I agree, Dave. You'd want to talk to him in person. The cunt.

DuFunk hacked his account imo

Would anyone be surprised if Bates was a nonce?

Yeah right Pepe with all your hippy shite & listening to the public... did they all talk about 20 quid for a gargle & how great that would be.

I met Sandie at the bleachers but she flunked math & her dad grounded her.

I felt her bra though.


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To say nothing of the skateboarders on the south bank!

Thoughts & prayers, Amps

mr rossi wrote:

Punch her in the tits

Gen lol.


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Edward, great to have you back. Lol

Jaysus, GRH... you could have followed Boring's lead & saved all that typing with the more succinct "KHITC".

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

  like hollowed out but plugs where you can store about 10 pills in them.

Might be a tight squeeze for all this London lot who will have butt plugs up their arse altready as a sex thing.

Still, where there's a will....

Did it feel like you were actually holding the dildo, Mills?

Funny you should mention this Dutchy... same thing happened to a "friend" of mine ... and #2 (let's call him "the sickness" to maintain anonymity) rode the arse off him for several months & then left him when he fell pregnant.

"Gypsies" - I wonder who that is...

I did. Kick the cunts all over the place.

#1 #2..... what the fuck? I honestly haven't a scooby what he's on about.


Shut up, RHouses.

Have you got your facking tool?

All the real funny observations from Chelsea's fans about Spurs... none of them are actually funny.


Poor old Wally has become the board Roland overnight.

Myself & Juice went to OT for Spurs game years ago & the away support were belting that out throughout the game. Brought great support with them I have to say.

Massive win that, Strudders. Massive.

Eric Bristow had a right old reg on twitter overnight.

Really took it & ran with it, Millsy. Lol.

Dermatron wrote:

and Wally's entry is magnificent.

It's a pity he has banned explicit pics cos that sounds like something we'd all like to see.

tit-censoring weirdigan cunt.

Gen lol.