Benjamin Vial - Moods EP w/ Paul Lyman, Svida & Ettica
Death Proof Recordings [DPR016]

Support: Richie Hawtin, Umek, Samuel L Session, Mikael Jonasson, Steve Lawler, Danny Tenaglia, Slam, Larry Tee, Tom Laws, Meat Katie, Cristian Varela, Madutec, Dema, Tesla, Gaetano Pariso, Broombeck, Dylan Rhymes, Chris Colburn, Sharooz, Electric Soulside, Urban Jeram, Ashley Casselle, Amo & Navas, Matt Minimal, Costello, Circuit Freq, Kleber ...

Death Proof Recordings co-owner and all-round eclectic exemplar Benjamin Vial steps up to the plate with his first EP on the label. The Frenchman has produced a truly enigmatic collection, titled 'Moods EP', that encompasses all forms of the 4/4 and nods to many of his favourite artists from 3 decades of music loving.

The remixes see some more of our heroes of recent times onboard, from our own troop to the guys we just can't get enough of! Firstly, Paul Lyman [VeryVeryWrongIndeed], who takes 'Everywhere' to even deeper realms. Secondly, Svida [Klap Klap] turn 'Everytime' into a raw-yet-groovy techno ditty. And lastly, Death Proof's own Ettica has somehow churned out a feverous techno-house number from 'Everywhere'.

Oh, and we have a little present for you, click the banner below and get your free copy of Everyone, taken from this EP!

Keep it Death Proof … ompassed-7

Nearly a year since my last Encompassed mix. If you've heard any of the previous ones, you'll know what to expect. If not, expect deep, raw, emotive, driving tech house & techno throughout.

Forthcoming gigs:

Sun 31st March - Perc Residents Party, Newport

1. Macromism - District Zero
2. Ron Costa - Oslo Museum
3. Marc Antona - Highly Convinced
4. Pan-Pot - White Fiction
5. Tim Xavier - Space Jockey Feat. G-Tech (George Rontiris)
6. Scott Kemp - Guy (Ron Costa Remix)
7. Pig & Dan, Mark Reeve - Hallucination
8. Xenia Beliayeva - Surrender (Andre Winter Remix)
9. Proxy - Junk (Bobby Champs Remix)
10. Boddika & Joy Orbison - Mercy (Boddika's VIP)
11. Clouds - Terrorcore
12. Dense & Pika - Who Cares Who Wins
13. Benjamin Damage - Swarm
14. Harvey McKay - Shake
15. Ben Sims - New Blood (Robert Hood Remix)
16. Benjamin Vial - Everytime (Svida Remix)
17. Reilloc - Rollin
18. Advanced Human - Hidden Module (Roberto Remix)
19. Psyk - Distane
20. George Morel - My Thing
21. Danny Serrano - Climb (Sidney Charles Remix)
22. Bimas - Bad Day
23. Rikardo - Dark Pressure (Ettica Remix)
24. Justin Berkovi - Mondrian (Mark Reeve Remix)
25. Peter Van Hoesen - Terminal
26. Heiko Laux, Alexander Lukat - Bleak
27. Samuel L Session - Dystopian Life (Steel Mix)
28. Kleber - Sat010
29. A.Mochi - Riff
30. Moderat - Seamonkey (Surgeon Remix)

Keep It Death Proof Vol.1
Death Proof Recordings [DPRCOMP002]

Support from: Richie Hawtin, Umek, Claude Von Stroke, Laurent Garnier, Slam, Paco Osuna, Meat Katie, Subfractal, Echo Vacio, Elite Force, Dandi & Ugo, Tesla, Taster Peter, Filterheadz, Tom Laws, Matt Minimal, The Micronauts, Far Too Loud to name a few.

Now 2 years in, with a healthy head of original artists on board and having worked with some of our heroes of the underground, we've decided to put together some of our favourites from releases past, to give them the airing they so rightly deserve. This is a collection of some of the true highlights of two extremely impressive years in the making of Death Proof Recordings!

