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millsy23 wrote:
Dermatron wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Kids in the mix mate? Amicable or hell on earth?

Testing the water? Asking for a friend millsy?

lol. Hedging.

Not amicable in slightest and kids involved. But will be better for both of us on the other end... pretty sure of that!


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There are one or two app competitors that will hopefully fill the breach...everyone will be mightily pissed off but havent they been flouting regulations?


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Getting divorced after 13 years...imo anyone only married a few years or less cant make a reasonable judgement of the long term merits of marriage. At least a third of marriages in the UK end in divorce and a good number that dont are unhappy... the stats dont lie!!


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Homegrove wrote:

As for the topic, if you marry the right person it is amazing. After 2,5 half years it certainly suits me way better than being single.

Will check back in 10 years Homey and see how you feel.


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How about this Millsy...any better?


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Matter of opinion that Grant

Classic clip imo

Wind River 8/10... very good drama about some murders in Middle America..strong performances and atmospheric


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dubman2 wrote:

The mighty boosh was quite funny.

Agreed...although that was with his partner Julian Barrat...on his own Noel Fielding is a bit meeeh imo

Thought Mad Men was decent for the most part but it slid into a hole by the end...was good they stopped further series.

Imo  Narcos 3 really steps up the ante later on ...stick with it.. think first two series are prob better but still quality TV.


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Three episodes into the Handmaid's Tale...great call whoever recommended it on here - original and very interesting.

fadass wrote:

5 Guys in Kingston... Millsy has that on VHS in his Slazenger bag. Filed under "H" for Humbled.

Think he enjoys the oreo milkshake bit especially..

smallman1 wrote:

If any film is to be rebooted, re-made and re-franchised it's Commando.

Agree Ed...greatest film ever


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:
Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:

Season 3 of Narcos is tremendous.

Watched the first couple of episodes and was kinda underwhelmed, seemed like it was lacking a larger than life character like Escobar.

Ive just watched episode 4... I stick to my view that its good although there are a lot of baddies in this one so you're right that it misses a central character like Escobar.

Ander Herrera's acting career taking off it seems as the son of one of the Rodriguez.

smallman1 wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

No sane person would travel to Russia to watch their national team play in this World Cup. I hope the stadia are all empty and the whole thing is a complete and utter disaster.

Awful country Russia.

Absolute khazi.

And Qater to follow 4 years later....


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Yes he is an idiot but that doesnt make Brexit a good idea

Out of the Man, into the Fire?

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Moana most of the songs are bit ropey, however the quality of the animation is incredible.

My son loves this..bit awkward though when he tries that female haiwaian dance thing

The first episode was stage setting... the second is a lot more interesting - series 3 of Narcos is looking good!


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The UK having a shite negotiating position was about as predictable as Juncker et al acting like cocks. Shit creek without a paddle.

This video of Sasha closing Warung always make my hair stand on end...


smallman1 wrote:


You been Ed? Contemplating an excursion to Warung at xmas

Mustard I think the word is. Really interesting sound you have got going there Rich.

Dont understand the attraction of Malta...a dusty rock surrounded by sea, with crap beaches

Grant wrote:

A Ghost Story looks like a half decent flick to take your bird to.

7/10 for me...bit of a silly film imo but entertaining nevertheless


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Turns out then Jon Snow is shagging his aunt.....disgustings