Can't believe I'm paying good money to be manhandled & dance in a Manchester carpark mid December.

I'll never learn.

Fuck this

"But it expects its licence, according to the application, to insist on at least four police officers - plus a drugs dog - at every night.

There would be a drugs amnesty box as part of what it describes as a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to illegal susbstances"

smallman1 wrote:

Jamie XX is great, saw him at Field Day and he was ace.

Leon Vynehall is well worth checking out too, all hustle and bustle house with a jagged edge to it.

If you've got Spotify then fairly sure this is on there - … x?id=14522

Cool, thanks Smalls. I've been fretting about it a bit as it's going to cost a packet (flying over from Ireland).

Pretty much every gig I go to these days is prog / tech house, so perhaps something different is what I need.

Will be full of chicks though

That Talabot track is really nice.

The line up looks pretty good overall.


I don't know much about Pangaea, Leon Vynehall or Jamie XX. Watched JamieXX's Boiler Room set this morning and wasn't impressed at all - too urban.

I'm heading over for the Jamie XX & Jon Hopkins night on the 12th December. Would much rather go to the Innervisions show the following night but it's not my mates cup of tea.

Don't think I can handle Jamie XX though. Are there other DJs on in other rooms or is it just one big venue ?

Big Fella wrote:

What difference does the closing time make if you cannot handle a full evenings merriment?

I peak too early

Cool, thanks.

Heading over to this in December but dont know if I can handle it if it goes on til 7/8 in the morning.

What time does it normally close at ?

Do we really have to give Hannu a hard time? He's giving his own time up to moderate this board, so we should respect that. The board has definitely improved, but the moderators need to keep the zero tolerance up until the trolls give up and go away.


Do you not think this decision may be a bit rash? The negativity is only a small part of what is a very informative, fun forum.

Suggestion: Let this sticky be a stern warning. If the problem persists then, yes maybe the forum should be shut down.

Kind regards,

Brian Price
Dublin, Ireland.

smallman1 wrote:

The Coke Zero of the prog world is Guy J.



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Nice mix chap. Groovy!

mullykid wrote:
Pricer wrote:

Jesus! relax fellas, it's not that bad, theres definitely a few decent tracks on the mix. He's just very patchy these days, probably doen't have the drive anymore. Thought his Mixmag covermount last summer proved that he can still do it if he tries.

Agreed. His Mixmag and BBC6 mix were excellent. I have heard some great reports of gigs recently, so maybe this was a poor choice.

Roll on Sasha in Dublin this August. I'm taken my top off for that one.

Jesus! relax fellas, it's not that bad, theres definitely a few decent tracks on the mix. He's just very patchy these days, probably doen't have the drive anymore. Thought his Mixmag covermount last summer proved that he can still do it if he tries.


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I love Bottom.

Just saw on the Facebook comment section that Sasha was booed by the crowd & had ice cubes thrown at him in Tampa last week because "he wasn't dropping it"

I'm about 40 mins in and really enjoying it.


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BedRob wrote:

Looks like a right mucky cunt, bet she would take a shit on my coffee table

Ha ha, you'd still plow her though.

I'm enjoying the CD. I like the way it builds slowly unlike previous Live In releases where its straight in. Feels a bit more more like a studio mix album.

I'm not familiar with a lot of the tracks either, but here's a Deetron interview on the track selection. Some of the tracks are quite old. … fabric-76/

Any time I've seen him live I've had a ball.

I've always had a soft spot for Deetron and his new Fabric release looks exciting:

Tracklist – fabric 76
01 Johnny Blas - Picadillo (Carl Craig's Breakdown Version) [Ubiquity]
02 Jaime Read - Timewave [Fragmented]
03 Baba Stiltz - Palats [Studio Barnhus]
04 SoulPhiction - Mind & Body [Philpot]
05 DJ Sneak - Who's Knocking [Magnetic]
06 Juxta Position - Mercy [Misstress]
07 Redshape - Finizh [Running Back]
08 Ripperton - Searchin 4 You [Tamed Musiq]
09 Greg Beato - Who’s The Licho In Charge Ovaa Here [Apron]
10 Tom Trago - Elite [Rush Hour]
11 Seven Davis Jr. - One [Must Have Records]
12 Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Timeline [Underground Resistance]
13 Afefe Iku feat. Osunlade - Bodydrummin [Yoruba]
14 Marquis Hawkes - Honey Kisses [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
15 Gemini - New Style Of [Peacefrog]
16 Presk - Rais [Ten Thousand Yen]
17 Ondo Fudd - There Will Be A Time [The Trilogy Tapes]
18 Four Tet & Terror Danjah - Nasty [Text]
19 Seiji - More Of You [Seijimusic]
20 E-Dancer - The Move [KMS]
21 Moderat - Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [50WEAPONS]
22 Caribou - Irene [City Slang]
23 Joe - Slope [Hessle Audio]
24 Atoms For Peace - Before Your Very Eyes… [XL]
25 Function - Falling The Same Way (Dommune Version) [Sandwell District]
26 Design A Wave - Weird F [No ‘Label’]
27 Juxta Position - Mercy (Loop) [Misstress]
28 Nils Frahm - Says [Erased Tapes]


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Many Irish pubs are franchises. They have standarised designs, furniture road signs and artwork.

The whole thing is a fucking sham.

Digweed's Live in CDs are the only mix comps I buy these days.

My CD collection is beginning to lose variety.