MarcusGraham wrote:

Haha, thanks chaps.

Download will be available soon, along with the tracklist!

I take it you've been in touch with Ben and got an MP3 then Jules? I'll ask him what he's playing at!

lol not quite mate..... there are websites that help you out if you want to download non-downloadable soundcloud mp3's...

There are ways and means HH.... thanks Marcus - another good un

Flicking through this sounds good, although one or two tunes in there that Andrew Weatherall wouldnt approve of!? … y-mix-2014

Agreed - top mix this....Neko - try tribalmixes..its on there and other such sites

Quite liking the Guy Gerber boiler room from Ibiza......


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That soul-ish track around 18 mins in the boiler room set is a brilliant mood changer


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Here's a link for the boiler room … oiler-room

I love a bit of Cher Shaun and feel sorry for you, so will give this a whirl....

this is my favourite pic on that's a ...a.....puddle of mud....CRAZY!

Millsy's and Damo's prob way better than most on this post in my humbles.. As are a handful of the other mixes on this forum

right have bought this finally.....


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Thanks Helen

Come on John dont be like this

John any way we can reverse your decision...

Pretty tame around here Diggers relative to some forums out there...shame

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

I'm not ashamed to say that I cried when I listened to this mix. It's an emotional journey like no other.

lol you wut

MattBlack wrote:

His Soundgarden album is fantastic though

yeah as are some of his monthly mixes....some top quality some plop

Bit underwhelmed by the Nick Warren mix this week... though personally think his output is variable - sometimes top notch sometimes uninteresting


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Well said Ed


by god im proud to be an englishman!!.

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rick mayall would be proud.

Aye but Ed, you didnt REALLY expect anything out of this lot did you? They only confirmed they were shite...


Nice one Hannu...will give it a whirl

sounds a good mix anyway mate cheers

MarcusGraham wrote:

the night of the end of the Mayan calender:

lol you what?