Limited advance tickets now on sale NOW for just £10 plus booking fee via these links:



Room2Move returns on the August Bank holiday weekend, Sun 24th August for the second installment of their summer residency at Clapham’s Arch 635, with another big headliner, this time the phenomenal Bedrocker, KING UNIQUE!

Arch 635 occupies two arches underneath Clapham High St Overground station, just up the High St from the ‘South West Four’ festivities taking place that weekend. Maybe you’re coming for a post festival mash-up; maybe you’re heading south after a fun day at Notting Hill Carnival or maybe you’re just waiting to start your bank holiday weekend fashionably late? Whatever the reason, Room2Move wants YOU to come party with us!

Check out our line-up:

Anthony Yarranton (Room2Move/Proton Music & Radio)
John O'Connor (Room2Move/Stripped Digital)
Andy Green (Room2Move Debut)

Here’s a preview to Anthony’s forthcoming new single out soon on Dopamine Music:

New Room2Move resident John O’Connor was interviewed by Decoded Magazine very recently, read it here and check out his sounds! … room2move/

Neil Browne (Detone)
Andy Woods (DARKND)
Warren Mooney (Twisted Audio)
Chris Richardson (Axon Recordings/Stripped Digital)

Room2Move Presents KING UNIQUE + guests
Arch 635: 15-16 Lendal Terrace Clapham. SW4 7UX
8pm – 3am

**Strictly limited capacity, this event is likely to sell out in advance**

Limited advance tickets now on sale NOW for just £10 plus booking fee via these links

DECODED MAGAZINE: … ng-unique/

**Room2Move Radio, 4th Monday of every month, midnight BST. Hosted by Anthony Yarranton and Guests

Room2Move Social Media
Facebook: … 06?fref=ts


(197 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion)

I would echo a few others' replies on this thread by suggesting a moderator would indeed be a very good idea. Whether that's feasible for the Bedrock budget to commission or whether there's someone trustworthy enough with a bit of spare time on their hands to do the moderator's job voluntarily is ultimately up to the boss himself to decide.

I certainly hope this forum doesn't go- it's an amazing platform to discuss our passion for underground electronica as well as promoting more up-and-coming artists and event promoters who are the key to keeping this music movement alive.

Hey folks,

Fellow London Bedrockers will no doubt remember Room2Move's appearances at the 2012 and 2013 Bedrock Anniversary parties at Fire where we had the likes of Ashley Casselle, Siblings, Disco Geeks, Blue Amazon and Scotty A and a host of local guests joining resident Anthony Yarranton on the decks. You may also remember us from NYE's "Last Night on Earth" party at Brixton Academy too, with Scotty A and Guy Williams with us.

Well, we're back this summer for our first gig of 2014 at Clapham's Arch 635, we're back doing our own thing and we're kicking off the first of our appearances here with none other than the first lady of house music herself LOTTIE plus Manumission and Renaissance DJ JAYESS and Italy's USUL aka Plastic Pippo. Joining Anthony Yarranton as additional resident for Room2Move in 2014 is John O'Connor.

Here's the full line-up:

* Lottie (The Gallery/We Love Space)
* Anthony Yarranton (Room2Move/Proton Music & Radio/Dopamine)
* John O'Connor (Room2Move/Stripped Digital/Mirabils)

* Jayess (Manumission/Renaissance)
* Usul (Plastic Pippo)

Advance tickets just £8 + bf available from This is Progressive (soon to be Decoded Magazine) and Resident Advisor

Decoded Magazine: … 5-clapham/

Resident Advisor:

Room2Move has also started a monthly radio show on Proton Radio, hosted by Anthony Yarranton- tune in on the 4th Monday of each month at midnight (UK BST)

Cracking little knees-up that was last night, eh?

Thanks to all those who took the time to check out the Room2Move arena last night. Well chuffed at all the nice feedback from people, it's what makes doing all this worthwhile.

We'll be working with LocknLoad for another massive club party, our last of 2013, keep you're eyes peeled, will announce shortly!

Thanks also for the "entertaining" banter and what-not on here- glad to see a group of like minded Bedrock fans can have sensible, mature and inoffensive dialogue with one another............oh wait........

Folks- there's some great restaurants and bars located in the Area.

Restaurants: I highly recommend you try out Pico Bar and Casa Madeira. They're actually both owned by the same company (Madeira Patisserie) and have similar menus. The cuisine is predominantly Portuguese, with some classic Spanish tapas dishes as well, excellent value for money- a load of us ate last year prior to Bedrock and the bill for food and wine was just £15! Wine list is nearly all Portuguese and and someone who works full time in the London wine trade, I can tell you their list is pretty good for the area. There's also a really cool place by your beloved Tesco Express called Brunswick House, very quirky decor and antiques all dotted around, you can't miss it!!

