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Homegrove wrote:

I'm anti-both.

Straight in there. No messing. Hannu says he hates both Muslims and Jews.

Homegrove wrote:

If Hamas had the upper hand technologically........

He follows it up with a sly implication that muslims are thick.

Homegrove wrote:

..... and moneywise they'd be just as happy to kill jewish women and children.

Then finishes it off with the obligatory "Jewish are tight with their money" comment.

Hannu - the racists' racist.

You gonna lose with Mister Booze!

Jamie, I keep getting you and Joey confused.

Are you the one with a wife who works in the pet shop supply chain industry?

fadass wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

If you enjoy ruining your face, skin, health and relationships Fadas be my guest, but don't sneer at others who don't choose that route.

Fucking Peter Schmeichel head on you. Lol.

My gypsy skin is in great nick but you're right about the relationships bit.

Drink is a convenient excuse for a failed relationship. Often it's because she turned into a mentaller.

Many of you lot criticise people who watch Eastenders and X-factor yet you choose to watch absolute dross at the cinematorium. It doesn't make sense.

The parents can be excused although at some point you need to move them away from Pixar and on to Studio Ghibli.


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Decent broadband and decent schools will put a stop to it.

Some of his insults were crap - "Grunt" being the worst.

Why is everybody talking as if he's gone?

Flares was a great board member who freely offered up loads of ammunition. You can't wind a guy up about his weed addiction, poor parenting, failed career/unemployment, Team truth membership, dodgy bowels and sexting busty black nurses then call for him to be banned when he implodes.

I bet dollars to donuts that if you unbanned him the aliases would stop and he'd behave himself.

Amps wrote:

You'll need more than the lights out here, your lookin at a full new identity and surgery Si.

Simon Weston?

Vicky Pickles wrote:

Leave him alone...he can't help being wierd!

She can have a lol for that.

Amps wrote:

Don't post on here at work.

Thank me later.

Presto's fucked if his work colleagues find this forum.

A simple google of "Simon Preston Brighton" brings this place up on the front page.

Presto wrote:
Mr Boring wrote:
Presto wrote:


Nice one. How long is your probation?

3 months. So I'm hoping I don't fuck up enough that they deem me worth keeping on.
I'm sure I'll get in to the swing of it soon enough though.

Don't volunteer to hold the Christmas Club money or organise the Grand National Sweepstake and I'm sure you'll be fine.

Failing that, just sleep your way to the top - it worked for Millsy.

Presto wrote:
Mr Boring wrote:

Have you started your job yet Presto?


Nice one. How long is your probation?

Have you started your job yet Presto?


Beijing Dave wrote:

When forced to I can put in a fairly legendary sesh. However, I will admit to being all about the sly, underhand tactics to get through it eg:

*Having a quick glass of water at the bar when sent up to a buy a round.
*Snidey tipping of drinks into plantpots
*When someone gets a round in waiting for someone to order a bottle then saying "yeah I wouldn't mind one of those too" instead of having a pint. Yet it appears to not get noticed because someone else has gone for the bottle first and it's not like it's a shandy anyway.
*If there's a meal involved, ensuring I go for something ridiculously bread-heavy like a calzone and ensuring I have a coffee as well
*The occasional ostentatious display of generosity so no-one thinks I'm a lightweight or stingy bastard "Right, my round! Double JD and cokes" (except mine gets a single shot when I go to the bar)

It's all about being a snidey cunt and not being picked up for it.

Liking your style.

Tip for not appearing stingy: always get the first round in. People always assume those who wait til the later rounds are trying to shirk their duty.

This doesn't apply if you're in a shit pub and it's happy hour. Tight wads make a massive deal of getting a round in during happy hour.


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drwho13 wrote:

. It's important to note Hamas is a noted anti-women, anti-gay and anti-religious freedom organization.

They're all at it in that part of the world.

The West should just invade the lot of them. But instead of sending in troops, get a load of workmen to install high speed broadband and build a load of schools with armed guards.

A generation of educated people with a thirst for porn will put an end to all these stupid wars.

DuFunk's reading and writing lessons are really starting to pay dividends.

Keep going champ!

Big Fella wrote:

You can tell its Dermo by his allegiances

"He doesn't like me so it must be Dermo"


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Theatre: proof that sometimes it is beneficial to have a moderately intelligent missus - you get to avoid all that Mamma Mia and Dorothy crap.

Big Fella wrote:

Has anybody noticed Sabotini has gone missing since Dermo outed him?

Dermo just asked me to add that Kovy and Furry have fucked off too.


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if i didnt have to, i would'nt do anything other than watch qpr, listen to music, gorge like the great  roman emporer tiberius on golden  eagle and the ossifrage , drink lager and get jo to gam me occasionaly.

she makes me do things , things a man should never have to do or indeed  see in this or any other entity

day trips, shopping to tesco's once a year, dinner parties most unclean and the odd farmers market.

i draw a line in the sand at theatre unless i can be convinced otherwise.

I'd take the theatre and ballet over a dinner party any day. You're guaranteed at least 90 minutes peace.

As BF points out it's an expensive price to pay for some quiet time - especially the ballet.

Dermot was Dermopian and the Indian fella Matt Black had a go at.

The rest were (and still are) Flares circumventing bans.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:
Mr Boring wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

This is going to be the season when Torres really turns things round.

You heard it here first.

That's a very optimistic punt. He's only scored 20 league goals in a season once. And that was a long time ago.

Diego Costa - one season wonder or the real deal?

Ive put £50 on him scoring less than 10 prem goals this season

Costa or 'Nando'? What odds did you get?

BF's determined to see Dermo serve all of his ban.