With accolades from some of the top artists in the world, including Laurent Garnier and Claude VonStroke, to countless praise from Mixmag (Tune of the Month) and BBC Radio 1 (Annie Nightingale).

Our only other request would be to listen to the other tracks that these accompanied to hear the real calibre of what this label is providing. From ferocious, rawkous techno, breaks & electro to inspiriting, intoxicating house, electronica & indie. An undeniably broad spectrum of sound awaits!


''There's no denying that Newport's finest export, DIRTY GOODS, are doing their hometown proud at present. And after a lengthy chinwag with the guys, they asked me to get some remixes done of their recent single 'Surely Not', so I thought who better to ask than the Death Proof Family artists to have a go.

Myself, Anthony James, Ettica & R.Y.A.N. have all put their stamp on things, with some melodic G-funk, indie-house, uplifting, hair-raising techno and full-fat, dubby electro-breaks! Hope you enjoy!!''

Paul Blandford - DPR Co-owner


There’s no denying… you can’t beat a good old residents party! Thanks to everyone who headed down and relived their Ibiza ’12 memories with us! It was another special night.

So into the winter month’s we go and the guests for PERC’s November instalment are Bristol & EMPATHY residents STUART WILKINSON & DAVID KIRIKMAA. These guys have over a decade of huge events under their belts and their night covers a broad spectrum of underground sounds, sharing the same ethos as PERC. They’ve had countless rawkous parties since their emergence with their Summer Specials on the terrace at Bar Latino, legendary all-nighters, their second home in Prague and the mental boat parties down the river Avon. With a vast array of djs and producers like Nick Warren, James Holden, Nic Fancuilli, Tom Middleton, Timo Maas, Darren Emerson, Guy Gerber and Christian Smith who have all graced their night, safe to say they’ve made Bristol’s night life their own.

Stuart Wilkinson’s style of deep, funky, melodic, tech house and techno has been the backbone of everything he does and not satisfied with being just resident and promoter of EMPATHY, he has also been responsible for many other great club nights including Empathize Digital, Loop, Plastik, Hope, Dirty Blue as well as the annual Unity Megarave at Lakota now in its 6th year raising money for various local charities. He’s also played all over Europe, at Creamfields in Prague, alongside Sasha at Ministry Of Sound’s 18th Birthday and John Digweed at Bedrock, as well as momentous set at Glastonbury being another stand out.

Paul Blandford
Matt Miles

Da Vinci's, 10 High Street, Newport, NP20 1FQ
£5 All night long

Twitter: @PercClub
Facebook: Perc Club
RA: Perc Club

Exclusive at: BEATPORT

What a start to the year! Thanks to everyone for their support and votes for the nomination of Best New Label at the recent International Breakbeat Awards (Breakspoll). Also, a huge congratulations to Diablo Loco Records who were the eventual winners. Just to be shortlisted shows that our past year’s work is highly thought of, even though we're not strictly a breakbeat label.

We’d also like to welcome aboard a new label artist by the name of Ettica; to say we’re excited about releasing his work is an understatement as he’s been relentlessly shelling the Death Proof bunker over the past couple of months with bomb after bomb! His first outing is in the shape of ‘Premonition’, holding a funked-out yet moody techno groove, it's subtly laced with a haunting vocal and stunning synth work. His second offering is in the shape of the energetic and anthemic 'Is That Alright'; safe to say we at Death Proof think it's more than alright!

Typically we don’t scrimp on the remix duties, and with Ettica’s inaugural release on the label we’d thought we’d do him justice.

Australia’s finest underground export Dopamine [Disconnected, Lot49, Traum] steps up first; with him settled in his new studio we see him produce a more than healthy slab of powerful, electro-enfused techno.

