I still get to play a lot of this stuff at my night and whenever I do a vinyl classics set. Any excuse is a good one for me!

Cyclists with the shittest, weakest lights on their bikes in the dark when the roads are stupidly busy.

Turns out my flatmate picked up a copy of it as well. She's got damn good taste in music

Was a mint set on the night itself. Mint night in fact. Had been looking forward to it so much and didn't dissapoint.

Just need XPress-2 and Quivver to sort theirs out now and it's happy days

It's a great watch

MattBlack wrote:

I always wondered what the point was of places like Ministry having 6 CDJ 1000's in a row, its not like anyone would use all of them at once, some DJ booths look more like a space ship cockpit, like Si says, keep it simple

It's good how it can accommodate different setups for different Djs (mixers etc) so allows all the setup to be done before opening. It's an absolute beast now with the current setup.


Radio One Dance Anthems Party Outdoor stage circa 2002 at Don Valley in Sheffield - my first gig, a bit surreal.

It's that, or a choice from main room of Air Birmingham, The Republic in Sheffield, or an ice-cream van at Glastonbury...

Main box at Ministry would be pretty spesh in all fairness. One of the only others on my to do list when I started DJ-ing has recently shut down, so it's the one that got away.

Here is myself and Steve Arnold's NYE set from Wax Format, Leeds where we took over the controls of the In;Progress arena after Way Out West legend Jody Wisternoff with an all vinyl progressive classics set.

Seriously enjoyed it and looking forward to hitting the main room of Godskitchen together April 26th now, who have also put the mix on their Soundcloud.

https://soundcloud.com/godskitchen/clas … eve-arnold

1. UNKLE - In a State (Sasha Remix)
2. Sono - Keep Control (The Scumfrog Remix)
3. Lustral - Everytime (Timo Maas Remix)
4. Velvet Girl - Velvet (Mike Monday Remix)
5. James Holden - Solstice
6. Sasha - Cloud Cuckoo (Luke Chable Remix)
7. Oliver Klein - Rheinkraft
8. James Holden - One For You
9. Quest - The Shepherd
10. Dave Gahan - Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL Remix)
11. Breeder - Tyrantanic (Slackers Kingdom Come Mix)
12. Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Remix)
13. Underworld vs Sasha - Cowpander
14. Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face (Jan Driver Mix)

Just, fucking, wow.

smashdad wrote:

The background atmospherics don't half sound like 'Every Love That Ever Was'

Great track though.

chuffer wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

I honestly cant tell if youre taking the piss or not Chuffer. Are you in a taxi out in Vladivostok or just sitting in the kitchen?

nah it was from the heart, used to be a 'Crasher regular....

Another one here. Although I can't tell if you are or not as well ha!

Loved that track on 'Don't Look Now' so chuffed it's seen some attention.

DJing with Jody on NYE as well now smile


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

Cant see the point in all this myself, give or take a handful of tracks

Older Renaissance stuff is top of my list. Can't get it digital still, and those sleeves are a work of art to have to take out these days.

These guys rip them and include postage for a fiver a record. Going to use them myself soon as still trust these over even my own set up https://www.facebook.com/thewarrooms

That Estroe track has an air of Tejadas's remix of Return Of The Anunnaki to it.

I await her latest hash brown recipe


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Based on the number of games i've bought - not played - and not finished and the amount of time I can really afford on a games console I won't be getting one for a while yet.

PS4 though when I do. A little bit concerned about the peripheral backwards compatibility though.

Another qual Pachanga Boys remix

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-ma … r-25054187

I know who it is now

Bout time something - if anything - was done with that place.

Hear Composit Music are going to be active past their Hardwell event at Victoria Warehouse next year too.

Looks good - will give it an airing

Played as tough as his recent Creamfields set.

Opened with the Jagwar Ma remix, played both the Solomun and original remixes of Lets Go Dancing, SCNTST - Fall of Misery, Henry Saiz - Love Mythology, plenty i've not heard before, plenty I can't remember, and closed with his London Grammar remix.

Great night!

It definitely is.

Finally think i've worked out that London Grammar remix is Sasha's own doing. Played it after that Jagwar Mar track.

Mark Moore was decent in Shoom when I was going through. Metalheadz was great also what I caught.

Was jumping between all the streams and rewinding them. Can't do it now the live streams have ended. RedBull are adding to their Youtube channel at the moment.

One thing... Hawtin played with his BACK to the crowd because he had no monitors. Threw his dummy out on Twitter. Like headphones and Traktor don't help. Ridiculous imo.