Btw Damo personally I would split the mix up - 2.5 hours is a lot to get through. It means the end of your mix wont be listened to as much as the beginning


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Thanks to all those posting mixes. Having listened to many thousands over the last 25 years I can truly say lot of them are up there with the best.

Damo - a good mix...though tad on the Jody W end of your spectrum for me... prefer your slightly darker mixes. Still very good though.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

So many monsters, ‘For What You Dream Of’, ‘Moonchild’, ‘Song Of Life’ – I still remember hearing disc 2 for the first time and hearing ‘Talk To Me’ creep in for the first time, thinking ‘this sounds like that track………………..this definitely sounds like that track…………………………… IS that track!’ ( Id bought a bootleg Sasha tape from Camden market which was basically his Kiss FM Giving It Up show, I remember rinsing out the tape and trying to trainspot it, but faliing miserably ) – cue me then scanning the cd case for the name

I was stunned when i bought that same Sasha tape....had it on the old skool personal stereo for weeks. And compare that to his mix last week with Thermalbear lol

Looking forward to this mix...

Very nice Matt

...the Kwabs track is pleasing to my ears right now but I am pretty sure this is going to be another Hot Chip ie. Oh ffs not this again (6 months later)....

gIzzE wrote:

and grabs you by the balls a little more than my 1 hour studio sets.

Henry will appreciate this bit....

would have to be one of those downtempo David Holmes mixes post his techno phase

simonr wrote:

2nd track is a new sasha remix of this ditty

Not quite like remixing the  Chems.

Got to say i quite like this track... And yes i feel dirty and ashamed of myself

liquitech1 wrote:

Started watching The Bridge, 3 episodes in, very good so far..

The Bridge is brilliant as long as we are talking Scandi version....second series is top too

smashdad wrote:

Really enjoyed The Shield - took the entire lot on dvd off a mate and gorged on the whole lot over a couple of months. Great stuff - it genuinely isn't as 'good/worthy' as The Wire but I thought it was fucking good, honest and straightforward, cop tele.

exactly Smash - straightforward...... im only on the first series so got a lot to look forward to here


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Simon think this is your best in a while - prefer it when you lob in a few vocals like this

MarcusGraham wrote:
jules72 wrote:

With Shaun on the download thing - i listen to mixes on the commute...if a mix doesnt have a download tab though, there are ways and means to download

Sent you a link too mate!

Already had it downloaded matey but cheers!

Started the Shield (US cop drama) on Netflix... think this supposed to be the Wire's inspiration.... anyway, it's v good (has an 8.8 rating on IMDB which is very rare). Less subtle than the Wire but without the incomprehensible US dialects....

With Shaun on the download thing - i listen to mixes on the commute...if a mix doesnt have a download tab though, there are ways and means to download

Good mix on first listen... Come on you lot show some appreciation


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Lol...Uncle John sure has brought back some memories in this thread lol.... Cotton Eye Joe sheesh....sad to say though I had most of the tunes mentioned... not feckin Wigfield though - never...


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Truth is most of us probably liked Doop for about a week (until it charted).... apart from me of course


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Unbroken1 wrote:

..what no Doop!?

haha Damo exactly my first thoughts.....that used to be on this mix right? Edited out like a bad memory?

Haha you mean "speythal" not special!

Hardly obscure and probably not forgotten but prob one of the best ... Uncle John's finest moment?

enjoying this matey....

sounds good JP

yeah this is still on the iphone and probably will be for a long time to come.....


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Amps wrote:
Grant wrote:

Get 'The Last of Us', it's been jazzed up for the PS4. I've looked in enviously at the that game.

Not my sort of game. Swerved.

Is this another of those games with great graphics but shite interaction and very linear gameplay? Tried one of those Uncharted games (by the same programmers) once and it was just that