At this moment is Red light special

Korean factory of Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics), vice president of Samsung SDI's Yoo Eui-Jin has said that the company that day factory Sony at the end of 2007 to start selling OLED screen, he naturally hope that Sony can schedule listed, but considerations status quo, suspect Sony is scheduled to launch OLED screen. Sony had said in a previous scheduled before the end of 2007, started selling 11-inch OLED screen with power-saving benefits, this screen has active light-emitting ability, do not need a backlight, along with a high-contrast, rapid reaction time, ultra-thin, operating temperature range and the ability to provide a broad perspective, is regarded as one of the next generation display technology. Sony declaration so that the industry's major competitors Korean the factory Samsung and LG (LG) feel threatened, OLED research and development has accelerated the pace of In 2007 SID exhibition organized by the United States, the Korean factory is very positive launch OLED down light, expectations attract attention. Yoo Eui-Jin, Sony may output hundreds or thousands OLED screen, but only manifestations, not the large-scale supply.