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Fair do's to Spuds for finally growing a set of balls tonight.Bit late mind

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P.s any slight teasers for the new Red Dead?  smile



Aye,when does this hit the streets?


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Think I've found BFs new Twitter account


Haha BF's missus was a scouser iirc.

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Do foreign police treat all English fans like this when they go abroad?

Not sure if anyone can give a totally comprehensive answer to that mate - I certainly can't.

I would suggest that it would depend hugely on which club was travelling abroad, where they were going and how high-profile the game was.

There's no doubt that at both club and national level the English fans abroad made a massive fucking rod for their own backs in the '80s.  I know West Ham had a proper tear-up in Sicily with Palermo a while back - Chelsea and Man Utd have had skirmishes in Europe over the last few years - and maybe Dermot might be able to offer some thoughts on Leeds visits to Istanbul a few years back...?

I think there's an important distinction to keep in mind though - the difference between two 'firms' having an organised back-street tear-up and ticketless fans storming a turnstile.

However much anyone enjoys, or is horrified by, the idea of two firms using a fixture as an opportunity to meet up and smash fuck out of each other away from the stadium, it is a wholly different behaviour to travelling without a ticket but with the intention of storming a turnstile and deliberately over-crowding a stadium resulting in legitimate ticket holders being deprived of access or, God forbid, worse...

For both reasons - organised tear-ups and turnstile jumping - travelling English crowds did get tarred with the same brush - different country's police forces seem to take different approaches - by and large though football is much more sanitised now than it was 20+ years ago - be interesting to see how the Euros go off this summer...

Think the authorities will be more focused on terrorism than hooliganism this summer


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Loops still in denial after all these years

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..how has Kiz not been outed as a massive piss taker alias yet?


Probs to Milky for not rising to it


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I thought it was a three strikes and your out.BF only had two.

It's all about sticking the ball in the back of the net lol


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Smelling of germolene tomorrow at work Grant?


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That young doctors choir can fuck right off

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I'm not sure what evidence bar staff from surrounding pubs could have given to assist with the enquiry, Ed, other than to say that they were serving alcohol to football fans who were drinking / drunk before the game, as they do, week in, week out. Unless I'm missing something here?

Ed wouldn't know about this, he drinks hot chocolate you know

Having another vigil today


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We've lost so many already this year sad

If Liverpool win the Europa Cup will he be allowed back Simon?


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Gareth Bale really was at the back of the queue when the looks were being given out,bless him


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Now remember to eat all your dinner Ed or you won't be allowed out after

Celebrating outside all smoking their fags


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As long as they are tinted enough that your missus can't see you lerching at the clunge by the pool is a win in my books.

File next to Sarah Harding

Lol is Brian Harvey still in a wheelchair?


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I was never much one for the whole "fantasy" genre, but Game of Thrones is totally different. Yes, there is magic and dragons, but the really interesting part is the politics between the families. What house is loyal to another, who is double crossing, etc. All the politics involved and whatnot. They do a great job developing characters and giving them (for the most part) very intricate story arcs.

Loosely based on the war of the roses

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Just imagining a 90 yr old ring piece.

Rusty sheriffs badge?

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

No sign of Yant in this thread now. Hope is OK and makes a full recovery. neutral

He's getting raped in the footy thread smile

Lol Bet Milner slipped him some Ket and milked his mahoosive cock

Aye,we know the players like the Thai ladies too


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Dave Benson Phillips still keeping busy then