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namistai wrote:

Another thing; if all the other top riders were doping, and Lance Armstrong was beating them with ease then what does that say?

Exactly. All he was doing was evening out the field, the doping testers werent able to catch him. They must have something solid on him now that he,s give in. The stripping of the TDF titles is a joke though, who the fuck do they give them to.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Sounds good. Looking forward to hearing CD 2 because that's got some interesting stuff on it.

Can't be any worst than Fancuooooolli's. Which nearly single-handedly destroyed dance music. Hopefully, Balance back on form. And long over-due.

Agree with that, though i dont think it was just as horrible as the one he did for Global Underground a while back. Annoys me even now that i actually parted with money to buy what is without a doubt is the worst mix cd iv ever heard. Fanciulli is a ponce.

Foxy Stoat wrote:


E.g. 'ten more sleeps until Majorca'.

As posted by fuckwits across Facebook.

Again another one used by facebook spastics is .. .methinks..........that does grate a wee bit.

Russ Abbot  Oh What an atmosphere!

Alternative                 What?


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Knocked them on the head when the smoking ban came into effect, though in some of the bars i frequent they never seem to of heard of the ban as the ashtrays are still on the tables. No fucker would be brave enuff to tell the punters.

they,ve been crap for a long long time, think the last decent one was warrens shanghai. Been downhill since then im afraid.......

JD coming to the mighty Lush on the 29th of October......its about time i treated the wife to nite out. Any one else?

.....and as for england.....pppfffffttt.

Brilliant performance by wales this morning, better team by far and a deserved win. Ireland couldnt cope with them and wales look the team to beat.

England would need to pull their thumbs out of their arses mighty quick or they,ll be on their way too......

Its not bad........its deffo better than the live structures 2 mix..

Ireland are still there old boy.....

Nice to hear the unbiased itv commentators praying for england......

It was a great result for ireland, but we wont get carried away. Now, imagine it had of been england who beat the aussies, they,d have been goin on as if they,d won the fuckin thing, the pack of cunts.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

'Whether in his home base's downstairs room or at festivals like Labyrinth in Japan, many of his sets are driven by a knack for narrative arc.'

fuck off

makes my saturday nights complete when i hear a good narrative arc............first thing i listen for tbh......

Stunning mix, as good as, if not better than his Balance.

Surgeons, Shackletons, Ewan Pearson, Adam Beyer , tiefshwarz, all top notch. Stay clear of Magda,s, Dj T,s was pure shite and also wasnt too fussed on lucianos, but each to their own.

Razor blades are fuckin rip off, they must cost about 10p each to make but about 8 quid for 4pack. Breaks my heart buyin the fuckin things. Tried to make a stand and bought tesco own brand, and now have a 2inch hack mark on the right side of my chin. Cant fuckin win!

Out of all the potential ex-players, managers etc, that Sky could have employed why on earth did they have to go along with fuckin cuntface Gary Neville. It a hard trick to pull off to have absolutley zero redeemable features, personality, likeability, sense of humour, looks, etc whatsoever, but he manages it with aplomb. And to make matters worse, every time i watch a game of football now, i have to look at his retarded rat face enlightening me with his wisdom at the beginning/middle/end of each.match. Surely this has to be a massive OG for Sky sports. Bring back Gray and Keys.

what a fuckin wanker....hand waving, smoking , drinking, and playing with his fruity wee pony tail, but even after all that fuckin about, and whether or not he was fakin it, just listen to the tunes he was playing. A pile of shite and a fuckin disgrace to music. Grade A ballbag of a man!

Yosser Hughes, or Mr Blonde


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The count of monte cristo, its massive but it is a classic, also 1984 was great.

AC/DC 7 inch single Flick of the Switch. a long way back.


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Agreed on the Joan Rivers shout, not bad at all.


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i understand about the differences, but for fuck sake, every one of them have the same two fuckin subjects, eating, and their fanny,s. Theres bound to be a bit of common ground.