ETC the above is tell us about Fridays....and maybe Saturdays too!

Dont understand why Brandon Block isnt in this

Ahad Adump wrote:

Best place to live: Buenos Aries. Definitely not Hong Kong.

BA is a great place to visit and dreadful place to live - having economic insecurity hanging over you everyday isnt much fun. Argentina currently going down the plughole unfortunately thanks to the Kirchners.

Anyone go to any of the Happy Mondays / Hacienda gigs.... thought the Mondays were pretty good and the crowd lapped them up, although they weren't on for that long. They were followed by Graeme Park (who looks like Captain Birdseye these days lol) playing 130 bpm updates of old Hacienda tracks.... Blue Monday aside, Park should be ashamed for selling out!


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One thing I'm left wondering though is whether those are fake funbags or not...talented lady though - mixing without headphones... impressed


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Amps wrote:
smashdad wrote:

I don't consider myself a misogynist, but I want to punch her in the face.

Truly appalling....mouthing the bloody words all the way through too

millsy23 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Not at all, i look upon you as a prog brother. Probably converse more with you than the missus.

*wipes away tear and holds arms out for a hug*

lol. Let's run away together.

Think we better leave this thread to Millsy and Big Fella..give them a bit of privacy

Unbroken1 wrote:

a little darker and more Autumnal than the last one

OOooooooo sir.....

Sounds really good Damo on flicking through

Slacker's Feel that track...... Shem McCauley was a genius


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Ahad... Go to Lapa in the evening - you will see lots of funk dancing, capoeria and the like... Great place that. Aside from the beach - Personally prefer ipanema to cococabana - Food is the other thing worth indulging in - go to porcao for an all u can eat.


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nice one Millsy - giving it a whirl

dogmanstar888 wrote:

The autism guy is probably the most likeable of them all ... the most annoying is the chick with the 80's haircut.

Nipple on the verge of dropping out at regular intervals... though suspect its a hairy one so no interest here

Agreed Damo - that is an inspired sequence of tracks....

No ones mentioned the bloke having a nervous breakdown on the left for a couple of minutes from 3 1/2

Nice of Maceo to bring his autistic brother along for the night (on his right in the Ellum tshirt)

You're probably all right... I am really not looking forward to the day though when these cnuts have escalated this and bombed the tubes or something. You're right that we cant just wade in - that just encourages this extremism.....and we probably can't arm those who are fighting IS - we'd be arming Syria, Iran and god knows who else. Bit of a pickle then.

Quite apart from being a top notch set (especially the last 45 mins or so), here's another Boiler Room with a fookin Zoo in the background.....

You're right Marcus but now Frankenstein has been created how are you going to deal with him? Peace will now be impossible while these evil lunatics are rampaging around the region. Anyway perhaps this is a chance for the region to unite by getting together and defeating IS.

I hear you Dan - we have been a disaster so far.... Problem is this lot are likely to be attacking our cities soon. They're arguably more malevolent than Al Qaeda.

The murder of this poor chap beggars belief.... watch the video above (some footage of him on his way to Syria) - the guy went to Syria to help deliver aid to those in need and he ends up beheaded by ISIL. Time to send in ground troops and sort out this lot once and for all?

MarcusGraham wrote:

Ah Millsy, of course... brilliant remix that!

Forgot to open downloads, i'll do it now.

since you've allowed downloads I'll have a listen smile

That prefab sprout is a lost gem....

Skydney wrote:
jamie wrote:
Skydney wrote:

Currently listening to CD2 of Hernan's Balance Mix.

what's your opinion on this steve?

I haven't even seen a preview of it anywhere yet. The change-undergorund reviewer was gushing to say the least.

I am highly rating it, great track selection and gets nice and banging too.

Take it this album is a lot better than his weekly radio mixes which personally i find a bit plodding... His one off mixes tend to be more interesting ive found

Heavens above - what is the track at 1 hour 12 min.....Moody as a night out in Moss Side! … g-man-2014

After a couple of listens, I'm thinking this is one of my favourite mixes of the year....moody, melodic and it

smallman1 wrote:

A 4am start for Sasha at Fabric is fcuking ridiculous if true.

he came on at 3 when i went there not a student and dont partake so how the hell are you not going to get very tired by that time....daft


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Been discussed on here before..... though i do prefer Dj Anklepants myself