Up next steps Trust The Machine [Slap Jaxx, Transmissions]. When your work is championed by the likes of Dave Clarke, you know you’re onto a winner. His efforts provide a truly raw take on techno; slowly growing like the proverbial oak it soon becomes a remix of truly awesome size!

And to finish, Holland’s crown-prince of Electro, Guido Van Santen [Satan’s Circus,Slappa Da Bass], slams home a booming bass-heavy tech-house remix that promises to damage any dance floor, not to mention eardrums!

Some DJ feedbacks:

Elite Force
: Dopamine mix is head & shoulders the best thing on this EP ... really like the way the mix evolves organically and with a lot more thump than we've heard from the uber-chef for a long time - this is good news.
The Micronauts: Dopamine Remix is pretty intense. Full support! Thanks!!
Larry Tee: love it!
Far too Loud: nice vibes on all the mixes
Dylan Rhymes: Big Fan of Ettica. Love his Tech style. Had a couple of his productions on Lot 49 and love everything he has been doing especially the big epic stuff. For the win!
Circuit Freq: Great package all around!
D.A.V.E. The Drummer: not sure which track I was playing but liking the overall release
Lee Coombs: Well made quality mixes, diggin the tribal vibes of Is that Alright
Costello: Nice release
General Midi: a strong package- nice!
Flore: i'm very impressed by the quality of each tunes, production wise, they all sound awesome. full support.the one for me is the Is that Alright - sexy tune smile
zAm’X: Big Big Big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hunter Vaughan: Guido Van Santen all the way for me.
Rolf Mulder: My boy Trust The Machine, wins this release. Very dope and will hopefully be in my show.
Hexadecimal: loving the Dopamine mix, sure to play this weekend on my show and in the club smile
Hi!-Population: Dopamine v is cool!
Lex (Badman Killer): Dopamine mix is wicked...and the TTM mix is jaaackin ..proper heads down shit
Stephen Cole: All are very dope, congrats on another great release! Is That Alright and Dopamine remix are my favorites.
Timakz: Like this E.P ! Is that allright is the best for me !!
Manil Cacique: Another nice shot from DPR... My favs go to Dopamine Remix .. Powerful :!
Anthony James: Massive fan of 'Is That Alright'. Great groove, wicked vox samples and bassline is wicked!Great package!
Jack Grooves: all good mixes, really liking the Dopamine remix
Ryan Galbraith: Awesome release and great artwork. Ettica is sounding pretty fucking cool with tight production and great vibe. My favourite track is "is that alright". It's got an awesome deep bass riding the kick's with a lush summer vibe. Reminds me of my favourite Filthy Rich track "Carnivale", which was my bass tech weapon for doubt Ettica will do the same for 2012.
Frankie Ferrell: Loving the original and dopamine remix

Label Website:

It is with great pleasure that PERC invites techno's man of the moment to Newport... HANS BOUFFMYHRE!

At only 24 years young, the future is looking extremely bright for Hans. Currently riding high with countless releases on the elite of the labels such as Perc Trax, Viva Music, Soma, Synewave, Harthouse, 8 Sided Dice, Analytictrail aswell as his own magnificent label Sleaze Records, which by the way is having a celebratory showcase at Tresor, Berlin the night before.

He's also having his music played by the finest names, including the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Radio Slave, Johannes Heil, Extrawelt, Phil Keiran, Len Faki, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Adam Beyer, Len Faki, Marco Carola, Steve Lawler, Laurent Garnier, Stephan Bodzin, Joris Voorn and many more!

We can barely contain the excitement for this visit!


Paul Blandford
Matthew Miles
Dominic Mayer
Stan Collins

Entry £8 with voucher, more on the door

Da Vinci's, 10 High Street, Newport, NP20 1FQ, United Kingdom


To celebrate our first year as a label we thought we’d set up a little treat for all you producers out there.

We want you to take on Hunter Vaughan’s - KRAKKEN, and when we say take on we mean remix the beast in any which way you feel fit. There are no genre boundaries so really let yourselves go.

