Odd... i am listing to johannes brecht - holla... small world smile


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Presto wrote:

You realise they were discontinued about 3 years ago, right?

You can still buy these in the US with ease. A dj type supper store took 5000 ! units from Technics before the production run came to an end lol

They aren't cheap but they are
1: new
2: rare
3: in demand
4: sexy as hell when fresh in the box lol

I remember being able to buy a pair for £800 from HTFR in 1998 smile If only now !

JFK: The Director's Cut - woow... makes you think ...

smallman1 wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Noice, will check it out .

Its just a 96kbps preview on sound cloud at the mo mate but the production is perfect. Not sure when the mag is out as last time I bought it it had DJ Tall Paul on the cover.

Cool, I've just hit play now..

I've been buying it every month for about 14 years, some rip snorters on there down the years. Timo Mass' Dirty Trancing being my favourite.

ohhh TM's Music for the Maases is in my hall of frame, still today sounds good in my books and easy to slip the odd track in a set where is event is going off...

steelydan wrote:
Steve Marx wrote:
erik.b wrote:

cheers BF smile

what he said..

in terms of what I am currently listening to, just dusted off PVD's Essential Mix from 1997, 15 years on and still sounds solid.

Not heard that. Love The 7 Ways Album

Went to Essex only a few weeks a go to him DJ at Take Off festival and wasn't overly blown away... the level of production was stunning and the event was good but sometimes I do feel PVD (and many other DJs) dont quite put the effort in they once did oooor maybe I am just getting older and more grumpy lol

Beijing Dave wrote:

Gatecrasher black disc 2.

Ohh good call sir smile Time to get the headphones on i think

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:
SteveLondon wrote:
Dermo wrote:

i would too playing that shit.

wooow sorry :?

No need to apologise, it's a schoolboy error is all. This is a Daft Punk free zone, and any suggestion they retain a shred of credibility, or are even remotely listenable, is greeted with contempt by those with the barest modicum of taste. You're welcome to post here any time but please be aware of the house rules.

fair enough lol..... i'll remember from now on not to say the D work

Dermo wrote:

i would too playing that shit.

wooow sorry :?

Daft punk : Beyond, with my speakers turned up to full ! smile = happy

Next door sort of hate me right now tho......


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BedRob wrote:

Has he been signed as Crouch's jockey ??

HAHA. smile

Sun Glitters - High EP.

Kinda on a Balam Acab vibe. Real nice.


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MattBlack wrote:

http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story … ve?cc=5739

Poor Mikey Owen may not get to play as many games as he thought

That is a crying shame. How the mighty have fallen.

Still, I imagine Liverpool will snap him up next window :facepalm:


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Dan Harwood wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Did you hear that on Sky, the average Prem manager only last 55 games?

Any new manager needs two years to make a team play the way he wants them to play. In PL terms that's 76 games.

Indeed. But time is money. Sadly that's what football has become. £££$$$£££.

Marow - +-0 (Plus Minus Nil).

Gorgeous album.

Rumpistol's self titled album. And it's bloody lovely, I tells thee.

Carry On Spying.

Retro humour. Did enjoy. 6/10.


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Liverpool have been shite in the transfer window. Again.

Julio Bashmore - Au Seve.

Brilliant tune.


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DuFunk wrote:

Well hearts had a 17 year old making his debut,  Templeton and novakovas look stand outs above the liverpool youngsters.

True talk. No offense to Hearts or their fans but we should really looking to be winning a lot more comfortably than by an own goal..... hmm


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Liverpool off to a flyer! Gonna be another bleak season me thinks...

Disclosure - The Law of One EP. Quite nice, not as good as the newer stuff, though.

steelydan wrote:

A day off with a sinus infection? Good lord

I should take every Monday off

Aye - that Colombian flu is a bitch, ain't it?!

Don't understand people that get ill all the time. I don't have time to be ill... think I've only had 4 sick days off in the last 8 years with swine flu.

Dermo wrote:

Exactly what happened to Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.


Kerogen - Tomorrow. Bit nice.


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Tasty smile