Pub- wise:  there's The Rose up near Hidden Nightclub,just past the petrol garage and also The Black Dog which is across Spring Gardens behind the railway line. Most of the others in the area (this is Vauxhall don't forget) are gay pubs/bars and that yours truly wouldn't dare venture into, let alone you lot!

See you tomorrow smile

Again, funny.

Squidgy wrote:
john-on-amonday wrote:

You're really digging a hole

Oh come on... You're not getting away with that

Hahaha, funny.

Thanks for the kind words!

Look, if you know your modern music history, you'll know most, if not all the really (I mean really) old skool house dj's are gay, Tenaglia, Frankie Knuckles all that crew are. it was gays who invented disco and clubbing back in the early 70's in New York that evolved into the music and culture we all know so well today!

Funnily enough, I saw Tenaglia at Egg recently, 1st time in ages I have gone to a club in London with a truly "mixed" crowd. Everyone was cool with each other, no attitude, no prejuduce against gays, the gays there were non-scene so had no attitude against all the "straights". Why? They were there to ENJOY THE MUSIC. Mr Tenaglia played from 3am right through to about 10.30am, the bloke's pushing his mid-50's, yet his music was as fresh and infectious as ever.

As many of you know the club has a late license and is owned by Trade (yes a gay night) founder Lawrence Malice, founder of the 24hour licence which he worked on with Turnmills to get London and the UK's first ever 24 hour music license- a fucking legend if you ask me!! How often do you hear of Tenaglia playing in the UK? Hardly ever!!!!! Only a very select few can convince him to come to London for a gig nowadays, I can tell you.

It's so rare to be around such cool people in one venue these days (especially Egg which can attract some right lairy/chavvy folk at times, sadly) and I sincerely hope the sort of crowd that I witnessed that night at Egg with Tenaglia (and at every Bedrock party I've been to in London, I should add) will be the same or at least very similar at this coming Bedrock on Sat.

To the bell-ends who have made KNOBS of themselves (oh the irony) on here, who intend on coming this Sat, I have a message for you: BEHAVE YOURSELVES, DROP THE ATTITUDE and just ENJOY THE MUSIC!!!

Cheers smile

Thanks for the support guys, I'm quietly confident the messages I have conveyed on here are the right ones!

Looking forward to (hopefully) meeting you and more importantly, gauging your feedback on my arena and the party as a whole. It's you guys, the punters, who make the effort to come along and support in the numbers you do that keep these parties going, loving the music and keeping the scene alive!

The dance floor awaits......
smile smile

Ok- I have spoken to Lock n Load this morning, last entry to this event is 3am but obviously try and arrive well before that and make the most of your night fella!

Look forward to seeing you there smile

Hi mate, you should be ok but will check with the venue and LocknLoad for you. The event is going until at least 7am, if not later if it remains busy.

Whatever- It's probably safe to assume, the phrase written directly under that thumb logo on your profile probably sums up the kind of person you are. Your use of small phrases and use of pictures instead of intelligently constructed sentences and paragraphs shows you're perhaps not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to literacy. If you've bothered to read previous posts within this thread, you'll have seen for yourself that there have indeed been other remarks pertaining to that kind of slander that you've exhibited and where others might just take it on the chin, I for one am not going to put up with it. I've stated quite clearly who I am, unlike you hiding behind your little alias. Who (or what) the fuck are you exactly?

I have just come onto this messageboard to tell people about why I am delighted and privileged to be part of this great event for the 2nd year in a row. There is just no need for pathetic, childish, tit-for-tat comments from you and some (not all) of your like-minded (or rather small-minded) punters on here. Bedrock is a dance music label and nightclub event, lets get real and get on with making it special.

Look- I don't get paid for what I'm doing, I'm doing this for the love and passion for the music that Bedrock (and it's peers) does so brilliantly as well the DJ's/producers I have working with me at Room2Move, a night I started 2 years ago in my spare time to give the scene (which has given me so much happiness and new friendships over the past decade and a half)  something back as my way of offering a contribution instead of just having a take-take-take attitude, which so many people sadly do.

The last thing I want to see (both as a promoter and a clubber) is attitude from people, especially when quality club nights and the following for good quality underground dance music is on the decline. Sadly there's too much bad attitude going on these days as people (both industry and punters) are involved in this game for the wrong reasons. I can only speak from my experience but I'm confident this opinion of mine resonates beyond yours truly.

Tell me "Dermo", what are YOUR reasons for being involved in this thread and the dance music scene as a whole? I (and I'm sure many  others reading this) are dying to hear more of your "wisdom". If that's too difficult for you then may I suggest you, at the very least, have a look at yourself before judging others.

Dermo wrote:

Wow, yet another sweeping generalisation about gay people. You're really digging a hole for yourself, aren't you.

