The Misery of Pounds?!! Get farked


Needs a Paul Oakenfold remix this little ditty...

One of my favourite all-time concerts was Groove Armada at the Roundhouse (great venue too)

Nice one Jamie....turns out Drifter re-released it on vinyl-only (wtf?!) as written by himself/themselves (The Drifter - Nil All)...

This is just mind-bendingly beautiful from the YokoO Burning Man set.... I have failed to ID it - anyone? Can well imagine being there and hugging a sweaty hippy during the breakdown. … 51121-1031

Ok it's The Drifter - Nil All....cheers Jamie!!

What you boys reckon of Fallout 4....while I'm at work I look forward to getting home and playing it. #sadbastard

Primarily a winger... And a shite one at that based on his performances this season.

Both Rooney and Martial out this weekend. Well i never - was blatantly obvious United were going to be with no decent striker at somepoint (due to injuries) when LVG sold RVP. LVG you crettin.

Too late Marcus - youve tipped Henry over the edge

What's the tune at 1hr 29min....immense


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Easy (and most probably justifiable) to criticise the approach of the West to the Middle East in years gone by as the root cause of IS, but is there any real alternative to steaming into Syria and wiping them off the face of the planet?


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How long before there is an incident like this in London? Seems scarily inevitable to me.


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Playing fallout 4 on the new PS4... #sadfucker

Very listenable and subtle set of tunes...

Whoever was raving about Fargo 2 (Derm?) was right.... Getting really good

Neko wrote:


Haha whoever had a rant at Dermo deleted his post... Was looking forward to sparks flying

uh oh

Ive played previous Fallouts - good game although i found it a little repetitive... I will definitely be buying this latest one though.

Hmmm not doing it for me this. I like his tunes and his Boiler Room mix was pretty special for me but not happening here. Apart from the mixing, which i dont really care about that much, think the actual tunes are lacklustre on this mix. Could have and should have been a lot better.

Chelsea to go down this season? Lol

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Yup good one too that Dan

Just one shot on target in the first half of Man Utd v the mighty West Brom.....ffs

Also on a 1995 of my favourites from that year.

Wally wrote:

As someone who lives and breathes computer games - they are my career after all and ive been playing them for three decades, the last of us is easily one of the best games of all time. 10/10

Gameplay wise its decent but nowt special. For story and characters its fucking magic. Some parts of it were literally jaw dropping for me.


I bought this and after a couple of hours thought it was too linear just like Uncharted, so gave up. Appeared to me to be all fancy graphics. I like to explore a world eg SKyrim, Fall Out, Deus Ex, when playing these games.