The winning remix will feature on our soon to be released compilation and will join esteemed acts The Loops Of Fury, 10 Rapid, Hi! Population and The Omega Men in remixing our most special release, as it's where it all started... so not much of a challenge then?!

As some of you know by now we have a habit of not doing things by halves, so the lucky winner will also have an EP released on our label.


Listen to the original here: … an-krakken

Download the parts here:

Send your winning entry to here:

The Deadline is May 14th.

ANY style will be accepted.

Please do not give your remix as free download before the deadline, pretty self-explanatory that one, do so and we’d have to disqualify you.

One last thing, should you not be a producer, but know someone who you think may want to have a go at tearing this apart, please send this to them!!

We look forward to hearing your contribution, surprise us! Good luck to everyone!

Benj, Paul & Matthew

Exclusive at: BEATPORT

Now a firm regular of our Death Proof parties which we’ve been holding at Paris’s booming boat-come-club Batofar (last one with Alan Fitzpatrick, next one with Samuel L Session), zAm'X is quickly turning into something of a local hero with the calibre of his productions (check out his recent remix of The Omega Men's 'Girls Noize' HERE).  His first original activity on Death Proof comes in the shape of the growl, warp and obese throb of title track 'Better Must Come' and the sublime samba-enduced 'Bloom Up'.

On remix duties, we take great pride in having the now legendary Lee Coombs ply his unfathomable abilities on 'Better Must Come'. Out comes a master class in electro-enfused house breaks production, his remix rolls and swirls with deep organ sounding stabs layerered over a grooving melodic bassline to build a true behemoth of a track.

Los Angeles' Dom Corleone brings the jack on his effort: popping like a Brooklyn body-popper, it throws mad shapes and, like the lyrically lousy King George VI, it vocally stutters throughout, all capped with a not-so-subtle lean to the booming Baltimore bass of old!

Fellow Parisian Timakz steps up to the plate with a smooth and sultry techno rethink: deep punchy bass with a perfectly structured drum line take front and centre, allowing rising and building synths to whip each and every auditory angle. Nice work for his first release ever!

We are also very proud of having artwork acollaboration from infamous French graphic designer Niark for this release. Check his homepage HERE, he's ahead of the game!

Some DJ feedbacks:

Popof: “Love Bloom Up”
Elite Force: “Coombsy shades it here for me as he manages to lighten the mood of the original without compromising it's grubbiness.”
Meat Katie: “ Better Must Come Original is for me!!”
Malente: “liking this Corleone remix”
Taster Peter: “the original mix is ACE! also dom corleone remix is great!”
Black Noise: “great release, death proof seems to be building into a really strong label, think this is my fav release so far , original mix slams it and lees remix is dope in a different flex”
Far Too Loud: “nice style, Better Must come is wicked”
Dylan Rhymes: “A great start to 2012 for the DPR crew. Love this as I have all the music they have purveyed since the beginning. Original & Lee Coombs mixes will pound my dancefloors!”
Circuit Freq: “Nice to see our boy Dom on the package! Overall very solid although I'm favoring the OG & the Timakz mixes best. danke”
General Midi: “Lee Coombs remix: best one here smile
Costello: “Better Must Come original mix my fav wink keep the good work”
Rektchordz: “This release has certainly won me over! Whilst every track is massively playable, the original of 'Better Must Come' is the one! It had me from the get go. What can I say, I'm a sucker for good techno! Thanks!”

