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liquitech, if you would have continued reading the article you would have learned that it was directed at Israel suggesting that they engage the Palestinians in peace efforts as continued warfare won't solve anything. In fact, the crux of the article centers around the fact that Israel has done very little to engage the Gaza Palestinians in any real diplomatic fashion. But when you see a Jewish name at the top and the NYT you tuned out.

The type of close-mindedness you're espousing is exactly what creates situations like the one in the Middle East.

I'm gonna retire from this thread at this point. It's clear you have some issue with Israel and Jews and this gives you an opportunity to express those beliefs. I sincerely hope at some point you can take an objective look at the situation rather than digging in and relying on rhetoric and hate-fueled opinions.

Have a good one.


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It's not an argument, it's a reality.

The difference between a dictatorship and Israel is Israel is a democracy so not really a very good comparison.

This article articulates my feelings on the situation pretty well:

http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/07/28/op … ;referrer=


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I'm not suggesting you or anyone else on here is pro-Hamas, liquidtech.

I was speaking to the point that Israel is targeting specific elements of Hamas, the same elements that rejected another cease fire today proposed by Palestinian authorities in the West Bank.

All of this is centered around your claim that this is genocide. It's unequivocally not genocide. It's fucked up and sad and horrible but that doesn't make it genocide. It's a country doing what they think they need to do. Whether they actually need to do what they're doing is an entirely different matter.


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I agree quite often the word terrorist is misappropriated and purposefully used to push specific agendas.

I don't think it's being misused when dealing with Hamas though. Their charter is available for everyone to read. It's important to note Hamas is a noted anti-women, anti-gay and anti-religious freedom organization.


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If Israel was blowing everything and everyone up with reckless abandon with the express purpose of wiping out a population that would constitute genocide.

Jihad is considered genocide, which is why Hamas is labeled as a terrorist organization by most of the world.

CTRL-F "Article 13" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas_Covenant


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liquitech1 wrote:

People also use the comparison with Syria, why no outrage etc..

Syria can be argued in the same context if Israel get slapped with sanctions and the US & the Brits arm Hamas.

Or, you know, if actual genocide was taking place. But either or.

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furry wrote:

Just noticed the Duet has a breakout cable for monitors. Not a bad looking kit. Looks like the Focusrite Forte.

They're very similar, in fact the main difference us the Duet is Mac only while the Forte is Mac or PC


Used to have a MOTU 828 back in the day. Solid piece of gear.

I'll also note I was using an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra before.

Probably looking at the Duet 2 for my next interface, unless I move to a bigger space.

Yep. Works a charm.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the Z1 is the ability to use it as an audio interface. You can't have any additional inputs, but it definitely gets the job done.

I've been using my Z1 as an interface for my monitors for a few months now.

Not a perma-solution but it certainly gets the job done and the price is right.

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This one Ed. Bought immediately on Beatport.

https://soundcloud.com/mike-hulme/salt- … eo-preview

This Mike Hulme is rather talented. Another one of his coming soon.


Superb sounds and only heard of him today.

salt lake is a fucking tune


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I tend to agree with that sentiment Uncle Bazza.


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To be clear there are absolutely no hard feelings here, liquidtech. Discussion can breed understanding if done in an open and respectful way.

I hear your points and agree that the media coverage for global events is generally awful.


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I can't speak for anyone else, let alone two culturally diverse populaces half way around the world.

Ultimately though, I do believe everyone wants to be happy, safe, healthy and loved. But hey, I'm just a dirty hippy so what do I know?


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liquitech1 wrote:

Think that's me done with this anyway, apologies if I offended anyone. When people start bringing up 1948 and whose land it really is you know it's time to bail.

I only brought 1948 up to suggest it's a moot point to say Israel is an illegally occupied territory today. The fact is, Israel is a successful and thriving country today. If there's any chance of peace in the area focus needs to be placed on the present and not past transgressions either perceived or real.


