cheers Marcus - will have a listen

Been watching the Fall too but the first series - superb moody drama. Still on the iplayer but about to disappear

Unbroken1 wrote:

Thanks Jules, 42min is:

Kerb Staller “Siren Song” (Thugfucker’s Lio’s Wide Shut Rework) [Leftroom Records]... absolute belter.

..I've a tracklist scribbled-down but need to properly check it back against the mix, will post it ASAP.

Cheers Damo... You're not wrong - great tune. Been quite a few of these deep distorted vocal tracks this year - love 'em.

Enjoying this Damo - whats the track at 42 min?

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Better book a room then. And not a Travelodge FFS.

lol wtf... Henry you are definitely getting my vote for board funnyman this year

This ETC, favourite track of the year. Stunning and haunting vocal. Heard this on the Thugfucker Burning Man mix.. is only released later this month.

Howells doesnt usually do it for me but I found this a bit more interesting than his usual...there you go - everyone has a different view then

smashdad wrote:

Been having a bit of an Ashley Beedle afternoon - the guy's a fucking musical lord as far as I'm concerned - wanted to post this one but couldn't find it on YT so had to upload it myself - have you ever heard a better 'one-more-tune' tune?

Future Loop Foundation - The Sea & The Sky (Ashley Beedle's Earth Mix)


Nightmarish visions of me punching the air and hugging the sweaty git next to me!!! Oh and dangling the fingers on an imaginary piano...

yup thats the one!

I like the Afffkt track around 28 min (Lost in the Process).....reminds me of the track this guy did with Jimmy Van M, Dreams....nice driving banger of a tune. Been a great year for music it really has.

Good mix this mate.... One or two very nice tracks

Ed Milliband - tweed jacket wearing, primrose hill living, oxbridge graduate leader of the working class lol.... … stigations

Beautiful Dire Straits cover from earlier this year...and free to download - what more do you want.....

old Sasha rarities


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By far my favourite Hooj release...Tin Tin Out released some crap but this was top notch

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Courtesy of Dr Flaps for PMing me this. And pictures of his arsehole and ballsack squeezed between his hairy thighs. There really wasn't any need for the latter, thanks.

lol Henry....really wanted to click on the mix after reading that


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nice one Simon - will have a listen


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cheers Strudders....that Flowers and Sea Creatures track really is quite a piece of music.

I prefer the following Cattaneo/Nick Warren mix to the second Balance mix personally.... … o-show-207

Loved the first mix as everyone else but for all the descriptions here of the second being subtle etc i think its just dull


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Albeit occasional cheesemonger...... certainly worth going to see though

As a percent of the size of the economy this is a pretty small amount (less than 0.1%) so there's little doubt Cameron is just trying to score some political points here.

Having said that, up yours Barosso....

Your first one still hasnt left my iphone... will be speeding around the neighbourhood in my Ford Capri -windows down- this weekend listening to this. Hell yeah!

Sounds like another very clever mix mate.......

ETC the above is tell us about Fridays....and maybe Saturdays too!

Dont understand why Brandon Block isnt in this