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Zero creativity around the box, Ibrahimovic completely isolated and few scraps for him to feed off, a left midfielder who has none of the qualities of a winger (Lingard), Martial still out of sorts, Shaw oddly  left out, Mkhitaryan not getting a look in despite being a player who can possibly make it happen once he gets a run in team, shambolic marking by the defence.... Creeps discuss.


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No lack of insight in the last few posts there.... enjoy the game Ed but not too much ya hear

The boys not back yet Creeps?

He's clearly not had a roast at the Delaunay then the fool.

La Nausee wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

Jesus, Creeps! Havent you heard of paragraphs or bullet points?

There's defending your team to the hilt through thick and thin, but come on! Even LVG beat the dippers 4 out of 4 times in the league.

Early days, yes, but Pogba is struggling. Ibra is a flat track bully who was woeful last night and if it wasnt for Herrera and De Gea United would be licking their wounds and holding inquests ahead of another difficult trip at the weekend. Admittedly, Liverpool were also poor as Mourinho got the best out of a side that is really struggling for an identity.

I have a friend in real life just like Creeps who wont have a bad word said about United whatever the weather. Tiresome some of the abuse he gives out but refuses to take.

That will be the vast majority of Utd fans, Dan. The insufferable cunts.

Think you will find this is a pretty general football fan affliction

Creepy im pretty convinced you just like shite football (you defended LVG at every opp). But anyway you are probably right that Mourinho's tactics did win us a point. Not sure what this brilliant work by Pogba was though ... one cross that was it.


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Lol one too many vino collapsos last night Henry?

Pogba's performance last night - aside from one nice cross to Ibrahimovic i swear he gave it away every other time he had the ball. Derm will be delighted.

https://soundcloud.com/exploited/exploi … t-91-jozif

Loving this.....all Jozif tracks too by looks of things.


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fletcher wrote:

Good to see Space branching out now that the Ibiza club is shut.

Surprised that Brandon Block is still alive.

Yant wrote:

Yes i've mentioned it several times.  Seasons 1&2 were brilliant.

Just caught up last night with episodes 1&2 from season 3.  A little disappointed if i'm being entirely honest.

Agree Yant about series 3 so far. Tbh all these of women falling for the serial killer after 30 secs in the room with him and despite him being unconcious and on life support is getting a tad dreary.

Did Dave notice the Adam's apple or was that why he went for "her" in the first place?

liquitech1 wrote:

..Planet Earth 2 coming down the pipe, 10 years in the making


Zero fucks about England - roll on the weekend Premiership games

Maybe...but used to irritate hell out of me when you would go on a dive and all you saw was an old boot, and you would get the types that would bust a gonad about how great a dive it was. I always wanted to see something new and it didnt work out that way after about 120 dives.

Think best way to do it though is to get on a liveaboard for a week so you visit some of the more isolated spots. Did that out of Cairns, Coral Sea, Brothers (Egypt), Bahamas and Pemba... all pretty good. Best site i visited was probably the Yongala out of Townsville in Oz... a zoo that place.

jamie wrote:

I was told it was a great hammerhead by an irish couple we were with - they said had been out to the Costa Rica and off the West Coast of Africa hoping to see one and then saw one on their first day on the GBR. We had finished diving one of the pinnacles near the edge of the reef and were doing our stop when it swam past out on the edge of the blue without a care in the world. Saw it for about 15 seconds if Im honest.

I could never get bored of diving. I think there's always stuff to see and find more interest in the smaller stuff than the big fish. Managed to see seahorses, loads of very cool nudibranches and a fire clam on that trip as well which were great to see up close.

I've not been for years (since I had kids) and really miss it.

Nice since it was on its own it does sound like a great hammerhead... lucky!

One place that i thought was great for the small stuff (muck diving) was near Sipadan... thought Sipadan itself was tad disappointing - beautiful island but i only saw turtles. Lots of interesting critters in nearby sites though.

Smash, ive been to the Maldives....but tigers? You seen one there?! Last time i went went out to see whale sharks but weather was crap so had to go back.

Lol....nothing to worry about with Threshers - beautiful sharks and quite shy. They arent going to be attacking you. Done loads of shark diving, highlight being in the water at Elphinstone in Egypt with 3 oceanic white tips. When the pilot fish are the size of small sharks then you know youre in the water with a real shark. Also saw a group of scalloped hammerheads off Pemba near Kenya. Sadly, the camera flooded so lost the photos. Great trip that.

Jamie was the hammerhead a great hammerhead or a scalloped? As you prob know grrat hammerheads are super rare.. youd be lucky to see one although i remember being advised to group together with your fellow divers if you see one so you fool it into thinking youre a big mamma fish so youre not attacked.

You'd be insane to go in the water with Bull or Tiger sharks.

Got bored in the end of diving cos you dont see much on many dives. Always fancied diving the cocos islands though.

Diving out there Grant? Thresher shark country


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Squidgy wrote:

Let's not get too excited lads. It was Malta and it should've been 4 or 5-0.  They'll be going back to their market stalls tomorrow.

Excited? Surprised there are 82,000 people out there that havent got better things to do than watch Englund vs Malta on a Saturday evening.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
Wally wrote:
jules72 wrote:

Night of was superb... classy ending. Thanks to whoever recommended this.

Thought that was shite in the end. What was the point of it all?

Did he do it or not? Doesnt really get answered conclusively.

Who did it then? Dunno. There's several unexplored leads with the #1 only brought into it in the very last episode and seemingly used for season 2.

So if it was about if he did it or not, what was it about? Dunno that one either. Seemed like it was about what the prison system can do to a normal guy but they fucked that one up by all the revelations that he was a bit of a cunt with problems anyway.

Was it a out police incompetance? Maybe but it looked pretty cast iron against the guy. I dont think you could blame them for thinking he did it. It also totally wasted the best character - the old cop who retired at the end. It seemed a bit stupid for them to go to court since the defence would have had to present all their evidence anyway. Any normal person would have went "so he had an altercation with a man known for breaking and enterting into propertjes and knifing the victims to death 2 hours before the murder? Yyeeeaaaahhhh maybe we should check tbis one out before going to court"

The first episode is excellent. I reckon everyone watched that and were so desperate to have found the next true detective they hit their blogs before watching the rest when it all fell apart.

Oh, spoiler alert.


it looked like the financial adviser did it

Naz 'looked' guilty but the evidence did not support conclusively - hence the split jury decision

as the case went on the retiring cop/prosecutors felt less and less convinced that Naz did it imo - that's why they didn't follow up to have the case re-tried

the longer Naz was in prison the more he did what he had to do to survive - but ultimately i didn't think he was a killer

Read that and you don't need to watch the series - spoiler-fantastic!


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Fair enough Wally it didnt suit you - each to their own. Think btw the altercation wasnt known until the case had already started.

Night of was superb... classy ending. Thanks to whoever recommended this.


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Whys that Dutchy?


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Think thats right Furry - navigating is easier and seamless with the Iphone. Still, all of this doesnt go to say Apple dont irritate the feck out of me.


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Switched to a Samsung 7 a month back from the iphone 6. Everybody who has used both told me they prefer the Samsung. So far not necessarily agreeing with that... suspect that annoyance with Apple's domination clouds judgement to a certain extent.