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Squidgy wrote:

Dennis Wise .

don't know much about the fella, could have been really sound for all i know but he really did LOOK like a cunt though


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...and not one fuck was given....

shaunstrudwick wrote:

sickening that these 'fans' have forced the club into such a climbdown

so it's "sickening" that a premier league club have actually listened to their fans for once? These fans who support their club yet object to getting fleeced in this upward trend in ticket prices that forces anything but the middle/upper classes away from attending?

interesting take on it you have there....

DuFunk wrote:

cross border business.

tbf the artillery trade is probably on the up....

jamie wrote:

I think there was one about the way she loved his hair

they do say love is blind...

jamie wrote:

from what I can see there are all of the Balance, Rennaisance, GU, Nu Breed , 24:7, Early Bedrocks, Yoshiesque etc.

I'm not sure I will ever need to look at my old CD collection ever again.

god yeh scrolling through there's pages and pages of basically everything......bookmarked

Jesus, this Francois K Renaissance 19 effort sounds pretty dismal so far.....glad I swerved that when it came out

Homegrove wrote:

Also try to pick out Kiz in the comments on the intro-video.


jamie wrote:

finding a guy on youtube that has basically uploaded all of the old prog CD's - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxP6H7 … IfKIeTgrGw (Great for those who listen to music all day at work).


excellent find Jamie - looks like a renaissance bukkake party

*reaches for the lube*

Unbroken1 wrote:

...a better song IMO



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Big_Fella wrote:

Wonder what happened to Ronnie Pickering, what a legend!

maybe he wasn't all to blame after all, the "muppet" strikes again:

http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/ll-crack … story.html

Grant wrote:

Did you mean to use that?

I guess not, lol....but you know what I mean

That said, the Rich Lane tongue in cheek one Steely Dan posted does at least have a "chuggy" vibe to it

smashdad wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Just wanted to post this. Saw Black died last month. Amazing tune.

Yeah, I was sad to read that - kind of been overshadowed by other, more famous, deaths - got given that album on my 18th birthday by the then Doris - 'Wonderful Life' is a classic song.

Indeed it is, background to it adds another slant too if you didn't already know about it:

By the end of 1985 I had been in a couple of car crashes, my mother had a serious illness, I had been dropped by a record company, my first marriage went belly-up and I was homeless. Then I sat down and wrote this song called 'Wonderful Life'. I was being sarcastic.

It's not that I dislike the sound, it's rather nice (if a little "backroom" for my tastes on a night out, say).....I just don't get the "chug" moniker, it's hardly onomatopoeic

smallman1 wrote:

and no I'm not in Topman.

lol.....any good?...their drum n brass singles haven't been too bad from what I've heard

dat is well fat izit?

Don't see the point of wasting time watching the same movie again (unless the plot's complex and has bent your head and you feel it's worthwhile going back and piecing it all together - like with Fast n Furious 7, for example), same goes for books....once you're done, move on

reckon she could squat more than purple aki with those thighs/glutes - fair play to her

Not necessarily DJ.....people can be involved in all sorts of other ways (e.g. production, promotion etc).....when you said "myself" I presumed you were involved somehow?

Big_Fella wrote:

I don't like to pigeon hole myself to one sound.

Interested to hear the sounds you generate BF (other than the obvs bodily functions etc).....care to share?

So this is "chug"? Really?......all seems a bit 80's to me.

So not to be confused with chuggy prog then, e.g.:

shaunstrudwick wrote:

i think it's cheap cos the processor isn't very quick - ideally you need a 2.5 Ghz as well as a decent amount of RAM

I'm staggered to say that Strudders is spot on here

The new lad fairly well hung then?

fadass wrote:

Yant, seriously - are you on meth?

8/10 for Creed? I endured it coz my 9 year old son wanted to see it. Absolutely wojious film.  I won't even say anything about it cos I hate to be negative. Lol.

Lol....  wojious ?

...the vintage copies of Fiesta have got to be spread out somewhere after all