Good to see Cahill taking on the role of Terry lol

It fell from the sky.

Here's my prediction

1 Man Utd
2 Man City
3 Arsenal
4 Chelsea
5 Spurs
6 Everton

Could start his own ladies footy team

I'd get my eyes stiched up so I don't have to read anymore of your clap trap.

seanc80 wrote:

I bet you Ed Smallman's favourite dish is a Korma.

His arse could handle a vindaloo the amount of cock it's seen.

Quickly followed by a Malibu and Cherryade lol

Wally wrote:

Or better yet - don't bother - you literally have a line from your campaign to turn the whole board against smallman as your signature.

To be fair Ed does this mostly by himself.

steelydan wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

125 bone for Champion? Am i missing some vital info here coz Champion is found in Sports Direct and alike for quids as far as im aware.

Back from the dead with the likes of Justin Bieber rocking it.

See Diadora and Ellesse also.

Next it'll be Russell Athletic back from the dead.

British Knights and Troops lol

Have you tried le coq sportif Dave?

Yeah agreed

More of this and less of the trifle Ed



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Or perhaps he didn't want his name associated with such a horrible club.

Lol sign for Chelsea or sign for Juves greatest rivals.

Surprised Smallcock isn't going to be in attendance at this one .


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So both Spuds fans on here have thrown a hissy fit and resigned from the board?

Says it all really

Lukkif-Mine Hender(Be Svendsen mix)

Get the feeling GRH lives with the fuckin hippies man.

Love a Alabama Hot Pocket now and again


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Half empty cause they're still trying to park the cars.


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Lol for Fletch

What's the gig called 'Scissor Fest'?


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smallman1 wrote:

I have to be honest, I sent round the article here at work and the creative director almost fell off his chair laughing.

Being serious.

When you were handing out the brews?


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Lol so will Costa still be at Chelsea now Lukaku told them to bite it? Bit of an embarrassment really.

Only cause Bonnuci and Chiellini told you to fuck off lol

fadass wrote:

I had a champagne lifestyle? Should have appreciated it more. Lol.

The trick is not to have no money, I would say. Might get a gig in B&Q 20 hours a week as one of the oul lad 'experts'... I'm shite at DIY though.

Remember if some cunt comes in and asks for decking Fads don't hit them lol.


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That paddy reporter he was flirting with looks scarily like his daughter.