Label Website:
Twitter: … sed-feb12/

Tim Xavier - Speeding Around The Universe (Dustin Zahn Monolith Remix) [LTD-400]
Oliver Huntemann - Delirium [Ideal Audio]
Kimono - Obey Time [ISL]
Matador - Hitbox [Minus]
Alexi Delano - Brooklyn Formula [H-Productions]
Tim Xavier - Viper Fish [Clink]
Roland M. Dill - The Ugly [Trapez]
Maxime Dangles - Go [Relief]
The Advent - Higher Learning [H-Productions]
Mays & Patrique - Boom Out [Phobiq]
Alex Di Stefano - Phase One [Baptism]
Sasha Carassi - 3.44 [Harthouse]
Hertz - Break An Entry [Respekt]
Cari Lekebusch - Esoterrarium [H-Productions]
Android Cartel - Midnight Shade (Harvey McKay Remix) [Spark Musik]
Miniminds - Serpentine [Harthouse]
Hans Bouffmyhre - Demon Within [Perc Trax]
Psyk - Kraft [Enemy]
Egbert - Groovegg [Gem]
Caytas & Patz - Are You Afraid (Nihad Tule Remix) [Truesoul]
Frankyeffe - Pentagram [Phobiq]
Remute - Zuendli [Remute]
Deepgroove - Spike (Mark Broom Remix) [Underwater]
D-Nox & Beckers - Sunner (Dustin Zahn Stockton Island Remix) [Tronic]
Gary Beck - Feel It [Bek Audio]

Forthcoming DJ dates...

Sat 11th Feb - PERC w/ Dopamine
Fri 23rd Mar - THE DROP w/ FRACTURE w/ Meat Katie, Rektchordz & more
Sat 24th Mar - FERAL DISCO w/ Meat Katie

We said fuck the detox, and christ did you listen! What a perfect way to start the new year at PERC, our guest JLD and all the residents had it bouncing from start to finish!  As promised we will be bringing you the cream of techno's elite over the coming months and what better way to start than introducing easily Australia's finest export, DOPAMINE!

Having cut his teeth as a breaks producer and having debut release “Hold You” take best single at the 2006 International Breakspoll Awards the numerous accolades that were to follow led to his music being used on CSI Miami and exclusive production for the Sony Playstation game, Wipeout Pulse.

But, Dopamine's musical adventure didn't stay with just one genre, with a string of house, minimal and techno releases doing damage to dance floors worldwide including 'Swerve', 'Demon' and 'Turbot' to name a few. These works can be found on labels such as Lot49, Trapez, Traum with stand-out remixes of Orbital's timeless 'Belfast', Matador's evil 'Handbagass' and Meat Katie & Elite Force's monstrous 'Believe'.

Too say this man is busy is an under-statement so to have him join us in the basement is an honour! Make sure you join us for what will surely be another perfect night!

PERC Pres. DOPAMINE [Lot49/Disconnected Audio]

Paul Blandford
Matthew Miles
Dominic Mayer
Stan Collins

Entry £6 with voucher HERE, More on the door



Rektchordz remix voted tune of the month in Mixmag!

Exclusive at: BEATPORT

Supported by Stupid Fresh, Far Too Loud, Taster Peter, Meat Katie, Lee Coombs, Dylan Rhymes, Prosper, The Dolphins, Malente and many more!

Anthony James has been a close friend of ours at Death Proof Recordings for some time.
His music knowledge and skill preceed him: accomplished engineer, producer and DJ, he's played alongside the best (Alan Fitzpatrick, Tim Green, Audiojack) and had his music played by the best (Claude Vonstroke, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna).
He's already hit us with a stunning remix in the shape of Machine Electrique's 'La Machine', but this time around, his original work takes front stage!

The lead track 'Brazil' encompasses a deep-melodic bass, a stunning collection of monstrous yet emotive synths and atmospherics and his signature tighter-than-a-duck's-backside drumline!
His second effort 'Blanked' goes into deeper than deep-house territory, cheeky 70's and 90's samples and wailing synths lace a stabby, funk fuelled groover that is guaranteed to go down well with any dancefloor!

Undertaking remixes on 'Brazil' is the irrepressible Rektchordz, booming out yet another broken masterpiece; rasping and cutting the enigmatic samples laid out before him, he's made quite possibly the most intelligent breaks track to step off the Death Proof gang-plank yet. Brace yourself for the breakdown!

