Michael of Norcross wrote:

Some belters on here to start the week fellas, J.P, Jules and Presto smashing it so far :-)

Cheers Michael!

Mother Flipper and Bleaker Street burger stalls... Both marvellous. In at 1 and 2 respectively.

My 20 years of Progressive House mix....took me months to finish - harmonic mixing and acapellas throughout, my favourite tunes of all time including Midi One - Always, Leftfield - Space Shanty, John Digweed's mix of Billy Ray Martin, and a couple of downtempo ones too (William Orbit - Water From a Vine Leaf). Also some you will never have heard of like Mario Larronde - When I Felt Lost.

https://soundcloud.com/julesee/jules-20 … rogressive

William Orbit - Water from a Vineleaf
Leftfield - Release the Pressure
Palermo Disko Machine - Theme of Palermo Disko Machine
Layo & Bushwacka - Shining Through
Kele - On the Lam (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Mary J Blige - Family Affair (Luke Fair remix)
Midi Rain - Always
Satoshi Tomiie - Love in Traffic
John Creamer - Forget the World
Mario Larronde - When I Felt Lost
Astrom - Deep (Lexicon Avenue mix)
Futuristic - Tonight (G-Pal Creative Mix)
Siberian Son - Dogma (DJ Tarkan mix)
Acapella - Gordon Gekko (Wall Street)
Nacca - Toriko (Martin Garcia remix)
Science Dept feat Erire - Breathe (Lexicon Avenue mix)
Blades and Pearce - Into the Muzak (Nasty Prog Mix)
Lighthouse Family - Free One (Brother Brown mix)
Brancaccio & Aisher - It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day (Bini & Martini Supa Bass Dub)
Jesse Jackson speech
Dj Tarkan - Ha Pardon
Acapella - Shakedown At Night
Layo & Bushwacka - Life2live (Original mix)
Matthew Dekay / Roob - 2 Da Groove
Syntax - Bliss (Wrecked Angle Remix)
Leftfield - Space Shanty
Paul Van Dyke - The Other Side (Deep Dish mix)
Billy Ray Martin - True Moments of My World (John Digweed mix)

Who knows who the "sauces" are.... But do think thats it for the Mekon. Hard to feel sorry for someone who has shown no humility at any stage over the past season.

mr rossi wrote:

Poor form by the Utd board regarding LvG imo.

Maybe could have waited a couple of days before leaking this, but it was remarkably generous giving LVG this long in the first place.

Bye bye Louis... You will be missed... Like a hole in the head.

I've said it before - Simon is someone Diggers should give a chance to. Also lets his mixes do the talking.

Disappointed in last week's Bedrock boat party mix.... Picked up when Uncle John came on but didn't think much of Eagles & Butterflies or Jozif.

The one he posted today is already a board mix of the year contender imo..... a welcome return


Rich Lane wrote:

Thanks for the kind words folks

Nice one Rich - keep up the good work.

liquitech1 wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

..I know, Dutchy. Two of my best mates married Turkish girls and live in Istanbul. We got return flights for €190 each. The boys live fairly well on secure compounds (lol) so it'll be a cheap trip. I'll be avoiding the city as much as possible and places like the underground, mosques and markets, we've done it all before anyway. Can't be too careful with things the way they are tbf.

I'm sure it will be a delight mate.

..you been, Millsy? The Bull is a great city. And the women score very highly in the 'Would Get It' category. It's a pity Erdogan is giving the place a proper shafting.

Go to Kosebasi and eat an Adana kebab. Thank me on your return. Feel a trip coming to Istanbul soon myself though I'm reluctant to take the family with all the bombs going off.


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Slabs wrote:

Line of Duty is really fucking good.

Correct Slabs.

Billions is ok from what I've seen so far....well over the top but fairly entertaining nevertheless.

Rave Lizard wrote:

I have been in some states in my time, but when witnessing a friend puking, my first instinct has not been to get them naked. Then again I don't tend to sit around with other men watching porno movies.


Dermatron wrote:
jules72 wrote:

1. Had a few lads over
2. One moment we were all watching a porno, the next one of lads was yacking all over my bedroom carpet.
3. We all fell asleep
4. Stripped him naked

Fucking hell where do you even start.? Alarm bells ringing everywhere.

Lol... Yeah right.

Jesus. Shameful. My mum was away so had a few lads over. Bought a bottle of Malibu. One moment we were all watching a porno, the next one of lads was yacking all over my bedroom carpet. Tried to cover the stench of the yack by spraying some equally yack-worthy aftershave on it - my carpet reeked for months to come. We all fell asleep and heard one of us yacking all over himself. Concerned he would choke on his own vomit, we moved him from bed to bath so he wasnt horizontal. Stripped him naked since he'd been sick all over his clothes - he looked a bit like Mr Burns from the Simpsons.. An ungainly sight, but nevertheless a legendary performance from the lad. Didnt touch Malibu after that.


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MattBlack wrote:

Started watching Billions, looks like it might be promising

Nice - i will give this a try... heard good things about it.


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millsy23 wrote:

Been watching Fierce with my son. Great telly.

Did you watch the recent programme on the beeb where he was scaling those Venezuelan mountains? Holy crap - now that was entertaining stuff... Scorpions on the ledge and all that.

Struggling to stay interested in the new Better Call Saul too... Must be me.

Is anyone watching Fierce with Steve Backshall... This guy is cruising towards an early death. Entertaining though.

erik.b wrote:

Fucking awful movie

Eh? Probably my favourite horror film of all time.... Seriously tense and atmospheric.

Boring wrote:

Switched from Narcos to House of Cards. It's a bit of a mess really.

Why can't any series just be one series long?

Taking me a while to finish this season of House of Cards... Isnt as compelling viewing as previous ones.


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Yeah just make sure the red necklace stays on...


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Honestly, where does Jon Snow think he's going at the end there...what a pants ending.


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I was underwhelmed... Need a high impact episode soon though im sure its coming


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Problem for the Brexit camp is the two main proponents, Boris and Farage....too many people view these two as complete imbeciles.


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Boring wrote:

I can't see United beating both WHUL and Bournemouth but what does it mean for Agüero if they do. Back to Atlético?

LVG really is a fricking cockroach.