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i like this because it's new and hasn't been around for a really long time. say, long enough to garner 66M views on youtube. fresh content served up on a platter.

have you thought about blogging for a living mike?


the track with the girl's vox and pitched down response bit is phenomenal

excellent set!


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Thanks for the tips. Useful!

I have the Z1 and X1. Great pieces of gear.

I've actually been using the Z1 as a sound card while I transition to the newest version of my mobile studio.

stylustrouble wrote:

andhim-Electronic Groove Podcast

http://www.electronicgroove.com/index.p … ore/id/449

saw them play in bk last year. only caught the first hour or so of their set but it was solid.

I wouldn't mind a link to the stems if some generous soul feels inclined.



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IMO 5% of club nights out in the city are good. That's clearly based on science.

A lot times the crowd is super rough, and as Marcus mentioned, way too cool for school. Have to think DJ's phone it in a lot of the time based on the vibe.

If there's a local DJ or someone form the underground who doesn't have huge name appeal you can catch a really special night once in a while though. Dixon at Output stands out as the best night I can remember in some time.

Haven't checked out the Verboten club yet, but imagine it will get "sceney" pretty quickly too. Never understood the whole, "I'm not gonna dance thing but just shuffle around and stare at the DJ" thing. Guess it comes with the territory of listening to music that's "cool" now.

Because of the whole NYC club vibe I tend to go out a lot less and try to be extremely selective about where and when. The real shame is the places with the best sound systems are usually the roughest in terms of the crowds.

Mix on the 1 beat

Mind Against
Jon Charnis

Definitely Hannu.

Surprisingly refreshing take on AI that both sexes can appreciate.

"Her" - 8.4/10

"Wolf of Wall Street" - 7/10

"American Hustle" - 6.3/10

Well you know what they say Dermo, the most important thing about music is the pants.

Enjoyed this quite a bit

Sometimes I make mixes.

Here's proof.



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Would love to hear that out!

master sound designer

I figured for someone who doesn't listen to electronic music he serves as a pretty good starter kit.

I sound designed the shit out of that playlist.

Here's what I ended up with. Fairly mainstream stuff, but wanted to go as accessible as possible so as not to scare the person away. Again, most of these are tracks from the past two years.

1. Slacker - A Million Dreams
2. Downtown Party Network - Space Me Out (Mario Basanov Remix)
3. All Day I Dream - Fur Die Liebe
4. Saturn Never Sleeps - Take It Out (Sean Thomas Drumsong Remix)
5. Maceo Plex - Can’t Leave You
6. Maceo Plex - Your Style (Maceo Plex Re-Visit)
7. Marc DePulse - I Am Music ft. Debbizo (Nicolas Masseyeff Long Pressure Dub Remix)
8. Maceo Plex - Jon Dasilva - Love Somebody Else feat. Joi Cardwell
9. Pure Land - Your Love
10. Pachanga Boys - Time
11. N’to - The Sand Dealer
12. TV On The Radio - Will Do (Mylo Remix)
13. Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

I'd say go with whatever you want. Basically trying to program a playlist, so whatever floats your boat goes on there.

If you had to choose 10-15 songs for an introductory playlist for someone who hasn't listened to your particular breed of electronic music, what's your set look like?

Working on this now but only using songs from that past few years and it's been both awesome and difficult to do. I'm also cheating and throwing in things like Brian Eno's, "An Ending (Ascent)." If I ever finish this I'll post what I come up with...

Fantastic effort! Really really good comp.

No, but played out a few times already. Most notably on Burridge's Burning Man set. Monster of a tune.