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Apparently when people over-cook the level of detail in an account it usually means they're lying about something........admit it, you went in specifically to buy the DJ'ing for Dummies book didn't you?'s fine, don't be ashamed

Nah. Listening to Digweed sets is DJing education for me smile

I was in a big chain bookstore yesterday and was looking for books on music production, especially related to FL Studio. Turns out there weren't any on anything related to music production at all. In fact The only book related to the entire field of Dance music was one copy of 'DJing for Dummies' (part of a huge series of books in America) and I believe EDM was only a small part of the book.

For fun (and to see which DJs are far reaching enough to make it into such a general book) I checked the index for a few DJs. I didn't see Armin, Carl Cox or even Tiesto but sure enough 'Sasha & Digweed' was in the index (but not either name individually). The passage was short but was something along the lines of how the 2002 essential mix by Sasha & Digweed showed the author that a set could incorporate more commercial EDM with underground stuff and still be a great set. It is funny to think what 'commercial' was in 2002 compared to now. I am not knocking current commercial EDM btw.

Thought of this forum when I saw it. The set referred to in the book is the one that started with Tijuana - 'Groove Is In The Air' (Moonface Unreleased Mix) btw.


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I have noticed that Bedrock seems to have a lot of custom designs, album covers, logos and such. A lot of other labels, including large ones, have a standard cover they use for all their releases.

I think that is neat and imagine it takes more work and creativity to make custom designs. Does the label have someone who does them in house?

lol I didn't even think twice about equating it as an insult.

I do like Axwell - Heart Is King. Don't really listen to them though. I imagine I am not missing much.

I really admire Prydz. I don't blame a producer for cashing in on a trend especially since he has a lot of great more underground tracks as well.

I think varying up the genres is good; if they are good songs that is tongue

It is interesting, a clip of 'The Fall' (Bedrock Remix) into Quivver - 'One More Time' has been one of the most watched Digweed related videos on youtube for years. Having been to the Southwest and Los Angeles several times I think it is a fitting track for the setting.

Great transition and an overall amazing mix.

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Cannot believe Marc O'Bailey & Tom Hades tune isn't the finisher.

Got to agree with that, one of my favorite tracks recently.

Really like the Maetrik track on this.

Jerome Isma-ae


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One of the first DJ sets I ever heard was Global Underground Athens. It was a bit of a disappointment when I soon realized that DJ mixes like that were the exception and not the norm.