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Damien Kingstar wrote:

Started using itunes as someone said on here they are now better than Beatport.

yes. same tune from Beatport and iTunes:



the itunes ones always look nearly identical to lossless versions while the mp3s look a lot worse in the spektrometer.


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Same DACs afaik but you can use 24bit files for example on the usb drive. if you're using an audio cd, you're limited to 16bit 1411kbps red book format. maybe his files in general were just better ones, for example lossless vs mp3s?

the 16 vs 24 bit only makes a difference in dynamics tho.

i'm in love since the first track. amazing stuff.


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have a look into itunes match. i use it and really like the service. streaming availability to my devices anywhere, it upgrades files to itunes store quality and doesn't cost much.

always kickdrum and claps... on the xone92 u can set the headphone cue sound to be unchanged by the EQ so that you still hear the kick properly on your headphones even if you remove its bass.


new stuff ;p

there is a new version coming with another name which holds more weight and has the same dimensions for vinyl. what's the problem?

there are many different versions with two different looks. they differ in the wifi speed etc, so be sure to get the latest version if you pay the full price smile

no it's using apple lossless codec.. and since it's digital the only change MIGHT be from the DAC.

it's also an optical out. but then you'd require another device in between i guess..

huh? the airport express does the airplay stuff.. you just have to plug in the speakers into the airport express and then you can use itunes to send the audio via airplay to them.

http://images.macworld.com/images/artic … 285111.png

3,5 jack on bottom right.

Dermo wrote:

Hmmm having read about it you can actually use your windows lappy on it.

What speakers are you talking about faible?

dunno.. only know a lot about studio monitors.. i heard the small JBL ones are worth its money

I'd recommend airport express and separate speakers. Easier to upgrade later then and you get more for the money regarding speakers... wink

i finally found the time to re-do my mix which I uploaded here. My first take was only the half of what i recorded because Audacity crashed. Here is the final one smile


Depeche Mode, Queen, the XX, Kraftwerk, New Order, Massive Attack, Radiohead



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furry wrote:

Here is what I sent off to faible ---->

Holidays (Album Version)----Jim Gaffigan   
Voyager (Original Mix)----Rival Consoles   
Satisfaction (Original Mix)----Daniel Bortz   
For The Time Being (feat. Erlend Oye) (Burnski Remix)----Phonique   
Journeys Into The Bright World (Original Mix)----Pulp Disco and The Outcasts   
Scale it Back (Westy Remix)----DJ Shadow
Promises (Nils Frahm Rework)----The Presets   
Knowing We'll Be Here (Original Mix)----Daniel Avery   
No More Philosophy (Original Mix)----Audiofly, Uner   
Mind Control (Oliver Schories Remix)----Schulze & Schultze   
Orion Skies (Original Mix)----Chaim   
History Repeating (Deepfunk Night Mix)----Marc Poppcke   
The Mash and the Fury (Live in Copenhagen)----Trentemøller

*and I just now found faible's mix in my pm box (apparently new messages don't show when logging in???)*

Well this sorts my night smile Thanks Fabian

Actually my mix was 1:15h long but audacity crashed after the recording and I couldn't save the rest sad so I had to cut it there in the break. Was so happy with the result but so pissed when I knew it was lost ;( there is also a weird skip in the beginning which is def not from the music file..
I think I will do it again but in Ableton, kinda like a studio EM tongue


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nike+ sportswatch gps, raclette and some smaller stuff...

Bastille - Bad Blood... inb4 flames, i like many of the songs

it's a useful tool, i've seen an old digweed cd wallet where he had all the keys written on the cds.. so ye it's definately useful if you got a big collection of tunes.

Damien Kingstar wrote:

Feck it... am buying this one.  Good reviews on here.  Slovenia sounded rank on the samplers so didnt bother.

I've read that itunes is actually better quality these days compared to Beatport anyone thinkso??

yes compared to beatport's mp3s itunes is superior. you can easily see it if you compare two files from the same track in a spektrometer

Thought some of you might be interested:

http://www.dancingastronaut.com/2013/12 … -of-djing/