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wtf is going on these days!

R.I.P of my all time faves

great track … ly-crashed


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Quite often allied troops would fail to obtain their objectives or hold them, and the Canadians would be called in to clean up and finish the job - which they typically did.



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Hamas uses schools and hospitals as a place to fire weapons from. Israel returns fire and the world is shocked. A ceasefire is called (ok perhaps Hamas aren't necessarily consulted and signed up to it) but it's basically the israeli's saying "look we're going to stop bombing the shit out of you if you do the same".....this lasts 5 mins and Hamas kick off again.... Israel returns fire and the world is horrified again.

Whether you agree or disagree with motives behind the violence (and we can go back 3000 yrs if needs be to argue the toss about whether the arabs or Jews are the rightful inhabitants of this land) we are where we are but this current bout of violence will go on as long as Hamas wishes it to.


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The soldier was CAPTURED not kidnapped.

yep fair play that was the wrong word to use.......reports are that this occurred during a ruck that occurred whilst the Israeli's carried on destroying the "terrorist tunnels"....something they always said they would do during the "ceasefire" doubt all bullshit as it was reported by western media eh?


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Silly move by Hamas IMO kidnapping the Israeli solider.........great way to undo all that international and social media sympathy as they are now seen as the aggressors and have now allegedly broken two cease fires.....own worst enemy

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The Guard - 9/10

Watching that tonight

that was ok that, enjoyed it

had 2hrs to kill in bradford the other night.......thought I'd give the Purge 2 film a whirl so I rock up wanting to buy a ticket, am confronted with a sign sayig "Box Office Closed, Please Queue at Retail --->" so every fucker and his cousin are queuing up at the popcorn tills buying tickets and natchos etc etc at the same place and of course it's Eid so every fucker in Bradford is out on a post-Ramadan junk food binge, haggling with staff trying to get more fucking cheesy sauce on their nachos "go on man, don't be stingey on the sauce init" member of staff points me toward an ATM round the corner so I leave the queue only to find both ATMs are out of fucking I re-join the 8mile queue as the only white guy in the building fuming coz the film started 15mins ago and these cunts are all in my anyway, when I finally get to my seat I am subjected to the most dull, vacuous piece of shit I've ever had the misfortune to waste 1hr 40mins on.....should have stayed in the queue with the Bimmuls haggling for some more ice cubes in my Orange Tango


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Thanks marcusg. You have been a lot of help. I have no idea what any of the other remarks are about. I expect im victim to some kind of in joke. Anyway thanks again mate, thats me done on this board.

Don't go sad

I was enjoying reading about how shit you are in bed

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super mental in terms of arming and disarming


My mate does Ninjitsu.......he really knows how to pinch someone's nipple

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I always liked;

lol - even the image shows the date on the label as 1997 Yant......Toca Me must have been out during my 1st or 2nd yr at Uni '98 or '99


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terrible business, the musical lark.......treated the missus to see Chicago down the west end a few yrs ago, never again......granted the leggy Doris's in stockings were alright but trying to tell a story via the medium of song is just plain shit

the only thing good thing about that video is the tick yat in the yellow bikini top making her momma proud

The leg. Sweep it.

Karate is for 9yr olds surely?


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Is this the same lot who reckon AIDS is cured by fucking babies?

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right - this is a very 'strudders' question but...

if I've purchased the track do I own the rights?



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religion is gay

wasn't afraid to go against the grain was old Flaresy....certainly no sheep......quite admired the arrogant bomb-proof ego thing, shame about the gargantuan meltodowns though


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Being the hardest man in my primary school...


was this during your summer job as a cleaner?


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Here's a suggestion for Hamas: stop firing the rockets. Crazy, I know. You know how understanding the Yids are when it comes to that shit. Ok, you're holed up in some shithole and some other cunt is living in your spot. Get over it. No sympathy for the Palestinians. Poke the bear and all that. Maybe they should read Pity The Nation and see what that cunt Sharon did in Lebanon. If you're living next door to Fred West the last thing you're gonna do is ask him to mind  your kids for the night.