Absolutely loved Caribou's latest effort.

smallman1 wrote:

I'm about to give this a whirl -

great set from Kollektiv Turmstrasse

The Golden Girls are huge whores.

the chainsmokers used to "DJ" here in NYC. they're fairly popular amongst mainstream horror people these days.

they played "open format" which is the worst of hip-hop, pop and EDM blended together to form an unholy trinity of ear feces.

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Always been a fan of this

digging this

downloaded this so didn't see any of the horror people, but this set is excellent.

haven't enjoyed a dj set of his this much since his e-mix.

Homegrove wrote:

Allen & Heath if you like bass heavy proper over the ear headphones, Sennheiser otherwise all the way.



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my thread is so much better

That does look like a good thread, thanks BF.

No he doesn't: http://wundergroundmusic.com/real-news- … se-desist/

It counts as three. Trust me.

Oakenfold - 2001 at the Area 1 Festival. Unreal levels of bad.

when he plays he uses special earplugs that are made from powdered money

hashtag sky wocket to hell


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As someone who frequented the GU board back in the day I always felt dystopian board scenarios tend to work themselves out, without much intervention being needed. That being said, banning people for blatantly antagonistic behavior makes sense.

I'm sure if people can refrain from personal attacks, the trolls and self-appointed jesters of the board will eventually cease their attention grabbing shenanigans. Yes, it's a little sad and disturbing that some people create multiple aliases just so they can cause trouble or to be seen, but let them do what they want, while ultimately realizing it's a cry for help.

I help manage a lot of large communities online and if I've learned anything there's always a handful of nutballs and/or interlopers trying to cause trouble or get a rise out of people. You ban the obviously horrible ones and ignore the rest.


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awesome stuff.



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Big Fella wrote:

this was the beginning of the end for sander. world shattering.

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he's progressed quite a bit as a producer. definitely has his own sound.

not everything he does is a winner for me, but he does enough that i pay attention to most of his releases.

weird, because the music he makes is so good.

jamie wrote:

new ame (Frank Weidemann) remix out today.

https://soundcloud.com/sabonavas/alex-b … mann-remix

heard this on mano le tough's set from space. jam.