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steelydan wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

Talking about the media, sky news has as a top story right now  the flotilla of Russian ships passing through the English channel.

This totally innocuous manoeuvre that has happened countless times before is top new, why?  Could it be they want to stir up the threat from east amongst the public?


Saw them earlier at Dungeness

Looked like it was on fire when it passed me.Big pile of shite imo

Ah Ok to be fair many brain cells have died since then but I can remember one about nuclear war.Scared the fucking shit out me.

Great thread btw Mono

Dermatron wrote:

Does anyone remember the information film at close of play on BBC in the 80's? It used to show a derelict castle with noises of the battle field from an English civil war ? Had some spooky music with it too. never been able to find it on youtube.

Vaguely remember something to do with nuclear war I think.


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The TV networks in the US really could do with Jeremy Paxman asking the questions

I made cherry clafoutis last night

Which was nice


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When I was a kid Halloween always meant fireworks were readily available from the Spar down the road.Telephone boxes were a favourite target.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

And that is my last contribution to this thread.


Yeah big let down all round last night.Was expecting a barn stormer


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As BF is no longer with us(RIP BF)take it to the sticky lads

loopdokter wrote:
Boring wrote:

Loops has had a tough year. It would be great if we could make this happen in time for Easter.

Thanks mate.  I'm genuinely touched by this sentiment.  I made it clear to those who contributed why I couldn't come and people were cool with that.  I will come over at some point and your money will be well spent.

The last court I'm going to sit in and be tried is one run by a keyboard warrior sitting in Sydney, who thinks that everything is wrong with the world when he says it is.

For those of you who felt they were ripped off, I'm more than happy to offer up a few of my tracks or one of the few remaining 12" promos I have of my track 'Fade To Black'.  They should total about 1/16th of your contribution, but...

I didn't contribute to this fiasco but could I have a signed photo please

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

That Job Jobse mix that the Yantster posted in Mixes. A really lovely mix, and the best Job Jobse mix since the last Job Jobse mix I listened to yonks ago. Which I can't remember the name of. Or year in fact.

Actually, as I was talking to myself in the mirror this morning and listening to this mix in the background, I recalled the time I ate bacon for the first time since coming back from a 15 year meat free exile. I was then rudely interrupted by the cleaner at the business hotel I am staying at. Still thinking of that wonderful crispy bacon taste, I opened the door only to realise that my Yukata was untied. So there I stood in all glory to a shocked nenpai woman who then apologised and scurried away down the hallway.

Fuck this shit. I'm off to buy a tonkatsu butty at Lawsons.

Lol Wasabi nuts?

Do you work in Glasgow ?

Think I'll have a couple of battered sausages for lunch

Lol,you've got a deep fat fryer in your office?


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So Matt and Ed then


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Lol,tastes of pineapples

Hop_Head wrote:
ukhursty wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Thoughts and prayers for Dermo/Dave's wives families.

Rocking the Thai brides?

What do you reckon?  Do you think that might have been the joke he was making?  I know it was subtle and you had to put the pieces together like a brain damaged Columbo but do you reckon that might have been the point?  Hey I know, let's spell it out just in case anyone else struggled as hard as we did to get there.  And chuck a question mark on the end to cover our ass if we've blown it.

Fuck me swinging, that's fingernails down a blackboard that comment.

Lol, when we getting the updated board rankings HH? Surely there has been some serious movement this summer.

Can the mods start dishing out yellow and red cards in here.Starting with Yant and Smalls

Hahaha so how about Mark Sampson then Yanty? He knows the stucture and roadmap.


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Is it alright if my mate has a go?
Yeah no probs


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Yant wrote:

Think Southgate is the best person for the job.  And the FA should put any debate about the next manager to bed right now too - whoever takes over as U21 coach moves up into the top job once Southgate's reign is over.

No debate.
No lack of clarity.
Everyone knows exactly where they stand and proper progress can start to be made to try to shape English international football for a change.

The U21 job is about knowing and understanding the next generation of talent that comes through.  Like Southgate, the position gives the coach the opportunity to learn the job and understand what it takes.

AIDS Boothroyd then by your reckoning Yant Lol

Take the pooch down Camber quite often


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Who you supporting on Nov11th Grant?


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Think he was talking to Liquitech HG

The only diving you'll see at Sandals resort is muff diving when the resort is overrun when a shed load of American swingers turn up for the week