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From Belfast with love mates, Gee

+447428523242 … erground-6

Feedback please mates.
Substantive Gee,
Belfast, UK … erground-5

Tracklist upon request mates.

Substantive Gee,
United Kingdom … erground-4

Underground Paradise Session 007
Enjoy mates.

26/11/11 Substantive Gee @ Clubrock's, Belfast

At the Deck's:
Estiva (Enhanced recordings)
Matt Taylor (Evolution Nights)
Curtis Mccosh (BeFree)
Substantive Gee (Paradise Productions, Cadena Tu Radio) … erground-3

Tracklist upon request as usually smile)

Substantive Gee,
Belfast, UK … erground-2

Underground Paradise Sessions 005.
Any feedback's are welcome.
Tracklist upon request.

Substantive Gee,
United Kingdom … gardens-of

Hey lads,

Any feedback for this track?

Any suggestion for which label i should send it?

Substantive Gee … nderground

Underground Paradise Sessions 004.

Tracklist upon request.

Any feedback's are welcome.

Substantive Gee,
Belfast, United Kindom … radise-003

All feedback's are welcome.

Tracklist upon request.

Subtantive Gee

Belfast, United Kingdom