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mr rossi wrote:

Three years ago today.Hope he's well upstairs.

RIP - what a loss.

When I heard Digweed drop this I'd never heard anything like it. What a nasty cut.

jamie wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:

that looks amazing!

That dickhead needs to get down, it's not a festival - look at me wanker.

As for the tune: Dele Sosimi - Too Much Information (Laolu remix)

mynameisconor wrote:

Cheers Beats'n'Pieces.

Aye, it may well turn out to be a personal "lost in the moment" type tune as opposed to a universally acclaimed/ big one.

Either way, appreciate your help!

And I promise never to take a video in a club again- I've learned a salutory lesson.

No problem, I rarely take my phone out of my pocket when out raving. It's not just you though Youtube is full of nearly every set Digweed plays - some cheeky fucker videoed the whole set in Russia, the forthcoming Fabric set will be captured too. I'd just rather live for the moment.


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He's in the same blacklist as Hot Since 82 with me now - never really liked him at all though.

Plumper face, flatter tunes.


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Well sorted on that guestlist thing so now I know it's on it's finally time to look forward to it.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Lol. The cab back to mine used to take the best part of 2 hours. And that is prime afterparty time. It seems that absolutely everyone who when to Matter had a complete ball ache getting home. No wonder it folded. Was a great club though.

The worst thing about the night by far - Taxi took ages to Brixton where I was staying, we were all buzzing off our boxes and then didn't hardly sleep a wink in a supremely cold house which was being done up and no hot running water!

Hard work that, the night was worth it though - first real proper time clubbing. Green Velvet and Francois K.

looking forward to the second instalment on the minimix, the Bog remix of Emerald is class and I bet the others are on the same level.


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Tickets must be released soon, got the train ticket at least. Can't wait for this - the best soundsystem I ever heard was at Matter (sister club to fabric?) water from a spilt glass was bouncing off the floor, the clarity of the sound was amazing and no ringing ears.

mynameisconor wrote:



Diggers has been playing it in couple of videos he's uploaded on Facebook recently...

it is by Pig and Dan title 'The Saint' not out yet - I don't see the big hoo-har about it though, sounds like any early piano house, then again it's not a sound I'm that fond of.


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Well that bored me to tears. I only peaked my interest once at an Ellum track into the Blade Runner remix. I used to love this guy in 2012..

j.p sykes wrote:

Proper tune, Selador going from strength to strength - nice bit of grit.

Pricer wrote:

This is the stuff.

erik.b wrote:

Sounds like an Alberto Ruiz remix

Could be Eric, maybe a bit too melodic this track? Not ruling anything out.

roberto wrote:
Beats'N'Pieces wrote:

What a release. Can't bloody wait for Digweed at Coalville and then breaking the Fabric cherry for my Birthday weekend.

Nice! Eat a late dinner of pasta for the fabric date, avoid any Benson shenanigans.... he'll be going 3/4 till close (8?9?)

The only Benson I'll be doing is Benson hedging it Roberto!

Lovely, lovely stuff.

MattBlack wrote:

I was thinking it was a Candyland remix, it did sound quite similar

The Luca Bacchetti remix of Candyland isn't like that track, if we're on the same one? The track I mean is really quite driving with a huge sweeping gritty synth through it that rises and falls.

What a release. Can't bloody wait for Digweed at Coalville and then breaking the Fabric cherry for my Birthday weekend.

MattBlack wrote:

Will the mystery track that Diggers played in Manchester and at Heaven finally be revealed?

TWO Matt - two I have been watching since.

CD one minimix sounding excellent to me, but neither are there.

I have a sneaky feeling that one of the tracks played at Gorilla is a remix of Beautiful Strange, could be horrendously wrong as you do.

smashdad wrote:

New name to me but fuck is this good...

You can't go far wrong with Traum.


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Absolute classic!


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

i really appreciate the artistry of a good tattoo / tattoo artist - but I've never thought I must have a tattoo done

if I did - though much too old now - it would be a half sleeve of some lovely Koi in traditional Japanese design

My friend has a full sleeve tattoo very much like you mentioned, looks really good. Thai bloke did it with bamboo.

I'd never have one. It's just become the in thing, like a lot of other things. A hell of a lot of other things.


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http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Label+La … lt,pd.html

Oh go on then, here's mine - don't know how to post an image. Wouldn't wear most of the rest, not my style.


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Will be my first time at Fabric, can't think of a better way to spend my Birthday weekend. When will tickets be available? I can't find any information at the moment.


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Lee Van Dowski: Quasar 27.3 E.P

I'm pretty sure Digweed played the title track at Bedrock which is supremely evil sounding gear.

1: Digweed.

2: Stephan Bodzin.

3: Dominik Eulberg.