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Not really my bag Hannu but I’ll take your word for it.


if entities can spontaneously arise from nothing,

and those entities are demonstrably capable of embarking on an ongoing voyage of continuous evolution, enlightenment and self-awareness,

can it then make sense to describe those entities as “insignificant”, and the existence of the conditions and circumstances that gave rise to them as meaningless?

I put it to you that it most certainly can not.

smashdad wrote:

My very short answer would be none and no*.

My longer answer would involve a largely oblivious childhood during which my parents were distantly but nonetheless involved in not one but two, cultish, communal living, evangelical Christian movements in the late seventies and early eighties which both ended in varying combinations of nationally exposed (adult) sex scandal, all manner of financial impropriety and eventually the break up of their marriage.

* Albeit that to this day I can still recite the first twenty odd books of the Old Testament without thinking about it, have been baptised twice and received the laying on of 'healing-hands prayer' from two of America's leading evangelists (on both occasions, astonishingly, to no healing effect whatsoever...)

Of all the undoubtedly intelligent, wildly charismatic, incredibly well-read men I've ever heard talk on the subject, the best (by FAR) is the late Christopher Hitchens...

... (his comparison to the current North Korea and Christianity is incredibly apposite given the current stance of the USA as propped up by its Bible-thumping heartlands)

*raises a glass*

*updates spreadsheet*


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sank a couple of pints of this at the weekend.

10.9% ABV

absolutely cracking. can't see past Cloudwater at the moment to be honest.



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change henry's custom title to "found-out plagiarizing tryhard cunt" imo


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don't give your pounds to those filthy Europeans, Amps. You'll get fuck all for your money these days.

come to Scotland, visit our wonderful castles, sample our rich cultural history (of fighting the English), drink our whisky, eat our salmon, ascend our mountains, then ride our eastern european women.

yeah but is it really an actual boxing match or a pre-scripted wwf pantomime? i think the latter.

smashdad wrote:

quality strasse


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interior Minister Paula Risikko described the suspect as


I got round to watching Arrival at the weekend there, what a fucking film that is.

Yeah, it's a bit daft with the hand-squids and Forest Fucking Whitaker, and the racial stereotyping, but the music and visuals are quality.

and Amy Adams though. Superb.


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i remember going to Majorca on hols in the 90s thinking KFC was more like an actual restaurant than a fast food outlet.

not sure exactly how i managed to form that view but i remember thinking it was fucking quality. lol.

i no longer consume dead animals.

Smoother floors can get by with synthetic brooms, while rougher floors need natural fiber brooms to be as effective.

Words to live by imo.


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where i'm at currently, beer-wise:


8.5% ABV, £6.99 a go, hi mate


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that bathtub anecdote brings a whole new meaning to the term "spaghetti hoop"

is that really funny ed?

i bet this dude has internal injuries.

that bus driver should be prosecuted.


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looks like shit mate

this is beer


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take a step back, have a calm sober look at what's happened here.

you've came on here and - entirely of your own volition - started a thread entitled:

" A beginners guide to cat's "

what an absolute fucking half-wit muppet cunt you really are.


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Magic Rock.....fucking magic that stuff.

love the artwork on the cans too.....reminds me of the mighty boosh.

two more scottish ones for you, you can get the tempests ones in Aldi




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just put tax up by a billion percent and make the minimum wage £50k a day, subsidised by the huge tax receipts.



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mad bastards


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seems like Vlad should have finished him off in the sixth or seventh round but because it wasn't in the script he had to let him recover.

it's the new WWF imo.

cracking entertainment though.


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i saw him live for the first time in 2001. i was off my tits and he totally indulged me and was super nice.

a rare example of someone who turned down bags of money so that he could do whatever the fuck he fancied and hang out with other freaks with innovative hair. a true underground legend who could quite easily mix the pants of everyone on this board if he actually gave a shit.

I think flaresey knew him pretty well back in't day.

my 2 favourite mixes of his are



https://soundcloud.com/fer-7/essential- … mes-holden


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the cover image on that ep is a bit dodge imo.

lovely song though.


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i once went into a cubicle in doha airport and the smell was so pungent - so intense - it was like being hit in the face by a cricket bat made of ripe sewage.

i staggered backwards, tears streaming, just as a jolly african cleaning lady headed in.

i grabbed her and was like "you can't go in there." she was like "hahaha, don't worry, it's my job. i'm used to it"

i was like "you don't understand, you can't. you must not. go in that cubicle"

too late, she was in.

a split second later she came staggering back, giving me a look i'll never forget as long as i live, a look that seemed to say "what are you?!"


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lol @ hitachi