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Shut up you toolbox. My opinions on the matter position me between the devil and the deep blue sea on account of my faith. For your information I'm a pro-choice advocate and take the fifth on gay marriage, which has brought me into conflict with those in the church who believe homosexuals should be crucified and abortionists consigned to a fiery hell.

How dare you call me a toolbox sad Ok read you wrong - i apologise

Ncable wrote:

This thread has 'swerve' written all over it. Sorry Hannu. Hope you have your wand ready for the inevitable meltdowns which might occur. Sensitive subject matter here. Reg possibly in the vicinity.

Reg at you Ncable I reckon for being stuck in the dark ages....


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Lol i do genuinely like it a lot...fine if you dont agree - i dont give a feck.... generally cant stand Steve Coogan films but loved this one.


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Control is a great film... Along with 24 hour party people, less Curtis focussed, but bloody funny and probably my all-time favourite


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Some really good reviews of this in the papers this weekend...... pretty excited about seeing this.

Not easy for wildlife documentaries to break new ground, but tonights Shark (BBC) was impressive and engrossing.

Been a bit reluctant to listen to the guy in recent years given he's such a miserable cnut.....but try it I will


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Has stood the test of 3 listens so far and still has me coming back for more.... a good 'un

Got to the fisting scene yet Millsy? Have to say the current series is getting interesting...

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Snowcrash wrote:

I'm not right wing by any stretch, but listening to the anti-Tory abuse since Friday morning has been painful.  The sad thing is that the most abusive bollocks that I've had to read is all people I know who are 'writers' (bums), struggling 'producers/djs' (bums) or 40+ wannabe musicians who can't accept their responsibilities in life and are still trying to be the next OASIS (bums). 

Labour were electable under Blair because they actually represented people who were ambitious / successful and didn't perpetuate this idea of standing for workers / "the poor" and their "rights" against the evil rich.  They probably still do, but the dollop of a leader didn't communicate it properly so now we've got a fucking class war coming out of nowhere being fought entirely by people who come from middle class backgrounds.



And agreed again - very very bad disappointed they wont have a free reign to spend the money of people who get off their arses and work. More idiotic though is that their hatred of Tories was so extreme that they would prefer to shack up with the SNP... Letting a party which wants to leave the union having a big say in English affairs. Get farked.

What truly winds me up is all the feckin champagne socialists expressing shock at this Tory victory, when if Labour had won they'd be forced to rely on a bunch a Scottish commies looking to pull apart GB. How people can put hatred of the Tories ahead of the latter happening is beyond me.... A fookin disgrace.

Finished now, thanks.


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Glen wrote:

Is he still knocking about somewhere? I always quite liked his mixes from pre-2005 era

Pretty funny video... "I like to come down to cream, dance all night and listen to all the great dj's"... Lol and liking Seb Fontaine has nothing to do with your eyes being as wide as saucers.

Three from Raxon's Constant Circles Podcast…

Nice post.

Mine's a Heaven 17 one too - Come Live Me

Crap mix this

The mixmeister manual was a bit shite anyway a few years back... Thats my excuse anyway

Not always been particularly into Raxon's mixes but this is a very good gritty and harder sound with some vocals thrown in.... One of the better mixes ive heard this year. … odcast-001

Yeah set the bpm on the line below the tracks at the same tempo all the way across. Dont think theres a way of setting master tempo. Did you get this on trial or you bought it outright?

I have Mixmeister Studio, which is great for putting together studio (non-live) mixes. When I was scouting around for a programme a few years ago I got the impression Ableton was more for making tracks than mixes, but others will know better. Not sure if Traktor has the capability to go back and edit a mix you have created (it didnt when I looked at it)? That was something I wanted as I wanted to cheat lol and create the perfect mix.... here was the first mix I created on it ...took a good 6 months though to get to grips with the programme and create it: … rogressive


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millsy23 wrote:

Giving this Game of Thrones another go. First series was mreh to the nth degree despite all the ta-tas on display. Painful dialogue and all the wanky dungeons and dragons stuff that Hannu and Strudders are into was hard to stomach. I am, however, a bit of a fan of bangers and dwarves, so am giving series 2 a go currently. Better than the first, although I need to see more of the 'Kaleesee's' hand maiden. She's banging. Do they both lezz it right up while Jerome Flynn sits in a chair and wanks at any point?

There's a good fisting scene in one of the episodes…though can't remember which series. That'll probably keep you watching i reckon….

Probably a harder set cos thats what goes down well at Burning Man? Im hoping he plays a similat set at All Day I Dream in the summer here


Mad Men has been so-so for a while if you ask me. Still entertaining and I'll watch the rest of this series, but not bowled over. Don Draper really has become a dirty ol' dog.

This really was an excellent set....shame he released it so damn late. Lot better than his and Dekay's set from BPM Mexico.

Right well if no one else is going to mention it i will - new series of Games of Thrones tad subdued so far (not that much happening) but I still love it


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Big Fella wrote:

Have a look at Blue Is The Warmest Color

Lol is all i can say to that .... And yes watched this.... Ummm when the missus was out