Dermo wrote:

John-on-amonday sounds like he may have directed strangers off a message board to a separate entrance before.

I'm sorry?!

What is that supposed to mean? I'm just doing my job to promote my arena and the event as a whole for Lock'n'Load events and for Bedrock.

There's really no need for comments like that. I think I have mentioned before on here just how shocked I am at the comments and language I have seen posted on this message board, this is surely not what this was set up and intended for. It's easy to hide behind aliases online and start mouthing off, isn't it?

Now lets grow up and remember this is an amazing record label and party, not a fucking schoolyard.

Peace x

Big Fella wrote:

Seems too good to be true that offer.

Well it is true, so there! wink

Hi folks, I'm the promotor of Room2Move, I'm delighted to be hosting for the second year running for the Bedrock Anniversary party, this year we're in the Fire lounge, which is adjacent to the Bedrock main room. Once again, Room2Move has assembled a cracking line-up to join 3 arenas of Bedrock's finest plus my counterparts over at Cue Events are showcasing their stuff too.

Blue Amazon
Scotty A
Anthony Yarranton
Disco Geeks
Tangerine DJ's (Justin Steel vs Dave Ritchie

Folks, if you or any of your friends happen to be chasing tickets for this forthcoming Bedrock event, I'm pleased to inform you that I have a dozen or so DISCOUNTED £15 tickets remaining. The online price has now risen to £20 + bf as of last Thurs, the event WILL SELL OUT, so save your money and get in touch if you're chasing some!

With our physical tickets not only will you benefit from a little monetary saving, you'll also be directed to a separate entrance via the Protocol and Lightbox side of the venue, the queue (if last year was anything to go by) will be significantly shorter, meaning you'll be on the dancefloor before you know it!

I'll be in the London area all this weekend and into next week, happy to post multiple tickets out via recorded mail if you live further afield on receipt of pre-payment. My contact details are below:

John McGeehan
07906 416 896

Cheers smile

millsy23 wrote:

I'm playing at the opening of the new Tesco Express over the road from Fire. These muppets that play clubs and bars are unaware of the gold mine on their doorsteps.

Hahaha- funny. I must say, not impressed with the sound and lighting in Tesco. They need to sort that out, "every little helps"!!

Morning all!

Event page info for the Room2Move arena on Facebook, show some love and tell us you're coming!

Yep, see you Oct 5th- enthusiastically as ever!

I was only joking, lads.

Just be nice and talk about good music, that's all I'm saying smile

GazCloud wrote:

Oh... My... Fu(king... God...
I thought the room 1 line up was hot.  And now I find Blue Fu(king Amazon are playing?!
John-on-amonday, your room looks sh!t hot.  This is massive news... and thank you!

PS- thanks Gaz, I can't wait for this, even as a punter, Bedrock's October party is my favourite night out of the year! See ya on the dancefloor smile smile

My God you guys are worse than gays, stop all your bitching, geeeezzz!

Be nice to one another, this is a clubbing forum for God sake!!! wink

...and hey Presto.....I'll let someone else finish that sentence.

Really????!! Here's a little bio for you, fella wink

★ BLUE AMAZON (Convert Recordings/Jackpot Records)
Lee Softley is one half of Blue Amazon and is a true veteran of the scene. He got his break way back in 1994 with B.A’s debut single “Four Seasons”, on legendary label “Jackpot Records” which gained huge acclaim from the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha and John Digweed. This was then followed by the no.1 club smash hit “No Other Love” feat Vicky Webb on vocals. A debut album “The Javelin” came soon after and released on Sony records to worldwide acclaim and a Blue Amazon Mix album recorded for the USA’s Nokturnel Sessions. More recent releases included the deep house inspired “Fire Trax EP” and the tech-house slammer “Unite”, with support coming from the likes of Robert Owens and Carl Cox!

Lee’s style and approach to DJ’ing is very much progressive in the true sense of the word. He can blend house, tech-house, techno and prog-trance in an intricate, yet highly entertaining manner, which can stimulate and delight any crowd he plays for. His mixing style is inspired from the old hip-hop scene where he can effortlessly blend two records to become one and this high standard is always incorporated and executed in his sets. Lee has played at some of the UK and indeed the world’s biggest events including Tribal Gathering, Creamfields, Phoenix, Northern Exposure, Renaissance, Ministry of Sound and of course Bedrock! Overseas gigs include Sydney’s Habbit and Chinese Laundry; Heaven Gardens in Germany, Oslo Music festival, Norway, The Vibrato festival and Vibes in India. It is a real treat having this true stalwart of the progressive scene play for us.

You guys make me laugh!!!

B.A. will play what's relevant (I'm confident of that) plus a few club classics, if we're lucky! He'll playing the last set, not 9pm, so things will build up nicely for him.