The Structures 2 Live Mix is still getting a regular play in my house after four years.

The Philogresz track (Isolated Funk Ensemble - Sarah Goldfarb Remix) still blows my mind.


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This is what I love about this board; you get turned on to DJs you never even heard of before.

Just listened to Jobse's RA mix, which is also good. … job-jobse/

Turns out he's playing Dublin on 19th Sept. I may just go to that.

cheers for posting. Really enjoying this one.

Fur Coat's Balance comp is pretty good too.

First half is good. Second half is outstanding.


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The "sticks" he uses on the piano frame are actually toilet brushes......

poirot wrote:

Didn't you lot used to blow up cars and dustbins amongst innocents going about their day, Pricer?

Yeah, and it was terrible. I'm a man of peace.

Listen, I love Britain, its culture and values.

It just bugs me when I see this British moral authority - when so much of the current problems in the middle east are the direct result of overt and covert British and American foreign policy.

Britain funds the Syrian terror groups, then jails people for supporting them. You Brits are hilarious. … rlin-gildo

First Art Department release since Kenny Glasgow departed.

I've had it on repeat for a few days now, and it's a pretty solid mix. … tment-news

This is a really good mix. South Beach, Fabric 82 and Balance presents Fur Coat should keep me going for the rest of the Summer.

Today's Transitions has a few killer tracks in it. I quite liked the Charlie May track - Pusckhah. Trippy.

Romboy's mix is savage.

Man, that Ultra Festival venue looks incredible..........

Felix the House crap

Well, that was a splendid night.

DuFunk wrote:

Could make the trip down seeing the euro is so weak at the moment!  Never been whats the venue like?

The venue is in the heart of the Temple Bar area. I like the club, sound system is not amazing but its a good layout over two floors - nice and compact.


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The period from Slow Train Coming to Empire Burlesque is my favorite Dylan.

Jokerman is his masterpiece.

Back to the CD, I'm going to buy this as its a good listen, a really interesting concept and the subject matter is very relevant.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Will you be able to do a Dial-A-Booze at 7am on a Sunday morning? Or if that fails, take a wander down into a 'working' class terrace house street, knock on somebody's living room window and buy a 3/4 of a bottle of vodka from their living room class cabinet bookcase at an extortionate price? Pricer?

It's highly unlikely the occupier would sell a stranger a bottle of vodka at that hour.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

The question is Pricer: would YOU play it at an after party though?

I really don't know. I guess I better have an afterparty to find out.

zackster wrote: … g-20140903
new interview by the great man.

Thanks for posting the interview, really enjoyed it. So, he's autistic. Makes sense I suppose.

Love his comment on his neighbour's flowers, made me laugh.

Finally got a chance to take a listen to this.  Its really good and what I was expecting at all. The Capoeira track is a stand out for me.

Didn't Warner Bros buy the movie rights for the Traveller? I wonder if Digweed & Muir's tracks will be used?

Delighted to hear he was good. Still top class


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Obama also plans to fight Ebola with airstikes while arming "moderate" Ebola.


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BedrockMysteryMod wrote:
dogmanstar888 wrote:

Just out of curiosity why was Dermo Official banned?

The name was a newly added alias. We have a zero tolerance approach to aliases.

The forum member concerned has been given a leave of absence until the month end under the two know user existing names (other user names have been culled).

That's insane. These people need their head examined.


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dogmanstar888 wrote:

Just out of curiosity why was Dermo Official banned?

Nothing serious, things just got a bit out of hand and I guess he needed a breather.

He seems to know his stuff when it comes to electronica, so good to have him back.