmerciful stick as they trooped out was the highlight. Well done, son.

MattBlack wrote:

Unless Diggers went to the loo and someone stuck it on in his absence its probably the closest were going to get

The scouse hobbit should have a date stamped photo of Diggers having a piss if that was the case.


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Dan was talking about the facking Irish, Liquitech.

Fucking boring pseudo gammy eyed cunt who disappeared up his own hole years ago.

And don't get me started on Yorke.


I'll try, Paul. I'll try.

dogmanstar888 wrote:

Top o'the morning Tom.

Talk me through the Moyes premonition coming to reality as it did ...

Did you post here during Moyes' reign?

Surely not.

So Arsenal fans will find it difficult to ever be 'mawkish' as, by their definition, it can only follow a period of success... I like this new lad Dogmanstar. Seems to have it worked out well there.

You fucking dopey cunt. Arsenal with Adams/Keown etc never crowded a ref & tried to influence him? Laughable.

Fuck off Rob, you fucking cunt.

Ferguson won a lot more with great teams rather than shit ones & bullying refs.

He built some great sides & all this bullying/refs/penalties stuff is a load of shite. He's ten times the manager Wenger will ever be & all the bleating from Flares is comical.

Arsenal fan shiting about 'weak' players. YCNMIU.

Strudders, as a fan of the biggest shower of fucking wankers through the 70s & 80s, I don't think you're in a position to slag off United... Liverpool losing at home? That will be a penalty so...

Here's one for United conspiracy theorists... Clattenburg has awarded 6 penalties against United in his last 3 games.

Stick that up your bollix.


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Top riffing from the anti-Dermo alliance.

loopdokter wrote:

Just finished The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort - the book that inspired the movie.

Lol - I love jay. I would never have known this.

Lol - thanks Hannu for starting this thread which is destined to end well.


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Gen lol.


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Tenuous. Even for you.

But yeah, Brighton Beach Gibraltar... Yeah. Gen lol.


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Big Fella wrote:

Neither Brighton 84 nor July 4th is NYE FYI.

It was if, like me, you were referring to the beach party for New year.



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Hannu will ban me now. Lol


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Brighton '84 was spectacular.


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Well said Dogmanstar... We need more like you on here. Positive, worthwhile contributions.

Not just re-hashing the same old wank as someone like Flares would have done all those years ago.