Next we have the American techno-geist Lightknife, hitting us with a true lazer show of a track, booming electro-techno leads the way with radiant, jaw-dropping builds & breakdowns. Prepare to peel yourself off the ceiling!

Parisian Mellow, long-time contributor of fellow French phenoms Air, Alex Gopher and Etienne De Crécy's Superdiscount, surprises us with a handsome and inspiring piece of psychedelic electronica: bass guitars, wailing sitar-sounding undercurrents and a massive lead electric guitar take over to great effect. It has to be heard to be believed!

And last but by no means least, American tech-funker Stephen Cole hits 'Blanked' like it didn't see it coming. Taking the original clean off its feet, he's churned out a gargantuan remix: booming bass and kicks are surrounded by a twitching conga rhythm, stabs flare through out and a haunting vocal arrangement surrounds you from every angle!

What a way to start the new year!

Happy 2012 from Death Proof Recordings.

Label Website:

To see off our year with a bang, you can now find all our past year's releases for under a pound/euro/dollar, ok maybe not under a dollar but what's 3 cents?!  We've covered every spectrum that we wanted to with our label; techno, electro, breaks, house in all it's forms and more.  Thanks to everyone we've worked with and the support from anyone who has purchased our releases, allowing us to keep going and keep bringing you the music you want!  May you have the finest festive frolicks and a banging new year! 

Paul, Benj & Matt (Death Proof Recordings)

Simply click the image below for mucho grande cheapness...

Listen to the 1st hour HERE

Manil Cacique - Lukas (Gella's Final Frontier Remix) [Death Proof Recordings]
Karton - Chase It High (Beta Remix) [Sound Of Habib]
Peo De Pitte - Grey Tape (Original Mix) [U&A]
B-Phreak - Slam Dunk (Benjamin Vial Remix) [Dusted Breaks]
601 - Can't Take It [Ape Music]
Fussy Boy - Instant Coffee (Vandal Remix) [Benefit]
Benjamin Vial - Empire (Vandal Remix) [Ape Music]
Dj Prosper & Old Skool Nemo Vs Benjamin Vial feat. Runigga - Bad Bwoys (Projectiles Remix) [Ape Music]
Benjamin Vial feat. MC Freeflow - Road of Sand (Refracture Remix) [Scarcity]
Zodiac Cartel - Aktion (Tom EQ) [U&A]
Nadastrom - Theo (Original Mix) [Dubsided]
zAm'X - Better Must Come (Original Mix) [Death Proof Recordings]
Maurice (BLKSQR) - Chordy (Original Mix) [Wearhouse Music]
Jon Rundell - Conform (Original Mix) [Etch Recordings]
Alli Borèm - Graffios (Original Mix) [Suara]

Listen to the 2nd hour HERE

Boris Brejcha - Picolomini (Original Mix) [Harthouse]
Sawf - Slim (DVS1 Four By Four Mix) [Perc Trax]
Pfirter - The Dub Tracxk (Len Faki Remix) [Figure]
Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick - Human Reason (Original Mix) [Drumcode]
Bodyscrub - Regular (Spektre's Irregular Beast) [Driving Force Recordings]
Audrey Napoleon - Group Games (Benjamin Vial Remix) [Death Proof Recordings]
Mr. G, Gary Beck - All My People (Original Mix) [Bek Audio]
Paco Osuna - New Recipe (Original Mix) [Mindshake Records]
Truncate - Concentrate (Original Mix) [Truncate]
Phunk Investigation - 1990's (Original Mix) [1605]
Mladen Tomic - Tribe Touring (Original Mix) [Agile Recordings]
Cari Lekebusch, Joseph Capriati - Napoli 4am (Original Mix) [Drumcode]
A. Trebor - Colours (Original Mix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Costello - Genom (Electric Rescue Remix) [Boxon]
Anthony James - Brazil (Lightknife Remix) [Death Proof Recordings]

''Who was that guy?!'' asked one of the appreciative folk off the dancefloor, I quickly pointed at the poster to Anthony James. Safe to say his set went down a storm at the recent Perc, huge thanks to him and everyone who made it down.

