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Oooo Betoko - the unmentionable...

DJ - Thugfucker
Producer - Adriatique
Film - '71


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Cheers Smash - enjoyed this

Ah right....cheers

Great find this Simon - will be looking out for more from him. Technically very polished and some nice tunes Ive not heard elsewhere.

Sounds more like a studio mix than a live one though?

downloading cheers Smash

cheers Shaun will have a listen when its downloadable

Rumbled... But yeah thats why really - wanted high quality tunes in there rather than fillers

Fair point Smash - one or two of them are not from 2014, though rest are.

Cheers chaps!

A great year for music - here are my top tracks of the year.... not a mix that I put together on the fly in one evening - took me quite a bit of time. Hope you enjoy... holding tight for feedback!


Matias Vila vs Dire Straits – Private
JagWar Ma – Uncertainty (Ewan Pearson Mix)
FGTH – Welcome to the Pleasure Dome
Kerb Staller - Siren Song (Thugfucker Mix)
Michael Gracioppo feat Wayne Tennant – Creep (Tale of Us mix)
&ME – After Dark
Hundreds - Please Rewind (The Das Remix)
Flowers And Sea Creatures – The Very Next Day (Adriatique remix)
Roland M Dill – Tzycho
Odd Parents – Learn To Fly (Maceo Plex remix)
Delilah – So Irate (Adriatique Remix)
Flowers and Sea Creatures - Dagito
Simon Shackleton - We All Shine On (Original Mix)
Yunus – Meeting Molly
Raudive – Windows
Evans – 00.9 (Original Mix)
Max Cooper – Woven Ancestry (Luisine Mix)
Gusgus – Crossfade (Maceo Plex Remix)
Rhemi Lynn Lockamy – Warning (6 Hubert Street re-production)
Joy Wellboy – Before the Sunrise (Dixon Remix)
Electronic – Getting Away With It (Greg Wilson Remix)

Interstellar - 4/10....tries to be a cross of Gravity and 2001 and fails miserably. Despite decent special effects, over-sentimentality and a convoluted plot make this a waste of 3 hours (yes 3 hours!!!) imo

Nightcrawler 7.5/10....Jake Gyllenhaal 's great performance as the fucked up want-to-be TV cameraman is the highlight of this film

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sounds interesting Simon although Jungle sounds all the way through - he probably lifted that from the early 90s Sasha Mixmag set!!

i like the intro Millsy and its about time you did put together another chug set!

You ever read Tyson's book ETC? Strong recommendation if not - a real shocker of a life

Sounds good.....when I was clubbing in the mid 1990s I thought he he was a pretty poor Dj, dropping beats all over the show....good taste mind, and a nice guy to boot.

have had a handful of listens to this now...high quality stuff mate

cheers mate - downloading

cheers Marcus - will have a listen

Been watching the Fall too but the first series - superb moody drama. Still on the iplayer but about to disappear

Unbroken1 wrote:

Thanks Jules, 42min is:

Kerb Staller “Siren Song” (Thugfucker’s Lio’s Wide Shut Rework) [Leftroom Records]... absolute belter.

..I've a tracklist scribbled-down but need to properly check it back against the mix, will post it ASAP.

Cheers Damo... You're not wrong - great tune. Been quite a few of these deep distorted vocal tracks this year - love 'em.

Enjoying this Damo - whats the track at 42 min?

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Better book a room then. And not a Travelodge FFS.

lol wtf... Henry you are definitely getting my vote for board funnyman this year

This ETC, this.....my favourite track of the year. Stunning and haunting vocal. Heard this on the Thugfucker Burning Man mix.. is only released later this month.

Howells doesnt usually do it for me but I found this a bit more interesting than his usual...there you go - everyone has a different view then