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amps has never once caused any friction or strife in his many years on this board Wally. his contributions are enjoyed by all.

i wish i could say the same for you. how dare you call him a cretin! you of all people!

go fuck yourself, you absolute tit-censoring weirdigan cunt.


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does anyone have a number for dave's mum?



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I bought shares in Brewdog in 2013.

Drink that shit up, cunts.

which is more rational? the people who say "it'll all be fine!" and carry on as normal, or the people who say "we're screwed!" and carry on as normal, but with a bit more recycling.

we can't know what the global temperature would've been had we not existed but i doubt anyone would argue it would've been higher.

personally, i think it's a definite possibility that the whole climate thing could enter a new phase of mayhem in our lifetimes, so you may have well enjoy the craic while you can imo.


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the level of bitter hatred Dermo reserves for Ed never seems to wane with the passage of months and years. Just what it does it take to warp a man like that, to spur him to produce that type of output? A sexual assault suffered during the formative years, perhaps? Some type of barely repressed sexual fantasy? Who knows. What an absolute Weirdigan.


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There was no soup left in Pret today by the time I got there. I said to the girl "why is there no soup left?" and she was like "I'm afraid the hot food Chef had to go home early today, Sir".

I nearly throttled the impudent little cunt.


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champagne and seafood at home with the missus and maybe a couple of guests.


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smallman1 wrote:

Hope it works out for him Wally, sounds like he's getting stitched up.



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i'm sorry to hear about your friend, Wally, but as we all know, water with sugar dissolved in it is a highly dangerous substance and you can't just go around administering that shit to your diabetic wife willy-nilly, even if she is on the verge of brain damage. That is an obvious no-go area. Apart from that, your story sounds highly plausible and accurate and i have the greatest sympathy for this obviously professional and valuable servant of the NHS.

On an unrelated note I hear Nissan are looking for staff in the Sunderland area.


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Wally, you were openly gleeful at the prospect at mass unemployment for the people of Sunderland. I personally found that revolting and it won't be forgotten.

No, I'm not retarded and I've never set foot in Sunderland. And yes I live in the UK.


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Wally wrote:
Grant wrote:

Sunderland deserve all they get.

Oh I agree - I bet those cunts felt smug as fuck as they put their protest votes in and stuck it to the man. Not so funny now is it?

Not so funny for Wally and Grant, now, is it? Smug cunts.

Dermatron wrote:

Mine's Dixon. Why?

I like him because its cool. Well I think its cool. With teenagers its cool anyway. I'm in my late 30's though. Which makes me as cool as my Helen Degenerate Converse trabbs, half mast jeans and Northface coat.
Ill carry on liking him until I think something else cooler comes along that cool teenagers like.

My fav board DJ is everyone!!!! I say everyone because I listen to all of them. Yes every single one of them!!! This makes me really cool and likeable. Sometimes I listen to all 3 hours of a set then post its 'brilliant as always' even though it was only posted 1 hour before.

Absolutely excruciating.


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Well, stop stealing the company time surfing the net then?  Just a thought.


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What's that, Wally? Speak up mate.


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I'm looking forward to Wally's response to the the news today from Nissan and the ONS.


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Hop_Head wrote:
fadass wrote:

Fair play Hannu, your own special place for all you precious wankers who play other people's music to have a bitch about the serfs that pay your wages having the temerity to engage with you.

Can't wait til Millsy & the Kaufmeister get involved.

You ever play others people's music Fadass?

Fadass only ever plays one song. Breaks and Banter.


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they call him the shark whisperer


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they wouldn't touch their lamb because of the amount of manjuice they dumped up their shitters more like, the filthy inbred welsh cunts.


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nah, not a decade mate. half-that worst case.

what could that look like, hypothetically? well, i'm not mystic meg, but it would have to look

- young and multi-coloured because like most developed western nations we have an aging population time-bomb and i think it is advantageous to have some ability to limit and select what labour we import.

- shiney and new, because inflation can encourage investment in technology, infrastructure and since rising prices reduce the real value of your debts just as much as it erodes the real value of your cash (you win when you borrow to invest and lose when you save, right?)

- diversified and balanced, i.e. would be a bit less reliant on financial services and more on manufacturing and exporting goods, green technologies and the digital sector.

so basically leaner, meaner and greener. and with control of its own laws, borders and money. and not trapped in a death spiral with bulgaria and greece.


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i enjoyed this.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0 … -episode-1


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La Nausee wrote:
Dermatron wrote:
Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Nice one. If you're hardcore about all this, defintely pick up Killing Pablo by Mark Bowden (same fella who wrote Black Hawk Down).

That's Fadass and Naus last week.

Lol. Fadas' perm is mint. He asked for the "small bloke from Hall & Oates look".
And got it.



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"if it had plummeted pre-Brexit it would have been a negative thing so not sure what's changed?"

nothing's changed, i repeat: we are immediately poorer now because we can buy less foreign things. things like fuel and food. or anything, really, but especially things without a British alternative.

but this reckoning had to happen eventually, one way another, because you can't sustain a permanent outflow of good and services without eroding your purchasing power, and this fundamental truth, which has been laid bare by the political uncertainty of brexit, may well suppress the good ship Sterling further yet.

exports are not "more fluid", but they are now "cheaper" in foreign money. and yes the converse happens for imports. foreign things now cost much more than "buying british".

a rich man like you will probably barely notice the price of your cognac and barolo increasing and ed's foreign hookers and drugs will only make a slightly bigger dent in his trust fund than before, but the gross purchasing power of the nation will be significantly reduced at first and then directed inwards in response.

it's not hard to measure in real terms because these things are very closely and carefully monitored, by the inland revenue and the treasury, so these things are precisely known quantities and even the black economy is well studied and quite accurately quantified.

how does that balance in the new world? i though ed conway in the times today put it better than i could:

"Competitiveness is a euphemism for earning less. Having barely recovered from five years of falling real wages, will [the great unwashed] really be consoled by the knowledge that they have helped rebalance the economy?"

hopefully we are taking 3 - 5 years of pain in an attempt to get fit for the next 50.


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i'm not sure Wally does think that. I think that Wally is typing things into the ether with very little actual thought other than "i am better than most people on here and i would like them to know that."


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dutchy101 wrote:

With the Italian banks in €600b deficit, Deutchebank looking like it's on the brink, Greece going to default sooner or later, possibly Italy and Spain to follow, just how stable is the Eurozone at the moment?

Fair question. You could also mention unemployment rates, right wing parties or growth rates.