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I liked the last few tracks, and a few here and there. It's a matter of taste but you're only as good as your track selection and a lot of it is too samey for me, plink plonk - monotonous kick drum. Last few track though are full of life, there's also some really cinematic moments throughout.


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Homegrove wrote:

Not the same remix of Roaches, but I think this is more than a decent effort too.

https://soundcloud.com/stripped99/tranc … -remixes-3

Ahhh I'm a bit behind with some tracks, now I hear it in this video. This version above sounds great. Off to listen to the Original now.

Reet tune!

This is in there, but I'm not sure what Diggers is mixing in/out.

What a brilliant video, love the energy.


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Millsy, just flicked through and all I can say is:

Bloody hell where did you get this music from, what the heck
Is it? It's like Indie dance? The likes of which Coma play at times.

Only track I know is Vero!

Going to enjoy this.

Nick Sneddon wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Sneddon will be all over this, especially if it mixes nicely into Gat Decor.

haha, has it got that terrible vocal on it?

My thoughts exactly, I have tried and tried but I 'can do without' this track - I think it's horrible and from such a brilliant producer.

Everyone seems to adore it!


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Beats'N'Pieces wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:

these guys are well trendy aren't they

I think their sound is very niche and not exactly accessible, will be interesting to hear what they come up with.

Some great tracks, but maybe best for the dance floor.

We will know very soon.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

these guys are well trendy aren't they

This is a brilliant mix, going to leave me hanging now though fackin' hell! Last track is where it's starting to step up a gear, marvelous how it progressed through two hours.


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Loving both, King Unique's version is a little bit more raw for me though hence I prefer that.

Part 2 of the mix: Track 2: Steve Bug - Smoking Parrot.

Love his style, pretty similar his productions but a brilliant sound, always a strong hook.

Track 3: Inside - Cocolores.


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Shame about it descending into an argument, it was not my intention.

Most people were slating Sasha, and they have been for what seems like years!

I for one feel glad that he played a set like that - seeming to have gotten people talking of what he is (still) capable of.


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Ahhh yes the infamous Dermo.

Sasha has been playing some lacklustre tracks lately, his Sunday School session mix was a stand out - that Melbourne set left my cold though.

Nothing cheesy about the BPM set, I think he's answered his critics regardless if it's a conscious move.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

check the mixes section mate
yeh it's good isn't it smile

Ah right Shaun, Spoke too soon!


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http://www.mixcloud.com/YeahRadio/sasha … 6-01-2015/

I find it strange that nobody has mentioned this, you generally find Sasha of late being slated to fuck on here, not a peep though - even from the most vocal. He's not done it for me lately, but this mix is all guns blazing.

Any thoughts? Bad good, come on!

If he plays like this at the Albert Hall Manchester, I'll be pretty bloody pleased.


Simply got to see Roland M Dill on the show, his style is fantastic and mixes online few and far between - he's my choice though.


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Ahad Adump wrote:

I was meant to go this, came down with bastard viral meningitis so I ended up as far away as possible in hospital.

Brilliant looking/sounding festival, shame you missed it - hope you're feeling on the mend now though, that sounds pretty painful..


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simeon79 wrote:

This sounds like a stormer! Anyone know what it is?

Edit: Tilt ft G-Man 30 hits of acid (King Unique remix)

Reet tune! Quivver mix is excellent too.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

this is v.nice:

Stephan Bodzin - Sungam

Excellent track Shaun, have you heard it on a big system yet?

As for Live in Toronto: Easily grabbing me as much as London and beating Miami. That's on one mini mix!

Right up my street.

roegahnn wrote:

Hi mate

That was my night that I promoted. What did you think of Stephan?

Hi there, I have a sneaky feeling you must be one of the two lads I met on the night.

It was a brilliant set, I love Bodzin anyway and it was great to hear his new tracks. Remember Sungam, Jo Gurt & Styx but I know he would have dropped news tracks off his album. Shame I can't remember specifics as I was pretty spannered!

Massive highlight of course was him using that controller, and that crazy 'rhythm stick' lightsaber contraption that changed the synth.

Insane night.

Happy Belated Birthday ETC, your posts are a thing of wonder!

Liverpool tonight, can't bloody wait.

Any of the stalwarts having a rave?

https://soundcloud.com/christiansmith/t … t-114-with

This is absolutely Top draw, tune after tune with my perfect sound. The track with Marc Romboy is dreamy: Reminds me of the brilliant Album they did together, it's such a welcome break from a lot of mixes I hear as each individual track is power in it's own right.

Absolutely fantastic, what a pairing! Such an powerful tune, made me all emotional!


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Rebekah who plays for CLR!


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It's great to have something positive coming from a country in turmoil. I'll have to give that a listen tomorrow.