T.I.D, formerly known as Pete Tong ID, is from around 2009 and was even featured by Digweed on transitions back then. Annexet is the best of the new EP imho.

He also released snaz, the untitled track from Diggers' 2010 Essential Mix

https://pro.beatport.com/track/snaz-ori … ix/6956547

Thanks a lot, glad you like it. *blushing*
I have a long train ride ahead of me on the 24th and will listen to your mix then! wink

Of course the rest can have it as well, Soundcloud does not work tho, always get a copyright takedown notice.

My mix is done! Since I sold my DJ gear earlier this year I made it with Ableton. It is only 36 minutes but it took me a lot longer than recording a 2hr mix where I just record on-the-fly... Cut some tracks here and there and warped a lot of stuff and tried to use tracks which are usually too slow for my DJ mixes.


I'm in!
Sold my DJ gear but will do it with Ableton smile

missing some functions which I need like Jog-adjust etc

Sounds great


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Wally wrote:
strummerjones wrote:
faible wrote:

7. Adnon Olivier aka Olivier Berger - Casa Bulga

Great classic prog

Will this ever be available ?

Pretty sure ive got a digital copy if it. I'll see if i can dig it out.

Yes i also have a good digital version, I think from Beatport?!


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7. Adnon Olivier aka Olivier Berger - Casa Bulga

Great classic prog


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it is wink
iTunes files are pretty similar tho from the waveform. you can't say that about mp3s.


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iTunes files sound better than beatport 320kbps files. check with a spektrometer...

The Phoenix track on there is amazing smile

it's the last tune on the evolution - unnatural selection album.

regarding music -> iTunes Match.

regarding photos -> wait for OSX Yosemite, it will have one cloud photo library across all your apple devices.


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good news - I hope this will help in the long run. smile

edit: although i would still love to see some improvements and a fresher look :>


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Well if you are just listening maybe the 9s are gonna do the job. But when DJing it's a lot louder because of the monitors and headphones etc.

Good thing is that you can swap the filters pretty easily.


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i got the 15s for DJing and they are the flattest of them. 9 is not enough IMO. While it takes a while to get used to it is definitely worth it.

The first 15 minutes everything will sound muddy but after that you get used to it for the rest of the night.

These mutual accusations do not help us here. Please keep your personal arguments out of this. In the end we all do not want that this forum closes.

In the end John and the Bedrock team will have to decide where this is leading to. Expressing your opinions here will maybe help them so that they know what our approach as a community would be.

Presto wrote:
faible wrote:

technical stuff: mobile version, chat, better integration of youtube etc, blogs, notifications for quotes, votes...


Mobile version: works just fine with Opera Mini for me.
Chat: Is that not what this message board is? Why would I want to chat with someone individually in some realtime nonsense? Is that not what PM button is for anyway?
Youtube: works fine.
Blogs: Seriously? Why?
Notifications for quotes: That has been on the forum since day one.


There is no problem with the forum software. That's not what needs changing.

- Did you try it on a 4 inch mobile like an iPhone? I can barely read anything nor hit buttons. A responsive design or Tapatalk integration or an own mobile page clearly has its advantages.

- The chat would be open for everyone, no private chat. I could be on the side of the forum. Imagine John playing on be-at.tv and you could write about the tunes in real time instead of having to post on the forum. Same goes for football for example. It's just an idea and i liked that a lot on other forums.

- While Youtube does work it is kinda complicated. That was also just an example. Why do I have to reload the page if I want to quote someone?

- A blog for DJ sets from a specific user if he does one every week for example. No need for a thread then. Was also just an idea, would not be a priority

- I mean notifications for example when you yourself get quoted. Like someone asking you something and you don't want to miss the question in a 10+ page thread.

Those were just some ideas and yes, I think the forum needs improvements on both the technical side and the administration.
Imagine if we had a voting option now where people could write ideas and we could see the priorities. Same for the mod selection.

A friend of mine is a great coder and I know a lot about managing forums. We already offered our help.
If we got the chance we would want this forum to stay open and create a new one in the background and after a while migrate the stuff. I don't think shutting the old one down and maybe just have a not finished one would be the optimal solution. Creating something new takes a while and it would be a smoother transition.

just some ideas:

technical stuff: mobile version, chat, better integration of youtube etc, blogs, notifications for quotes, votes...

layout and administration: separate sections for music and off-topic, rules, warnings before bans, tribunal with decorated members who decide on bans

This forum needs strict rules, at the moment it feels like anarchy. Nobody knows what is allowed and what is not and while arguing should be allowed, there is a line which you should not cross when it becomes too personal or even worse. This should not be a place where you can just insult other people, no matter who did what before.

Besides moderation maybe technical improvements and a better structure would also attract new people. This forum looks really dated and technically it is...
It would be a shame if it was closed. sad


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Damien Kingstar wrote:

Started using itunes as someone said on here they are now better than Beatport.

yes. same tune from Beatport and iTunes:



the itunes ones always look nearly identical to lossless versions while the mp3s look a lot worse in the spektrometer.


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Same DACs afaik but you can use 24bit files for example on the usb drive. if you're using an audio cd, you're limited to 16bit 1411kbps red book format. maybe his files in general were just better ones, for example lossless vs mp3s?

the 16 vs 24 bit only makes a difference in dynamics tho.