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liquidtech, it seems words or facts won't sway your opinion on the matter. All I can say is it's important to actively seek out opinions that aren't in line with yours and see what you turn up. If you dig in and ignore valid points and claims from people who don't share your view you risk losing the ability to discern what's happening with any type of clarity.

To be clear, I'm not pro-Israel and I'm not anti-Palestine. I think both sides have a right to exist in peace and prosperity. That being said, I try to make an earnest attempt at figuring out who is propagating the situation. To me, it's clear both sides share culpability.

If you think my previous post was an indication that Israel is totally justified and doing the right thing, you've misinterpreted my stance on the matter. My main point is to classify this as genocide is categorically false.


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Betoko was getting 20k USD per set I seem to recall his foemer girlfriend saying. Madness indeedy.

You cant beat that sort of cash



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will never get used to it.

cultivate inner-peace then you can start trying to fix everything around you. personally, i'm still working on that first part.


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liquitech1 wrote:

DrWho, the concept of genocide isn't based on numbers FYI. What's happening in Gaza is one of the purest forms of genocide there is. How you can claim what's happening in Gaza is different to Syria, Iraq or the Congo is beyond me. That's absolute rubbish if I'm being honest. Systematic killing goes on there every single day, whether the conflict makes news or not and has been for decades. Based on the reasoning behind it, it would seem you have your wires crossed with what constitutes genocide.

Not suggesting it's based on numbers at all. It's based on a systematic extermination of a group of people based on a trait. There's a lot of terrible shit going on in the Middle East but Israel isn't exterminating Palestinians. There have been enough corroborated reports from the UN that suggest Hamas actively stores weapons and militants in schools, hospitals and UN buildings. There have been more disturbing reports that I won't mention because who the fuck knows if they're true.

Of course, none of of us have been in Gaza to see if civilians are being used as human shields, but let's be absolutely clear Hamas is a militant terrorist organization and is recognized as such by the majority of the world. If you want to see genocide give Hamas the military capabilities of the Israeli army. In the first paragraph of their charter they make very clear that Israel and Israelis need to be wiped off the face of the earth. Even the Arab countries, outside of Iran, have no interest in giving arms to Hamas.

Also, to say that Israel is an illegally held territory at this point is incorrect. There is a long and complicated history surrounding the area but making a statement like that reveals rancor that is hard to ignore. It's important to note that before 1948 the area was essentially desert. Israeli's have become a thriving and innovative people and Israel has become a beacon for scientific and technological advancements around the world.

This isn't Israel flexing its muscle to punish Palestinians. That argument falls apart when you realize there's a ceasefire on the table that Israel has accepted and Hamas continues to reject. Hamas rejects it because of the blockades. Blockades that were set up to prevent suicide and car bombings, which stopped as soon as the blockades were implemented.

Given all of that, to label this as genocide is a snap judgment based on talking points and incorrect information.

I don't have a solution outside of spiking the drinking water in the area with LSD or firing Psilocybin spores into the entire Middle East.

It's sad and my heart goes out to every single person who is affected by the actions of people who have no interest in peace or compassion.


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What's going on in Gaza is terrible, but it's not genocide. What's going on in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Congo and Somalia are examples of genocide.

There's no excuse for the deaths of this many civilians, but it's not as if Israel has unilaterally decided it's time go on a murderous rampage. Unless I'm mistaken the current framework for the ceasefire that Egypt proposed stipulates that if Hamas stops firing rockets into Israel with the express purpose of killing civilians, all hostilities would stop?

There are clearly underlying issues which need to be addressed, the least of which are the blockades, but if all I have to do to stop the deaths of this many people is to lay down my weapons and accept a ceasefire, what reasons would I have not to?


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Mickyd wrote:

drwho, Chris didn't mix Atmospherics V2 that was DBJ, he only did V1.

good catch. enjoyed both of them now that you mention it.

can we resurrect the GU board?


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Big fan.

Still listen to the second Atmospheric Breaks comp he did way back when.


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all respect to charles bradley and sharon jones but stevie wonder is in another class