lol - fair play Dave. "Plinky Plonkying".

Although I must admit I am no great fan of Lennon/McCartney so I don't hold them in any esteem myself.

lol - I often think the same of King of Spin.

And not a patch on My Chemical Romance. Obvs.

simonr wrote:

That new Man Utd jersey is awful with the prominence of a Chevvy logo that's twice as big as the club badge.

In the  new spirit of the board, I shall refrain from any name calling.... but isn't every club's sponsor logo many times bigger than the club badge on their shirt?

You complete dipstick.

Agreed ETC. Genius songwriters. 

Did Beijing Dave get the bet on for a Hodgson face rub?

Didn't have to wait long - when Rooney fluffed his chance, full on 2 handed Hodgson face rub.

Shut fucking up, RHouses.


Fucking hell. Lmao

What are 'the roasties'?

But you paid & signed up to the sun, you fucking eejit.

For fucks sake.lol

shaunstrudwick wrote:

I'm in The Sun one with some TFF regulars - tenners in

Top dipper credentials there. What about the 96, Shaun?


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Tip a gin to Justin!

Hola Ahmed.

Lol - being honest, I think she could have been a bit nicer to him considering he was tired after the gigs & travel.

Enough about la nausee, what do you think of Betokokokoko?

Ferguson looks younger than Mick. Lol.

What was Arsene whinging about afterwards this time?

Thank God winning cups doesn't matter, Flares. Mere trinkets.


Let's kill her so.

Gen lol.

(Barlow got away with it...)

Monaghan? Perfect.... We'll get some country & western on and we can bury some prods.

Best stag ever, Dutchy.

You know I love you Dutchy. Pints in Dublin when you come over. Trace your roots. Get hammered.

Let's fucking have it.

Another myth there Dutchy, not like you lot to embellish a load of old bollix. He had a couple of good games. Vidic more than held his own overall.

Forza Vida.

A Martin Buchan for our younger kids. Great player, won the lot, captain of the greatest club in the world..... what a looser.

Hope he goes off & wins Serie A & the 100m in the Olympics when he gets on the bag with the rest of them.

Not a big fan of Allerdici but he played a blinder at his post match presser last week at Chelsea.


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Not bad Dave. No bad at all. lol.

Beijing Dave wrote:

"I'll be wit ya in tree minutes, just let me sort out dis yoke"

Rip philo.

Loved him in that one with Ed Norton when he wanted to be a paedo.