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does he have a rant about people shazaming him?

bloody hell - a whole hour!!!


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Nice one Hannu....

check it out....

https://soundcloud.com/baramericas/dixo … as-9-enero


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Aye worth watching this.....not sure about Justin Robertson's tache though


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Alternatively this....


Oh what a springtime thread this is....

Brazil these days has an obesity problem so compared to 10 years ago the birds are still hot but not as much as they were imo... you do get the occasional one that is off the chart though

Completely agree with Turkey..Istanbul, Izmir.... And Krakow, Poland - was there couple of weekends back and smoking chicks everywhere.

Agree with Bolivia being the worst of the bunch


once in a while something, so good comes on tv , you just have to have the box set..ie  'red riding' , 'shadow line'  fuck 'the following'  and  all that other crock of shit thats for minecraft/hobbit/wood elf fans.

'true detective' was for people who dont watch ant and dec's saturday night take away and britains got no talent.

the inbred noble savage /child murderer   with the scars  was off the charts  .

when hes mentally retarded concubine complained that he "had'nt made flower"s with her" he put this deaths head hag on his knee, and in  sweet county mayo brogue , got her to talk about her grandad fucking her in the fields 'with the sun on her back".  " tell me in detail  with your slow, slow head"while he brutally fragged her.


or when he was in his  laura ashley slaughter house, (with his victims knickers and pants everywhere like scatter cushions ) stamping on his  dog and shouting out 'sorry old boy" in clipped james mason tones , wandering the sick den  of spunk and blood and delivering a dirk bogard inspired soliloquy as if he were in  the parlour in 'the remains of the day'

fack me i thought.. im in the presence of something special here.

fucking great tv   10/10. .  if you havnt seen it, watch it gentlemen, if you get the chance.

Bang on Ed....the last episode was bloody brilliant

cheers Marcus

cheers mate.....though how about a download link

Had a good few listens so far...love it

shaunstrudwick wrote:

only 2 eps left of True Detective sad

was a good one this week

thankfully The Walking Dead finishes tonight - can't stand the way they keep dragging that show out - i know the comics have had a long run but jeez just fucking kill them all already!

Agreed - top episode this week.... need the bloody subtitles to know what's going on though


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how many were we allowed....great thread Smash

Cheers Smash...nice mix

I got noise insulation done at my last place (on the ceiling) cos upstairs were inconsiderate and it didnt completely block out the noise - suspect an effective job will be costly... Nothing worse than a noisy bastard as a neighbour wink

Big Fella wrote:

Wiki says it has Neil Morrissey so that's me out, nearly as bad as Sean bean.

If thats your criteria you're missing out matey!!

Anyone seen the first series... any good?

Surprised Line of Duty hasnt been mentioned on here - one of the best thing's I've seen this year..its on the I-player - make sure you watch it


One of his best in a long time this one.....

I really do look forward to your mixes mate...keep em coming

millsy23 wrote:

Henry Saiz's latest Labyrinth mix from MoS. There's a rather nice tune around the 1.20 mark which Is now firmly on my must haves list. Quality

Top mix this - liking Saiz again after this - his recent cheeseathons are forgiven. The King Unique mix from the same night is sounding pretty meaty too. Sounds like the Misery of Pounds was actually quite rocking that night

Another top draw mix Marcus

had this on repeat - best mix I've heard for a while....you are going to have to follow this up Sean. Generally some very high quality mixes being posted in this forum that beat the socks off the pros....

Really enjoyed this Sean....nice one

Best was the Cross for me ....had some blinders at the Gardening Club too... by and large though London had a pretty jaded club scene compared to up North.... still, anyone go to the first Renaissance night down in London at the Misery of Pounds - probably my finest night ever...Digweed, Ossia, Park - great memories of that one

Now THIS sounds good......a mid tempo mix from a great DJ