… ha-mix-263

Top producer and top mix..been on repeat for a while now.


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Yup Tabboo is excellent....miserable as fuck mind.


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Jamie what happened to the mix you said was one of the best you'd recorded... 1.0? Stop the teasing!

And the rest of us in 2nd-6th place

Went years ago and the Royal Crescent Hotel had the best roast I had ever had at the time (would be the Delaunay these days). Think you would have to book if you want to go  .


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Ooo posting a mix from the wife beater...poor show Yants

steelydan wrote:


series one

Not too shabby.

Shabby imo...Sky-produced dramas dont work for me - they try too hard to be original/interesting and fail imo

Boring wrote:

After tonight's result United are now 13 games unbeaten in the league.

Must have been unbeaten 13 games in the league before the game as well then.

No idea what she looks like but Vonda sounds like a bit of sauce in the voiceovers. Bit of a meeeh mix of hers though - one poor mix towards the end.


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Prior to the Liverpool game (and after a poor start to the season) Pogba was in a great run of form... comparisons to Veron are hardly justified.

Good news for Creeps - Louis Van Gaal says he is on sabbatical not retiring


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Wimbledon... i did go to a great bar in Clapham last weekend though - 4 Thieves... great concept - check it out if you havent.


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smallman1 wrote:

Surrey's the pits?

Jesus H Christ I've heard it all!

Live in Surrey myself these days but fck me the appalling lack of decent bars and pubs is indicative of how dull it is. Never had this problem in North West London.

Jamie upload part 1 ... be a good chap. Thanks


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Indeed there are my friend - that second track is outstanding and a vocal.


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Scumfrog..... … g-man-2016

Starting off downtempo this set builds and builds... a masterclass imo. Probably my favourite DJ these days.


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jamie wrote:


I feel I've let everyone down.

I think I need to go for a walk in the cold winter air to try and pull my head together and have a good hard think about where my priorities are.

I'm so conflicted.

I'm an artist and surely an artist should never compromise on the quality of what they release? I know the likes of Sasha etc do but I'm above that sort of thing.

tbh - I did try and re-record it on Thursday night but the recording had a couple of parts where it skipped which ruined the atmos. Not to mention how much of a fuss Henry kicked up the last time I posted a mix that had this on it. I've listened to it a few times now and it might be the best mix I have ever done but I can't put it up. I can't.

Do it again son - simples. You have me more excited than Henry in a place of ill-repute. You probably need an app like Mixmeister which enables you to edit what you've done. Cheating perhaps, but no one cares once it's done.

Great warm up by Budge.

Sounded a bit shite when i skimmed through - was hoping for a more purist/oldskool acidfest

Cant stand your positivity happy bastard sad


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Have watched first two Quarry...pretty decent indeed.

Definitely have Boring now down as the board's Statto... you're a man of detail and precision - glad to have you here.

Beijing Dave wrote:



Anyway whatever im enjoying watching them again...and it is no coincidence that we playing this more inventive football with Mykhitarian and Martial in the team, both of whom were playing poorly at the outset of the season and both of whom who were kept on sidelines by the manager.

mr rossi wrote:

For the first time since Fergie went there seems to be a strong team spirit coming from the Utd squad.

Truth is too that the way Mourinho has dealt with the likes of Mykhitarian and Martial (dropping them to drill defensive responsibilities into them) is yielding dividends... got to give him credit for that - the two of them look highly motivated now.

Really enjoying watch United at mom...Martial tearing down the left and Mykhitaryan on the other flank.... and Ibrahimovic knocking them in. Oh and Fellaini the clumsy fucker giving the ball away in midfield all the time...beautiful stuff.


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Clattenburg interested in move to must be 1st April lol