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Corporates have it far too easy...not only is the UK about to cut corp taxes, but Trump is angling to do so too...the end result being that more of a burden falls on individuals...needs a global reaponse though cos they just uproot and move if they dont like a country specific deal. Doesnt bloody help when the world's biggest country is carving out an even better deal. Retarded.


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joeyp wrote:

I don’t have much on this other than personal opinion. I believe that Germany let’s say cares more about the relationship with Britain than say Greece.

That quote on incentive for eu members to stay in seems very party to me and very much a negotiating position standpoint/ leverage. In reality I’m sure the trade/ relationship between the two nations matters an awful lot and will continue. I don’t believe that when the switch is flicked much will happen.

The talk of a 20/30/40/50 bill is peanuts worth a gdp upwards of 2 trillion.

Agree a lot of the public statements represent bargaining positions. But take the deal the EEA countries have with the EU - Switzerland and Norway pay pretty substantial amounts into the EU budget annually, they accept freedom of movement of labour and have no say in the way the EU is run... the deal that the UK eventually gets, if it doesn't accept freedom of movement of labour, will have to be a less favourable one - think there are even legal impediments to as good a deal for the UK (as the EEA countries get) if the UK doesn't have similar terms imposed on it. So unless the UK folds (and accepts freedom of movement of labour in particular), it's surely hard to see how the UK is going to come out of this with a deal with minimal trade barriers.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

If there are no passporting concessions companies will have to apply to the EU for permits to trade. The 2% levy on all banking transactions, previously vetoed by our sovereign-less government, will go through and any bank wanting to trade in Europe will have to accept this. The Insurance world are already setting up Europe offices to have a presence post-Brexit, so heads will roll because the banks and our financial services companies will be screwed.

This is the misnomer of Brexit and one of the main reasons why Crobyn/McDonall will gladly see a hard Brexit if it sees London fail.

By and large, banks are getting around this by setting up skeleton offices on the continent where necessary. One ECB official was quoted the other day warning against these skeleton operations with just a couple of people based in those offices - guess we can probably expect regulations to make this strategy difficult.


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joeyp wrote:

If the will from both sides is to resolve it amicably it would happen. Team truth and all that but there really is more than what we are reading about.

But, as the EU even point out in public, the final outcome has to provide an incentive for member countries to stay in the Union - i.e. a shite one for us. Given that, how can it be resolved amicably?

Couldn't get into Burridge's set... this, YokoO's set at the same event/night on the other hand, is more like it imo:



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smashdad wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

UnBrexit'ing Brexit would be ace.

You want to wait to see how the current German situation plays out or...

The end of the Eurozone Kev?

United did look like a new team with Pog back....and Martial/Rashford together in the same team. Got to be doing that against the Citeh on the 10th though.

Interesting that the UK saw the biggest ticket receipts outside the US.... looks like it will only just break even though... sad for the industry

http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?pa … sequel.htm


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Thought this was another thread dedicated to Ed

smallman1 wrote:

What was Paddington2 like Millsy?

Saw this with the little uns this weekend... my 3.5 year old fell asleep - he prefers super-heros and Moana <awkward>... my 6 year old daughter liked it without going crazy... ultimately think kids prefer Disney CGI rubbish.

Anyone seen Sing (Disney)? Thought that was quite amusing...some nice ditties in there.

Couldn't get into the Death Of Stalin 6/10... very similar humour to Monty Python, which never really did it for me either. Each to their own and all that.

Bleeker St, Mother flipper and Meat Liquor are prob the best burger restaurants in london imo. Still, it has become a very saturated market as shown by fact Byron are in serious financial difficulties....inevitable really.



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Dermatron wrote:

The studio team after must have mentioned how much United have spent about 50 times. Totally bypassing the fact the cunt manager plays the most negative  unattractive bollox football on the planet. Absolute cunt.

Tbh Mourinho's football is a big improvement on Van Gaal's...those were dark days.


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United not looking the top two team the "experts" were saying they were after beating the mighty West Ham, Swansea, Everton etc. And quite why Mourinho persists with Mkhitaryan instead of Martial is beyond me.

The Killing of a Scared Deer... saw this on the basis of a couple of good reviews and what seemed like an interesting plot. Strangest film I have seen in a while, about a heart surgeon whose patient died a couple of years back, and bereaved son starts following him around and threatening his family. Plain daft and not enjoyable in the slightest. 5/10


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Dan Harwood wrote:

This one?


Love this...that must be Kev in the middle

Dermatron wrote:

is it bollix.

Prob is but only cos those three teams are worse...rather than English teams getting better. Psg the counter-argument.


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smallman1 wrote:

Easy way round all that, just buy British.

UK car manufacturers will put their own prices up cos their European competition is more expensive...fucking brilliant Britain - good job.

Real Madrd, Barcelona and Bayern waning, and  English teams finally performing well (so far this season at least) in the Champs League. Pendulum swinging back to our teams at last?


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http://capreform.eu/which-eu-countries- … rd-brexit/

No idea of the accuracy of these numbers but....

"The authors calculate that the application of WTO tariff rates on exports from the UK to the EU (not shown) would result in an average (minimum) tariff of 4.1%. The average minimum tariff imposed by the UK on goods coming from the EU would be 5.7%, but with great variation between Member States. Tariffs imposed on imports from Denmark and Ireland would be over 10% (with the maximum values potentially as high as 18% in the case of Ireland), mainly because a greater proportion of their exports to the UK consist of agri-food products where tariffs are higher than the average for all goods."

UK exporters will hope the pound gets a battering on a hard brexit to offset the average 4.1% tariffs. Get ready for big price rises on imports though if that happens ...double whammy of weaker pound and tariffs... can't wait for all the Brexit-regret interviews on the telly when people realise they can't afford European cars anymore.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Corbyn wants a Hard Brexit. That's the irony of those on the extreme right wanting it too.

Which pretty much sums up UK politics right now...crappy options both hard left and right, and nothing in the middle.


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roberto wrote:
jules72 wrote:

.....Comrade Corbyn .

Can we all just agree that anyone that uses this phrase in the future is a silly little spoon-fed twat who shouldn't be allowed to discuss matters of national importance (much less be allowed to vote on it... but we've already done the old harikiri with that one)?

Lol..you really are a tit Roberto and incredibly naive with it.


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Don't worry if the City isn't killed off by Brexit, it will be killed off by Comrade Corbyn when he arrives. Anyway, by and large passporting means that sales (those selling to EU clients, not EU) need to be based in the EU and a fair few of those (my guess) will be EU nationals wanting to move back home in the first place... not sure the implications are all that deep and meaningful for other functions. Having said that, I heard (today) one European asset manager is likely going to be moving staff to Spain, so maybe I am just way too complacent.

Bloomberg have actually just unveiled their new European headquarters outside Cannon St...and ING are moving their headquarters here. Vote of confidence yeah? Lol.

New fifa any good? Wondering whether to try and ignore the feeling that I am wasting my life while playing these games, and grabbing a copy from Argos.