shaunstrudwick wrote:

this is v.nice:

Stephan Bodzin - Sungam

Excellent track Shaun, have you heard it on a big system yet?

As for Live in Toronto: Easily grabbing me as much as London and beating Miami. That's on one mini mix!

Right up my street.

roegahnn wrote:

Hi mate

That was my night that I promoted. What did you think of Stephan?

Hi there, I have a sneaky feeling you must be one of the two lads I met on the night.

It was a brilliant set, I love Bodzin anyway and it was great to hear his new tracks. Remember Sungam, Jo Gurt & Styx but I know he would have dropped news tracks off his album. Shame I can't remember specifics as I was pretty spannered!

Massive highlight of course was him using that controller, and that crazy 'rhythm stick' lightsaber contraption that changed the synth.

Insane night.

Happy Belated Birthday ETC, your posts are a thing of wonder!

Liverpool tonight, can't bloody wait.

Any of the stalwarts having a rave? … t-114-with

This is absolutely Top draw, tune after tune with my perfect sound. The track with Marc Romboy is dreamy: Reminds me of the brilliant Album they did together, it's such a welcome break from a lot of mixes I hear as each individual track is power in it's own right.

Absolutely fantastic, what a pairing! Such an powerful tune, made me all emotional!


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Rebekah who plays for CLR!

It's great to have something positive coming from a country in turmoil. I'll have to give that a listen tomorrow.

Bloody great to hear the mix from Freeze Liverpool again. Dingy club, proper filth but a great night and a mind bending set. Thoroughly enjoyable. Some cracking tunes, a keeper that's been on repeat.


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erik.b wrote:

nice one smile

Hope you enjoy it Erik, serious business after the first few tacks! I appreciate most variations of house and tech, especially the Traum/Kompakt vibe, but sometimes I'm all over this sound. … ompilation

Serious vibes. Won't be for everyone of you stalwarts, but I heard it mentioned a few like the groovy lower paced sound, there's some beastly tracks. I bloody love this guy.

After the sheer fucking meltdown of this once great place, the work of people who sound like they have serious issues ( seems like it's on self destruct and some want to see it buried)

kovy71 wrote:

at the moment I quite like those two mixes, which are suited for newbies I guess: 

dixon - bar amercias … -jan-2014/

and ame @ cyclic … nniversary

Would you say Dixon/Ame were readily accessible? I'd state they're a bit deeper than someone with a less refined ear would stay interested in?

Case closed lad in true Bedrock fashion the question wasn't answered. We're in for a bumpy ride. … hn-digweed

I think this mix is a really good start for someone who has heard a few tracks and wants to get into this sound. It's smooth and consistently brilliant (in my opinion)

Someone who has heard something on the lines of 'Storm Queen - look right through' but doesn't really have much of a clue where to start.

Which set would you put forward with your combined Prog credentials.


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Ben Wand wrote:
Beats'N'Pieces wrote:

really tight production

Which is what everybody strokes their glands over these days. How about some bollocks, some grit, some nastiness, some hard angles and sharp corners...some weirdness

Example Ben!!


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smashdad wrote:
Ben Wand wrote:
Beats'N'Pieces wrote:

really tight production

Which is what everybody strokes their glands over these days. How about some bollocks, some grit, some nastiness, some hard angles and sharp corners...some weirdness, some distortion, some something other than wanking over how clean and compressed the drums sound.


You fucking cock...

Ha ha ha! I must admit, production, what the hell do I know about production? I'm talking shite. It doesn't do it for me, slight twitch in the pants but no angry head popping out.

Robedello, once half of the Pachanga boys should do it, he's from that neck of the woods.


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zackster wrote:

ooooh, that one chord gets kinda loud there after the break down! hands in thee air, hands in thee air!

It's an extremely good track even if you don't like that sound, really tight production, I prefer it to bosh techno.

Dixon's essential mix is something special though.


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Big Fella wrote:
zackster wrote:

that's the song all of the believers have been creaming their pants over? zzzz

Agreed, thought it was gonna be the bestest everest tune I've ever heard. It's not really.

It's nice enough, I'm not sure about the hype though. The vocal irritates me a bit.


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Unbroken1 wrote:
Beats'N'Pieces wrote:

David August strikes me as similar on his Boiler room set. Massive builds, musicality and style but it's so bloody pretentious and self absorbed.

The whole Boiler Room thing creates such weird, artificial scenarios and could absolutely be described as pretentious and self-absorbed, but if you can see past that there is periodically some decent music on there, and this is an example IMO.

That I do agree with and I like David August a lot, but it is Pretentious house music, you can't say it isn't. I'm ok with that. You really jumped to his defence there whoa! I do like the fact that August & Dixon don't really release many sets. If you're like me, most of the mixes are listened to through headphones. Clubbing about once every two months.

Have you seen either, Damien?

Eats everything would have the bastard for breakfast..

gemmadigsweed wrote:

Agreed Dj Tennis and Tales of Us are wicked,there sets tend to start deep and dark and get banging ...would compliment Digweed night.

Indeed Gemma. Digweed seems to be playing slightly more accesible lately though, Tales of Us play pretty dark and instrumental, almost dreamy with a hard edge.

Check out their Groove magazine podcast, it's great..

DJ Tennis, Tales of Us,Dominik Eulberg and Roland M Dill would be great.

Fucking joking about it, I pitty your partners if they burn your tea. This wormy cunt needs a hiding ten fold what this poor woman got, wonder which DJ doesn't like him and would give him the beating of his life?

Surely her male friends could treat the fucker a lesson?

If someone did that to my friend I'd go to town of them.

And YOU Rhouses, we have seen what the vertically challenged backwards savages do to women on rickety old Vehicles, that would be scrapped here, do to women in India.

But yet men go around holding hands!?

Diminished Responsibly indeed, you fucking coward.