Kris Omen - Mix of the Week on Insomniafm - 14.09.2012

01. Alan Fitzpatrick - Lost And Found
02. Mobilize - Something In Your Head
03. Bionic Rockers - Code 0320 (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
04. Burial - Fostercare (Marcelo Vasami Unofficial Remix)
05. Liquid Kaos feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Back In Time (Kruse And Nuernberg Remix)
06. Pole Folder - Chez Jean
07. Cumiks feat. Louder Bays - Infinity (Monaque Remix)
08. Ioan Gamboa - The World Outside
09. Jonathan Morning, St Black - Sad To Say
10. Simon Garcia - Tears In Vain
11. Marc Mitchell - Souls On Board (Main Mix)
12. Quivver - In The Groove (Mix2)
13. Exoplanet - Static Substance
14. Dapple Apple - Dreamers Will Survive
15. Patrice Baumel - Chase
16. Oliver Lieb - Epsilon Eridana (Davide Cali Remix)
17. Monaque - Introspecto
18. Chris Lake - Deadline (Rene Amesz Remix)
19. Luis Junior - Deep Dip (King Unique Remix)
20. Robag Wruhme - Wolluwe
21. Jean-Christophe Detrain - Clear Mayhem (Grid Systems Carte Blanche Remix)
22. Kris Omen - Invisible Force (Original Mix)

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Thanks mate, really appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you like it big_smile

A tribute to one of my favorite mix compilations ever.

Kris Omen - Nordic Territories 1

Obiman - On The Rocks
Momu - Sunsicle (Rock Candy Mix)
Sven Väth - L'Esperanza (Doub Mix feat. Patricia)
KVK - Reality Theory (Dub)
Tigerhook presents Randall Jones - Tonite (Acapella) (feat. Ursula Rucker)
Momu - Donner Pass
Billie Ray Martin & Spooky - Persuasion (SpookyBillie's Ventriloquist Mix)
Bedrock - Forge (Original Mix)
Piemont - Running Mirror (Slaz Remix)
Sisterlove - The Hypnotist
Jam & Spoon - Stella
Nuddles - Locked On (Meat Katie Remix)
Jimmy Van M & Austin Leeds - More (Austin's Unreleased Mix)
Natalia Data - The V.I.P. (SCSI-9 In Out Remix)
Miro - By Your Side (Ian Wilkie Mix)
Darcadian - Daylight
Ritmo De Vida - Taboo (Acid Trance Mix)
BT - Godspeed (Hybrid Remix)
Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil (Fade Remix)
Naono - Mia

178 MB | 320 K/bits | 77.48 min
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thank you!

another great Bedrock release

yeah, already got my copy big_smile


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Very nice mix which brings a good feeling smile

wow, great stuff


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indeed nice mix

Kris Omen - Space Exploration 5

Beyond Skies
Follow Me Into The Woods
Rising Sun (Peak Time)
The Way (Vocal Mix)
Stellar Kompakt
ID Three
Out Of Touch
Voyager 8.7
Mind Journey
Analogue Void
Millions Of Miles
Visitors In A Strange World With Crystal Eyed Creatures

173.09 MB | 320 K/bits | 75.39 min
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