Take a look at some of the pics from Anthony's visit... HERE

With our next one we'll be kicking off the xmas festivities early, 6pm onwards! Your residents Paul, Matt & Stan will be bringing up the rear with a retrospective of the past year and further classics and upfront tech house, techno and everything inbetween. But more importantly, two more fine guests in the shape of Frankie Ferrell & Andy Hoskins will be in attendance!

Having blown onto the scene with his We Love Space 'Fresh Blood' winning mix, Andy Hoskins has quickly made a name for himself as one of the most eclectic vinyl junkies to stem from Cardiff's underground. His sets are meticulous and knowledgeable, taking a leaf out of the Jamie XX & Joy Orbison handbook he encompasses house in all it's forms with the finer, more melodic and deeper reaches of broken beats, dubstep, electro, detroit techno, hip hop and soul.

Port Talbot's Frankie Ferrell is currently pinching himself, his productions are reaching far and wide with great effect, getting prolonged support from the likes of Tech-funk powerhouse Meat Katie, Italian techno maestro Taster Peter, through to Tresor's resident Sebastian Krenzlin and many more. With his keen ear for the dirty stuff, he's renowned in his parts for energetic sets encompassing twisted, tribal, tech house and edgy, throbbing, techno. We think he's gonna leave Newport shaking come the end of his set!


Paul Blandford
Matthew Miles
Stan Collins

Da Vinci's, 10 High Street, Newport, NP20 1FQ
6pm - 2am

£4 with print off don't forget to share it!
£6 on the door


Listen & Buy at: BEATPORT

Releasing Manil Cacique's works was one of the main reasons we started Death Proof Recordings. This young French globe-trotter has a fresh yet strong personality in his productions that will quickly find a vast audience.

For his first EP, he hits us with three beautifully, dark and powerful tracks. Mixing together heart wrenching melodies, face-melting deep basses and awkward-yet-extremely tight beats in a rich blend of what could have been the bastard child of an awkward 'ménage a trois' between Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann and Boys Noize.

First up on the remix duties we have Gella (Fat!, Sub Slayers, U&A). Highly regarded as a master of the broken beat, this time he's taken 'Lukas' back to the early days of Detroit techno and made an intricate, intelligent, deep and rolling broken remix. Distant, reverbed synths and haunting vocals aplenty with a bassline to die for.

Australia's Butter Party (Trickery Collective, U&A, Lot49) goes whole hearted into his remix of 'Lukas', providing an electro-techno stomper, bass heavy with a twitchy drumline, this will damage any rig!

Then it's the tale of 2 label mates. Label owner Benjamin Vial (Circuit Freq, Plasmapool) finally gets his hands on some Death Proof material, and turns out a masterful dark, tech house effort. Wobbly bass, with edgy, glitched up sit over rasping synths, and never being one to trend... he's flipped the lid on the breakdown... bring on the dirty jazz!

And last but by no means least, Frankie Ferrell (Death Proof, 953) who is truly in a rich vein of form, hits home with a moshpit-enducing tech house effort, off-kilter drums and hats sit amongst a typically tight bassline with yet again, another eye-watering breakdown.

Some DJ Feedback:

