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I'm glad someone posted about this. Some bloody fantastic tunes, nice mixing in parts but at times felt slammed together. The Ame track needed room to breath really. Robert Owens singing over it was a bit much for me. The Orchestral version of Oxia is immense though and blew me away.

About time someone made a thread about transitions: Guess it takes a stalwart to get anywhere?

Cristoph - Big H Ep[NORDIC TRAX] - loved this track, really nice feel to it

Pachanga boys remix of Royksopp - running to the sea is also a grower, wasn't sure to start with but I love what they have done with the vocal. It may be a bit sickly sweet (Sussane sundfor's voice is intense and beautiful, but the Villas remix of this is my favourite)

Both these tracks on: John Digweed & Harvey McKay - Transitions 483 2013-11-29


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Traumer - Sofa what a tune and very fitting as we have just got a new one!

some belting tracks on this, having issues getting it onto my phone as a mix,
it's thinking they're separate tracks and they're not in order...


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flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

I found out his fee later from the duty manager: 5 grand.

What. A. Cunt.

Total fucking annoyance, but a sign of the sad times.

Tong sounds......inconsistent? His set at WHP a couple of years back was 'essential mix tune of the week' into 'essential mix tune of the week' boring as hell - lad I know said his set was far better than Sasha, I told him to Pipe down under no pretenses.

Was anyone off here there? I've never seen security like it, they were people on towers - all they were lacking is Nightvision sniper Riffles!

Finally we were let in and I just can't get used to that main room - to me it's too big, too packed and just doesn't have a good vibe about it. Regardless who's playing it just doesn't work - I tried to get into Vath (who I love) but what I saw of him he was just banging out Monotonous Hard techno, I knew this meant I'd miss Loco Dice too (who was fantastic at Cocoon) but.. nah, it's too much like an arena with no intimacy.

Bloody hell though, Maja Jane Coles - that was some set, twisted goodness - a lot more pumping and dark than I thought, some real quality. A few tracks I've heard but I was spannered half way through.. got to find out what she played.

Nina Kraviz - a blur, but to me it's just a constant build up with hashes/hi-hats and very little tension, every mix I've heard has bored me.

Adam Beyer - fuck me, impressive as hell, I have listened to countless drumcode radio shows/mixes by Beyer but it was like nothing I'd ever heard him play - groove, darkness - melody, tension - My best mate has seen him 3 times and she was stunned, as she hadn't felt his style before as (like I thought) he seemed to just play driving beats. I was in my element. I simply have to find out his final tune, a real melodic monster with a nasty edge - he had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Mint Club - I have never seen him before, really looking forward to it but don't know exactly what to expect. Any heads up? Some straight up house wouldn't go amiss.


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Surprised to be in this lasses car that I know and this came on Radio one (I'd never have it one)

Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine feat. Will Heard) (Rob Da Bank Remix) [Island Records | Promo]

Now I have never liked the tune anyway but I was shocked to hear it, she said it has been played loads.. Digweed was only playing the instrumental in South America a couple of months ago?

COMA – Les Dilettantes (Roosevelt Mix)

Love this - Love Kompakt, consistently brilliant, being playing this since hearing it on their Soundcloud.

I challenge anyone on Twitter not to appear like a cunt, it's the worst invention ever made.. YOU are not the interesting. Hash tags themselves are stupidly annoying wherever they're used.

I couldn't care less when they make a track so damn good - other side of the ep is brilliant to.


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starcreeper wrote:

Sasha is having a better year for me in terms of my musical fulfilment. Yes, saw him in L.A back in June. Brilliant night.

I have to agree - I've only seen Digweed Twice this year, and Sasha Once - But Sasha at Warehouse Leeds was fantastic - I bought Live in Slovenia but just didn't 'get it' it's too full on for me for home listening, and samey - don't know how it went down in the club, but not a patch on Live in London which is a thing of beauty..

Digweed not playing as dark as I like - missing tunes with the feeling of (Marc Romboy - Miranda (Oliver Huntemann mix) Early this year he was on it.

Dermo wrote:

Kolsch is music for gayers.

Oh well show me the way to Queer town!


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MattBlack wrote:
Wally wrote:

I was gonna stick that one on Matt - great minds. big_smile

This one aint bad either

They actually used to do some decent pop songs, then they started fucking about with the line up and they went to shit unfortunately

I have to agree - and Jenny frost is fine...


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Very catchy, a bit different.. I can't help but like this track. I really, really like it!

Same with this - But I wouldn't say I'm as guilty about liking this.. I think it's funky.

mr day wrote:

On a serious note, Henry Saiz feat. Eloy - It' s Not Over, is a strong candidate. Superb.

Not heard it yet - just about to on that Sasha mixmag cover-mount mix..

Truly awful, wishy-washy, sentimental, cheesy, disjointed horror of a tune - and the track before this was even worse.

What happened?

Glen wrote:

This is the remix they did for that Maya Jane Coles track

Really hate what that youtube file compression is doing to the sound of the No Place Like Gnome track btw. In the original track the overall drumsound is much tighter. It's nice.

Muy Bein indeed - nice moody track, I like stuff like this - I listened briefly to a few tracks but I see what you mean about that hip 'deep house' sound maybe they're taking a new direction now? Kompakt and traum are my fave labels - and I love the producers they feature, massive fan of Kolsch..

As for No place like gnome - can't wait to see if I hear it out..

starcreeper wrote:

But you would 'stomp' to that, right? Only stomping Id be doing if some cunt played that would be up to the cloakroom with my ticket.

Which tune do you mean Starcreeper? I think that post 'I would stomp to that' may have being a pisstake..

seanc80 wrote:


That track is bloody brilliant.. there's some good choices in this thread. Very hard to choose a best track in all honesty.

Mine hands down - although I'm starting to kill it..

I haven't really payed them much attention - but that new EP on Kompakt is great. For me this is the pick of the two, real class and atmosphere.

It lead to me a remix of 'Town Joker' too that won a competition to appear as a release on Get Physical - it's got a really nasty bassline on it - no nonsense tune.

These lasses are damn good producers - anything to recommend Glen?

Dark and moody, 3 am tune - fucking class!

Definitely be listening to Sasha's mix for Mixmag again - Dominik Eulberg is on fire - Opel Tantra and more recently 'The space between us' two of my fave tracks of the year. Heard him play Opel Tantra out and it just rips through the place on a good system..

It started I thought, hmmm it's ok - and then: boom, but not boom in a good way...

Really not liking XTC either though.. it's too high pitched and disjointed, trying to be hard and appearing a bit cheesy and cringe worthy.


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MattBlack wrote:

Cd2 would be a perfect soundtrack for an EDL march

Why? What a stupid comment is my first reaction to that..

Sounds like this is well worth buying though. Hope HMV have it, I want the cd - and I want to buy it in a shop. They had Live in London.

MattBlack wrote:

How much would you like to bet on him playing Dominik Eulberg - Offenbach?

I was thinking the same thing, he still has time to play it! Sasha Bingo anyone?

Loved the third track - wicked nagging bassline. I think it's by Sasha (unreleased)

Hope he plays Dominik Eulberg - Opel Tantra: Tune of the year so far for me.. a monster.