Wonderful, went well with easter monday brandy

I really liked this, listened through a couple of times now -- thanks.

Also love his stuff as Solieb back in 2005-7. Totally different style but still some great tracks.

Ø [Phase] - Frames Of Reference. Particularly Binary Opposition (Process 3)

Marcel Dettman's set from Time Warp sounded pretty immense too

Proper good so far. Time-warpy vibe.

New P.A.S. EP.

https://soundcloud.com/mote-evolver/mot … ry-assault

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Surely that John Talabot DJ Kicks is high up on everybody's radar? That is fucking immense. I also prefer the download scene. Mostly. There's a Boiler Room set of Speedy J b2b with some bird which is just ridiculous - I think it's this year, not even sure, but it's recent. Find it, find it today.

Thanks for the tip, that Speedy J set is excellent

It's b2b with Lucy btw, who's actually a bloke

Oliver Lieb - In Transit EP

Drumcell - Sleep Complex
Good album


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I enjoyed this smile

Fabric 09 - Slam

Bloody good

Ben Klock's is alright too, at 3am

zackster wrote:

out now on 50 weapons.

This is actually pretty good.

Ole' Diggers could even get away with this I reckon

Motor - Man Made Machine (album) on CLR

I like the bit about the "boretex". Is that what happens at a bad Diggers gig?

Hope to make it back to Bristol for this for a bit of Henry Saiz..

I remember Bar Latino!

Chris Fortier, 6 hours, New Year's day


Top stuff, bit more housey than usual

great mix,  no messing around. really bassy.

chunky wrote:
No saint but a sinner wrote:

24th Feb looks gd, jimmy van m, hernan cattaneo, Oliver lieb !

Apparently Jimmy Van M & Oliver Lieb have a mix CD coming out at the end of February on Bedrock. I mite make it down for this one.

Oliver lieb wrote:

The End of February 2012 there will be a mix cd out on Bedrock by Oliver Lieb & Jimmy van M. "The Audible Suspects" followed by quite a few original releases that are in the pipeline now...

Most exciting music-y thing in a while, IMO, should be excellent.
Never seen Oliver Lieb DJ, but his Proton show used to be really good.