DJ Mag ''Original really dark and twisted, vial remix some wonderful unexpected turns.''
Meat Katie ''Too many cool mixes to choose from..... CRACKING RELEASE!!!
Dylan Rhymes ''Another killer release from DPR. Very Eclectic and deeper than usual but quality remains high and keeps this label at the front of my mind for superior productions.
Circuit Freq ''Played some DP tracks over the weekend! Mad support from the US of A! Nice to see something new from the Butter Party smile Great package guys!''
Aquasky/Blacknoise ''Ben's remix is dope , progresses thru really well and builds butter party mix is nice too doooope!''
Lee Mortimer ''I like the rolling Frankie Ferrell remix. Got some funk.''
Vandal ''It's between Butter and Benj for the standout mix. Really like the Casper original. Some quality sounds in action on this package lads.''
Hexadecimal ''If I am honest some of these are a little minimal for my tastes. The Benjamin Vial mix is definitely the closest to my sound. Should get some plays from me!''
Lex (Ben & Lex/APE) ''This is one of my fave Death Proof releases so far man! Ben Vial & Gella mixes are awesome but none of them fail to hit the mark.. Top dollar release fo sheeeeezy!!''
Flore ''These 2 original tunes are sick!! well done guys''
Peo de Pitte ''Love the Gella remix, nice1... Cheers!!!!
General Midi ''Quality package here! Gella's mix is pushing the boundaries- fresh and original''
Mr No Hands ''High fives all round, good works and all that... your doing a mighty fine job on this label...''
Far Too Loud ''Great music, although not what I would use in a DJ set I'm afraid''
Prosper ''that's an excellent & deep package, I love Butter party & Benjmain Vial remixes, one more time you got my full support on this release. well done guys!''
Costello ''Some great stuff in this package. Favourites are Benjamin Vial's and Gella's remixes. Definitely gonna play them out!''
Stephen Cole ''Solid solid package of tunes here. Really impressed with the originals. All of the Lukas tunes are rockin, love Butter Party's rendition! Very interesting change up in the breakdown on Mr. Vial's remix. Sick stuff as usual''
Sweet Cheat ''BUTTER PARTY RMX IS FOOKIN BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vlad Sokolov ''Great tunes, Benjamin Vial leads the way for me, will support''
Doc Trashz ''All tracks are great! butter party my fav, thanks!''
Ettica ''Booom ! This is one BIG release. . absolute highlight has to be Lukas (butter party remix).''
Acid Jacks ''really like all the original a lot! great remixes too"
Anthony James ''Gella's remix of Lukas for me..... Lovely synth work! Good set opening/ closing business! Top all round release again''
Carol Campos ''Another excellent release! Lukas is a very Vitaliesque bomb! Very powerful synths and unusual beats. Benj's remix is a GEM! Love it to death, the jazzy stuff is so cool. Also like Früshtück, both original and Ferrell's mix. Keep on bringing the good stuff. My next mix will be almost a Death proof showcase.''
Guido van Santen ''dunno which one is my fav. top quality release.''
Matthew McCurry ''I always support and throw down trax from Butter Party and Benjamin Vial, can't wait to get these in the ipod and zone out during my run today... 1UP! Great work fellas!''

Label Website:

Firstly big love to Backroom's Clare James for visiting recently, she truly brought the party! Never a dull moment with her around and had everyone pleading for more come lights up!

For our next installment we have another James bringing the boom boom! No relation though.

Anthony James is quickly making a name for himself in all the right circles with his productions, his recent work on Pole Position & Death Proof Recordings has been championed by the likes of Paco Osuna, Sharam, Timo Mass, Claude Von Stroke, Richie Hawtin, Hardsoul to name a few. Encompassing a broad spectrum of the house & techno genres, his sounds can be anything from deep, thoughtful and enigmatic to forceful, dynamic and red-blooded joints!

What he has in production skills he also has when taking it to the floor, having caught some of his sets at his old stomping ground at Cardiff's Supacell and a couple more of his other haunts around South Wales, we've heard him to be one of the technically-tight and knowledgable DJs around, always keeping the dancefloor moving and baying for more!

We hope you can join us for another rawkous night! Lets get Perculated!

PERC Pres. ANTHONY JAMES [Death Proof/Pole Position]

Paul Blandford
Matthew Miles
Dominic Mayer
Stan Collins

Da Vinci's, 10 High Street, Newport, NP10 1FQ
9pm - 2am

£4 with print off dont forget to share it!
£6 on the door