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Erm thanks Dutchy.



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Going to be interesting to see if Leicester keep their shit together into the end of the season. Brilliant performance.

Agree.. Ricky Ryan puts together the slickest mixes around, but feck me they're dull.

simeon79 wrote:

top choon....

And that...

Midi Rain is one of my favourite tracks ever.... And same goes for this mix. Sasha really was becoming incredibly innovative around this time... Cant recall music ever quite being as exciting as it was listening to Sasha back then.

Never did track down that 49ers tune - was looking for it for years.

millsy23 wrote:
Big_Fella wrote:

Just finished third series of The Bridge, thought it was excellent and dare I say it better than the first two.

Loved series 1 and must get round to the next two. Most opinions I've seen say series 3 is weaker though so good to see a counter argument.

I was surprised just how good it was given the male co-star in series 1 + 2 wasn't in this one, and for these sorts of series to get a bit tiresome....no, I'm with BF on this - series 3 might even be the best.

Personally think it is too early to completely write off Neville as a manager - he might still develop. Obviously a cockup going to Valencia, especially given he cant speak Spanish, but he should now head to a Championship club and build a track record.

Agreed BF... One of my top 3 dramas of last year (The Bridge, Narco, Fargo)

That Blamma! Blamma! Track is a gem from the past.....

Presto wrote:

The idea of José staying anywhere more than a few years is funny, let alone finishing his career there.

He'll have pissed off loads within a few years.

And LVG hasnt?!

Jose is obviously a risk but imo one worth taking when your alternative is the Mekon.

Dont think I'll watch two such high quality films in 24 hours again for a long time:

99 homes: 8.5/10... About a guy whose home is repossessed during the US subprime crisis and who ends up working for the shadey real estate broker who evicted him.

The Big Short: 9/10... Hilarious and some great performances.

fadass wrote:

Fuck off Sneddrs, ya bollix. Lol. Buying money with United last night.

Smash - aftertiming = no kudos. It's not big & it's not clever.

Strud... Are you seriously having a pop at United after the shite you're getting served up? Lol.

La nauseous- I hope we get you dirty shower of cunts next round. I'll be out to your local & I will put your head through the fucking wall.



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Me too matey

Think January is pretty good...cheers Marcus


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Lol I'm sure its not personal....he gave me the silent treatment once - international man of mystery is our Simon


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Oh the pundits are frothing at the mouth over United this evening..... It's only Derby ffs!!!

Finest warmup i remember was Ian Ossia at Renaissance at the Cross in the mid-nineties....a subtlely building dubby house set. Miserable git though!

Paul McGuiness, son of Wilf McGuiness (Man Utd player from the 60s and one time Man Utd manager)

Man Utd youth team has now lost 11 in a row...dont think I have ever heard of anything like that in my 30 years of following United closely. Crap at the top, and crap at the bottom.

This is one of my favourite warm-up sets (for Diggers coincidentally) by Sean Drake.... shame he hasn't posted anything since.

https://soundcloud.com/djseandrake/bedr … mi_warm_up

http://mixing.dj/2016/livesets/nick-war … 2-01-2016/

Right on cue another stonking set from Warren.... Personally think he is on fire these days


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Liked the way LVG was blaming the opposition's tactics (5 man defence) again for United's defeat yesterday. Umm yeah Louis.

smashdad wrote:

Then watched Man Utd v Southampton and will readily concede that for the first time this season I properly understand what the fans who watch Man Utd week in week out are saying - the best word I've got for that performance is desultory...

Erm yes Kev!

Hard to believe even the very conservative United board isnt now planning a change of manager in the summer.

Surprised many on here didnt think much of the Revenant....

Bit harsh - havent listened to this yet, but haven't heard a badly mixed set from him in a long time.