Masterpiece from Henry!

Been waiting for this album since past few months. Finally bought it yesterday and been looping the whole album ever since. Some of my favorite  tunes are Mirage, Of Muses & Slaves & Death Drive.


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sLick! in association with audiophile network present the King Unique India Tour.

Friday, 14th June @ Lap,Delhi
Saturday, 15th June @ China House lounge,Mumbai
Sunday, 16th June @ Pebble, Bangalore


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MattBlack wrote:

Well the first two Involvers were released on Global underground and as MOS now owns Global underground its no real surprise

Well that explains it then. Any idea what happened to Global Undergound?. I mean they have stopped releasing music since past many months.


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Bit surprised that Involver 3 will be releasing on MOS!

And here is a video of Diggers dropping " Maceo Plex -Filthy Mama" at Pebble,Bangalore:

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Best gig of the year no doubt. The last hour, I don't think I've heard Diggers as relentless before... he just ripped it, gnarly basslines all over. Did an encore for about half an hour (fuck you deadline!), he ended with the Jark Prongo tune from San Francisco, and I'm guessing he played stuff from London too. Think he liked the fact he was playing in front of a massive Banyan Tree - he took a video too, might see it on youtube.

Here is the video:

One trippy video this. So mighty pleased that i could be there to experience it.

Would love it if anyone can ID  the tune.

Still reeling from the madness that was unleashed by Diggers at Pebble ,Bangalore on Saturday night. He played a fuckin mental set that was trippy and hard hitting and left everyone at Pebble spellbound. A proper rave  that lasted way beyond the night deadline and i wish it had never ended!. One of THE best nights of my life!

Thank you John!


simonr wrote:

2006 set from Diggers' first India Tour uploaded wink

Thanks for that!. Have heard lots of rave reviews about this set from the people who were there to experience it.

Out of curiosity, are you the person behind that Soundcloud account?. If so THANK YOU again!

sabotini wrote:
akhilshetty wrote:

i cant wait for the BIG one on Saturday with the man we all worship!

Sachin Tendulkar?

Well i worship John Digweed more than Sachin these days. smile


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simonr wrote:

Have a good'un.

Does India still have the 12 am curfew ?

Thanks mate!.

As for the curfew, yes and no. We have the 12 am curfew in Bangalore, so John will be playing from 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm.

As for Mumbai the deadline is around 2:00 am to 3:00 am, so the folks there will get a longer set from Diggers. And for Goa, the party goes on till dawn at some places.


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Absolutely loving his stuff. Came across his productions thanks to the Fabriclive mix and been hooked to his stuff since then. I would recommend the mix he did for NTS Radio. One dopeass set!

Tour details :

Friday, 30th November @ Royalty, Mumbai
Saturday, 1st December @ Pebble, Bangalore
Sunday, 2nd December @ Tito's Courtyard, Goa

Will be catching Diggers live for the first time in Bangalore on 1st December. Having already experienced  some epic Bedrock gigs thanks to Henry Saiz, Jim Rivers and Guy J at Pebble, Bangalore this year i cant wait for the BIG one on Saturday with the man we all worship!


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Ultra sickkk set this from Guy J. Loved every second of it. Very deep,groovy and melodic!.