Prefer Uncle Johns Balearic mixes myself

And disagree back - Pogba agitated to get away even before he was going to have a proper go at securing a team in the United first team. He left United at 19... it was looking good for him before he left and would have been playing. Probably money that motivated him to leave.

As for Tevez, Ferguson didn't want him cos he didn't score enough goals so wasn't really a case of his opportunism imo.

Ncable wrote:

Several clubs are willing to drop 60-70m on Pogba but Barca are indeed his preference. Chelsea have gone midfielder crazy in the last couple of seasons so players who've only been there five minutes are getting cut already, Oscar and Willian being prime examples. No sense of building a core group for the future, just buy the latest hype model and trade it in after ragging it around town for a couple of years. The essence of buying success at any cost. The Chelsea way. The City way. Now the United way.

Chelsea isn't the right fit for Pogba football wise or lifestyle wise. I don't think he gets along with England and he's already used one stepping stone club in Juve so signing for another one is pointless unless he's purely money orientated, which I doubt.

Pogba is a nasty opportunist...such was his behaviour at Man Utd.... hope he goes to Chelsea smile

Van Gaal clearly brought some herbs with him from Amsterdam, saying United don't need a striker. I doubt he will make it beyond this season.

He's inconsistent - dull one moment, interesting the next - that beach mix of his at Kumharas was excellent. Anyway, been debated far too much on this forum already....

Hopefully all will work out on a new site Sbando..... your efforts are much appreciated

The Night with Sasha 2-3 years back was pretty good if a sausage fest......I'll be there

Rvltion-909 wrote:
jules72 wrote:
Rvltion-909 wrote:

There were a couple spots that seemed out of sync ....

Lol not what DuFunk wanted to hear i suspect...

Perhaps you know him/her better than me (I suspect...)

Either way I'll wait to hear that from the source. I enjoy and welcome praise as well as constructive observation/ I suspect most other DJs who post their mixes to these forums do.

I usually don't say anything - hurt feelings are not good feelings smile

Dan Harwood wrote:

Surely you mean an extra line of defence in front of the holding midfielders?

Weird that United are now after another winger in Southampton's Saido Mane, despite all the fans talk of saying a winger is not needed?

Of course - the Mekon thinks he needs 2-3 players in every position except the positions where two or three are really needed (central defence and striker)

Right winger/forward was hardly a position United needed to fill (given Mata, Depay and Valencia). Couldnt work out why The Mekon thought that was where he should be focussing.

Rvltion-909 wrote:

There were a couple spots that seemed out of sync ....

Lol not what DuFunk wanted to hear i suspect...


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Finished watching the three series of first I thought this was a poor man's Game of Thrones, but it turned out to be very high quality TV... Strong recommend - available on Amazon Prime

Nick Sneddon wrote:
jules72 wrote:

Oh and some top class totty too.... What more do you want?

have to agree with this - the CQ was very high

as a mate said, probably more birds than blokes

ADID was superb. Was impressed with the German chap Powel on before Lee Burridge - he built up the tempo brilliantly. I scanned through his set on BeATV and I thought it  perhaps sounded better on the soundsystem at the club. In a nutshell, (and maybe it was the alcohol/soundsystem) where I thought the Burridge/Dekay set from BPM earlier this year sounded like a warmup set I thought yesterday was right up my strasse. Weekend day clubbing is a superb idea - didnt even have much of a hangover today.

Oh and some top class totty too.... What more do you want?


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Unbroken1 wrote:

...a great vocal from that period, fucking LOVE the percussion in this, you think the kick is in, then wallop... goes a whole extra level.

Leftfield at the peak of their powers IMO:

Damo completely agree - love this.... Can i also get a link - ive been trying to find a digital version for ages - mine skips so cant mix it.

Reminds me of that Sasha mix from Kaos NYE 1991.... Would loved to have been there


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303 abuser wrote:
BedRob wrote:
303 abuser wrote:

i don't mind running, it's just a killer for my knees.  soccer 3 days a week and insanity 2-3 times between does it for me.  i'm still on the plan of out-exercising bad diet, just not sure how much longer that can keep up.

Thats fuck all, Doggy done insanity 7 days a week

Fit as fuck that lad

haha in my effort not to be fat about 4 years ago, i did 6 days a week for 18 weeks.  it almost killed me, i was sick for week when i finished.

Its pretty well known/accepted that food is 80% of the driver of your weight with exercise the remainder. My tip: eat just a salad for lunch 2 or 3 times a week...


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MattBlack wrote:

Good tune but i always had a soft spot for this one

On the subject of Mindcircus, anyone know what mix this is....searched the web for a while and couldn't find it... is from an old DJ Slacker mix (RIP): … 50815-0003


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Ncable wrote:

Yep. The golden era for prog was the decade between 1993 and 2003. Water from a Vine Leaf and Little Bullet were both released in '93, as was Dubnobasswithyourheadman and Fluke's album Six Wheels on my Wagon. That's the high water mark.

Ehhh... and Sasha in 1991-1992? Go have a listen to mixes of his from those couple of years and tell me that wasn't prog house's golden era - the innovation in house music around that time (and possibly the few years before that) made it incredibly interesting.

To make it easy, listen to this: … utumn-1992

And another:

In truth, which era you believe was the golden one for prog house is probably determined by when you started listening to it..... so 91-93 for me.


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This evening substituting sleeping tablets with Van Gaals monstrous butchering of the once mighty Reds.

Tomorrow dont know - wife will decide... No doubt carting around the kids.

Sunday - All day i dream... Im the handsome one in the sleek black adidas y-3 trainers. Ill be creeping into BEATV shot all the time.


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Grant wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Cracking 13k run earlier, really set me up for the day.

I don't get what your fucking point is Ed? I ride 250 miles a week, I fuck my wife, see my mates, get mullered, browse and buy 100s of tunes and hold down a successful job. And I play computer games. Is there a problem chief?

Mates, wife, successful job... Bit of fantasy going on here i reckon...

Truth be told though i am definitely looking forward to Fallout 4.

Mexico City - its not one part of the city that is a shithole, it all is.... the journey from centre to airport is mile after mile of poverty. Lima is up there too.

Yeah 9 days into August...where is it


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Shhh trying to wind Wally up


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Wally wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

There's a whole world out there lads.

You just embarrass yourself with comments like that Ed.

We get it. You don't play computer games. Your loss.

Computer weirdo gets upset there's a world out there

Sasha's Kitchen Mix 1991
Sasha NYE 1991 Kaos
Sasha Kinetic 1992
Rocky and Diesel 1992
John Digweed Colourfest 2003
Slacker Kiss FM Digweed show 2002 and 2003
Hernan Cattaneo Colours 2001
John Digweed Essential Mix 1995

To name a few....